I was bored so I wrote this, it's probably not very good, but tell me what you think.

Dear Katniss,

Remember when we first met? I accused you of trying to steal from me. I was wrong though, you were just looking at how to make a snare, something you've been trying to do for awhile. I asked your name, and you hardly even whispered it. Then I told you that stealing was punishable by death, even though hunting was too, but we didn't care. We needed to survive, and to survive you needed food, in order to have food you needed to hunt. I should have known that after that day, everything would change.

That's when we became hunting partners, and then eventually friends- best friends. Everything seemed better: our families were more fed then they would ever be, we learned more things from each other, but most importantly, we weren't alone anymore. We had each other and that's all I needed. Things started looking up that day we ran into each other in the woods. I felt that maybe, just maybe, everything would be okay.

Then Prim's name was chosen, she was going into the games, but you wouldn't let that happen. You didn't risk your life hunting in the woods for nothing. So you volunteered, and then you were gone.

Everything changed again, this time it was different though. I was alone again, hunting by myself in the woods- this time feeding for more than I thought I would ever have to handle, but I did it. I would do it again in the blink of an eye if I had to. If it meant you would be happy, then I'd do it, but you don't need me to. You don't need me anymore, I've excepted that, but I couldn't say goodbye without writing you this letter.

You've changed, I have too. I guess it happens to everyone. I just want to know what happened? What happened to the girl that hunted with me in the woods, that listened to my rants, even though you knew they were useless? That taught me to use a bow, that I taught how to set a snare? I guess we'll never really know what happened, will we? Somethings will always remain a mystery.

I'm okay with that though, I'm okay with the fact that you are happy somewhere far away from me. I still hunt sometimes, only occasionally. Maybe once a month if I'm lucky. I just don't feel the need anymore, I don't see the point. I just do it because it reminds me of the past. Those four years when things seemed okay. It seems so long ago, another lifetime maybe. I guess it was, we're not the same and neither is the time. We've lived two different lives: the one where we were best friends, fighting out the hunger games, and this one, the one we're living now. The one that seems so new, so different, that I don't even recognize myself anymore.

You know, I don't even know if you will read this. It might not even get to you, but it feels good to write it. Hell, I'm not even sure I'm going to send it, but if I do; I want you to know one thing.

You will always be my Catnip, no matter what we've gone through, even if we don't ever see each other again. Even though everything else has, it's just one thing that will never change.

And I've learned to accept that too.