Greetings! I thought I would end my Monster Rancher/Disney Trilogy and make a fic of the franchise which was much more scary and serious. Of course I mean it for Halloween. Which is why I'm starting it now and intending to have it done by Halloween.

This is not part of the aforementioned trilogy, btw, though it has some of its aspects. I also made this fic because I feel Gray Wolf doesn't have enough fics centered around him, and he's my second favorite character in Monster Rancher next to his brother Tiger of the Wind. So I wrote this seven chapter story about him.

In this fanfic, Gray Wolf has both been reunited with Tiger and joined the group, and Pixie has both joined and had Big Blue brought to life again, making it so he's reunited with her and she's in her original form. And there are not nearly as many evil monsters as there used to be, and those that exist the new gang deals with. All is well and will be perfect from now on, right? WRONG! Because Gray Wolf just happens to have a fear that you'd never guess a cool, handsome wolf like him would be afflicted with. Hope you like it. I don't own any of the characters. They all belong to Monster Rancher.


Chapter 1-Gray Wolf's Secret Fear Revealed

It had been quite the nice, pleasant night this evening. The Monster Rancher gang was enjoying a fun, quiet, dark night of just looking out into the distance and feeling totally and utterly secure. Big Blue had been resurrected recently and Pixie simultaneously was restored to her original form.

Gray Wolf had even more recently joined the group, right after Big Blue and Pixie did much the same. And all loose ends had been tied up(such as Tiger, Gray Wolf, Pixie and Big Blue being seen as heroes, not thieves or baddies like they once were, and reconciliation plus patching up of things being done), plus Gray Wolf and Big Blue were happy to be reunited with Pixie and Tiger, respectively, at last.

Needless to say, with this being the case, plus how what few baddies were still around were invariably thwarted by the new Monster Rancher gang no matter what, it looked as if all would be a snap from here. That, however, would ironically change on this very night of such security and tranquility, both of which would be shattered soon enough. Here's how.

Golem, who had just finished making one of his special soups, was passing it around to his friends for dinner tonight. He asked each one how much they'd like, and when he got to Gray Wolf, he asked: "And finally, how much would Gray Wolf like?" "Regular bordering on big will do fine, Golem." Gray Wolf replied. Golem smiled and began to pour Gray Wolf's share for him.

Just then, however, a big, long legged, shiny spider came into the cave, and though it just happened to be passing by, it nevertheless crawled over the right paw of Gray Wolf by chance. A second later, feeling the funny sensation on his paw, Gray Wolf looked down while going quietly and rather casually: "Hmm? What's that…" But it was an entirely different matter in terms of the way he felt about this when he saw it was a spider on his paw. For just as the spider started to go on and crawl off his paw, it looked up at him for a second and then scuttled off. This caused the poor wolf to scream in fright and leap right onto Golem's shoulder, causing him to drop the bowl and serving spoon, and also causing him to topple off balance while Gray Wolf clung to him.

"HUH? WHAT IN THE WORLD?" Suezo exclaimed as Gray Wolf was stuck to Golem as though covered in glue, eyes wide open with fright. "Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God." panted the silver horned wolf. "PLEASE KILL IT. PLEASE KILL IT. PLEASE KILL IT." "Kill what?" asked Holly. "What the hell's gotten into you?" asked Hare. "Gray Wolf, what's going on here?" asked Tiger to his brother. "This isn't like you." "I know." Gray Wolf gasped. "But…I can't stand…" He hesitated, for it was embarrassing to know they'd now all seen his fear, and no way to deny it was available. "You can't stand what?" asked Genki.

Holly looked around and said: "I don't see anything, but it must have been pretty nasty to spook a brave guy like Gray Wolf that way." "It was…" Gray Wolf choked out. "OH, NO! IT'S BACK!" They turned and saw the same spider coming back to where they were. "A spider?" let out Big Blue. "Is this what you're talking about?" asked Pixie. "YES!" howled Gray Wolf. He at this point just wanted that spider to be crushed, pride and dignity be damned. "PLEASE CRUSH IT! I CAN'T STAND THE SIGHT OF IT!" He was now trembling, and Golem could feel Gray Wolf's body vibrating against his own in fear. "PLEASE!"

"All right, already!" Holly shouted. "Calm down, Gray Wolf!" "Big Blue?" asked Pixie. Big Blue nodded and crushed the spider dead with his foot. Gray Wolf's heart didn't pound quite as fast anymore, and he began to slowly but surely relax. Soon, he was relieved enough to jump back down to the ground again. He did so, and said: "Sorry…" "Gray Wolf, what was that about, anyway?" Tiger asked. "You've never shown a faint sign of fear any more than I have, let alone jumped like that!" "I know, Tiger…" Gray Wolf replied, facing the humiliation as he partly did a turning away of his head. "But I guess the beans are spilled now…"

"Wait! Hold on a second!" Hare said, catching on quickly. "Don't tell me the big, bad Gray Wolf is AFRAID OF SPIDERS!" Suezo started laughing: "WHAT? YOU'RE SCARED OF SPIDERS? All the baddies you face, all you've gone through, braved and overcome, and harmless little spiders freak you out? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" "CHI!" Mocchi cackled as he, Suezo and Hare burst out laughing. Genki, Holly, Golem, Big Blue, Pixie and, of course, plus especially, Tiger, glared at them, and Gray Wolf went further by exploding: "SHUT UP! IT'S NOT FUNNY, DAMMIT!"

The three were silenced by this with the exception of Mocchi saying: "Sorry, Chi…" But then Gray Wolf admitted: "Even so, it's true. I…know I can't pretend…you've seen it…I wish I could be different than this, but…I just can't stand the sight of spiders…I'm so frightened of all of them…oh, Tiger. You're probably ashamed of me." "Never, Gray Wolf." Tiger replied. "You are my brother and I love you as much as you love me. I don't care what you are or aren't afraid of. Your being my brother is not a test." "Oh…" Gray Wolf replied. "…sorry, Tiger. I guess I'm just feeling so much at once I'm not thinking straight…" "It's okay, brother." Tiger replied, then he nuzzled Gray Wolf to try and cheer him up some.

Gray Wolf felt a bit better, so he turned to Golem and said: "Oh, and I'm sorry I jumped on you and made you spill my soup." "Apology accepted." Golem replied. "It wasn't your fault that spider came when it did." Gray Wolf then told Big Blue: "Thanks for killing it for me, by the way." "Of course." Big Blue replied. "Still, we had no idea you were frightened of spiders, Gray Wolf!" Holly exclaimed. "You poor dear." "Why didn't you ever tell any of us?" Genki's question to Gray Wolf consisted of.

"Right. I'm a vicious dark hero of a wolf monster and I'm going to reveal something as absurd as being scared of spiders. Even I think it's preposterous." Gray Wolf told him. "It's so, so, so embarrassing…" He hung his head, but then told them: "However, since it's no longer a secret, which is how I kept it for so long, up until now, in fact, I should admit to it…I've been…I have been…" He paused, but then mustered the courage to finish the sentence. "I've been scared of spiders since I was a little puppy." "What?" exclaimed Pixie. "I never saw anything happen to cause such a fear, and I was with you when we were puppies, just as we're together now." Tiger told him. "What happened, Gray Wolf? You can tell me anything, and you know it."

The group gathered around as Gray Wolf nodded, and swallowed his pride again as so to tell them how he got to be arachnophobic. "When I was a little puppy," he began, "and before me and Tiger got separated from our mother forever, Tiger was asleep in the den she'd left us in while she was out hunting for prey. I, meanwhile, was wide awake, but just lying still and taking a curious look around the den, since I didn't want to wake Tiger, but wanted something to do. It went ordinarily until, just as I could hear mother's footsteps, indicating she was returning to the den…" He paused again, but then went on. "…a big, repulsive, filthy, shiny, black spider came along and crawled onto my body, attaching its front legs to my face."

"WHOA…" Holly gaped. "And you were a puppy back then…" "It must have been so horrible for you." Pixie added. "Chi." Mocchi nodded. "It was." Gray Wolf replied. "I was so outright terrified that I didn't even move or scream. Thankfully for me, the spider got off me in time so that it left the den before Tiger awoke and mother returned. So, even though I did not get back to normal even remotely until after Tiger woke up and mother was back, and both noticed my frightened state, I was able to give a white lie, doing so because this was so ignominious as it was and I didn't want it to become more so, and tell them I just had a bad dream. I never thought I would get a dose of such a fright as this again, but believe me, I have been deathly afraid of any and all spiders since then, even the tiny ones. It would have been one thing if that spider was just a small, regular, barely conspicuous one. But NO, it had to be big, shiny and disgusting, plus be looking like one which could easily eat a small bird, or, dare I say it, even a wolf pup."

"And now that fear you've kept from everyone for so long and tried to forget has finally resurfaced." Tiger sighed. "Yeah, it has." Gray Wolf nodded. "Sorry I lied, but it was just too hard to tell what was really scaring me." "Gray Wolf, I understand, but what you need to equally understand is that no matter how embarrassing or frightening to you it may be, always be honest with your family. Me, your brother, and I would say our mother if she were still here." Tiger did a turn of his head and tried to ignore the painful memory of their being separated. "From now on, be sure to tell the truth to me, no matter what. Okay?" "Okay." Gray Wolf said. Tiger nodded, in the next moment saying: "And apology accepted." Gray Wolf gave a weak smile.

"We're glad you feel better, Gray Wolf," Genki told him, "but that still leaves us with the question of how we deal with this!" "Chi!" Mocchi agreed. "Thank God it came at a time when we don't have nearly as many baddies around and Moo no longer threatens this world!" Pixie put in. "None of us could agree more, I don't think." Big Blue concurred. "Still, it's never going to be anything but stuck on me, this fear of spiders." Gray Wolf sighed. "Even while I agree most of all. I'm not sure there's anything any of us can do." "We'll find a way to help you, brother. I promise." Tiger told him. "One way or the other, we'll cure your fear, or at least reduce it." put in Genki. "Most likely by having you swallow spiders as pills!" quipped Hare.

"HARE!" shouted Tiger and Pixie at him in unison. "Come on, it was just a joke!" "Well, it wasn't a very funny one!" barked Gray Wolf. "I'll remember this when you reveal a crippling fear of your own!" "Calm down, Gray Wolf. The last thing you want to do is fly into a rage right now." Holly reminded. "Oh, of course…" sighed Gray Wolf, though he glared at Hare. "So what now?" asked Suezo. "I think we could all use some sleep now." Genki pointed out. "You know, after this and everything." "Good idea." Gray Wolf said. "That spider crawling on my paw not only almost gave me a heart attack, it wrenched my appetite from me for the night and did the same to my vitality." He plopped down to sleep, and Tiger then said: "I think I'll stay by his side tonight. He needs comfort from his brother."

"We agree." Pixie nodded, and Hare remarked: "Awwww, Tiger's such a softie at heart!" "Don't test my patience, Hare…" growled Tiger. "Please, none of this now." Holly begged. And everyone, including Tiger and Hare, were tired anyway. So they just glared at each other, turned away and Tiger fell asleep, while soon thereafter, the others found a place to rest and then fell asleep as well. Though one thing was for certain. They'd feel rested in the morning, but it'd be a hard thing to do, to find a way to help Gray Wolf with his arachnophobia problem which was as of now all too well known despite being a secret for so long.


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