He gave a sigh before sitting down in his compartment. He looked out at the landscape before smiling whistfully. He already missed his dad and the familiar streets of his city. Well, he could survive for a while without seeing it, though it would be hard and towards the end of the year he had a feeling his body was going to hurt, a side effect from being a way from London City.

Even now he longed for the familiar streets of the site of Big Ben. He gave one more sigh before kicking his feet up on the seat across from him. He started to doze off before the door to his compartment slammed open and a girl with bushy brown hair and brown eyes blazing in irritation and fury walked in.

"Haaaaaaarry!" The girl growled, before his head snapped to look at her with a look of utmost shock.

"C-Cardiff!" He shouted, his voice laced with shock and fear.

"Don't call me that, moron i chi!" She hissed through her teeth. She smacked him upside the head. "Call me by my human name while we are here. Come on you can say it. 'Her-My-Nee'."

"Bloody hell, Cardiff, don't smack me!"

"Then get it through your head that for our next 7 years here we have to act human!"

"I got, geez, calm down!" She huffed before sitting down in the seat next to him and gave him a huge smirk.

"That smirk… what… why are you even on this train!"

"Tad thought it would do me a little bit of good to go to this wizard school in Uncle Scotland's land…" Her smirk widened even wider when she saw Harry frown.

"Does that mean…?"

"Ydy, it does. Dublin and Edinburgh are here as well…~"

"Well, I'm screwed…"

"That's not nice, cousin!" A Irish accented voice said, acting hurt.

"D-Dublin!" The boy grinned.

"Call me Seamus now, like Hermione said we have to act human."

"Do we have to..?" A second voice chimed it. They turned to the pudgy brown haired boy who was holding a toad.


Edinburgh smiled at them kindly, before turning to Harry and his personality changed 360.

"Cousin~" He grinned. "How have you been?"


"And the boyfriend?"

"Felix had been fine as well, and its none of your bloody business how it has been going!" He screeched out, huffing.

They all just grinned, before sitting down.

So his cousin's were here, huh? And why didn't his father tell him about this. As soon as he got sorted he was going to owl his father about this.

Its not that he didn't like his cousins, its just they acted in the same manor as his Uncles did to his dad. They picked on him mercilessly.

And he dreaded 7 years of hell with them.

Holy. Its been a while hasn't it. I know this chapter isn't a lot and Im sorry, but at least its something yes? I wanted to add other capitals but wanted to add the twist that they were canon HP characters. I know some of the characters don't really fit with the stereotypes of that country or from that country but… I wanted to try something new.

And yes since they are not their 'originals' they are going to be OOC. But don't worry they are the same characters we all love deep down.