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Chapter 1: Get out of my life you two timer!

Sango was walking with her group through the forest. She decided to give her neko a little break. Kirara rode on Sango's shoulder flicking her two tails around happily. Kagome walked slower to walk alongside her best friend.

"Hey Sango. Is everything alright? You seem…rather distant." Kagome said looking at her friend.

"Don't worry Kagome. I'm fine. I'm just thinking about something that popped up from nowhere…"


Sango walked around in the village they were staying at for the night. She caught a glimpse of the man she'd soon be married to, Miroku. He looked rather suspicious…more suspicious than usual. Then he took a quick turn around a corner. What is that monk up to?Sango thought. She decided to follow the monk.

She tiptoed around that same corner and spotted him flirting with another woman, the type of woman he would always strike out on. She was very beautiful .I am certain she won't agree to bear his children. She just wouldn't. That's why Sango never got too mad at him for his lecherous ways. Miroku when will you learn? She whispered to herself.

She started to leave when she heard a small yell. She turned quickly almost giving away her position only to find the woman hugging and kissing Miroku. Sango gasped. Miroku never would go this far would he? Then he dropped his staff and began feeling all over her body. She moaned. Sango's eyes watered as they walked away into a nice little hut. How could he? Sango screeched in her head while getting up. This can't be happening! Please Kami let this be a nightmare! Sango continued to walk away the farther she got the louder her sobs became. She got to her hut and found that both of her friends were sound asleep. She crawled back out of the hut. She looked around and decided to climb up into a tree…one of the tallests,at least 15 feet off the ground. Once she got there she found herself looking at the ground. She wasn't afraid of heights. Of course she wasn't. She leaned on the base of the tree from the branch and gazed up into the stars just letting herself drift off into all of her past crying through all of the night.

Next thing she knew she was gazing at sunrise. She had finally reached her limit. She remembered as far as she could, all the pain she has been through. She kept sobbing, her eyes burned intensely, her sides felt like she was crushed by the tree, and her heart was shattered into too many pieces to counted…practically dust…only a small ounce of it remained…Kirara, Shippo, Kagome, Inuyasha and her brother Kohaku. Those people are the only things that now keep her alive. She had no more remaining tears to cry. She was finished suffering for the monk. She wouldn't be disrespected by any living creature. She would snap at them. She wouldn't allow herself to suffer the way she had last night.

She heard her name being called by a fuming hanyou. Inuyasha had set out to look for her. She knew he would find her easily. He can trace the scent of tears miles away from where they are. He had found her. He looked up into the tree with a slight glare.

"Sango! What the fucking hell are you doing there?" He yelled.

She ignored him. She thoughtlessly dropped herself from the tall tree. Inuyasha's eyes were threatening to pop out of his skull. She landed on the ground in a crouch. She ignored the pain knowing nothing was broken, just really hurt. She brushed passed him and kept walking forward. Inuyasha knew there was something really wrong with her. He just hoped he and Kagome could have one of those 'girl talks' and be happy about it.

End of flashback. 1 week later.

"Well…when you feel like talking just let me know Sango. Please." Kagome said walking ahead.

Sango smiled sheepishly at her friend. Just a reassuring smile.

Miroku walked up to her side.

"Sango are you alright? You seem…worried…or sad…is there something we should know about?" He asked dumbly. Inuyasha was listening in, he knew he was the problem. Kagome noticed and did the same.

"You tell me monk." She said looking ahead.

Monk? Miroku thought. Since when does she call me that?

"I…don't understand." He said.

"I didn't either at first…but now it seems all too clear" She said glancing at him.

"What seems to clear Sango? What's wrong with you?" He said a little accusingly.

"What's wrong with me? Nothing! What's wrong with you is the real question!" She yelled.

"What do you mean?" He shouted at her confused.

"You really don't realize do you? I know what you did you lecherous two timing fucktard!"She yelled glaring at him.

Inuyasha's ears perked up. Foul language? Man she's really pissed!

"What did you just call me?" He said blinking in disbelief.

"You went of with that fucking whore! You rutted with her and now you pretend nothing happened! Now your stuck with the responsibility of being a father! Your going to go back and raise them like a great father and be loyal to your companion from now on and forever! You screwed up! We are so over in any way we were attained to each other! I don't want you anywhere near me! You are such an asshole! You fucked up and now your going to be willing to pay the fucking price of it all! And I ever hear word of you abandoning your family I am going to hunt you down and I am going to rip your head off and fry it and then I'm going to eat it! Because you are in deep shit with me now! You cheated on me! And now you lost me in every way you can imagine! I am so fed up with you and your ways around girls! I swear to Kami you are going to die alone! I will do everything in my power to let that be so!" She screeched at him while crying her heart out. Inuyasha and Kagome had stopped dead in their tracks at her words.

Miroku stood there. His eyes wide with horror. She had figured him out and now he is in so much trouble. He had to leave the group. And quickly. Go back to the village and do as she said. Not only because she had scared the living shit out of him, but because she was right. He looked down and started heading out to the village.

"S-Sango? Y-You can't be serious." Kagome said walking slowly towards her friend. Sango trembled ferociously in her place sobbing with a crazed sadistic expression on her face.


"Sango. Calm down." Inuyasha said walking straight up at her. "It's going to be ok." Inuyasha said.

Sango glared at him with the force of a billion demons.

"OOOkkkk" Inuyasha said turning around and stepping around Kagome. She scared him. A lot.

Sango held her head and sobbed. She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Out of anger a frustration.


Sango walked at the back of the group staring at the ground. Distant again.

"Sango? Are you alright?" Kagome asked concerned.

Sango did her best to continue her way. Acting as if she didn't even exist. Kagome walked up to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha. I'm worried about Sango. She doesn't speak. She doesn't make eye contact. And…she hasn't been eating for these past three days…I can't get through to her…do you think you can…maybe…" She said.

"Hell No! She's gonna kill me with her own bare hands!" He interrupted.

"Please Inuyasha…you never know…she might just need…someone stringer to talk to…" She said giving him a pleading look.

"Ok fine…but my life is in your hands." He said slowing down catching up to Sango's side.

"Hey Sango…I just wanted to know…" He started.

"You don't have to. I know Kagome sent you here." She interrupted him.

"Alright seriously…this has gone on too long Sango." He said firmly. "You need to let this go. It was just one man. You'll find another. I know it hurt and specially in the way he did it. He betrayed you. But who knows…maybe it was for the best…maybe someone is out there for you but it's not his type. The point is you need to get over it." He finished.

"I know. I know I have to. And I have forgotten about it. I'm just having problems erasing all of the painful memories. That day…the day he did what he did…I started thinking about my past. I have had nightmares about the memories. I can't handle so much pressure Inuyasha." She said finally glancing up at him.

"I know it's hard. But we'll help you through it. I promise." He said.

She looked at him. And out of nowhere she smiled. He smiled back at her and tugged her along to the rest of the group.

"Hi Sango. I'm glad you've decided to rejoin! It's been kinda boring here without you up front." Kagome said playfully.

"Heh. I can imagine." She said. Then out of nowhere lightning struck.

"Damn! There's a fucking storm coming!" Inuyasha said.

"We're not going to continue in such weather are we Inuyasha?" Shippo said hopping up onto his shoulder.

"No. It's too risky, one of you could get sick." He answered firmly.

The group started preparing the camp. Inuyasha made a roof made out of sticks and leaves and some branches so they wouldn't get wet. After that they said their goodnights and went to sleep. Sango climbed up into a smaller tree. She had enjoyed sleeping in trees now. No wonder Inuyasha would do it all the time. She closed her eyes and drifted off to a peaceful dreamless sleep. Her little talk with Inuyasha really cleared her mind on a few things Miroku had caused her. But she was sleeping, and that was all that mattered.




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