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My Supernatural Life

~Chapter 28~

~Mikan's POV~

"I love you" Natsume and I mouthed in synch. The bright light flashed brightly, blinding me with its rays.

I felt the tears streaming down my face. I couldn't bear this pain that I was feeling! It felt as if my heart was shattering into a million pieces and I was being stabbed repeatedly with its shards. I couldn't get rid of this feeling no matter how I tried.

When the light died down, Natsume was no where to be seen. The tears that had not spilled over my eye lids did right then and there, creating a waterfall of tears down my face. Natsume…..please come back to me.

Suddenly the scene changed. I was in a dark space. I couldn't see if there were any walls or if it were even a room or not. It was completely black. I was confuse and heartbroken. I slid to the ground and sat there, hands on my knees, crying my heart out. I felt so alone. I wish that Natsume were with me. I grew cold, still not knowing where in the world I was.

"Mikan" a voice called out to me. It sounded like….

"Natsume!" I called out, whipping my head around, frantically trying to find the said guy. "Natsume, where are you?"

"Mikan" he called again. Now I was definitely sure that it was him. That was his voice and everything.

I stood up and twirled around, trying to get a glimpse of Natsume. But all around me, I only found darkness. My tears came down heavier as the time passed. Will he show up at all? Is he even here? I could feel myself grow weak in the knees, causing me to slump back down to the cold floor. Natsume…

"Mikan!" I heard a female voice scream.

I gasped as I sat up in my bed, panting and apparently crying as I did so. Aww man, I had that dream again. AND I was CRYING! And what made it even better was that my mom had woken me up…..AGAIN. Yup, this was a dream, and yes, I have had it more than once. Way more than once.

"Mikan, are you sure you're okay? You've been doing this for two and a half years." My mother asked me worriedly.

It's true. Today is my seventeenth birthday. To be exact, today is January 1, or as we all call it, New Years Day. Natsume still hasn't come back to me yet, but I believe that he will…..someday. For now, I just had to wait and bear with these nightmares that I keep on having. If you haven't noticed, I have this dream every day, no exceptions. And every day, my mom had come into my room, watching me cry in my sleep for some weird, unknown reason. She saw the pain etched on my face and she even told dad about it. But I told them that I was fine, it was just nightmares.

And if you're wondering, we are all still living in Tokyo. Youichi and I are still attending Gakuen Alice along with my friends Hotaru, Ruka, Anna, Nonoko, Kitsu, Koko, Yuu, Sumire, Tsubasa, Misaki, and Aoi. My friends and brother know of how I always have this kind of dream. They have known from the very beginning. They always comfort me all the time, telling me that Natsume will be back. But they have been telling me that for three years. But still, all of us still haven't lost hope.

"Don't w-worry m-mom. I-I'm f-fine" I told her, sniffling. I wiped the tears from my eyes and gave her the best smile that I could make.

Mom hesitated for a little, not really believing my act, but reluctantly, she said, "Okay, well get ready for the day! Youichi, Dad, and I have made you something special for your birthday!"

"Okay!" I said with fake enthusiasm. Mom must have believed me because she smiled brightly and stood up. She then made her way out of my room and as she closed the door behind her, she gave me one last, bright smile. And of course, I still hadn't let that fake smile of mines off of my face.

Once she was out the door, my 'smile' slid off my face and the look of depression took its place. I slid out of bed and fixed it, making it look all pretty once more. I looked at the clock as I got a pair of light blue jeans and a violet-red long sleeved shirt with a few buttons going down the top and stopping at the quarter mark of the shirt and slipped them on. I sighed. It was 10:45. So much for me being an early riser. I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair, leaving it down. I also brushed my teeth and washed my face.

Once I was finished, I made my way down the stairs, slipping on socks that I quickly got from my room. I walked into the kitchen and I found my Mom, Dad, and little brother surrounding a beautiful looking breakfast along with a strawberry cake that said 'Happy 17th Birthday, Mikan!'

I felt the happiness in me when I saw what my family had done for me. Hotaru, Ruka and the gang were here too. They all smiled at me once they saw me and as if they all practiced this saying for many weeks, they all chorused, "Happy birthday Mikan!"

A TRUE smile graced my face as I looked at my surroundings. When I was fourteen, I didn't celebrate my birthday. Having so much fun at the Hokkaido Inn was already a great birthday present and celebration. I didn't tell Natsume about this date being the day of my birth. I hadn't really seen the significance in it. I didn't really think that it was very important to know. But whatever, let's get back to the PRESENT.

"You guys are so sweet!" I sang, happiness lighting up my eyes.

I was suddenly surrounded by hugs. I heard lots of things like 'Happy birthday idiot' or 'you are once again the eldest of the group' and 'wow, you're already seventeen!' as well as 'my baby's growing up so fast!' I could tell who said all of those things. It was just too easy.

It took a little bit for the crowd around me to dissipate, but I didn't really care. I loved my family and friends. They always knew some way to make me happy on my birthday, even though it means that another year had passed and still no Natsume.

"Well, what are we standing around for?" Hotaru started. "Let's eat."

"Yeah!" Anna, Nonoko, Misaki, Tsubasa, Koko, Kitsu, Yuu, Sumire, Aoi, and I exclaimed. We brought in more chairs so that we all could sit around the table and started to eat.

Our conversation over breakfast was light hearted. It was filled with joy and the excitement of a new year. All of us were talking about what might happen this year. But of course, Koko had to talk about the new 'weird people' things. And by 'weird people things', I mean what kind of weird hand shakes and songs there were. He just randomly started to sing the assumption song (A/N: I do not own it), and since we all knew it, we sang along with him.

After breakfast, we had the cake with some strawberry ice cream. It was about three in the afternoon when we finished partying and eating cake because we had some awesome party games like a scavenger hunt and we had a piñata too. We all sang karaoke too. But when Tsubasa went up…let's just say he will never sing for us again. The way he sang gave me chills…and their not the good kind.

"Bye Mikan!" Hotaru and the gang said. They waved to Youichi and me as they made their way to their own houses. Mom and Dad said that since it was still light out, we didn't really have to go and walk them to their houses.

"Bye" I replied, waving to them, a smile plastered on my face.

Once everyone was out of the snow covered driveway, I closed the door. I turned around to see my parents putting on some winter coats, each of them holding important files with a whole lot of papers in them.

"Kids we gotta go" Mom told us. She was rapidly texting away on her phone. It was probably her boss wondering why she was so late. "We need to get to work. Sorry we couldn't stay longer Mikan honey, but it's just…."

"I understand" I said. "I don't mind anyway. Go ahead; I know that this is important for you guys to do."

Youichi nodded, agreeing with my answer. "Thank you" Mom and Dad chorused. They each gave Youichi and me a kiss on the forehead and they were out the door before I could say "Bye".

I sighed as I heard the car pull out of the driveway and into the street. I turned to Youichi and he just shrugged. "I guess we just hang out?" He randomly asked.

"U-uh, yeah, I guess" I replied, a surprised look on my face.

The both of us went to the living room and turned on the T.V. Youichi seemed to be interested in the television program but I was clearly paying no attention to it. It meant nothing to me.

I just sat on the couch, the side nearest to the window. I stared out at the snow covered yard. It was beautiful. The untouched snow I mean. It looked as if it were the perfect winter wonderland. The snow glittered as the sun's rays reflected off of the tiny snow crystals.

The color of the snow reminded me of the bright white light, being the last thing I saw before I figured out that Natsume had gone. I don't know when it happened, but I was off in my own world, starring off into space once more. I had done this many times, but it had only been when I was doing absolutely nothing while I was absolutely alone. No one had really seen me zone out. Well, that is, until today.

"-an? Hello~ Mikan to Earth?" I heard part of what Yo was saying to me. He was waving a hand in front of my face.

"H-huh? What?" I asked in a shocked tone. I'm pretty sure my expression was shocked too.

"What's up with you? Are you okay?" Youichi asked me, putting his hand back at his side.

I looked down at my lap and started to play with my fingers. "Y-yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? I've never seen you space out like that before."

"Don't worry about it. I was just…..bored….so, I kinda spaced out. Heheheh…." I sweat dropped and rubbed the back of my head, smiling sheepishly at Youichi as I said this. I hope he bought this oh, so fake act!

"You should know that I won't buy that act."

I sighed. "Okay, I do this a lot. I just space out when I'm alone and I guess I forgot that you were with me……yeah."

Youichi raised an eyebrow at me. He grabbed the remote and switched the television off and turned his attention to me. His expression seemed serious as he started to talk with me.

"So, what are you thinking of when you space out like that?" He asked me.

"Oh, just how the day has been….."

"Oh really? Nothing else that may seem very….IMPORTANT" Youichi asked me, emphasizing the word 'important'.

"N-no, why do you ask?"

I think all of you must be confused. Why in the world am I not telling my friends and brother that I space out and think of Natsume almost nonstop throughout the day? Well, it's because I don't want all of them worrying about me. If you had a friend who told you that they thought of that certain someone that they thought of that person every day, thinking, no, KNOWING, that that someone was going to come back, wouldn't you be worrying about that friend? Wouldn't you be keeping an eye on them 24/7? Well, I would. And if that's not a good enough explanation for you, well here is one that you should like: I don't like anyone in my private business. That's why its called 'private'.

"Mikan, don't think I don't see it" Youichi sighed. "You keep on thinking of Natsume. I know this Mikan. I'm your brother; of course I would know it. And let me tell you this: all of our friends know it too. They are worried for you Mikan. Just don't keep this all to yourself. You'll end up breaking your heart even more than you thought you would."

Youichi's words seemed to melt all of the grief out of me. I relaxed a whole lot when he said that and I looked out of the window once more. I didn't know what to say. Here was my LITTLE brother giving ME advice to my life. Key words: my LITTLE brother giving ME advice. I couldn't believe how intelligent my little brother had become, but I just couldn't find a way NOT to believe it either. He is, of course, Youichi Sakura. He is a child prodigy. He is one of the smartest in our generation along with Hotaru and me. It wasn't surprising that he knew a little more than me.

Sighing, I said, "Okay, you caught me. You're right. I've been thinking of Natsume every day ever since he left. All those nightmares….they were all of him leaving me. And every time I remember that, my heart breaks all over again."

Youichi looked at me with soft eyes. I guess he could feel my pain. I sighed and stood up off of the couch. I started for the door, grabbing my white coat with a red scarf off of the coat stand as well as my converse.

"Where are you going?" Youichi asked me, standing up himself.

"A walk" I answered bluntly. I opened the door and felt the wind on my face. It was cold, but it wasn't like I didn't like it. It wasn't half bad walking in the snowy, coldness of the world. "I'll be back soon."

Youichi nodded to me and waved. I smiled I return. And with that, I closed the door behind me and pulled on my scarf and coat, walking down the snow covered driveway in front of my house. I didn't really pay attention as to where I was walking. I knew my way around Tokyo for living here for three years; the longest I'd ever lived in a house. I could easily find my way back home when I wanted to.

I stared at my feet as I walked on the ice covered sidewalk. From time to time, I heard some cars motoring on past me, but I didn't even bother to look up. Why should I anyway? I just kept walking, occasionally watching my breath flow out of my mouth. I don't know why I chose to look up when I did, but I did. I noticed that I was in the park that was not too far from my school, Gakuen Alice. The path was clear, as if someone had shoveled the snow out of the path. The path was still a little slippery due to the iciness of it though.

I continued down the path, not knowing what had drawn me to this specific area, but not really caring at the same time. I kept my head down once more, my hands inside of my pockets to keep them warm. It was about five minutes until I looked up once more. I found myself in front of a big Sakura tree, all of its leaves shed for the winter. I sighed and sat down at its snow covered trunk, trudging my way through the small mounds of snow.

Closing my eyes, I placed my head against the trunk. I wasn't really thinking of anything, and I wasn't sleeping. I don't really know what I was doing. I just sat at the base of the tree for who knows how long until I felt a small snowflake flitter onto my cheek.

I opened my eyes and looked up, watching the snowflakes float down from up above. I was pretty much too occupied to notice that someone was coming my way. It wasn't until I heard the person call my name with his beautiful voice until I found out he was there.

That voice sounds familiar…. I looked towards the voice and saw Natsume standing a few yards away from me, coming closer in slow strides. I noticed that he had somehow gotten a hold of a black winter jacket with some dark blue jeans and converse like mine.

"Natsume…" I mumbled and gasped at the same time. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening right now.

I slowly stood up, using the tree trunk for support. I watched as Natsume came closer to me in the same slow strides he'd used since I looked up to see him. I'm pretty sure my eyes were wide and I had a surprised look on my face. Was I really seeing him? Was he really here? I took a few steps toward him slowly, and then stopped. What if it was just a trick? Is this really him? What if it was someone else? I watched as Natsume stopped in he tracks too, a confused look on his face.

By now, we were about an arms length distance away from each other. I stared into his crimson eyes. It has to be him. I've only seen one person with those kinds of eyes and that was Natsume. I felt the tears that had somehow been collecting in my eyes make their way down my cheeks. I took a few more steps towards Natsume and wrapped my arms around his neck, nestling my head into the crook of his neck.

"Natsume…" I mumbled, the sadness and hurt that I've felt the past two and a half years evident in my voice.

I felt Natsume's arms wrap around my waist, his cheek rest against the top of my head.

"Mikan" he whispered back.

I felt the tears I'd been shedding become even more when he said my name. It sounded wonderful. I missed the way his voice sounded. I missed how he would call my name with so much emotion. I missed how he would hug me and make me feel special. I missed everything about him.

"I missed you Natsume" I cried softly into his neck. He started to rub my back, trying to soothe me.

"I missed you too" he replied, his own voice cracking as did mine.

After a minute or two, we pulled away from our embrace and Natsume looked me in the eyes. He wiped the tears away from my eyes, his own eyes showing me the love he felt for me and the hurt he felt from being apart all these years. And I am pretty sure that mines showed the same.

Natsume pulled me closer to him, wrapping his arms around my waist. His embrace felt warm. It felt as if I could stay in his embrace forever. It wasn't long until I felt his lips press against my own. He kissed me with so much love and passion. I kissed him back, letting my arms wrap around his neck as they did before. I felt like nothing in the world would ever break us apart again.

I couldn't help myself when he deepened the kiss. Our lips were moving in synch, never missing a beat. Our hold on each other got tighter as we kissed. I wanted to be as close to him as possible. I never wanted this kiss to end. But like every good thing, it MUST come to an end.

When the both of us needed some air, our lips parted. The both of us were panting from the lack of oxygen and how intense we made that kiss, our hearts pounding. He rested his forehead onto mine, closing his eyes. I did the same. While the both of us were catching our breaths, I played with Natsume's hair, twisting my fingers into it and combing it out while the other hand was delicately draped around his neck.

"I'm sorry it took so long" Natsume started, his voice soft.

I opened my eyes to see Natsume's already open, watching my reactions. I watched as he told me the rest of what he was saying.

"I had a few kinks to work out in order to come here at the exact age you were. It took a long time, but it all worked out in the end."

"At least you're here" I whispered. I could feel the tears collecting in my eyes.

"And I'll be here with you as long as I live" he said.

I felt the tears spilling over once more. Natsume wiped them away with his thumb. Lifting my chin so that I'd look him square in the eyes, he smiled at me. It was the same beautiful smile that I fell in love with.

Natsume pulled me closer once more, sealing my lips with his. And then I knew he wasn't lying. He wouldn't leave me. He would stay with me. We could stay together forever. I melted into the kiss, letting myself be taken over with bliss. Everything felt perfect, the time, the place, the person… all felt as if it were planned out. But I didn't care. I like it this way.

We pulled away from the kiss once more and we stared into each others eyes.

"Happy Birthday Mikan" Natsume whispered, rubbing my cheek with his thumb.

I smiled at him with pure joy while he smiled back. Holding hands, we made our way back home. And we made our way to live the rest of our lives together, happily and healthily; always together…forever.


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