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"I should like to see any kind of a man, distinguishable from a gorilla, that some good and even pretty woman could not shape a husband out of." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Chapter 20- A New Mate and Sunrises

Naruto walked the streets attempting to avoid going home. He desperately wanted to see his loves but he did not want to face their wrath for rushing off as he did. He may have done it to protect one of his loved ones but that did not excuse his brash behaviour. He knew that, had Kisame not underestimated him so heavily, he would have been captured. He was immensely surprised at the arrogance that Kisame and Itachi exuded while they had stood there watching him. He had showcased his hidden ability right at the beginning of the fight. His Hanyou state and Hiraishin all in one go and yet still they assumed he would be an easy capture. Had the team actually worked together, as the team was meant to do, he would have been a much easier prey and as easy a capture they might have been expecting. He may be immune to Itachi's genjutsu but Itachi is a genius for a reason.

"Don't forget, you never used me." Kamikaze said. Naruto nodded mentally to his sword. "True but I doubt you would make much difference against Itachi's prediction abilities."

Kamikaze sent a mental nod as well before falling silent once again.

Naruto sighed as he stopped and ran his hand through his hair. "Dammit!" he cursed to himself.

"What's wrong Otouto?" a voice asked behind him. Naruto swung around surprised to see his surrogate older brother standing there with a smile on his face. He noticed Anko was hanging on his arm and had a bright smile on her face unlike anything he had seen before on her face. His sour mood brightened in the face of their happiness as he replied.

"Just thinking about things. Don't worry about it." he said with a genuine smile. Both narrowed their eyes but their happy moods seemed to overshadow that as they soon smiled back and nodded their heads. "So... out on a date?" he asked.

Anko blushed a heavy red as Kurisu's smile increased even more. Naruto stared at them as that was not the reaction he was expecting. "No." Kurisu said with a very happy tone.

"Ummm... out for a walk?" he questioned.

Anko seemed incapable of talking as her blush was still present and Kurisu's smile just seemed to continu growing as he answered, "No."

"Going to a love hotel?" Naruto geussed.

Kurisu chuckled, "No."

"I give up. Where are you going?" Naruto said.

Kurisu's smile seemed to burst with light as he said, "To the hospital."

"Hospital..." Naruto said with a questioning tone. "Why would you be happy to go to the hos-pi...tal." Naruto trailed off as his eyes bulged and they immediately locked onto Anko's abdomen. "You're pregnant?" he asked.

Anko merely nodded happily. All of a sudden, Naruto appeared next to Anko's stomach with an ear to it as he rubbed her side whispering slightly, "You have two wonderful parents little one. I hope you realize that when you are born." he kept whispering for a few more seconds before Kurisu chuckled again as Anko shifted slightly from his intimate touchs.

"I think you are a little close to my fiancee Otouto." Kurisu said drawing a heavy blush from Naruto as he moved back and smiled brightly.

"Sorry." he said but Anko merely waved him off.

"You made this possible Naruto. Don't be apologizing for helping me and Kurisu achieve our dreams. I have wanted to thank you multiple times before this." Anko said as she went to bow, something she hadn't done since her sensei abandoned her. Naruto chuckled as he put his hand on her shoulder to keep her upright.

"No thanks necessary. Don't worry about it. I just want you to raise the kid with the love and affection of two parents. I know you will be great." he said. Both of them nodded happily.

"I don't want to keep you from your appointment. You have to come to the compound more Anko-chan. Kure-chan and Yuu-chan miss you." Naruto said. Anko nodded and the couple walked off. Naruto chuckled to himself as he watched them disappear in the direction of the hospital.

"A father huh Kurisu-nii-san. Good for you." Naruto said softly as he turned around and headed to his compound ready to face his loves with this knowledge.

Before he could get more than 5 steps away though, he came across another two couples he was not expecting. He smiled as he watched them walk towards his restaurant, The Leaf Dragon. They seemed oblivious to him so he followed them into the restaurant and watched as they walked up to the Maitre'D. He smiled as he thought of giving his friends some help with their dates.

Naruto snuck up behind the two couples and looked at the Maitre'D. "Send them to my personal table. Put their night on my tab. Tonight is on me." he said. The Maitre'D nodded as Shino, Haku, Gaara, and Hinata all turned around to look at him.

"Naruto. How would you have a table here?" Shino asked, slight surprise coloring his voice as Haku had one of his arms in a vice grip.

"I will not allow you to pay for this dinner. I have my own money Uzumaki." Gaara said in his emotionless tone, though the way he cradled Hinata even as she hung on his arm spoke of his feelings.

Naruto smiled brightly. "That, my friends, is a story for another time. Take tonight and pamper your girls. I wish to do something for you and I have done so. Please just enjoy the night." he said

Shino and Gaara both narrowed their eyes, about to refuse, when Haku and Hinata, both after taking a look at each other, grabbed their dates and kissed them passionately. "Shino-kun~ your not going to turn down his generous offer are you?" Haku pouted cutely at Shino drawing a faint buzzing sound from his bugs.

"Ga-kun. Please don't cause a fuss!" Hinata said while she pointed her lavendar orbs at his eyes. His sand dropped from his gourd as it was obvious, at least to Gaara and Naruto, that Shukaku had just melted from the sight of cuteness in front of Gaara.

Gaara and Shino both just said, "Hai." in a daze as they were brought to their table by the Maitre'D with Hinata and Haku giggling like mad from the power over their loved ones. Naruto chuckled as he sent a friendly wave to the two girls before leaving.

Namikaze Estate

Katsumi and Kurenai were still on the couch. They had only moved once, to eat lunch and now they were back in the same position, Katsumi with her head in Kurenai's lap as she stroked Katsumi's hair. Yuugao had come back in, only to inform them that she had a mission and would be gone the next few days. She had not said anything about their position and simply accepted it as she walked back out of the house and shunshined away.

Kurenai laid her head back as she continued storking Katsumi's hair. She closed her eyes and began speaking softly, "Who do you think they sent afrter him?"

Katsumi's purring never stopped as she replied, "Prrrobably Itachi and Kisame. They would be perrrrrcieved as the best counterrrr to him. Howeverrrr, they don't know Narrrru-kun is immune to Itachi's genjutsu."

"Is Naru-kun immune to my genjutsu?" she asked.

"No." Katsumi replied. "But he does have a enorrrrmous resistance just as any kitsune would."

Kurenai smiled.

Both were startled as a voice spoke up, "Awww Kouhi-sama I thought only I was allowed to pet your hair!" the voice whined as the two women's eyes snapped open to see Naruto standing in the doorway smiling at them.

Kurenai tensed, about to spring when Katsumi's words froze her, "I thought you wouldn't hurt any of us but it seems I was wrong on that count." she said as she reached up and forced Kurenai to continue petting her hair drawing a hurt look from Naruto but both women just stared back blankly at him.

"What?" he stated in a strained tone.

Katsumi seemed to scoff, her emotions on a rollercoaster as her hormones were in flux. "You know what I'm talking about Naruto. Don't play dumb." Kurenai just continued stroking Katsumi's hair as she knew Katsumi needed to get this out with Naruto.

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "If I knew what was going on, I would fix it Katsumi-chan. You know that. Please tell me what is wrong." he said though it didn't sound too sincere. "Shit all these hormones are affecting me." he thought to himself angrily.

Katsumi merely rolled over so her face was looking at Kurenai's stomach still angry at her love. Kurenai looked at Naruto with an expression of exasperation. "You are so observant about others, can you not really tell what is bothering her Koibito?" she asked with curiousity in her voice.

Naruto's eyes snapped to her, "Of course I can't, if I could I would do whatever I have to to fix this. I don't like it when we are fighting." he snapped at her.

Kurenai's eyes narrowed as well, "Then why are you snapping at me? I asked a simple question Naruto. Don't go throwing your frustration on someone else." she accused.

Naruto opened his mouth to throw a retort when he was saved, "Naruto-sama. Please take a deep breath and calm down. You are allowing your demonic instincts to cloud your judgement. Please think logically on this and you will easily see what they are talking about. Inform them of Anko-san's pregnancy and get them to calm down as well." Kamikaze spoke up.

Naruto closed his mouth and eyes as he breathed deeply. His sense picking up everything in the house as he attempted to calm himself. His eyes snapped open as he picked up the telltale smell of honey. He sighed as he figured out what they had been talking about. He figured he better get them to calm down before approaching this with more tact now that Kamikaze had calmed him. "Thank you." he sent to Kamikaze only to recieve a mental nod in return.

Naruto let a smile creep across his face as he moved closer to them both. Kurenai's eyes watched him warily as he approached. Katsumi stiffened slightly, much to Naruto's sorrow. He sat down next to the both of them and put his head near the back of Katsumi's head. "Anko-san is pregnant." he spoke softly. He saw Katsumi relax and roll over so her head was looking up at Kurenai's.

"How did you find out Naru-kun?" Kurenai asked as she stared back into Katsumi's uncertain eyes.

"I ran across them on my way back home. They were on their way to the hospital for a checkup." he explained. "I also came across Haku, Shino, Hinata, and Gaara. They were on a double date and I gave them the night as thanks for their friendship." he said his face having never moved from Katsumi's side.

"How is Mei?" Katsumi asked with the slightest quiver in her voice.

"A little shaken up but mostly angry at herself that she allowed Itachi and Kisame to capture her. I killed Kisame for his arrogance." he said.

"What now?" Kurenai asked quietly.

"Now." Naruto responded just as quietly, "I believe I have an apology to give to you three. Then," he paused as if taking a great step. "I have a mate that needs a heat to be taken care of." he said whispering it into Katsumi's ear.

Katsumi shivered as Kurenai smiled down at her. "What makes you think she would want you now?" she asked playfully.

Naruto chuckled. "If she doesn't," he paused again "Then I suppose I should transform into whoever she wants because I don't think I would let another male near her right now." he said.

Katsumi's eyes were filled with tears as she smiled devilishly. "What if it wasn't a male I wanted?" she asked as she nuzzled her face into Kurenai's breasts. Kurenai blushed a heavy red as Naruto stared at her in slight surprise before chuckling.

"Only if I get to tame my own mate then." he said with his own shit eating grin.

Kurenai's blush increased to Hinata's previous cherry red as she looked down at the two. Katsumi suddenly laughed as she looked at Kurenai. "I may feel more comfortable with you Kurenai but I couldn't take you as a mate don't worry." she explained. "Though, adding you would be pleasurable. Especially after your first night." she said playfully.

Naruto chuckled. "I want my piece of blond fox with no sides tonight though, maybe next time." Katsumi said with a smirk as she grabbed Naruto and kissed him. "You're forgiven."

Naruto smiled as he looked at Kurenai who sighed, "Fine, you're forgiven. But next time you don't leave without telling us yourself." she said as she grabbed him and kissed him passionately. "I want my turn when you are done with her." she whispered in his ear.

"Where's Yuu-chan?" he asked. Kurenai responded, "She's on a mission."

Naruto nodded, a poof of smoke later, two Narutos appeared and each grabbed Kurenai as they grinned at her devilishly. "No waiting." they chorused as they dragged her into her own room while she blushed.

"I want the real thing next time!" she yelled back to Naruto as he turned to Katsumi.

"Now? or a date then..." he trailed off. Katsumi put a finger to her chin and thought for a moment.

All of a sudden Naruto was in his room with Katsumi pressed against him. "Get to work." she said huskily.

Later that Night

Naruto stood on his balcony. He was looking up at the full moon. He was lucky he had immediately marked Katsumi. But as he stared at the moon he began to wonder what the future had in store for him and his loves. He knew that akatsuki was still out there. That he had yet to marry any of his mates by human standards or even take Mei as his own yet. However, he couldn't help but be content with the way he was living right now. He would deal with what came later but he was content for now.

"Naru-koi come back to bed." two voices chorused as he looked back at his bedroom. Kurenai and Katsumi were both laying under the sheets, naked. Kurenai had joined them once Katsumi awoke. Naruto smiled as he looked at his mates. He stepped inside and closed the door to outside as he climbed in bed with his two loves. "We aren't done yet Koibito." Kurenai whispered huskily.

Yep, he was content.

To Be Continued.

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