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Godric had grown tired of his stay in the New World. He had been there for close to 300 years and it had left a bad taste in his mouth. The accents grated on his ears, choppy and harsh; the sights and smells offended him, leaving him feeling tainted. He son Erick was also feeling the need to leave and with doing so decided to leave Fangtasia to Pam. The human Erick had become friends with had made the ultimate mistake in Godric's eyes, foolishly choosing to believe her "boyfriend" and betrayed Erick. Now she was in the court with the Queen of Louisiana and not by her choice. They had heard word that she was being passed around like an old toy that no one wanted any more, Compton had left her once his job was done, taking back up with his Maker, but that's the Ventrue for you.

Godric dismissed her as soon as she made her foolish position clear and he was not going to risk his reputation along with Ericks and take on a fight that would probably last centuries for a human that would not listen to people who told her what she didn't want to hear. She had made the classic mistake a person can when concerning another, they believed the lies a person told regardless of what those who knew better said.

Looking around himself Godric was pleased to be back in the Old World. Winter is a good time for a Vampire, long nights; short days. Not that he needed to worry about that anymore. It had been a long time since he was in Scotland and he remembered it with a pleasant tint, it was a wild area, where wild things grew. It had been a long time since he had visited, nearly 1300 years. Erick had almost 500 years ago, but did not stay for long.

The last time Godric was in this Scotland was when he went to help construct a school for Magical Children. The world was a dark place then, Rome falling had torn peoples minds and lives apart. The Christian Church had taken the place the Emperors left and all the knowledge that Humanity had gained, was thrown away for a God that caused nothing but an imbalance and fear of the natural world. But at this school, Hogwarts, it would be preserved, held and nurtured and grown along with a Ministry to protect it from the threat of the outside world. Both charged with the protection of the old Ways and the old Gods.

At least that was the original purpose and it seems as though those charged with this task had forgotten.

The Government and the Headmasters needed to be reminded of why they were in the first place. Luckily the old Families of Wizards remembered and it seems as though there was someone who claimed to be returning to the old ways. When a new Headmaster or Minister takes over he swears allegiance by Blood to the Four Founders and they are not afraid to use it. This new person who rallied the Old Families around him seemed to attempting to do what the Headmasters would not, but Godric had yet to try and remember his name; but many of Godrics equals doubted this story as did he. Time and time before others had used this ploy to gain power and his actions and treatment towards the other races were not acceptable. He would have to be dealt with along with all the others. The Age of Man was over.

Godric was annoyed with the turn of events in the past 200 or so years and didn't feel like putting up with it any longer, the failure was complete and he was being pulled from his studies and that was reprehensible. Godric was a Brujah of Old and was the embodiment of the ideal. A True Warrior in life and Death, few things compared to his love of fighting save Learning and His child Erick.

Godric was a true Philosopher Warrior and protected his honor very closely. He had watched for centuries as his clan became a mere shadow of what it was meant to be. Full of bullies and Gang members, it would have to be the next thing to be fixed. Their shame could be accepted no longer. Godric was going to just have to take control back it seemed, he enjoyed the vacation and would enjoy The Return as well.

Godric turned back to look upon Erick. Now the sight of him was enough to make even the most studious person take note. A cad that one, more troubled with pleasuring his body and his wallet more than his mind most times; but was quite admiral when the desire to learn arose. When Godric saw him on the battlefield he knew that he would posses this being completely. A giant when he was human and a Giant still; 6'6, long blond hair and indigo blue eyed. His body was toned and massive in all respects. Though it took around 200 years for him to learn to love study as well, a long time for an Old Brujah, he soaked up whatever was put in front of him like a sponge. Godric used to be jealous of such beings as his Erick and would collect them, but none he made his Child. The Sacred Blood was not to be shared with anyone unworthy and though it was a split decision to change him, it was never regretted.

Godric smiled remembering his pets. Perfect Males, strong, Leaders, Alphas, just like those that tortured him in life. Forcing him upon his knees, putting things that did not belong in his body, forcing him to show his shame and pain to the village that captured him, the thoughts of his past accumulated with the memory of having his faced shoved and tied with rope in the pussy of an old woman who was without teeth and no longer had her mind. He had been held there for hours, forced to please her while the village Warriors drank and partied around him. By the end of the night Godric had been hog tied and passed around while his front was whipped. He owner loved keeping his genitals tied together with rings with spikes pressed to his flesh.

The way their flesh had pealed, their cries faded into nothing and they spent years making it up to him. They had lasted for much longer on the Black Blood, turning them into Gouls.

As the rage came over him Godric forced himself to remember what he did to those that hurt him after he was turned. He had repaid them many times over and all who looked like them. This pattern lasted for thousands of years till he found Erick. Something about having him caused Godric to calm down and channel his energies elsewhere.

The only regret Godric had in his life was not yet finding his mate. Godric had spent many a night wondering what his Mate would be like. Every variation, every person he had crossed paths with, he wondered if that was what his Mate would be like. He swore many times over that his Mate would never feel pain like he did. Gods help his tormenters if he had, few of his kind would speak of what he was capable of doing.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is on the matter of whether Vampires have them. They do and they can reproduce as well. Mates are rare and when found are treasured for the sweetness they bring to a Vampires life and those around them. No mate would be taken away or made to suffer in away way. No enemy would touch them for they would not live much longer. Male or female it did not matter; nor does the age, even if the Mate were only an infant they, along with the family, would be moved to a place of protection until the Child was grown to an age where they could be put in the total care of the Vampire. Godric knew that if he found him, for he was sure it was a male; that everything would change. His Mate would dictate every part of his life; whether he knew it or not.

Godric looked up at the doors to the Great Hall and remembered. He could still remember each stone being put in, the doors flowing and hardening into place. The runes, the chants and the Blood Rituals used to bind the school to them. He hoped the old fool had changed things; it would be such fun to force him to fix things before he was fed from.

Next to him and three steps behind, as a sign of respect, was Erick. Swiftly Godric turned back to his child and took a step forward causing Erick to fall to his knee with his head bowed down. Godric walked up grasping his hair forcing his body straight up and his head back, bearing his neck. Taking another step forward in-between his legs Godric slammed the blond into his crotch. Erick knew just what to-do to please his Master; he did not move his hands nor went to remove his pants. Godrics pants linen pants were loose enough it didn't matter that they still covered his cock. Sucking and licking, neither Erick nor Godric made noise when his cock was deep throated. After a moment Godric came and felt so much better from the de-stressor that was Erick's mouth. Holding his head still Godric waited till Erick sucked all the liquid through the cloth and swallow. Finally allowing Erick to stand back up Godric willed his pants clean and dry. No need to upset the various humans anymore than needed. They were such headaches.

Turning back to the doors Godric wondered if he should just kill all the adults and glamour the children into obeying. It would cut down on the trouble.

Godric basked in the feelings of Hogwarts itself as it felt one of its creators, reacted to him, obeyed him above all others, as it should. Soon the school would return to its true state as the other Founders were on the way. Amusement and mirth filled him. These Wizards would be brought to the right path, regardless if they like it or not. And based upon the actions of the last few years, he doubted they would.

He waited till all the students took their place and when the first years were just about to be sorted before he went in. All eyes turned to see the new comers, an odd tattooed child and a behemoth of a Man walked in, the power emitting from them almost choking the humans. The Hall went silent and the Headmaster stood with words of greeting lodged in his throat. He was unbelieving for a moment just whom was standing before him, a person he hoped to never see again was heading his way. Dumbledore knew he was in trouble and didn't know how to get out of it. He didn't care who built their world, it was his and he would destroy anyone who got in his way; he had plans and this would disrupt them all. Dumbledore wracked his brain trying to find out how he could make this turn out to his favor. Perhaps he should help them as needed and kill them later. Yes that was best; he might not need the little whore after all and could just finish him off. Then again, he might get a pretty penny for him too.