Seeds of Destiny



Squall x Rinoa


Super Naruto


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


I'll be here...


I'll be here...waiting...

For what?

I'll be waiting...for you...So...If you come'll find me...

I promise.

The blond haired boy opened his eyes. The last thing he remembered was fighting his Guardian Force Shiva. He shivered as memories of her freezing cold came back to him. He looked at the only person in the room, a middle-aged, heavy set woman wearing a lab coat. He couldn't read the name tag because of his blurred vision, but knew it was the resident Doctor at his military academy, Dr. Kadowaki. Obviously, he was in the infirmary.

"How are you feeling?" She asked.

''Fine…just a bit cold,'' The blonde answered.

''Must you always be so reckless? No other person in this Garden or the next attempts to spar with GF of all people. I'm beginning to think I'm going to need to order a special bed just for you…take it easy next time, you hear?" She said as he nodded and sat up a little bit. "Looks like your eyes are focusing," She continued, "You should be fine. Say your name for me." This was strictly to make sure he didn't have amnesia.

"Naruto," He said, "Naruto Uzumaki."

"Why don't you take it easy in training?" She asked, "Next time, you might not be so lucky. I understand the nature of your work requires you to go and beyond Seed standards, but you're only human."

If you only knew. ''Blame Shiva…okay, maybe not,'' He said thinking about the Ice Goddess. ''But if I want to be sure I don't get myself killed on the battle field I need to be strong enough to handle anything that's thrown at me and to expect the unexpected.''

"You keep on doing this and you might not get off so lightly. At this rate I'm going to have to get you your own bed, huh?" She said, defeated, "Well, don't get hurt in the process. Lets see," She said, "Your Emergency contact is...Quistis Trepe?'' The statement was more of a question that an statement.

Naruto shifted up as he let out a heavy breath. ''My family is...quite far away. Instructor Trepe is the only one...''

''That deals with your antics, or so I've heard. I'll call her now, Just wait here a minute." She said headed towards the phone, punching in a few numbers. He could hear the Doctor just fine, and the distant voice of his instructor as he laid back down on the bed, putting his arm over his face to shield the sun from his vision.

"Quistis?" Said Dr. Kadowaki, "It's 'him' again...Yes, yes, his injury's not too serious. Right, now please come by," Dr. Kadowaki then went into another room to check on a sick student.

" we meet again." He heard a woman say. He caught a quick glimpse of her as she left the room. She wore a blue blouse and a long white skirt. She had a green wrap in her arms that cradled her lower back and short brown hair.


She wasn't gone long before he heard the door hiss open again.

The woman had on black boots and a knee length black skirt. She wore a black jacked that was adorned with gold trim. She wore thick glasses and her blond hair hung just past her shoulders. This was his instructor Quistis Trepe. As she saw Naruto laying on the bed, she gave a sigh before forcing a small smile. Quistis was only 18, just a year older than Naruto's current age in this world and the youngest instructor at Balamb Garden.

''So what was it this time? Burns? Electrocution? Sword wound?'' The attractive woman listed off. She had thin frame glasses with her long blonde hair tied up at the back, held with a silver comb accessory, and has two long fringes of hair framing either side of her face.

''Frost Bite,'' He answered, a bit annoyed that she was bringing up past incidents.

The woman sighed.''First Squall and now you…'' Though the annoyance melted away to acceptance. ''Oh well… Come on, let's go. Today's the field exam." The walk back to class was pretty uneventful.

As the two walked several students waved to Quistis as she waved back.

''Naruto, Is there something on your mind?" She said, breaking the silence. There was a small pause before Naruto answered.

''Nothing much Trepe-San…''

''Naruto…I've already told you to call me Quistis when were not in a staff meeting or classroom…unless your saving saying my name for some other reason?'' The teacher teased as Naruto blushed and looked away.

''Someone might overhear,'' He said cautiously, knowing that relationships between faculty members were looked down upon as it was thought it said a bad example and distraction for the students. The uptight Garden Faculty had his rules about bringing in personal business when it could affect work.

''Even if they did, they would just assume it's just a teacher teasing her fellow staff member.'' she countered.

Naruto just shook his head and continued walking forward. The place they were in was one of three garden Balamb Garden.

Balamb Garden was blue in color hand had a shape almost that of a cone. The thing that caught most eyes was the Halo surrounding the top, mostly because there was nothing holding it up, it just floated there. There were only Three gardens in the World. Trabia Garden was to the northeast of Balamb Garden, lying just beyond the sea that separated the Balamb Continent and the Trabia Continent, out of the three, Trabia Garden was the smallest.

Balamb Garden was just about the same size as the third garden, Galbadia Garden. Each garden served its own unique purpose. Galbadia Garden was more of a military academy than the other two. The students there were trained so that one day they would become members of the Galbadian Army. You didn't have to go there to join the army, but if you Did, you had more of an advantage over those that didn't. Trabia Gardens only real purpose was academics, though if they wanted to get a feel for battle, they were transferred to Balmab Garden to apply to become a SeeD. SeeD's were the pride and joy of Balamb Garden. SeeDs were mercenaries for hire, and the source of Balamb Garden's income.

In the Garden their were several floors. The third floor was the Head Master office and was forbidden to students to enter without expressed permission.

The Second floor was where all of the classrooms in the garden were held.

The First floor held all of the facilities. To the Northern section was the Dorms which was color coded with an white entry and where all the students stayed at. . To the right of that was the Parking Lot where vehicles for seed mission and transport were held. That was situated in the north east of the first floor.

To the east was the Training Center the only facility open at night with a green colored entry, therefore because it was open at night, there is an old ventilation shaft that became what had been known as the "Secret Area" Also in the training center were REAL monsters, mainly just Grats, but there was the occasional T-Rexaur.

To the South east was the Library whom entrance was blue. It was mainly just a place to check out books and use them to study. The Front Gate was to the South, then the Infirmary, where the sick and Injured were treated has an purple entrance on the south western side of the Garden. To the West was the Quad laid where special events took place. And finally there was the cafeteria which had an red colored opening where those in the Garden could go to eat. It was usually packed due to the most popular food Hot Dogs which were always in limited supply.

Then was another room a hidden room that was spoke up as a Myth. Where the unnamed Garden Master resided and only the Head Master had seen or spoke to him.

Meanwhile a little later that day classes continued on as usual. Quistis began addressing her students.

"Good morning, class." Quistis said as she took her seat at the front of the room. "Let's start with today's Schedule." Everyone leaned forward to listen to what she had to say.

"There seem to have been some rumors flying around since yesterday." She began, "Yes, the field exam for the SeeD candidates will begin later this afternoon. Those not participating and those who failed last week's written test are to remain here in study hall. Field Exam participants will have free time until the exam, just make sure you're in top condition. Meet in the hall at 1600 hours. I'll announce the team assignments there. Any Questions?"

"Oh, and Seifer!" She said, getting the cocky gentleman's attention, "Do NOT injure your partner while training. Be careful from now on." With that, Seifer slammed his fist onto his study panel, he would easily get a detention for Squall's scar.

"Field exam participants, I will see you all later." Quistis said. "And Squall, I need to talk to you." she said as all the others students left and he walked to the front of the class. "You haven't been to the Fire Cavern yet, have you?" Quistis asked, "You won't be able to take part in today's SeeD exam if you don't pass this prerequisite."

"I was gonna go this morning," thought Squall to himself, "But Seifer..." Before he could think any longer, Quistis' voice snapped him back to reality.

"Do you have a good excuse?" Asked Quistis.

"Not Really..." Squall replied with a head shake. "Then let's get going," She said, "I'll be waiting for you at the Front Gate in half an hour." She said before leaving the classroom only to bump into Naruto.

''May I escort you my lady,'' Naruto said bowing and holding out his hand in a gentlemanly like matter. Quistis rolled her eyes and gave a brief nod as the two made their way to the elevator.

''So let me guess…Squall didn't take the field exam?''

''No I'm afraid not…apparently Seifer held him up.''

''Hhm damn…oh well…at least he'll finally get a GF…damn I just remembered something,'' The blonde said stopping before he got on the elevator. ''I forgot something in your classroom the other day…catch you later,'' He said as he pecked her on the cheek.

''Try to stay out of trouble while I'm gone,'' She teased as the door closed.

Naruto held back in order to let Squall borrow his GF Shiva. When he had arrived to this world he was drawn to the orphanage. Orphanages would also be one of the places Naruto had a connection too. A sadness and dread thinking about other children, normal children being abused. Children who wouldn't be able to survive like him. That was when he met them. That was when he got involved. And that was when...there was no time to worry about. He had other things to worry about.

As Naruto exited the classroom a Cadet ran towards him at full speed.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm LATE!" The girl cried out as she sped the hallway. She was only about 5'1", with short brown hair but she moved quick. When she slammed into Naruto she fell back on her rear.

The girl had brown hair and red the typical garden uniform for female students.

"There," She said as she got to her feet, "Sorry, I was kinda in a hurry. Oh yeah! Hey, did you just come from that class? Is...homeroom over?" She was speaking faster than her lips moved, but Naruto just gave her a nod.

"Woo...oh no!" She said, "This place is so much bigger than my last Garden."

It was obvious she was from Trabia because from what he surmised she wasn't militarily trained to the standards that Galbaldian students were.

"Oh, hey, hey," She said before Naruto could leave. "I just transferred here, Do you think you could give me a tour of this Garden?"

"Sure," He said.

"Whoo-hoo!" She squealed excitedly.

Naruto and Selphie Tilmitt as she introduced spent the whole day walking around the Garden as he introduced her to everyone and introduced the facilities. The girl was extremely friendly a bit hyper.

She waved good bye after it was over and went on her way. Just then Naruto saw Quistis walking through the entrance.

Quistis was no longer wearing her SeeD uniform, but instead was in Battle gear. She wore a red-orange sleeveless shirt and a matching Skirt that went down to her shins. She had two belts on, one for regular purposes, the other mainly for something to hold her weapon, a chain whip. She had on Brown Boots, and dark purple gloves, which were more like sleeves because the went up to her shoulders. also, her glasses were gone.

She walked up to him and handed him the white gem that held Shiva's soul. The GF could manifest their souls into crystals to sleep or for other purposes. Because of that they could be junction and allowed the user to become stronger and use elemental spells and such. The two of them glanced at each other before they departed separate ways. Unspoken communication was something that had developed between the two of them and tonight they would have another little 'rendezvous' like they usually did.