Seed of Destiny


Naruto x Quistis

Squall x Rinoa


Super Naruto


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note

Watch a HCBAILEY playthrough for final fantasy 8 for the following part. I decided I might do a Final Fantasy 8 Novelization later and any scenes I miss I will cover in there. Brief summary, Zell, Selphie, and Squall take a train to Timber, they have the first dream sequence and when that's over they meet zone who calls the train, they get on and they plan the operation. I'm keeping the important bits, but not all the things I deem necessary.

I was going to start on how the whole Seifer and Quistis got to Timber incident played out, but nah, I just want to try and keep it contained as little chapters as possible. Two or three at the most starting with the next chapter.


Story Start


Squall, Zell, Selphie found themselves in a posh Seed Cabin, made up of a cabinet, a soft bouncy couch and twin style beds. As Zell was trying to dispense his so called knowledge on Timber, something was occurring. Selphie entered the cabin room. "I'm not...feeling well..." From what Squall picked up, she didn't look to well either. Her eyes were droopy and her body slumped. She walked over to an empty spot on the couch next to Zell and fell over lying down curled up.

Standing up, Squall watched as Selphie made her way to the couch and plop on to it. "You should get some rest if you're tired."

"I'm really sleepy..." She mumbled, apparently already drifting to sleep.

"Hey...? Huh? What the...! Somethin's wrong with me, too...I...feel...sleepy..." Zell gave a large yawn and suddenly dropped his head back, his mouth wide opened, he snoring.

Confused, Squall stood for a few seconds, watching the two asleep until… "What's going on? Ugh! ...What is this?" There was a funny feeling going through Squall's mind. It was as if something was drilling into it. He clutched his head as he began hearing a strange ringing noise. Unable to bear it any longer, he collapsed to his knees and onto the ground, he too falling asleep.


All around was a dense forest along with a solitary pathway. Three soldiers dressed, Galbadian, walked up to a corner of the path and looked to their maps. "Uhh, Laguna, are you sure this is the right way?" Said one of them asked, a dark skinned young man carrying two special knives, to the other with long hair carrying a machine gun. The former was remarkable tall, several inches over six feet tall with bead-adorned dreadlocks at the back of an otherwise short-cropped haircut, and wearing a gold drop earring with a tassel motif. They ran quickly down the pathways of tall grass, some fire craters about from previously fallen bomb drops. The man was using a paired of sharp knives called Katal.

(...What the...!)

"OoH-boy, not again..." Said the third one, the largest of them, that carried a large spear-like anchor.

(Where am I?)


(?) (?) (?) (?) (?) (?) (?) (?)

They finally stopped at a bend at a small stream. "We're supposed to be fighting a war against Timber army, but we've walking around in circles like fools?" Roared the big one once again as he tightened his blue bandana. His name tag read Ward.

Kiros, the knife wielding soldier, then stepped up and shrugged. "Yeah, so why are we wasting our time messin' with these animals?" He asked as he cleaned his knives of the dripping juices of a recently slain Caterchipillar.

The one with dark long hair, Laguna, scratched his head and looked around. "Well, you see...It's just that, uhh..."

"Don't tell me we're lost again." Muttered Kiros as he placed his hands on his hips.

Shrugging, Laguna then jumped up and started running towards a nearby army truck. "Anyway, we're going home. Deling City, here we come!"

The other two just sighed, running after him, Ward obviously a bit left behind due to his size. "W-Wait! Laguna!"

Laguna jumped into the drivers seat and waited as Kiros and Ward hopped in. "Alright, let's go!" Turning the truck around, Laguna then slammed on the gas forcing the truck to charge off, and in turn, giving his passengers a bumpy ride.


The truck slowly drove through the main gates of Deling City, down the roads, and stopped in the middle of one of the town's squares. Laguna was first to hop out only to get an earful from Ward. "H-Hey! You can't park in the middle of the street!"

"Chill man, it's cool." Said Laguna waving them to come out. "Alright, then! How's about a drink!"

Kiros crossed his arms and looked for any higher officers coming their way. "Whatever! Like you drink... We already know you're not in it for the drinking. Just admit it already!"

Ward stepped up and patted his friend Kiros on the back. "Yeah, just drink some juice like a weenie. And then gawk at the piano lady."

"DON'T CALL HER THE 'PIANO LADY'! That's it, forget it! I'm not going!" Laguna shook his head.

"We know you will…" Said Kiros with a big grin.

Nodding, Laguna then dashed off, once again forcing his friends to follow. Behind them as they ran, a major traffic jam was started, all honking horns at a certain truck left in the middle of the roadway.

Outside the doors of the Deling City Hotel, two G-Soldiers walked up to Laguna as he approached. "Hey, Laguna, you back to see her again?"

"Got the HOTS for the pianist at the Hotel Bar?" Said the other.

Laguna grinned at each remark but said nothing and continued.

The three walked in, through the lobby, and towards the right down the large stairs leading to the Hotel's Bar room / dining room area. The scenery was quite grand, the Deling City Hotel being one of the finest hotels from around the world. Down at the bottom, they could see a few soldiers there, one by the bar holding a drink in the air. " of assigned to the Engineer Corps. N-Nice to meet you all. What a joyous day for me! Please, everyone, don't try to stop me...I would like to propose a myself!"

Another soldier, who Laguna knew well from previous mishaps, walked up to him and stared him down. "Listen up, soldiers. I'm Julia's private bodyguard. Better not make a pass at her."

Laguna just shook his arms in the air and walked up to a waitress setting up some tables. "Welcome! Your usual table is ready."

What is this? "Huh?" Laguna had suddenly stopped in his tracks. The waitress just smiled and waited.

"What's wrong?" Said Kiros.

"Ahh...I'm not quite sure."

"Wait a second..." Ward thundered putting a finger up pointing to his head. "Is your head buzzing...?"

"W-What...You, too?" Laguna shrugged and looked to Ward.

"Yeah, ever since we were in Timber."

"Me, too..." Kiros Remarked as he tried shaking his head.

"Hey, we're just tired, that's all. We'll be fine after a drink or two, or three..." Ward then turned to the waitress and nodded to her. "Yes, we'll take our usual table please ma'am." She nodded and escorted them to one of the circular tables in a corner area near the stage. The stage was set up with a single grand piano in the center. They circled around the table to where they wanted to sit.

"At ease, men." They all sit, however, Laguna then stood up to address his squad. "We're goin' all out tonight, right boys!"

The waitress then approached holding a small notepad-like device. "May I take your order?"

"The usual!" Yelled Laguna.

Kiros gave a nod. "Me, too."

Ward was really excited; it could be seen all over his face. "Keep 'em coming!"

The waitress then tapped on the notepad and walked off.

"So, Laguna...Julia should be making her appearance soon." Said Ward giving a slight grin. He looked over to the stage only to see a performer entering.

Another woman, with short dark hair and a cream complexion, wearing a red evening gown, walked onto the stage. She was very beautiful and nearly every soldier in the room had been gawking towards her. This was especially for Laguna. She sat down at the piano and began playing the tune that made her famous.

"What's she call it again?"

"Don't care… I just call it Julia because it reminds me of her…"

"As if you don't think about her all the time anyway… So, Laguna...Julia should be making her appearance soon. You goin' for it tonight?"

Kiros slapped the table lightly and glared at Laguna encouragingly. "You, go for it!"

"What-ever, man! Can't you see she's working?"

"Don't go back on your word. C'mon, go wave to her." Said Kiros trying to push Laguna.

"Hey… Give me a break..."

"So you say, but we all know you'll do it." Said Ward grinning. Kiros lit up a smile as Laguna stood up.

Laguna took in a deep breath and slowly made his way towards the stage. He walked up the short three small steps and approached the piano smiling. be this close to Julia...

(Is this guy serious...?)

...Uh-oh... My leg's cramping up...! Argh... Laguna grabbed at his leg in slight pain and began limping away from the piano. He stopped and turned around, suddenly realizing how embarrassing he must have looked to Julia, to see if she had seen him. By the look of it she hadn't noticed; She simply continued to play her song. As quick as he could, Laguna once again turned around and limped as fast as he could back to his seat.


The major that was Julia's body guard walked up to him as he approached his seating area. "Hey soldier...You got a little too close to Julia...I'll get you for that..." Laguna shrugged and kept walking. He eventually got to his seat where Kiros and Ward waited smiling."

"Good work, Laguna." Said Kiros holding a glass in the air and taking a drink.

"Mission successful!" Ward did the same with his shot of whiskey and chugged it down.

"Here, have a seat."

"I didn't think you'd actually do it. Our popularity rating's gone up a point." Ward nudged at Laguna who was still looking a bit embarrassed.

"Yeah, but you cut a pretty pitiful figure up there. I'd say you're about a -3 on the manliness scale." Kiros shot out with a chuckle.

"Say what you want!" Trying to defend himself, Laguna shot forward. Giving up, he then just shook his head and sighed. "Julia sure is pretty..." He said as he stared down at his reflection in his drink glass.

Something then caught the corner of Kiros's eye. "Aaa..." He bobbed his head in the direction to Ward.

"Hunhhh...?" Ward looked over slowly and nodded back to Kiros.

"Laguna, we're takin' off."

"H-Hey! What's the rush?" Laguna's head suddenly shot up looking at the two as they stood.

"It's on us tonight. Relax and stay awhile, Laguna." He nudged his head in a certain direction and walked off with a big grin on his face. He met up with Kiros at the bar counter at the other end of the room.

Confused, Laguna just watched, thinking his buddies had left him in his misery. That was until a soft voice was heard behind him. "May I?"

His mouth dropped as he turned around. He quickly stood and limped over to give her room. "Aaaaa..."

"Did I interrupt anything?" She asked, her eyes staring at him deeply.

"N-N-N-Not at all. P-Please, s-sit down." Oh man, oh man, it's really HER! What do I do! Kiros? Ward? HELP! What do I say! But man, she is pretty...

(What's this guy thinking...?)

"You ok now?" Julia sat down next to him and looked at him. His face showed signs of shyness as he stared down at the table top.

"Kind of..." Laguna answered slowly looking to her.

"How's your leg?"

"L-Leg? Oh, this! Y-Yeah, it's fine. Happens all the time when I get nervous." Ah man, she did see me! He coughed then looked back down trying to hold back his emotions.

"Were you nervous?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm still kinda..." He looked to her and she gave a smile.

"You can relax. You don't have to get nervous around me."

"Oh, sorry." Laguna tried his best to calm down but his body felt tense all over.

"Say...(Would you like to talk somewhere private? I have a room here...)" She said leaning forward with a whisper.

Laguna nearly had a heart attack. "I-In your room!"

Julia then looked around and then turned back to Laguna. "Well... (It's pretty hard to talk freely here. Everyone's listening in.) If you'd like to, please come by. I've been wanting to talk to you. You don't want to?"

"Of course I do!"

"Then I'll go ahead and wait for you. Ask for my room at the front desk, ok?"

Am I dreaming? Laguna watched as the beautiful young woman walked up the stairs. She gave a glance down his direction and smiled as she continued upward.

(...This is a dream...This is a dream...)

No, this can't be a dream!

(This is too weird to be a dream...)

Julia...? Wants to talk to me...?

(...He talks to himself too much...)

And just the two of us! Get it together Laguna


I always screw up by talking about myself too much. It' always been like that. But not tonight! I'm all ears for Julia! Ahh, time to use my manly charm, and help Julia with her problem. Quickly, Laguna stood up and dashed over to Ward and Kiros.

He was stopped by the drunk soldier from earlier. "Today's my special day. But...Julia chose YOU! Why! Why must it always be like this! (hic) And why...must it be on this day of all days...!" Laguna shrugged and turned only to bump into the Major. "Pretty bold for just a grunt...Julia this...Julia that...Yeah, I'll fix you...Send you off to war a million miles away..." he said rudely. Laguna gritted his teeth and slowly lurched his way around to Ward and Kiros.

"Can you really carry on a conversation with Julia? Make sure the conversation's sophisticated." Said Ward.

"No worries, man! That's like, my speciality." Wait, don't tell me all you guys really were listening in!

"One wouldn't say you converse, though...All you do is yap-yap-yap and never listen." Grinned Kiros. He then pushed Laguna towards the stairs and started chuckling. "Get going, man!"

Laguna fumbled his fingers as he slowly walked up to the receptionists' desk. The receptionist smiled to Laguna as he approached. "Welcome! Checking in?"

"Whi-Whi-Which..." Laguna had been truly nervous. He had almost tripped down the stairs on his way up.

(Is he really going?)

Beginning to get annoyed with the broken speech, the receptionist finally noticed Laguna's name tag. "...Aah, Mr. Laguna Loire? I've been expecting you. Let me show you to Ms. Julia's room."

"Thanks for coming."

"No...Not at all, uh...Thank you for inviting me."

"Have a seat."

Laguna looked around Julia's hotel room. It was pretty big, with huge window covering the back wall, small coffee table with two chairs in the back. There were two small beds each with a nightstand to the left of them against the far right wall, with two paintings of cities above them, a desk over by the door, and with the restroom area to the left. A glass chandelier from above as well as the two lamps on the nightstand nicely lighted the room itself radiating the room's over all renaissance feel.

Not thinking, Laguna sat on one of her beds. He then shook his head. Awe damn, I'm being rude! He then got up and walked over to one of the chairs in the back and sat down. He found himself standing up again. Julia just watched him from the front of the room giggling at his nervousness. Argh! I can't sit still. I'll just stand… He then walked slowly up to Julia.

"Going so soon? We haven't even talked yet."

Shaking his head, he walked a few feet away and turned back to face her. "No, it's not that. It's just that I'm a big fan of yours, so I'm really kinda nervous, y'know?"

"So that's why you come to hear me play so often."

Laguna jumped to that. "You… You saw me?" He said, surprised. Getting nervous, he retreated to the back of the room and started pacing.

Julia giggled and kept on. "You were always smiling while listening, right?" She walked over to the desk and looked into the mirror where she could see Laguna's distant reflection. "You have beautiful eyes. Though, they look a bit scared now." She turned back to Laguna and smiled. "Don't worry, I'm not going to pluck'em and eat'em. I just want to talk, gazing into those eyes. Would you like a drink? Wine perhaps?" She asked pulling out a bottle of wine.

"I must be dreamin'…"

Around a half an hour had past since Laguna had entered Julia's room. By then he had become more relaxed and had been telling her stories of his life and his adventures in the army. Julia sat relaxed at the edge of one of the beds, smiling, laughing, watching, and listening intently, while Laguna stood story telling. "Yeah, I don't like fightin' too much, but you get to travel, y'know? Seeing new places n' stuff. And it's fun, 'cause Kiros and Ward are always with me. Hey, we should all go out drinkin' sometime! Whaddya say? And, uh… What was I talkin' about? Oh yeah, so I want to quit the army and become a journalist! So I can tell people 'bout all the things I've seen on my travels."

(He's already loosened up…)

"So, like, the other day, one of my articles made the reader's column. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, that was way cool…"

Julia nodded and smiled, her eyes gazing at him. "I'm happy for you."

"Oh yeah, and then…"

Around 15 minutes later, Laguna got a bit drowsy. Julia let him relax on one of the beds as she sat and watched him from the other. He had fallen asleep for nearly ten minutes. "I'm sorry. I didn't know wine made you sleepy. You look adorable when you're asleep."

Laguna, slowly waking up, shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "Argh… How'd I fall asleep?" He got up and looked to see Julia sitting down at one of the chairs in the back. Feeling a bit loose, he then walked over to Julia. "Julia…"


"I…I must have fallen asleep, talking on like that…Tell me about yourself. Like… your dreams for the future."

Julia smiled and stood up looking out the window to the night-lights. "I…I want to sing. Not just play the piano, but sing, too."

"Oh, I'd really love to hear it." Laguna replied excitedly.

"But I can't. I'm no good at writing lyrics…"

Laguna thought to himself for a while and tried thinking up a song about Julia then and there. He wasn't able to. "Hmm… That must be tough."

"But, thanks to you, I think I can come up with something."

"Thanks to me…?" Laguna, surprised, stared at some of the flowers arranged at her desk. Some were sunflowers, others daisies, but the ones that stood out the most were the roses.

"Yes… The many faces you've shown me, times when you were hurt, worried… Or felt pain deep inside you… Your smile, your face, your eyes…" Julia then walked up beside him and smiled, she staring into his eyes. "You've shown me something… I think I can come up with a song."

"Wow… I must be dreamin'…"

Gently, she took his hands and whispered a few words, then slowly placed them down. "It's not a dream, is it?" They stood there for a while looking at each other, smiling, until a knock was heard at the door.

"Laguna! New orders! Meet by the Presidential Residence, on the double!" It was the voice of Kiros Laguna thought.

"Can we meet again?" Julia asked.

"Of course! I have to come hear you sing!"

"Next stop, Timber… Timber… Next stop, Timber… Timber…"

Selphie and Zell waited quietly looking at the ground to the fallen Squall. They hadn't moved him for they thought he had just fallen asleep as they did. Squall shook his head and pushed himself up, he seeing the two already up. "Were we… all asleep?"

Zell leaned over his knees and started thinking. "Maybe someone released some sleeping gas? There's lots of people who resent SeeD."

…Maybe. Better be careful.

Selphie looked around and checked her equipment. "Am I missing anything? Anyone hurt?" With that, they all checked around.

"…I don't think so."

"What a relief! Everything's cool with me!" Selphie then walked over to the other side of the couch and sat down. "Hee! I had such a nice dream!"

Squall thought to himself and stared at the wall ahead of him. I had a dream, too. It wasn't nice though. He then slowly walked over by the bunks and leaned against the bunk bed's ladder. I dreamt I was a moron.

"We will be arriving in Timber shortly. For those getting off, please be sure you have all your belongings." It was once again the train announcement.

Selphie then finally burst out smiling. "But seriously, Sir Laguna was sooo cool!"

"Hey!" Zell leaned over and looked to Selphie. "There was a Laguna in my dream, too! He's a Galbadian soldier, right!" Selphie nodded she suddenly giving an expression of wonder.

Squall's raised a brow as he quietly muttered to himself eventually raising his voice. "Laguna, Kiros, and Ward…"

With that, Zell then shot a glance to Squall, he surprised. "Huh! That's it!"

"That's what…?"

Selphie then stomped her foot, she all confused, and looked to Zell and Squall. "There's no way we can understand this. Let's just concentrate on our first mission!"

Crossing his arms and thinking to himself, Squall sighed. 'I guess you're right.' We'll put this incident on hold. I'll report it to the headmaster once we get back to Garden."

"We should be there soon, eh?" Asked Zell as he tightened his gloves. "Here we go… Psyche yourself up, baby!" Throwing a few punches, he then walked out the door.

Selphie got up and followed as she rubbed her eyes. "Whew… Still sleepy."

Squall stood alone staring into space still wondering. He gave a sigh and then shrugged.