Godric put his thumbs in Harry's armpits and pressed causing Harry to burst out laughing and kicking to get free. For the next ten minutes Godric tickled Harry all over to the point where Harry thought was about to pee. Finally Harry laid there on his stomach catching his breath as Godric ran his hand down his back. Hearing Harrys stomach rumble, Godric smiled.

"I will go get you something to eat. You will eat it"

Flushed Harry and still giggling, only nodded not opening his eyes. Pulling Harry back against his chest Godric squeezed running his nose along Harry's neck as he laid his head on Godrics shoulder. Harry simply made a noise in the back of his throat still relaxing. Smirking, Godric ran his hand down Harry's body before grasping his weeping cock. Slowly moving his hand Godric brought Harry to orgasm triggering his own as Harry rubbed against his. Wiping his hand against his pants Godric laid Harry back down under the blankets where he snuggled in. Before Godric left he changed and locked the door on his way out.

When he returned the first thing he saw was the empty bed and if he had a heart it would have been in his throat. The next thing was hearing the shower going and his Mate humming softly. Godric closed his eyes thinking he could do this every day and night forever. And he would, soon as the speed bumps were passed. He knew that shortly Harry would grow shy and unsure again and doubt would enter his mind making him lash out. Not to forget all the other people at the school that had hurt him. Entering the room Godric sat the food on Harry's side of the bed and relocked the door. Hearing the shower turn off he straightened the bed before going to get Harry something to wear. Looking through his clothing Godric realized that all the clothing was for a larger person and were just above rags. A few moments later Harry came out wearing one of the said hideous rags.

Frowning Godric spoke addressing the clothing first. "You shall not wear such clothing. You are far above them. Tomorrow I shall order you new things along with new uniforms in far better quality and cut. In the meantime you shall wear my clothing that I will shrink for you."

Turning back around Godric missed the blush spreading over Harry's face.


"No? Those clothing are atrocious. They are low class and I shall not have you wearing them."

Harry couldn't figure out what happened to the guy who was in bed with him. Where did he go? It was wonderful and amazing and happiness and…. And now he was faced with this guy! While Harry was in the shower all he could think about was this Man who said he was his Mate and the feeling of his kisses and touches. How perfect it was and how he had always dreamed about.

And now this cold ass was telling him what to do, how to dress! He didn't ask Harry what he wanted; he just decided and expected no argument! And he had locked the doors again!

"I said no. these are my clothing and you don't have that say and I sure as bloody hell won't wear your clothing. I'm going to bed. Don't touch me at all."

Watching Harry climb in bed, turn away from him and borrow under the blankets with only the top of his head showing, Godric merely raised an eyebrow. Walking to his side of the bed Godric climbed in. Getting under the covers Godric lifted them up and pressed against Harry. Throwing his arm over him, Godric ignored the shouts of anger and instead began purring again and stared to rub Harry's belly. With the other hand Godric grabbed a spoonful of soup and pressed it against Harry's lips.

"You will not sleep till you have eaten. You are much too unhealthy and I will not tolerate this."

"So you keep saying"

"So I shall till you accept and do not fight me. I do what is best for you regardless if it upsets you or not. Not eat or I will force you"

After a few minutes of staring a death glare Harry consented to being fed.

After a bit of eating Harry began fidgeting and looking at Godric, yet whenever He returned the gaze, Harry would bite his lip and look away.

"There is something you wish to say. Please do. I will be become angry."

"Will you tell me why you treated the Headmaster like that? And your hurt Hermione too."

Smiling at his Mate, Godric kissed his lips gently as a reward before answering. "He frightened you and sought to hurt you. Not only is that a punishable offence by death, he also failed in his purpose of being Headmaster. He has failed in preparing the next generation of preserving the old ways and the old Gods. He has turned magic into nothing more than cleaning spells and a fairytale world that Muggles dreams about. I and the other founders made this school with a precise purpose. He has failed. The Mistery was also created with this purpose in mind and they too have failed. They have grown greedy with power and must be corrected."

Pausing to give Harry time and to feed him some more while watching the way his lips slid over the food, Godric was also trying to think of the best way to bring about the next two subjects. He knew Harry wouldn't like them at all.

"I am concerned for you in this school. I am debating on removing you from this school or having you remain in these rooms till I feel that you are back to health. Erick will gladly stay with you and keep you company why you rest. There is also your friend Dobby to keep you company. I do not think that exposing you to the rest of the school will be best for you at this time."

Looking at the Vampire Harry thought over what he said. It would be nice to rest for a few days and he knew that once Hermione and Ron got a hold of him they would nag and complain and throw hissy fits till he told them everything. He didn't want to listen to their poison, trying to warp his every thought.

"Will I be locked in this room the entire time?"

With a smile Godric responded. "No little one. But the quarters, yes."

Harry thought about it all while Godric finished spooning him soup. Harry thought that it was embarrassing, but Godric refused to stop. Finally after he was tucked back in, Harry agreed to stay in the rooms for a while. But he also make it clear, much to Godric amusement, that he would be going out into nature a lot.


The school was restless waiting to see Harry the next morning. The vampire had never returned nor had the tall blond one. After both had left it was all the school could talk about. What was going on with Harry and the shorter one? Who was that tall, sexy and totally dreamy piece of Man? Both were luscious, but something about the younger one marked him as off limits while the taller one had a come and get me vibe. The rumors going around ranged from Love potions, He who must not be named, cancer, a bet and a curse going really wrong. Each story grew and grew till most of the school was almost in hysterics and the first years wanted to go home.