I'll be replacing all the chapters in this story. I'll probably be doing the same in "The Queen's Last Reign", because when I read everything again I was like... gah! So yah I'll be editing this story, but the plot is still the same don't worry, just some (or more) improvements. (^^)V

Chapter 1: A New Entertainment In Town

"For breakfast I've prepared scones and Assam black tea," Sebastian announced while pouring the tea. "I've used the blue, white and gold tea set you just ordered last week. It just arrived this morning."

"Ah..." Ciel answered, not looking up from what he's reading.

"Young Master?" Sebastian looked at Ciel. "What has got your interest in the newspaper?"

He went closer to Ciel.

"There's a new entertainment in the main square. 'Synister The Puppet Master'," he said as he showed his butler the page. "His identity is unknown for he wears a mask and a cape, and he never takes it off." Ciel quoted from the paper.

"You're interested in ventriloquism Young Master?" Sebastian asked with a smirk.

"Don't be ridiculous! It's not so bad to have knowledge on the current events!" Ciel answered.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Sebastian approached the door and Ciel went back to reading.

"Yes?" Sebastian said as he opened the door.

"E-excuse me for the intrusion!" Maylene shouted nervously then bowed. "There was a letter for the Young Master!"

"From who?" Sebastian asked.

Maylene handed him a letter with the queen's seal.

"Who is it from?" Ciel asked.

"It's from the queen," Sebastian answered while walking over to Ciel.

He placed the letter in front of his master.

Ciel took the letter opener in his drawer and opened the envelop.

He extracted the letter and read its content.

"What is it, Young Master?" Sebastian asked.

"There have been some mysterious deaths occurring in town: little boys and girls found dead beside their beds," Ciel read. "Autopsy says that their throats have been slit open. Also they were holding the murder weapon."

Sebastian stood straight. "Hmm...What horrible fates."

"Indeed," Ciel said as he placed the letter on his table. "and as the queen's watchdog it is our duty to look into these matters. The Scotland Yard would be swarming the town square by now, and with the new entertainment going on I don't know if we can investigate properly."

"Maybe we should take a look at this "new entertainment"," Sebastian suggested.

"You're right. Besides, their audiences are kids. We might find something. Sebastian, prepare the carriage we shall be going to the town square," Ciel commanded.

"Yes, my lord," Sebastian said with a bow.

Sebastian went out of the room and made the preparations.

Ciel continued reading the letter while taking a bite of the scone.

After Ciel finished his breakfast, they were on their way to the town square.

As they arrived the town square, there was a huge crowd gathering near the fountain, where a stage was set up. You can hear the laughter of children as the show was about to start.

"Good afternoon everyone! Come one come all!" A boy with blonde hair and white coat announced. "My name is Astrell and witness the ventriloquism of 'Synister The Puppet Master'!"

Everyone applauded when Synister emerged from the curtains on the stage.

He bowed, but didn't say a word.

"Please... Enjoy the show," Astrell said with an evil grin; a grin that sent a chill down Ciel's spine.

The show started and as Synister played with the puppets, Astrell narrated the tale.

As the act goes on, the children sat quietly and stared.

It was as if they were hypnotized.

Ciel observed the audience as Sebastian observed the act.

He then looked at Sebastian, seeing a thoughtful look in his face.

'Could he know something?' Ciel thought.

Sebastian caught Ciel eyes and smiled at him.

Ciel suddenly got nervous, and turned his head towards the crowd.

When the play ended, Synister stepped out and bowed with Astrell.

"Thank you for watching the show everyone! We hope you had fun!" Astrell said waving at the audience.

The crowd dispersed, and Synister and Astrell disappeared through the curtains.

Ciel was about to walk towards the stage, when suddenly Frederick Aberline blocked his view.

"Where do you think you're going, Count Ciel Phantomhive?"

"Out of my way, Aberline!" Ciel commanded.

"No can do, Count. Scotland Yard is here to investigate, and I'm the head of this investigation. So I say you can't put your nose into our investigation," Aberline said as he stood in front of Ciel.

"Oh? I see that your princess isn't here to boss you around," Ciel taunted as he crossed his arms.

"L-lord Arthur Randall is not my princess! Nor can she- I-i mean he can lead in this investigation!" Aberline answered nervously. "For your information, he was assigned to another assignment!"

"Heh, probably some low assignment," Ciel continued to taunt.

Aberline was speechless and can't think of another comeback.

Ciel cleared his throat and said: "If you'll excuse me I would like to have a word with Synister and Astrell."

As he passed the officer, the stage was gone and everything else disappeared.

Ciel froze and so did Aberline as he turned to look.

"What?!" Aberline exclaimed. "They couldn't have packed up that fast!"

"Hmm..." Sebastian stared at the fountian.

"What is it Sebastian?" Ciel questioned.

"It's nothing Young Master. I was merely admiring the view," Sebastian answered.

Ciel heaved a sigh. "Oh well... I guess we have to catch the next show tomorrow. Let's go Sebastian."

"Understood," Sebastian bowed.

"Goodbye Officer Aberline. I trust that we will see each other again," Ciel said to the confused officer.

"H-how could they...?" Aberline murmured in his confused state.

As they walked on the streets, they heard a woman scream.

Both Ciel and Sebastian ran towards the woman's voice to check out what was going on.

When they arrived, they saw a woman kneeling with tears in her eyes.

"David..." the woman said.

Sebastian and Ciel followed her line of sight and saw a little boy, dead, on the street.

"What happened here?" Ciel asked.

"The boy jumped from the roof," a man said, emerging from the crowd.

"Why?" Ciel asked.

"No one knows. His mother was out and he just jumped," he said, approaching the woman. "Calm down, miss. It's alright."

"No! It's not alright! David! David!" the woman shouted beating the concrete.

The townsfolk gathered around, trying to calm down the woman.

Meanwhile, Ciel observed the situation.

"A little boy jumping off a roof? Seems like suicide," Ciel said.

"Yes, it does. So what do you suppose we should do?" Sebastian asked.

"I guess if have to take drastic measures," He answered, turning to Sebastian. "Sebastian, we're going to the Undertaker."

They disappeared from the crowd and headed to the lair of the Undertaker.

When they arrived, Ciel walked over to the entrance, but Sebastian stopped him.

Ciel looked at him and saw Sebastian looking at the direction of the dark alley.

"What is it Sebastian?" Ciel questioned.

Sebastian moved closer to the dark alley and knelt on the sidewalk.

A black creature emerged from the darkness, but it was nothing more but a mere cat.

"Sebastian!" Ciel shouted.

Sebastian looked at him, holding the cat. "I'm sorry. I can't resist."

"Let's go. We're wasting time," Ciel argued, confused if he actually saw hearts and stars around his butler's head.

Sebastian heaved a sigh and waved goodbye to the cat.

The cat just watched as Sebastian walked back to his master, and Ciel swore that he thought he saw an evil glare coming from the cat.

But he just ignored it and went back to the task at hand.

Sebastian reached for the doorknob and opened the door.

Ciel passed him and went inside first.

"Earl... It is a pleasure seeing you," said a mysterious voice. "It's rare that you come to visit and I am honored by your presence."

Sebastian closed the door behind him and went closer to his master.

"Where are you, Undertaker?" Ciel asked.

Suddenly one of the coffins opened to reveal the man known as Undertaker.

"Hee hee. Hello Earl~" Undertaker said with a big grin on his face.

"Don't you have a bed?" Ciel commented.

"I think sleeping in a coffin is a lot more comfortable. In fact, I have one especially made for you," he answered back, still wearing the big grin.

Ciel glared at him for the insult and heaved a sigh.

"Ok... The reason why I'm here is tha-"

"Oh I know why you're here," Undertaker said, cutting off Ciel's statement. "But you know what I require from you to gain the information you need."

"Right. Sebastian," Ciel ordered.

"Understood," Sebastian bowed. "Please step outside an-"

"I know... I won't take a peek," Ciel answered, raising his right hand.

Sebastian followed Ciel to the door and opened it for his master. Once his was out he closed the door and took off his gloves.

Meanwhile, Ciel waits for the signal.

After a few minutes, a burst of laughter escaped the doors and windows, filling the air.

Sebastian opened the door and called his master.

"You may now enter," he said with a gentle grin.

Ciel sighed. "I really don't know how you do it."

"It's best if you don't," Sebastian answered.

Ciel stepped inside and watched the laughing Undertaker.

Undertaker cleared his throat and held his laughter.

"Ok Undertaker. Do you know anything about children committing suicide?" Ciel asked with a serious tone.

"Hmm... I think I've heard cases on children committing suicide at night; even the one the just occurred a while ago," Undertaker said taking a seat. "I got some interesting organs from them too, but sadly the boy from this afternoon is not part of my collection... Yet," he continued.

"What do you mean by interesting organs?" Ciel asked, intrigued.

Undertaker stood up and looked around; checking the labels of the jars on the shelf.

"Hmmm... It's interesting because there are these symbols," He said, showing Ciel the symbol etched on a heart.

Both Ciel and Sebastian took a closer look.

It was a real heart preserved in a jar full of water that has turned yellow, and there was a demonic symbol etched on the heart.

"Hmm... That IS interesting. Too bad we don't have the heart of the boy named David or we could've compared it now," Ciel said with a thoughtful look. "Undertaker, may we borrow the heart? I promise that it shall be back in your possession tomorrow afternoon."

"My pleasure Earl~ Hee hee... Go ahead," Undertaker replied.

Sebastian took the jar and opened the door for his master.

Ciel stepped towards the door, but stopped and said: "Thank you for your service."

"The pleasure is mine Earl~" Undertaker replied with a grin.

Both he and Sebastian stepped outside the Undertaker's lair.

Sebastian closed the door and Ciel turned to face him.

"Sebastian, I want you to retrieve the heart and go back to the mansion; I shall take the carriage. I want you to be there before I arrive."

Sebastian bowed and said: "Yes, my lord."

He called for the carriage and opened the door for his master.

Ciel stepped inside as Sebastian closed the door.

"Young Master, what would you like for dessert? Strawberry parfait or raspberry pie?" Sebastian asked.

"Pie. With Darjeeling," Ciel answered.

"Certainly, Young Master," Sebastian said.

The coachman whipped his horse and Sebastian waved to his master.

Ciel closed his eyes and thought about the incident.

'A demonic symbol etched on the heart. Hmm... Could this be the work of a demon?' he thought.

Then the coach stopped.

Ciel looked outside and saw that he has already arrived in the manor.

Awaited him was his butler, Sebastian. He opened the door and stepped aside for his master to pass.

"This afternoon I have prepared raspberry pie and Darjeeling tea," Sebastian informed.

"Seeing you here means that you've done what I've asked," Ciel said, looking at Sebastian.

"Of course. What would a Phantomhive butler be if they couldn't accomplish a task such as this?" Sebastian answered proudly.

"Tch..." Ciel walked towards the door.

When they were inside, the main hall was empty.

"I've moved the jars to your office. Please wait there as I bring your tea," Sebastian said with a bow and walked off to the kitchen.

Ciel watched as he disappeared through the corridor.

He then went upstairs to his office.

Sebastian was waiting outside the door and greeted his master.

He opened the door and Ciel stepped in.

Ciel went directly to his chair and sat down. He saw two jars – each with a heart in them- and pushed them aside.

Sebastian poured the tea and served the pie.

Ciel picked up the fork and then took a bite while examining the jars.

"Both of them have the same mark," Ciel said.

Sebastian moved closer to the jars. "Hmm... It looks like a Faustian symbol. Almost like the one on my hand."

"It does. But on this one there are words surrounding the star, and not just a mere circle. It seems like a crest from black magic," Ciel said, taking another bite.

"Indeed it does," Sebastian said crossing his arms.

'So it wasn't a work of a demon.' Ciel thought to himself.

"Sebastian, I want you to search for suspects: anyone who can use or is practicing black magic," Ciel commanded.

Sebastian bowed and said "Yes, my lo-"

"And I want it done before dinner," Ciel said with a smirk.

Sebastian smiled. "Yes, my lord."