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Maka looked at the room filled with so many emotions. Everyone was happy that Asura had been defeated.

'But at what cost.' Maka thought sadly walking outside to the balcony. The night was cool, as if those who had been lost took

their warmth from the world with them.

"Soul." Maka whispered tears threatening to spill over. She leaned over the banister and rested her head on her arms, and let the

tears fall.

'Why soul? Why did you have to take that hit! You're so stupid leaving me here like this!' she thought bitterly recalling the events

took place only a few hours ago. Her shoulders shook as she silently mourned the loss of her friend, partner, and the she had


'I should have told you how I felt. I was going to but then they attacked...' Maka sense another soul coming

and then heard the balcony door open Maka didn't have to look up to know who it was. His wavelengths were easy to recognize by now.

"Maka." Kid said quietly as he walked out, set down two glasses, and put his arm around her in an attempt to comfort her.

"I know its hard, but I understand how you feel. Eventually this pain will pass." He quietly spoke. Maka sniffled and looked up at

him. He gave her a small smile and offered her one of the two glasses he had brought out. She accepted it and took a sip, then twisted


"What is this?" Maka coughed.

"A perfect mixture of rum and coke." Kid smirked "it took me a few tries to get it perfectly even. I'm sure my father won't mind a few

drinks given what we've been through today." Maka gave a small smile and took another tentative sip. Leave it to Kid to try to make

a perfect drink. Both absently sipped their drinks while deep in thought. Maka's thoughts were on her lost weapon, while kid thought

of Kayla. She was new, but strong and she had become fast friends with Kid. Most likely because she was diagnosed with O.C.D but the

two had a lot in common. Many thought they were dating but he thought of her more as a little sister. He was devastated when he

learned she had died in the battle.

-With Tsubaki-

"Hey Blackstar have you seen Maka?" Tsubaki asked the normally loud boy.

"Not sure. I saw Kid walk out onto the porch so maybe they're out there talking." Blackstar responded. He look depressed as did

Tsubaki. It was a bittersweet party and the loss of their good friend Soul hadn't helped.

'Blackstar was closer to him than me. But Maka was the closest.' Tsubaki thought. She layed a hand on Blackstar's shoulder.

He took her hand and held it causing the quiet weapon to blush. She squeezed his hand and looked at all the others who were

celebrating the death of Asura.

-With Maka and Kid-

Maka handed kid a refill of the drink. She had put a little more rum in than kid had since she had never mixed drinks before.

"Attempting to get me drunk are we?" Kid asked with a cocked eyebrow after taking a sip. Maka giggled

"Don't make fun of my sucky drink mixing skills." Kid chuckled. They continued talking about nothing and refilling their glasses.

About an hour later both could feel the effects of the alcohol.

"I thought you said you couldn't get drunk?" Maka slurred before giggling.

"I said I wasn't sure. Besides I'm pretty sure the teachers will have a hangover so they won't be teaching." Kid chuckled. Soon they

were doing impression of a drunk professor Stein and started gasping for air because they laughed so hard.

"Hey it's getting late want me to walk you home?" Kid managed to get out after they had calmed down. Maka nodded and they two left.

"Oops we passed my house we were supposed to..umm...oh yeah! To turn waayyy back there." Maka pointed.

"Well my house is close do you want to just stay the night and then you can go home in the morning?" Kid replied like the

gentleman he is. Maka nodded again so the two walked to his house.

Kid gave her a grand tour of the house. He showed her the upstairs after they managed to make it up the stairs. (After a lot of

laughing and stumbling.)

"Well, this is my room." Kid said with a flourish. Maka immediatly spottled the huge bookshelf.

"Oh my gosh! You have a lot of books too!" Maka said in childlike wonder. Kid chuckled as he watched Maka look at the many books he

had collected over the years. Kid was suddenly stunned by the perfect symmetry he saw. Maka was standing in the middle of the book

case, her hand on the book that was exactly in the middle, her pigtails were perfectly even, and the lights on both sides of the

bookcase lit up her beautiful features.

'I know i really care about Maka but...' Kid thought. He suddenly had the desire to kiss her. He suddenly saw a loose strand come

out of place. He walked over and tucked it back in place. Maka turned and blushed at the sudden closeness of the two. He looked

into her eyes and saw a slight haze. They were both drunk. He tucked another strand of hair behind her ear. Maka looked at him before

leaning forward a little. Kid's heart flip flopped as he leaned in too. Their lips touched and Maka pressed against Kid. He put his

arms around her waist and kissed back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips harder against his. He had kissed

girls before but never with this kind of passion. She put her hands on his chest. Kid picked her up and sat the both of them on his


'Good thing Patty and Liz arn't home.' was his last thought as Maka unbuttoned his shirt.

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