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First Alice Part 1

A little boy picked at the two playing cards in his hand, dressed in a simple all-white outfit, his messy brown covering his eyes. He groaned in a small, sickly voice, "Ahh, what should I do? I have a weird feeling… I really hate feeling it, you know." He continued picking at the two cards in his hand as he spoke.

He continued. "Maybe it'll go away, but I could only think about the shivers." The brown-haired boy looked up, and then quietly exclaimed, "That's right! I think someone's been looking at me for a while. Oh no, maybe looking for a while had them memorize my face." A smile appeared on the boy's face. "I'm still living inside of that person."

"Alright, I've decided to bring someone with me."

The clash of swords on sword resonated in the air. The battleground was littered with flags of the two warring countries, arrows, and the body of fallen warriors from both sides.

A young swordswoman who had stopped fighting for a brief rest from the battle clenched her teeth, holding her bloodstained sword in one hand. Clothed in silver and red fighting clothes with her brown hair cut short and blood splattered on her face, her name was Meiko.

Meiko cast her eyes over the blood-stained fighting ground. A terrible truth flashed through her mind. Our army is already like this, she thought. She closed her eyes. No, there's no hope of victory.

"Konnichiwa!" A small child's voice suddenly burst out. Meiko opened her eyes. A small boy, clothed in white, barely even half her height stood facing her, one overlong sleeve held in front of his face. Meiko stared at the boy, her right hand still placed on her sword hilt.

"Hm? People are here," the boy said. "I said hello, didn't I? Did you think I was someone else?" Meiko's common sense kicked in.

"Y-you!" Meiko stuttered in surprise. She started shouting at the little boy, "It's dangerous here! Children should leave!" She hadn't noticed they weren't on the battlefield anymore.

The "child" protested, "But I'm not a kid! I've lived through double…" The little boy briefly stopped to consider, then continued. "Hundreds of doubles times more than Onee-chan. I don't even know. There's too many to count."

Meiko grabbed the child by the sleeve and yelled at him, "Ah, man, get a clue. Get a clue and go away fast!" She tugged on the white sleeve, but the child wouldn't move.

"No way. I came here because I wanna do something," the child grinned.

What? A child spy? Is it a disposable messenger? Meiko considered briefly.

The child continued speaking. "Hey, Onee-chan, are you my friend or not?" As the boy spoke, the blank scenery around them suddenly changed. Meiko gazed around in alarm.

"Huh, what? Here is…" Meiko muttered in unease, swiveling her head left and right, taking in the stone road they were standing in, with door-less archways and windows on their left and right. People and children paced around the street, creating a loud, murmuring, wordless noise.

"This is my world," the child answered cheerfully. "Ah, now Onee-chan is in a dream. Is it Onee-chan's world?"

Meiko turned her face back towards the child, desperately questioning him, "What are you saying? How is that? Why are you…" Meiko trailed off, and then asked a final question, "Who are you?"

The child giggled. "I'm a dream. What did you hear? I am you in someone else's dream, but you yourself don't know." Seeing Meiko's unbelieving face, the Dream added, "Heh, don't worry about it. Anyways, Onee-chan is an Alice in another body."

The word "Alice" was puzzling. "Alice?" Meiko asked.

"Yeah, Alice. Onee-chan is an Alice that came from here," the Dream answered. "So do your best, Onee-chan." The Dream started fading.

"Hey, w-wait!" Meiko tried to grab the fading Dream, but he disappeared before she could lay her hands on him. "What's an Alice? How can I go home?" Didn't her allies need her? She was in charge. If they kept on fighting, they wouldn't only lose; they'd lose most of their men with the battle. Retreat was the best option, but how were they supposed to retreat without her order?

What the hell is an Alice? The thought echoed through Meiko's mind, as she stared blankly into space. She barely noticed the small child tugging at her dress until she spoke up.

"Onee-chan, Onee-chan, can you play with me?"

Meiko turned her head so she could see behind her. A young, petite girl with dirty blond hair and a brown and white dress was looking at her with a hopeful expression in her large dark green eyes. "Ah, huh? No, I can't. I can only play in my free time." It was the truth. Meiko had to find out just what "Alice" was. Maybe she could ask the little girl.

"Say, do you know what an Alice is?" Meiko inquired, hoping the little girl would have an answer.

The blond girl had a blank, unknowing look on her face. "Alice? Hmm…mmm…I don't know," she ended. Her face's expression changed suddenly though, a small smile appearing with a faraway look in her eyes. The noise of all the people suddenly seemed to disappear.

"Alice…" the girl muttered. Meiko strained her ears to hear the quieting voice of the girl. "To me… hears me." The dull clanging noise of churchbells resounded throughout the suddenly silent street.

(Author's Note: Don't ask, I didn't understand the "Alice hears me" part either)

Meiko ignored the sudden silence and the mysterious look on the little girl's face. It didn't matter. Here was the chance to find out what Alice was! "Really? Then what's an Alice?" she asked, not trying to keep her excitement out of her voice.

"Alice says they will always remember the world," the girl stated, a large creepy grin similar to that of the Dream's appearing on her face, "she was in."

Fear flooded through Meiko. She gasped,turned, and fled. Meiko could feel a cold sweat coming down from her brow. Her footsteps echoed as she weaved in and out of the crowd of people to get away from the girl. She could hear her loud panting as she fled as fast as she could. Anything to get away from her. What is it? How did this happen? What, what's Alice? What did it say? The four thoughts raced through her panicked mind. The last clangs of the church bell bounced around her mind along with the words, "Alice", "dream", and "remember."

Alice always remember this world?

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Japanese translations:

Konnichiwa: Formal Hello, that's what the Dream says in the Drama

Onee-chan: Big Sis, not literally here, just respect for someone who's older than you by 5-10 years, I think.

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