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A person is very weak when he's by himself, but if he has friends to support him, if he has friends who cherish him, he can become as strong as he wants to be.

"Mikan, run! You have to save yourself. I love you, sweetheart," a light brown haired woman said. Her head was bleeding and I don't know what should I do. I was panicking and worried because I don't want to leave her.

"Now! Run!" the woman yelled. She was gazing at the right corner of our turned over car. I followed her gaze and I saw a fire coming towards our car. She turned to me again and held my bleeding cheeks.

"Mikan, RUN! RUN NOW!" she shouted. I shakily got out from the car and I stumbled a few times because my vision was getting blurry. I was crying because she was still in the car as she smiled to me lovingly. The pain in my cheek was unbearable but it's not the one that hurts me more. It was seeing that woman smiling at me with eyes full of love and sorry.

I stopped crawling backwards when I was a few meters from the car. After a few seconds, there was a loud blast. My tears were falling uncontrollably and my body began to shake.


I sat up straight and I found myself panting. Several beads of sweat are trickling on my forehead as I drew quick deep breaths. I tried to calm myself and I laid down on my bed again.

This was the fourth time I had that nightmare. I sighed and stared at my window. There's a full moon tonight and I just stared at it as I fell asleep.


"Hi! Mikan-chan!" a sandy haired boy beamed. He's waving to me like a moron, gesturing me to sit down at the dining room.

"This day will be our last day in St. Gabriel High School," he said.

I merely nodded and took my sandwich. I ate silently as he kept blabbering nonsense.

You must be wondering who are we. Well, I am Mikan Sakura and this idiotic sandy boy is my cousin, Kokoro Yome. We are both 15 years old.

"Good morning, Mikan-chan! Koko-kun!" a blue haired girl appeared and sat beside me. This girl is Nonoko Ogasawara, my other cousin and she's also 15 years old. The three of us are living here in United States now in my condominium but we are going to transfer next week to Japan for some reasons.

Nonoko took a sandwich and began to eat while Koko continued to talked nonstop about some moronic guy in our school. Nonoko was listening to him half-heartedly and I could tell that because she's also texting in her cellphone beneath the table.

When I was done, I immediately rushed to door after bidding goodbye to the two of them. I am wearing skinny jeans, sneakers, a black tank top with a mini jacket. I fetched my car keys from my dark blue shoulder bag and got in to my red Aston Martin.

Yesh, I am filthy rich but I decided to live on my own because of some family issues that I don't want to talk about. But I can tell you that my life is complicated. Me, as an only child without a mother but I have a one hell of a jerk father.

~O~O~O~ ღ(。◕‿‿◕。)ღ End of Mikan's POV ღ(。◕‿‿◕。)ღ ~O~O~~


What the heck? Who in the world is banging in my freakin' door in early in the morning?

"Nii-chan! If you don't come out now, I am going to smash your door!" a high pitched voice threatened.

I groaned before throwing my covers and sitting up.

"I AM ALREADY AWAKE! You little squirt!" I yelled back.

"Great! The breakfast is ready so get downstairs!" she reminded and I heard footsteps running away from my room. Good.

I lazily stood up and did whatever a normal person does. After taking a bath, I dressed up in a black shirt and baggy pants with black sneakers. I went out of my room and walked to wherever that little brat is. I entered the dining room and I saw her eating her cereals.

"Good morning! Natsume-nii!" a raven haired girl greeted me. You probably already figured out who am I and this little brat. I am Natsume Hyuuga and this kid is my sister, Aoi Hyuuga. We both have the same features, raven hair and crimson orbs but our personalities are totally opposites. She's cheerful while me, a cold and stoic person.

I took a sit across Aoi and began munching my sandwich.

"You do know that we don't have any classes, right?" I asked her and she just nodded while reading some girly magazine.

"Then, why in the world did you woke me up?" I asked irritably.

"Because," she paused, looking up to me with an amusing smile on her face. "You have to meet Ruka-nii in 10 minutes."

Oh! Sh*t! I forgot that I have to meet up with him and the others. I quickly gulped down my juice and glared at the smirking little devil in front of me. She didn't even bother to tell me earlier! What a sister I have.

"Geez! Be thankful that I actually remind you. You're getting old Natsume-nii," Aoi said in a playful tone.

Me? Old? Yeah, right! I'm only 15 and a half and she's 13 years for Christ' sake. I didn't bother to retort back because I only have 7 minutes. I quickly walked to the door but I didn't run or anything to keep my cool.

"Be careful, nii-chan!" I heard her shouted from the dining room.


I briskly walked outside and went into my black Bugatti Veyron. Yup, I am rich and I also live in a huge mansion with my sister, Aoi. But even if I am this rich, that doesn't mean I don't have any problems. My life is complicated and it really giving me headaches whenever I am thinking about it.

~O~O~O~ ღ(。◕‿‿◕。)ღ End of Natsume's POV ღ(。◕‿‿◕。)ღ ~O~O~~

"Can my life could get any more dramatic and complicated?"

They really don't have any idea of what will comes to their lives.

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