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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Elemental Countries. The land of Shinobi and Kunoichi. These Countries are ruled by the Ninjas and Daimyos of the 5 great countries. Hi no Kuni or Land of Fire said to be the strongest of the five and winner of all 3 great ninja wars. Led by the Hokage or Fire Shadow who resides within Konohagakure, Village Hidden in the Leaves. Kaminari no Kuni or Land of Lightning is led by the Raikage or Lightning Shadow, ruled from Kumogakure, Village Hidden in the Clouds. Kaze no Kuni or Land of Wind led by the Kazekage and ruled from Sunagakure, Village Hidden in the Sand. Mizu no Kuni or Land of Water led by the Mizukage and ruled from Kirigakure, Village Hidden in the Mist. Finally, Tsuchi no Kuni or Land of Earth led by the Tsuchikage and ruled from Iwagakure, Village Hidden in the Stone. Each of these are complimented by their own Daimyos.

Konohagakure is seen as the most peaceful of the villages despite its bloody past. The Sandaime Hokage was an old man nearing his second retirement. He fought in two of the 3 Ninja Wars and came out of them named "The Professor" for his ingenuity and knowledge of ninjutsu. His predecessor and successor the Yondaime Hokage gave his life to defeat the greatest enemy Konoha had ever faced. The Yondaime was hailed as one of the strongest shinobi to ever grace the elemental countries he was nicknamed "Yellow Flash" for the telltale yellow light of his signature move the Hiraishin. He gave his life to stop the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The Kyuubi was destruction incarnate it would level cities and mountains with single swipes of its tails. This brings us to the start of the life of Naruto Uzumaki, the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.

Timeskip: 7 Years Later... October 10th...

Konoha is enjoying great weather. The sun is shining with some clouds to provide cover for the lovers resting in the parks. Merchants are covering the streets with merchandise they have acquired to sell. Overall, a very pretty day for everyone except one boy though he is only 7 years old.

Naruto Uzumaki is scrounging in the garbage cans behind the Akimichi BBQ restaurant. He stands at a mere 3' despite his age. He wears rags with hints of what appears to have been an orange jumpsuit. His dirty hair looks almost black with the filth he has been forced to live in. His face is adorned with 6 whisker marks three on each cheek which would give him a cute look should any woman look twice in his direction. Underneath his rags the sight of a malnourished and under fed body can be seen along with numerous scars. The thing that would capture any traveler, for any native would not look long at this boy, the very sight of this boys eyes can cause the soaring of a person's soul or the flinching of a person's heart. When the boy is happy his bright blue eyes would bring joy to all who would care to look. When he is sad, the people would flinch away from the hurt, the sorrow, the loneliness reflected within the boy's eyes.

Naruto always scrounges around here on his birthday because they have the best food in town. He thinks of it as "treating himself" on his most miserable day of the year. He giggled when he thought of his treat. Most other stores would run him off even if it was the trash cans but the Akimichi's would leave him alone most of the time. Naruto was hurrying through the food to eat so he could go to his hiding spot before night fell. For some reason whenever night fell on his birthday the mobs would come and look for Naruto to hurt him worse than they did every other month. During his birthday month he recieved beatings almost daily whereas in other months it would be more like once every 1-2 weeks. This had happened since he was thrown out of the orphanage when he was 3 years old. So for four years he has been living on the streets. He has become quite attentive and very resourceful and has almost thrived, if one could thrive while living on the streets, but now he has to hurry.

Naruto was wandering about in a section of the city he was not in often when he smelled something wonderful. "That smells delicious!" Naruto thought. So he walked around until he could determine the source of the smell. He came upon a ramen stand with a sign reading "Ichiraku's" and he immediately went to the trash cans to see if he could salvage anything. Naruto was so absorbed in his rummaging that he did not notice the sun and when Naruto finally realized there was none thrown away he looked up to see the Sun setting. "Uh oh" Naruto immediately began to make his way as stealthily as he could to the forest where he would hide in the night of his birthday. He was almost to the Hokage monument when the mobs found him.

"It's the Demon Brat! Get him!" yelled a random mobster.

The shinobi within the group grabbed Naruto and tied him up so he wouldn't escape and the crowd began to exact their "vengeance" on the poor 7 year old.

"I haven't done anything to you! Why?" Naruto yelled through his pain.

"Haven't done anything. Haven't done anything! You killed my father! Now we are gonna finish what the Fourth started." salivated the villagers

Naruto took the beatings. Each blow more painful than the last. Each adding onto the already numerous scars on his frail body. They poured salt on his wounds to make the scars inflame and left him to die. Their final act was to crucify his hands and legs before walking off hoping he would bleed to death. No one would finish the poor boy off thinking he was too evil to allow a swift death.

Naruto managed to trick them into thinking they had crucified his left hand but he had not been. Even through the pain Naruto's cunning mind managed to keep him alive as it had these past four years. Naruto plucked the kunai from his legs and arm not a whimper being heard from him and proceeded to limp off in extreme pain so as to hide from the next mob.

Naruto limped into his cave. He considered it his own since he found it when he was 5 and has used it the past 2 years as a sort of safe house for when he needed a place to recover from his occasional beatings. Although he claimed it he never explored it fully because it gets so dark further in that Naruto was not inclined to go further. Once Naruto entered the cave he collapsed upon the makeshift bed of leaves he has made.

Naruto awoke hours later feeling better but sore. It was raining outside he saw and moved further into the cave to get away from the lashing of the fierce wind accompanying the storm. Deciding it would be better to sleep the storm out he fell asleep again in a dryer spot. Awakening once again Naruto had full mobility and hurt very little. He had always healed fast but Naruto never questioned it after seeing the Sandaime lie whenever he was in the orphanage about it whenever he asked. Suddenly, Lightning flashed outside and Naruto heard a cracking sound from further in the cave. Deciding to finally search the cave since he did not have anything else to do Naruto dusted himself off and began his trek further inside.

Naruto had been wandering around in the dark for quite some time. He always had superb night vision so he had not tripped and hurt himself yet but he was wondering how deep this cavern went. So Naruto continued on but started to notice little things different from regular caves. How the floor evened out, the walls and ceilings became smoother and more defined. Soon enough Naruto came upon a door with a weird symbol upon it. Naruto was not very good at reading or writing but he was certain this was not Kanji and wondered what he had found. Being the curious seven year old he is he attempted to push upon the door. Once Naruto's hands touched the door the sigil on the door began glowing a bluish white aura and flashed.

Naruto's hand remained stuck to the door as the sigil flashed repeatedly. Naruto was reviewing his entire life up until this point. The ignorance of the villagers, the Matrons at the orphanage not feeding him, seeing the Old Man, living in squalor and filth for four years. All the way up until todays beating which had surpassed the others. Suddenly, a voice bellowed

"Never has one as pure been born. To hold such a burden yet remain so pure. You may pass."

The doors swung wide and Naruto's eyes widened in their sockets at the blast of air that blew past him. Not at the strength of the blast but of the smell. It smelled of fresh rain, of the spring time flowers and of honey. Not of musk and death as one would expect of such an old cavern.

Naruto stepped into the massive cavern to see stone pillars reaching the ceiling many stories higher. Lighted orbs lighting the pathway all the way to a raised dais. Naruto began his walk through the underground cavern. Not noticing the wind pick up around him and shooting gusts into the dark.

When Naruto reached the dais he could feel the ancient entity standing guard over the stairs leading to the top. The figure spoke in that same calming yet yelling voice,

"What brings you here young one?"

"I was simply looking for a place to sleep away from the villagers. I did not want to be hurt any longer and decided to explore the rest of this cave since the storm is too fierce for me to return to the village anyways." Naruto responded in wide eyed fascination.

The figure looked at Naruto and spoke "If you had power what would you do with it?"

Naruto's eyebrow furrowed. He thought long before trying to answer the entity. While the blue eyed person thought the entity was impressed. He showed wisdom well beyond his years even considering his lifestyle and was not brash like many before him. Finally, Naruto spoke,

"I would make it so no one could hurt me."

"Only to protect yourself would you seek power?" the spector spoke again seemingly frowning

"And so that when others recognize me I could protect them! Of course." Naruto spoke as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. The entity chuckled

"Haha. Even though some persecute you you would still protect them? Ludicrous! But I can see you speak the truth you pass my test. Wield Kamikaze well young one." with that the entity faded away but not before speaking his final warning "all is not as it seems look deeply and your blade will never fail you."

Naruto pondered the final warning before beginning his short trek up the stairs to the dais. When he crested above the final step he could see a depression further within the circular dais. When he finally reached the edge of the depression he gasped. sitting within the depression was a ring of stairs leading to a stone table. Upon the stone table, a blade sat with its sheath nearby. It sat humming. Naruto was dumbstruck at the beauty of the blade. As simplistic as it was it was a sight to behold. The kanji on the sheath read Kamikaze or divine wind. Naruto slowly made his way down the short flight of steps to the sword and made to grasp the handle.

"Before touching this blade beware your heart." A voice spoke

"Only those strong of heart and sure of their strength may wield me. Be careful lest you fail like countless others before you."

Naruto faltered but for a moment and spoke, "I have never failed in anything I have set myself to I have lived a life of hunger and sadness, I am worthy of wielding you Kamikaze." and grasped the blade's hilt. The entire area flashed before dimming back down.

"Congratulations. I accept you as my master Naruto-sama. Please use me as you will." Kamikaze spoke.

Naruto was surprised. The voice sounded in his head instead of outside.

"Please do not be frightened. I have simply integrated myself into you by accepting you. No one else may wield me unless both you and I deem them worthy. However, only you will be able to wield my full potential. You are the first to ever gain my power I am honored to be in your service Naruto-sama."

Naruto was stunned. He just gained a beautiful blade but he did not know how to use it. He could finally defend himself against his enemies when they would attack! Naruto began to wonder why this sword was hidden away and what sort of powers it might possess.

"Naruto-sama my powers will awaken as you grow more powerful. I regret to inform you that you can not use me to protect yourself or anyone else until you have trained with me. But do not worry I am, as you can see, sentient so I will train you in the ancient and lost art of the Wind Style that comes along with myself to compliment my powers."

"Sweet! so what can we do now Kamikaze?" Naruto almost yelled.

"We will have to train you physically so you can handle my techniques. Your natural affinity is wind so we together will make you a Wind Lord. Are you left handed or right handed Naruto-sama?" questioned Kamikaze.

"Ummm. I write with my left hand and can throw stuff with it more accurately but my right arm is stronger." answered Naruto.

"Ambidextrous! Amazing you really can pull out my full potential. That, however, is a long way off. As a side note, please think your answers to me so that people do not think you are crazy Naruto-sama. We will need to get you some better clothes, a well balanced diet and some training weights. A nice place to sleep would do better than what you have now. For now, lets see if we can't find that Old Man who was nice to you." stated Kamikaze.

Time Warp: Earlier that same day

Kurenai Yuuhi, Chuunin of Konoha, was returning from a horrible mission. She had been sent on a simple high C-rank mission with another chuunin to transport a package from Kaze no Kuni to Konoha. The trip to the Sand Village was uneventful. It wasn't until they were only a day away from Konoha on their return trip that things went to shit. First the team had come across some bandits that decided Kurenai would be good fun and attempted to subdue them. They were no match for the chuunins superior skills but with their number they managed to wound her partner. She managed to dress the wound and keep her companion from dying but then a missing nin from Iwa which still had a high grudge from their last war decided that two weakened chuunin would be easy pickings and engaged them in combat. The missing nin managed to kill Kurenai's teammate and assumed it was easy street to subdue Kurenai; however, Kurenai is known as the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha even at her young age of 14. She was the foremost genjutsu expert and would not be taken down easily. She defeated the, as she later found out, B-ranked nin and sealed his head into a sealing scroll.

Deciding that she needed to rest before continuing her journey Kurenai found a secure place to sleep and fell into a sleep full of the nightmares or Kunoichi being captured. Luck was not on Kurenai's side however. She woke up 1 hour later tired and kranky from a unrestful sleep and hearing voices of bandits near her. knowing she was weakened from all her fighting she waited until she saw an opening to the tree tops. Once she had a clear shot she took off in the tree tops running from the bandits. Unfortunatly, one of the bandits saw her and the group of three genins started chasing her. In her tired state Kurenai only got to the outskirts of the forests of Konoha before her chakra gave out and she was forced to the floor and running on adrenaline. The genin quickly caught her and after a brief taijutsu fight,in which Kurenai broke one of the genin's noses, the genins had captured Kurenai and were getting ready to enjoy their "spoils."

One of the genin said, "So the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha, what a Ice Queen indeed look at those eyes. I have never seen anything like it."

Indeed, Kurenai's eyes were a curious shade. Red eyes marked her with her flowing black hair that reached to her mid back and budding C-cup breasts which would only get fuller. Following her dress of bandages down to her toned ass and legs that seemed to go on forever. Kurenai was one of the most sought after women within the village however she had turned down advances for the exact reason that she is about to be raped for. They only wanted her body.

Kurenai thought, "shit of course I have to come across perverts left and right today. This is the third time for Kami's sake! Can't there be any decent men left in the world?"

"If your gonna do it just get it over with." Kurenai then spat in the genins face.

All of the genins gained a malicious smirk on their face. "Don't worry your gonna enjoy this by the time we are done." "I doubt it." retorted Kurenai.

"Shit to think i lose my virginity to these assholes then i die. Fuck!" And with that the genin began their advance.

Naruto was walking out in the forest after having taken an alternate route when finding his original way blocked. He had Kamikaze slung over his back because it was currently too big to be tied to his waist. Naruto was heading North to Konoha when he began hearing strange grunting noises.

"Naruto-sama I suggest we see what is going on over there and quickly!" Kamikaze stated knowing what those sounds probably meant.

Marking how urgently Kamikaze said it he drew kamikaze slowly so as not to make too much noise and gripped it tightly before moving forward. After walking a few steps the noises became louder and then he heard a loud feminine scream. Immediatly, rushing forward he pushed aside a part of a bush to look into the clearing ahead but not be seen himself and was shocked at what he saw.

There in the clearing was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Being manhandled by three butt naked men. They were in the process of ripping her clothes off. He saw the fear in her eyes and immediatly knew if he did not do something he was going to regret it. So he started to formulate a plan when Kamikaze spoke up.

"Naruto-sama I can help you take out these vile beings if you allow but this will drain me and I will not be able to do it again for some time. Do you wish to do it?" asked Kamikaze

Naruto replied without any hesitation, "Do your thing Kamikaze if I can not help her then how can I help myself?"

Kamikaze hummed in response and told Naruto "Indeed you are the correct wielder for me. You know nothing of the other person yet your are willing to sacrifice your power for her. Astounding. I shall grant your wish. She will be saved!" with that being said Naruto's eyes changed.

Naruto's blue eyes changed to a menacing red with slits for pupils. However, these slits were not normal they were in the form of an curve similar to an S but not quite. Instantly Naruto's vision improved and Naruto could feel his body moving more fluidly than he ever thought possible. Naruto charged into the clearing right as the genin managed to grab the rest of Kurenai's dress off. They were stunned that this little kid moved on them. Before they could blink Naruto had the one who was stroking himself in preparation castrated and decapitated. While his head fell off, the other two genins took their stances and one yelled, "You little twerp! you killed our friend. We are gonna beat you dead." and with that they charged.

Naruto waited their charge out and ducked easily under the firsts fist and rolled to the left putting the first attacker between himself and the second while thrusting his sword forward much faster than a 7 year old should and impaling the first attacker. As the first slumped down the second was contemplating what kind of monster Naruto must be to move like that while being so young.

Kurenai was shocked. She could not believe this young boy had come out of nowhere and managed to kill not one but TWO genins and has almost saved her from being raped by them. Her belongings and the package are still in her pouch so she was just staring in awe at this dirty boy handling three genin like he is a Jounin and they are greenhorns.

Naruto was getting tired and he knew it. moving at speeds his body shouldn't be able to and using as much energy as he had on his malnourished body took a toll on him. He knew that he needed Kamikaze to finish soon so he didn't pass out. The third genin was just trying to figure out how to beat this kid. He eventually decided that a long range attack was best against a sword user so backed up and started doing handsigns as fast as he could to activate his jutsu. Seeing this Kamikaze smirked after recognizing the jutsu and said to Naruto

"Would you like to try my most basic power Naruto-sama? It would be most effective against the current jutsu being employed."

"Sure" Naruto answered and closed his eyes concentrating on the energy source Kamikaze told him to activate.

Kurenai's eyes widened as he watched the young boy's eyes close as the enemy finished his handsigns and put his hands up to his mouth. "RUN!" she screamed.

The third genin smirked as he fired his fireball straight at the young boy sure that he could not dodge or block this jutsu. "Fire Style: Grand Fireball no jutsu"

Naruto concentrated solely on the energy source barely heard the goddess' call or the enemy's jutsu. He finally found it and pushed it into Kamikaze. Kamikaze smirked, if such a thing was possible, and said "Release the energy Naruto-sama and call out your attack..."

"Beni-" Naruto said as the fireball beared down on him and the goddess stared in shock as Naruto's eyes snapped open and a red aura surrounded him. "Kaze!"

The genin's smirk faded as he watched the red aura gather around the raised blade of the boy and with a single downward swing of the blade he sent a crescent of red energy through the fireball and straight at him, with his surprise he was too slow to move out of the way and was sliced clean in two.

Kurenai seeing the threat terminated stared at the smiling boy holding his sword and had to ask herself "Maybe there is hope for men afterall. Still where did he come from and where did he get such a powerful blade?" She could feel herself giving out. The stress of almost being raped three times and the long run were taking a toll and now that the adrenaline was leaving she could feel herself falling asleep.

"Hey are you alright Megami-chan?" Kurenai blushed at the nickname given her by this young boy who saved her life and virtue. "Hey! your a Konoha ninja do you need help getting back?" Naruto asked "My name is Kurenai Yuuhi, chuunin, I am returning from a mission but i can feel myself going out please take me to the Hokage and don't forget my belongings" she said as she pointed towards her pack. Then she fell forward unconcious the last thing she remembers is 6 whisker marks on the boys cheeks and him managing to appear right next to her as she fell forward.

Naruto saw Kurenai fall forward and rushed to grab her. He was tired but he would persevere for her sake. He laid her down and took the rags off his chest which were still pretty tied together and managed to cover her breasts and downstairs as Naruto would say. He wondered how he was going to get to Konoha without hurting her. He could not just leave her here. So using his cunning mind again he lashed together some big branches with strips from the dead guys clothes. he took all their weapons and scrolls and loaded them up with Kurenai and started to drag Kurenai on the sled to Konoha.

Timeskip: 3 Hours... Edge of Konoha

The Hokage had finally gotten out of that damn office. His only reprieve from there had been when he checked in on Naruto when he would be brought into the hospital but he never had the time to stay until the boy woke. He got regular reports from ANBU watching him at the orphanage but something had been fishy of late. Naruto was looking skinnier and unhealthy. He was considering getting Naruto a apartment to live by himself while he was enrolled within the ninja academy.

The Hokage sighed. Ever since that damn law 4 years ago in which the Hokage had three times the paperwork he has not been able to keep as close an eye on Naruto. Yes the reports do say he has been doing ok but that is only from reports no actual interaction. He finally got that damn law revoked and he would be damned if he let Naruto be by himself any longer.

He was walking around the edge of the forest to calm his nerves when he heard a rustling in the bushes. Hiding his kunai under his robe he waited while watching the bush. Waiting. Out from the bush came a boy around Naruto's age with black hair and blue eyes... wait a moment. Yes there they were the whisker marks on his cheeks. "Naruto!" the old man exclaimed.

Then he took in the rest of what he carried a sword slung across his back. A sled carrying a exhausted but otherwise unharmed Kurenai, packs from what appear to be other shinobi and rags covering his body. The Hokage's eyes narrowed seeing all of this together.

"I believe we need to have a talk Naruto."

"Hai Oji-san" Naruto said as he fainted weak from three hours of pulling a teenager and being underfed.

This is only The Beginning.

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