This is one of my serious fanfics for the more mature audience. If you do not like that content, please press the 'back' button on your browser.

~ Chibi Mirai Gogeta

Release Me


The promises of being a 'complete' family died after they left Kami's Lookout.

Immediately upon getting home, their lives only were like that for a short time before Goku came home one day to find his wife in bed in the arms of another man; one that was causing his wife pure rapturous moans to echo as he drove inside of her. When he saw this, he didn't demand an explanation, nor did he stay within the same house as his traitorous wife. He grabbed what belongings he could and ran off into the darkened woods; far from where he witnessed the heart-breaking scene unfold before his eyes.

Now within the rickety old shack that was once a shared home between him and his human grandfather, the Earth-raised Saiya-jin laid wondering why she betrayed him for another man. He decided that he no longer needed to be with the woman who cared little of his actions. The same woman he thought he loved, but never really felt anything but a void of emptiness.

The mere thought of the act almost made him gave into the carnal desire of his blood to go back and kill not only the man that had stolen his wife, but the woman of his children that had betrayed him for a lowly human. The thought of his wife with another made him sick to his stomach and his anger mount far worse than what Frieza had done killing Krillin. At least his best friend didn't betray his trust or go behind his back and do something to betray his trust.

'It would be so easy to kill that asshole and that nagging bitch, but I rather just kill the bastard that was inside my wife's body...' Goku mentally growled in anger before realizing how cold-hearted that sounded. Guilt stabbed at him and he changed his thoughts to a much sadder and more remorseful tone. 'Even so, it wouldn't change her heart and get her back. I'm better off without...'

A sound interrupted the heart-filled chaos and Goku rose from bed. He figured if anything, it was a wild animal that was snooping around for food since he had taken residence for a few days now within the old home. Floor boards creaked beneath his full weight and he opened the door to see not one sign of a furry intruder.

Suddenly, he felt a power level immediately behind him as he turned before he felt an agonizing pain rip throughout his body. Bolts of intense electricity ran across his body, disabling and numbing his body quickly. Falling to the ground unconscious, the cloaked figure that was behind the Saiya-jin admired the handiwork before slipping chi suppressants upon the warrior's wrists and neck.

"The target has been captured," the masculine figure confirmed in a built-in device in his glove.

"Excellent, return to base with the Saiya-jin. We will need to start the experiments immediately."

"As you wish," The figure picked up the unconscious protector of the world before flying off into the dark skies. Not one sign of a struggle was seen and apparently, there were no witnesses to the abduction.

White sterile walls were what Goku awakened to later as he noticed masked men dressed in white gathered around his form. If anything, it was like his worst nightmare come to life seeing the various surgical items within the room.

"W-where am I?" Goku attempted to move, but found he couldn't do so. Paranoia spread through his body. What were they planning to do with him? What was this place?

"In time, you will consider this place to be your one and only home and you will service our master's needs..." a monotone voice replied with no emotion whatsoever.

"S-service?" Goku tried to struggle again, but he felt something draining his strength before a mask covered his mouth and nose. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness were alien-like tools descending from the ceiling.

To Be Continued...