Okay, time for the final chapter to this spooky yet cool Monster Rancher fanfic! Gray Wolf is being tended to as he recovers from the injuries received during his fight with Tyrant-Ula, and he's glad to have won, survived and conquered his fear at long last, plus put an end to the long line of evil Tyrant-Ula had kept going for so many millennia. But now there are some loose ends to tie up, and some nice cooling off, sweet moments to see, which will be seen in the seventh and last chapter of this story, which is also what will conclude it, of course.

I own none of the characters. They all belong to Monster Rancher. I would say I own Tyrant-Ula, but, as you saw at the end of the previous chapter, he's dead now. So it's back to basics.

Chapter 7-Healing And Heartwarming

Gray Wolf had to admit, this felt very nice. Not to mention comforting. And it was the first truly pleasant feeling he'd felt in the past few days or so. He was exhausted, spent, bleeding a bit and in pain from his fight, but it still felt good due to how nicely he was being cared for in his time of need, not to mention how it all pointed to the fact he'd won his fight, conquered his fear of spiders, destroyed Tyrant-Ula once and for all and ended the threat of him and of course had beaten the best, since he had to fight so hard to achieve his goal.

Soon enough, he saw Holly bring over that nice, hot soup to him. While he didn't like having to feel like a puppy again, his injuries made it so he had to recover, so he dealt with it. If Tiger, who did his best to teach him how to survive in their lone thief days, could treat him so pampering-like for his needs, then it was clear he didn't have to feel younger than he was or feel embarrassed about any of this. Still, he'd hoped he could feel like his true self as soon as Tyrant-Ula was defeated, but not so. It was a bit frustrating, but he could cope with it.

"Thanks…for the soup…Holly…" he breathed as he licked a bit of it up with his tongue. "Of course, Gray Wolf. We really commend you for taking down Tyrant-Ula." "And we can tell you have conquered your fear in doing so, brother. This is especially praiseworthy, especially if you ask me." "Good to know, brother…" Gray Wolf responded. "By the way, I probably should tell…you guys…some things I learned…during my final fight with Tyrant-Ula…kind of crucial to know…" "All right, tell us, but don't take too long. You need to recover." Pixie said.

Gray Wolf gave a weak nod and told them everything Tyrant-Ula had revealed to him. As soon as he was done, everyone was astounded as much as bewildered. "So Tyrant-Ula was the one who made it so you became arachnophobic as a puppy? And both the spider that did that to you and the one which startled you a few days ago were both servants of his?" asked Genki. "He sure had what he got coming to him!" Suezo shouted. "Chi!" added Mocchi. "Way to go, though, Gray Wolf." Hare said. "You made sure he'd be put a permanent halt to. Oh, and one thing…"

Hare then turned to Tiger and said to him: "I'm sorry that I came down on you and insulted Gray Wolf like that, Tiger. I guess it was the fact I thought we would die and have a short fuse. Anyhow, I'm glad we, and he in particular, pulled through after all." "God, Hare," Tiger said, "I had no idea your personality had been turned upside down from this near death experience. And apology accepted." But he turned away from Hare while Gray Wolf said: "Me, a coward, Hare? Rich…coming from one whose…oh, never mind…I'm too tired." Hare rolled his eyes, and then Gray Wolf said to his comrades: "By the way, something…worth noting."

"Yeah?" asked Big Blue. "What is it, Gray Wolf?" asked Golem. Gray Wolf then said: "I not only conquered my fear like you've all said I did, but though I suppressed it in order to do so, it was a permanent conquering. I don't think I'll ever freak at spiders again, though seeing them, I admit it, still makes me uncomfortable. Still, even though I've stopped suppressing my fear, due to there being no reason any more now that Tyrant-Ula is dead and so are his minions, I'm still certain it'll never be as severe as it once was." "That is wonderful to hear, brother." Tiger told Gray Wolf. "I am more glad to hear it most of all." He then licked Gray Wolf repeatedly.

Gray Wolf smiled and then Holly said: "Well done, Gray Wolf. We knew you could do it." "You just had to find it in you, and believing in yourself and never giving up resulted in just that." Genki said. "Chi! Gray Wolf do great, Chi!" Mocchi put in cheerfully.

"I would be feeling great and invincible about it if I weren't so drained…" Gray Wolf told them, and then he took a few more sips of his soup. "Good soup, by the way. What kind is it?" "Fish and rabbit mixed." Tiger replied. "I got both of them while you were out and Holly broiled them down with the help of boiling water into this hot soup which will help you get all of your strength back." "Can't thank you enough, brother." Gray Wolf responded.

He then looked to Holly and said: "Or you, Holly." "You're quite welcome." Holly told him. "I wonder how long it will be before he recovers, by the way?" asked Pixie. "It doesn't really matter, does it, Pixie?" asked Genki. "After all, we've got all the time in the world now that all this madness is good and over." "Point well seen." Pixie replied.

And then Big Blue said: "I think we can look forward to a much better future now, and a lot of praise and thanks from the villages, considering what Tyrant-Ula was planning." "True! I bet they'll pay us well, too!" Hare smiled. "Not money talk already, Hare." Tiger sighed. "You are literally the only one who would think of cash at a time such as this one."

"Now, now, Tiger, you wouldn't want to stir it up with me when you're busy taking care of your brother, would you?" asked Hare. "It's the only reason I'm not shredding you to ribbons right here and now." Tiger replied as he nestled into Gray Wolf to give him more comfort and warmth. Hare took a leave to another part of the cave and then Gray Wolf said: "Way…to tell his ass…off, brother." "Why, thank you." Tiger replied. Gray Wolf then didn't talk again until he'd finished up with lapping up his soup little by little.

When he did, though, he said: "I would also like to thank all of you for helping me in my time of need like you did, and making it so I could overcome my fear." "Of course, Gray Wolf." a reply from Genki consisted of. "It's what friends are for, and you'd do the same for us." Pixie added. "Yeah, I would." Gray Wolf admitted. "You and Tiger, especially." He looked up to his brother and said: "By the way, a little bonus. Due to your telling him off a few moments ago, we all get the ultimate gift to go with everything else tonight, but us two in particular."

"I know what you're talking about, Gray Wolf." Tiger said. "Namely, a night without Hare!" They laughed and so did everyone else, though the two wolves were the only ones who did not roll their eyes at the same time as laughing. It would clearly be a much more golden age for the group of them now that they had made it so Gray Wolf was cured of his fear and would never be afraid of spiders like he once was again. Soon enough, Gray Wolf fell asleep and Tiger did the same, the two brothers sleeping as they were snuggled up to each other.

All of the other goodies eventually fell asleep as well and decided they'd try as hard as possible to take their minds off of all they just went through for just a little while, at least until the next day would dawn. But let's not forget how hard they had to fight to overcome this, and how it would be good to beware, because anything scary, however unreal, can take place on the night or in the month of Halloween!


And that's a wrap! Quite the story, wouldn't you say? And I do hope you liked this final chapter, which I'd like ratings and reviews on, please. Happy Halloween, everybody, even if I'm saying it a little bit in advance!