Assassins Creed: Retribution Part one

Disclaimer: If I owned Assassins Creed, Altaïr would be even more badass than he already is. If I owned Twilight, it wouldn't exist. It is a horrible published Fanfiction. So hang up that phone and start reading.

Random yet true message from the Messenger: Fuck you sexists!


Because of my recent failure at Solomon's temple, Al Mualim is sending me to assassinate these people from the future called Bella Swan, Jacob Black, and Edward Cullen. My first target is Bella Swan.

I needed time to think about how I should go through with this, so I headed to the tower nearby Acre.

When I got there I saw an archer, eyes fixated on the tower. Time for blood.

I climbed up the archer tower and saw something I did not expect. A man bound and gagged on his knees and a woman with a sword to his neck. The man was wearing different clothing. Two halves of a robe. The top half fitted to his torso and the sleeves were missing. The bottom half was bound to his legs. "Do not come any closer or this non-believer will be missing a head." She threatened.

I did the only thing I could. I threw my sword like a knife. It hit her head and she fell off the tower.

I untied the innocent. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I? I am many things. Innocent, Twilight-hater, half-wit…"

"Did you just say 'Twilight-hater'?"

"Yes. My name is Nathaniel. Nathaniel J. Keon."

"Nathaniel J. Keon," I repeated, slurring it. "Such a strange name."

"Yes. I do not know where I was raised. I wish to help you."

"With what?" I asked.

"You wish to kill the girl, Bella?"


"You won't be able to get in without a distraction. I can provide one by stealing from a fruit stand intended for Bella. Her fangirls will chase me, and you will get in."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Then let's get to it," Nathaniel said, ending the conversation.

A/N: Yes, an OC.