Misaki – September

Usui…life without you is…too hard for me to bear.

Misaki thought as she felt a dull pain in her chest and exhaled a long sigh. She stopped slicing the rosy red apple and took a look around the kitchen: the glossy white cabinets overhead, the cool and smooth white marbled surface of the table top, the aluminium sink and the stainless steel fridge that was always empty; except for bottled mineral water and fruit juice.

Everything around was the same as always, but it didn't feel the same…without Usui Takumi.

Turning back to continue what she was doing, she tightened her grip on the knife and sliced the apples into bunny apple slices, that Usui had developed a penchant for.

The sound of the knife against the chopping board echoed within the dull walls of the empty apartment.


[3 months before]


"Whatcha doing pres?" Usui's hot breath tickled against her neck, catching Misaki offguard and she felt a familiar heat rush up her face.

"Usui…"she muttered under her breath in irritation and resumed her slicing. In her mind, she elbowed him in his ribs hard enough to send him reeling.


Usui's emerald eyes widened considerably whne he peered from over her shoulder.

"Bunny apples?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Uh…" Misaki rolled her citrine eyes and let an inaudible sigh escape her lips.

"You said you wanted to eat bunny apples 15 minutes ago…"

Usui's eyebrows shot up in response as he placed one finger on his chin, the other arm supporting his elbow as he looked upwards.


15 minutes ago

"Ayuzawa, I want to eat bunny apples…bunny apples…"

Usui droned on and on, like a broken tape recorder as he brushed his teeth in the bathroom in a daze while Misaki tamed her raven black hair.

Low blood pressure again? The oh-too-familiar question popped up in Misaki's mind, like any typical morning.

She shook her head and brushed her hair silently as usual, giving no heed to Usui's morning babble.

"I want bunny apples…bunny apples…"

But Usui was still going on like a little 5 year old boy even when Misaki was changing in the toilet.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Usui knocked thrice, before launching into "Bunny apples…I want to eat bunny apples…"

Misaki was beginning to lose her calm. She took in a deep breath before releasing it slowly and decided to shrug this trivial matter off, like shooing away a fly.

However, Usui wasn't the usual fly. He was the irritating, annoying, pesky, outer-spaced alien fly that kept circling around her.

"Bunny apples…bunny apples…"

Oh how tempting it was to tape Usui's mouth right now. Misaki thought. She opened the bathroom door and furrowed her eyebrows together.

"Alright, alright" She agreed at last, like a mother finally throwing in the towel and acceding to her son's request, and marched off into the direction of the kitchen.

Armed with a knife and a chopping board and several apples from the fridge, she began preparing bunny apples for her 23 year old boyfriend.


"Hm….I did…?"

Misaki carefully placed the bunny apple pieces onto a plate and thrust it into Usui's hands.

"Just eat it."

"Okay," Usui took the plate obediently and headed towards the living room to savour his favourite food.



"Hm?" she responded and turned her head to look at the blonde perched on the couch.

"You make the best bunny apples," he smiled as a crimson blush crept up his cheeks.

At that moment, Usui's saccharine smile melted Misaki's heart and she couldn't help but shoot him back with a smile that was as warm as the sunlight streaming through the apartment windows.