Z is for ZOMG. (Or... er... Zippers. Yes.) (SMUTTY SMUT SMUT)

A/N: This is it, ladies and gents (Wait a tick... are there even any gents?), 26 letters, 26 drabbles, 5000+ words, 70+ reviews (holy crap) and I ran out of ideas 15 letters ago. This was originally just a fun thing and it's turned into the most popular piece of fan fiction I have ever written, and has garnered 5000 views and 1200 unique visitors in the week that it has been updating, some of them from as far away as Japan. Thank you all, and I hope you'll show my next story Halls of Ivy the same support you've showed this silly little venture. As a heart-felt thanks to all of you out there in FFnet land, have a nice, big slice of smut pie. This comes as a somewhat direct sequel to L is for Leaving.

Cougar had been gone for a week, and for that week Jensen had gone through waves of worry and sorrow and regret, but finally Cougar was coming home, and Jensen was going to make him regret ever leaving. There was a knock on his door. He knew it was Cougar. Everyone else thought he was out. He answered the door in nothing but a towel, having just gotten out of the shower minutes before. He smirked as the effect of his standing there next to nude on Cougar was instantaneous.

"Welcome home," he purred, yanking the sniper in the door by the bandanna around his neck and kissing him hungrily.

Cougar let his rifle bag slip off his shoulder and land gently on the ground near the door before his arms circled Jensen, his short fingernails digging into the techie's back slightly, leaving little crescent indents in his skin. He pulled away just long enough for Jensen to pull off his shirt, taking the bandanna and knocking his hat off with it. Jensen could feel his body heating up wherever Cougar touched him as the sniper grinded against him, one hand sliding down to squeeze his ass. In a flurry of kissing and undoing of zippers and falling and rolling and clothing flying, they ended up on the bed, Cougar perched on top of Jensen, nibbling his ear in a way he knew always made the Corporal melt like butter in a microwave.

Jensen let out little moans as Cougar's hands wandered all over his body, before one hand left him to rifle through the bedside table drawer and come up with a bottle of lube. He squeezed a decent amount into his hand, rubbing it over his cock and Jensen's hole, working him with his fingers to loosen him up. It didn't take long before Jensen was begging for it, and he thrust inside.

He was met with a deep, loud moan as he thrust in and out, kissing Jensen roughly in a fevered passion. Cougar reached down between them and began stroking Jensen in time with his thrusts.

"F-fuck, Cougar," Jensen gasped in the sniper's ear, "It's like you missed me or something."

"More than you know," Cougar purred back in his delectable Spanish voice.

He quickened his pace, thrusting deeper and harder until he couldn't hold back any longer, groaning loudly and spilling himself inside the blonde. Jensen came with him, sticky white splattering over his torso.

"You need to go away more often," he whispered, grinning.

Cougar chuckled. "I do kind of like you tossing yourself at me like that."