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Hueco Mundo Gazette, May 20th

Calling All Numeros!

Aizen-Sama has requested that EVERY Espada must select one new Fraccion to start out the year well! This means we need YOU to send in your resume to an Espada! We have ten wonderful Espada in Hueco Mundo, and if you work hard, you may even be considered for a position as temporary or permanent Espada when such a position is open! In this issue, hear directly from the Espada, Aizen-Sama, and even some of the Espada's other Fraccion! All Numeros must submit a resume to at least one Espada, and each Espada will choose up to two Fraccion! Below, you can find the list of duties of a Fraccion.


Becoming a Fraccion is a great way to train and build your skills up to the level of an Espada. If you train hard enough, you may even get to become an Espada some day! Fraccion's man jobs are to do what their Espadas instruct them to do. However, Fraccion are also under the reign of Aizen-Sama and his two advisers, Tosen and Gin. Every week, a Fraccion's Boxing Class is offered by Yammy, along with many other Fraccion learning sessions. A full schedule can be seen at the end of this issue.

A Word from Aizen

Hello, Numeros of Hueco Mundo, it is I, your master, the awesome godling Sosuke Aizen! Because I just LOVE making new rules that tick my Espada off, I have decided to issue a decree that ALL Espada must select at least one new Fraccion to start of the new year, which I have deemed is on May 29th, since that awesome day is my birthday! And that means that every single Numeros must submit a resume to an Espada! MUAHAHAHA! I just LOVE being evil! Cheers!

-Sosuke Aizen (I am awesome)

A Word from the Advisors

Gin—You heard Captain Aizen, it's time to submit a resume! Don't worry, you'll make a good fraccion.

Tosen (Please forgive spelling mistakes. He is blind, you know?)—Ypu will makr a grewat fracccion!1 Don"ty woerry, it:s not scaryt at sll. You'll haver a greet timew.

The Espada

The Espada and their fraccion will now tell you about themselves, and what they require in a fraccion!

Espada #1, Coyote Starrk

Message to you: Hello there. I'll be glad to accept any new fraccion who can keep me some company.

Requirements: Have to be good at keeping company. Don't disturb me when I nap.

Message from companion (Lilynette): Starrk's a big lazy bum who does nothing but sleep. It's so boring here. I think I need company too. But it is still very fun to wake him up in annoying and crazy ways.

Espada #2, Barragan Luisenbarn

Message to you: I don't really need fraccion, but more followers to call me "Lord Barragan" will do.

Requirements: You must always address me as either "Lord Barragan" or "King of Hueco Mundo". I am king.

Message from fraccion (Ggio Vega): Lord Barragan is a very good master. He is powerful. He is the King of Hueco Mundo. Lord Barragan is king. All hail Lord Barragan.

Espada #3, Tia Harribel

Message to you: None, really.

Requirements: Someone who doesn't argue much

Message from fraccion (Apache): Harribel's a pretty good Espada. She's more like a sister to me than a master. Please, join. But be warned. If you do not like annoying people (named Mila-Rose) do not apply.

Espada #4, Ulquiorra Cifer

Message to you: I don't really want a fraccion, but if Aizen-Sama commands it, then so be it.

Requirements: Someone who does not talk much. Someone who is not trash.

Message from fraccion: The fourth Espada has no fraccion yet.

Espada #5, Nnoitra Jiruga

Message to you: Tesla's already enough to put up with, I don't want more.

Requirements: As long as you're not like Tesla, you'll do.

Message from fraccion (Tesla Lindocruz): Nniotra is a very good Espada. He is very respectable. I would give my life for him.

Espada #6, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Message to you: I'm awesome. I should be primera.

Requirements: If you behold and admire my awesomeness, and do not have spiky orange hair, you'd make a great fraccion.

Message from fraccion (Shawlong Kufang): We all get along here, except sometimes D-Roy can be a jerk.

Espada #7, Zommari Leroux

Message to you: I've always wanted a fraccion, but I'm very picky.

Requirements: Someone without black hair. Someone with green eyes. You must like pumpkins. You must show full respect to Aizen-sama and treat him as ruler. You must not eat pineapple. You must like pumpkins and hate pineapples. You must go out and rescue squirrels every Tuesday evening. That's about it.

Message from fraccion: The seventh Espada has no fraccion yet. I wonder why…

Espada #8, Szayel Apporo Grantz

Message to you: I've been looking for new test subjects, er, fraccion for a while lately. Welcome, all.

Requirements: You must be okay with being eaten alive by me. You must do everything in the name of SCIENCE! You must go out and purchase a new edition of "Us Weekly" every month for me.

Message from fraccion (Verona): Szayel ate my friend! Poor Lumina! He said he'll make me a new one, but I don't believe him!

Espada #9, Aaroniero Aruruerrie

Message to you: I am not Kaien.

Requirements: You must not call me, label me, or mistake me for Kaien Shiba.

Message from fraccion: The ninth Espada has no fraccion yet.

Espada #10, Yammy Riyalgo

Message to you: I am cool! (But not as cool as Ulquiorra)

Requirements: You must idolize both me and Ulquiorra.

Message from fraccion: The tenth Espada has no fraccion yet.

Fraccion Weekly Activities

Fraccion Calligraphy—Sosuke Aizen, Tusedays

Boxing Class—Yammy Riyalgo, Saturdays

Creative Writing for Fraccion—Sun-Sun, Wednesdays

Year-Round Pumpkin Carving—Zommari Leroux, Thursdays

Mastering Resurreccion—Tia Harribel, Mondays

How to Fight and Radiate Awesomeness at the Same Time (Like Me)—Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Fridays (Mandatory for Grimmjow's fraccion)


Resumes are due May 27th. In your resume, please include details about yourself, your Resurreccion, and why you wish to be under the Espada you are sending it to. Feel free to send your resume to as many Espada as you please! Results come out May 29th. Good luck, Numeros!

Written by Gin Ichimaru, Journalist, The Hueco Mundo Gazette

Author's Note

I thought it went pretty well, for my first time. What did you guys think? Please leave reviews, as well as any suggestions for future articles.

Next issue will be written by Mila-Rose, and will include a feature on the Espada's secret hobbies, and a special on the Espada's favorite books by Sun-Sun.

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