by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Spider Man or Iron Man or any other character.

Summary: When Tony leaves a charity ball with another woman, Pepper Potts decides to follow his example, and picks up the first available guy she meets, which happens to be Peter Parker!

I wrote this story because I basically got tired of the numerous Tony/Peter slash fics that have spring up in that particular crossover section. I mean, honestly! If Tony's gonna be gay then Pepper Potts needs someone else in her life. All things considered, Peter kinda fits the bill. And not because they have the same initials.

This takes place at the end of 'The Invincible Iron Man #29, 2010'.


Chapter One
Rescuing The Spider

Pepper just stared incredulously as Tony linked arms with the young, sexy woman in the tight red dress, named Sasha, and walked out to his sports car.

I don't believe this! I convinced Tony to surgically implant me with my own repulsor unit like his in my own chest... just to get my Rescue armor back... we were actually getting close... and then THIS! Pepper internally fumed. Why did I think that things had actually changed?

Sensing her distress, her long time friend James 'Jim' Rhodes came up to talk to her. Some folks called him Rhodey as a nickname.

"Pepper... it's." Rhodey tried to say.

"..just like Tony." Pepper said.

"It's not what it..." the dark-skinned Marine tried to say.

"...he left! With another woman! Again!" the exasperated redheaded fumed.

Rhodey didn't know what to say to that, but what Pepper said next was nothing like he expected her to say.

"You know what? I think I'll take a page out of Tony's book." Pepper said.

"What do you mean?" Rhodey asked.

"I think I'll find some random 'guy', talk him up, and..."

"And? And what? Do the whole one-night stand thing like Tony usually does?" he asked.

"Why not?"

"Because you're not him?"

"You're right. I'm not. And it's time I had some fun as well." she said with a smile as she walked off.

She scanned the whole of the crowd that was attending another of Tony Stark's parties, odd since Tony had departed early, and saw several potentials until she finally noticed a young man with brown hair, dressed in a brown jacket and pants, looking like he wasn't having any fun whatsoever.

Perfect. Pepper thought as she made her way through the crowd, putting a smile on her face and a sway in her walk.


Peter Parker wasn't sure what he was doing here at a party at Stark Solutions.

It's not like he and Stark had ever really been friends, whether or not they were civilians or heroes. Yes, Peter knew of Tony Stark's secret identity as Iron Man, though he had recently learned that Tony had lost a chunk of his own memory for some reason. Which somehow included his knowledge of Peter's own secret identity.

For that Peter was grateful. Once less problem to worry about, even if Peter was doing only part-time computer work for Stark Solutions.

Which is how he had gotten an invitation to this little party.

Of course, that didn't mean that Peter was actually having any fun, but it was better than sitting home wondering what take-out to order up. And for some reason he didn't feel like donning his red and blue tights and going for a web-sling.

Which often helped alleviate his mood.

"Another one?" the bartender asked.

"Kinda hard to get wasted on coke and water-downed liquor." Peter said.

"Sorry kid, but you don't look old enough to vote."

"Even though I'm 29, I still get treated like a kid." he huffed.

While the part-time work for Stark paid his rent and put food in his stomach, it wasn't much for providing for his future. A subject that often left him wondering.

He had very little career prospects in his life. He wasn't going to help sell photographs to J. Jonah Jameson that helped to ruin his image as Spider Man. He couldn't hold a teaching job because of Spider Man, he couldn't get a job as a chemist because of Spider Man, he couldn't even get a job fixing and programming computers, because of Spider Man.

Let's face it, Parker, Spider Man is the only thing keeping you from having a normal life. Peter thought as he quickly drank down his cola and (very-light) rum.

While Peter had accepted his fate a long time ago, it had been a nagging problem that plagued his entire life. Heck, Spider Man had even been responsible for the loss of two of his most recent girlfriends.

Gwen Stacy for one, and Mary Jane Watson for two. The former was dead, and the latter had left him at the alter some time ago. Left him because he was Spider Man, and she wanted to be Peter Parker's wife.

"Maybe I should just leave." he mumbled to himself.

"It's rather early to be turning in." a female voice said to him.

Peter turned his head and gasped when he saw a very attractive redhead with bright green eyes in a red dress suddenly appear right next to him.

Whoa. He thought. "Uh... hi." he said.

"Hi." Pepper said. "Mind if I sit here?"

"Uh... sure."

"You mean you do mind?" she asked playfully.

"No! I mean... please, sit down."

"Thanks." Pepper said as she sat down next to him. "I saw you from across the way and thought you looked a little depressed."

"And you took pity on me and thought you'd just come over, chat me up and I'd feel better?" he asked.

For a brief moment, Pepper wondered if her plan wasn't as perfect as she thought it was.

"Thanks." he said.

"Huh? For what?" she asked.

"Trying to make me feel better. I appreciate it." he said with a slightly sad smile.

Her sense of purpose renewed, Pepper settled back into her game plan.

"So, why so down? Tony Stark's parties aren't that bad, are they?" she asked.

"I'm not much of a party person." Peter said. "Though, I think my drink's a little more loaded than I thought it was."

"Why do you say that?" Pepper asked.

"Because a beautiful woman actually said 'hi' to me." he stated.

She actually blushed a little, though she might have figured it was the alcohol talking.

"I take it this doesn't happen too often?" she asked.

"No. Unless some one's just messing with me, so... which one is it?" he asked.

"Actually... you looked as lonely as I felt so I thought we could help each other."

"You? Lonely? I find that hard to believe."


"A beautiful, socialite like yourself is alone? Now me I can understand, but..."

"What do you mean, 'me I can understand'."

"Well, maybe it's the liquor talking, but... let's just say... I'm kinda socially awkward."

"Well, at least you're honest."

"I'm Peter. Peter Parker." he introduced.

"Pepper Potts." she introduced.

"Wow. What are the odds of two people with the same initials meeting up at a swank party like this?" Peter asked.

"You look like you could run the numbers on that." Pepper said.

"I have, actually."


"About 5412-to-1."

"Well, why don't we raise those numbers even higher?" she suggested.

"Oh? How so?"

"I've got a place not too far from here where we can talk privately."

At that, he looked hesitant. "I should warn you... I've only had two girlfriends in my whole life."

"Did they both end badly?"


"Good." she said. "I've had the same luck."

With that, Pepper walked out arm-in-arm with Peter.


Pepper blinked her eyes open as she stared up at the ceiling of her apartment. As soon as she saw the rotating fan above her head did she realize what had happened and what she had done.

And who she had done it with.

Is this what Tony feels like after a round (or three) of sex? Pepper thought as she looked over at the still sleeping young man beside her. He wasn't much older than herself. Three years, if anything. Still... why do I remember that name? She thought. Of course! Parker! The photographer who takes pictures of Spider Man. Or... took pictures of Spider Man. She thought, not having seen any good pics of Spider Man in several months. The Daily Bugle ran them almost religiously.

Still, she would have never figured a mild-mannered photographer like Peter Parker would turn out to be such a stud in bed.

He was incredible! I don't think I've ever met anyone who was so thorough, so delicate, so... attentive to the female body. She thought. Then again, it's not like I sleep around enough to know. Tony would, but... no, don't go there. But I wonder where a guy like him learned all that. He doesn't seem the type to sleep around with other people. If what he told me about himself is true. And... if it isn't?

She suddenly noticed that her date was starting to wake up and she turned to greet him. It was the only appropriate thing to do.

Peter blinked his eyes open and turned to notice that he was being watch by a pair of lovely eyes.

Mary Jane? He thought... then quashed that thought when he remembered what had happened to him last night. No... Potts! Pepper Potts!

"Morning, handsome." she said with a smile.

"Morning, pretty lady." he said as he turned to face her.

"Mind if I ask you a terrible question?" she asked.

"I guess not." he replied.

"You wore me out plenty last night. Where did you learn all of that?" she asked.

Peter blushed and sighed as he told her about his previous girlfriend: Mary Jane Watson. After hearing that Peter actually dated the gorgeous supermodel, it did kinda explain where he learned his technique.

Which wasn't to say that Mary Jane was the promiscuous type, but in order to keep a woman like that happy, one would have to have more than a trick or two up his sleeves.

"Wow. Really." she gasped.

"Kinda hard to believe, right?" he asked, jokingly.

"Kind of. But... last night was rather... informative. Though, I was actually kinda worried."

"About what?" he asked.

"About... this." she said, pointing to the arc reactor in her chest.

"You mean you were worried I wouldn't be interested because of that?"


Peter shook his head. "I'm not. I actually wanted to ask you about it, but... well, it didn't seem very... romantic of me to mention that right off."

Pepper actually smiled at that.

"I'm a nerd by nature, so something like that interests me. Care to tell me what happened?" he asked, then quickly added. "You don't have to tell me if you..."

"It's alright. I... don't really mind." she said. "But... not right now."

"My ear is always open to listen to a lovely lady." Peter said.

Pepper smirked as a thought crossed her mind. "Peter... do you think this was a mistake?" she asked.

"Yes." Peter said.

"Thanks!" she huffed as if offended.

"No, I didn't mean it like that." he quickly said.

"Then what did you mean?" she inquired.

"I meant... it was a mistake of sleeping with you before I actually got to know you." he answered. "Even if it was good and we both needed it and..."

Pepper placed her hand over his mouth, stopping his rambling, grinning a little. At least, the edge of the right side of her mouth turned upwards.

"Was it really that good?" she asked, taking her hand away from his mouth.

"It's just... been a long time and I... didn't want to get into anything unless I actually knew what I was doing this time around." Peter said.

"That sounds fair." Pepper said. "So... how about lunch?"

"You... want to go on a date?"

"Yes." she smiled.

"Well... I'd like that." Peter smiled.


Authors Notes:

Yes, it's another Spider Man-pairing, and this time with Pepper Potts, something I'm sure hasn't been done before. Also, yes, this chapter is extremely rushed, because I wanted to finish it on 9-11-10. It might seem strange, but I like doing things like that.

Again, there isn't much I can say about this chapter, except that it was something I wrote up in order to get rid of my Writers Block! I've been having a major problem with it as of late.

Next chapter: Spider Man and Rescue take on Whiplash and Delilah.