Release Me

Chapter 07

The flight back to the island didn't take long and Vegeta spent fifteen minutes clearing the land of any debris to place the capsule house and gravity room. Once he was satisfied, he went back to the cave and found Goku napping with the fur sliding down and exposing the curves of her breasts. She looked so innocent and peaceful in that condition. He wasted no time lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the house where he carried her into one of the bedrooms. Setting her down, he went to remove the fur only to find that she clutched it tightly; almost afraid of being caught nude.

'I suppose she could wear it a little while longer,' Vegeta thought before dropping the bag and setting out another spandex suit for her to wear. Since he barely packed much besides a couple changes of them, he knew that they would either have to make do with the furs or wash them every other day until Bulma had finished with Goku's new armor. Leaving the room, he head to his own personal room and placed what was left of the clothes inside the drawer before heading back outside to install the gravity room.

Warmth surrounded Goku and she slowly came to wondering where she was at that moment. She felt so comfortable and didn't want to move, least open her eyes. She was truly content where she was at for the moment and relished in the feeling.

That was until she heard a door creak open.

"Kakarrot, I know you're awake …" Vegeta's voice called out. Her eyes opened and for a fleeting moment, she wondered if she had returned to Capsule Corporation. She glanced around and noticed nothing was the same and the room seemed more compact; which made her a slight bit uneasy. "Come on, it's time to…"

"Why did you take me back?" Goku accused the Saiya-jin Prince when she had the wrong assumption.

"Take you back? You're in a capsule home," Vegeta trailed off before noticing the unease on her face. Mentally cursing his luck, he reminded himself that she was purely simplistic.

"I don't like it, this reminds me too much of her…" Goku growled angrily. Vegeta then noted the frustration and bitter resentment that she had towards her ex-wife.

"Would it make you feel better if I built a shelter?" Goku tilted her head. "One made with the barest necessities… something that we cannot move."

"That would be fine." Goku rose out of bed while holding the fur around her body.

"You ought to put on one of the uniforms I brought," Vegeta motioned her to the small pile of clothes. "I will be outside if you wish to help in some way with making the house."

"I can't lift anything though…"

"You can help me in a different way."


Outside, Goku mixed the paste that Vegeta had helped her create with the mud while he used vines to string out where he wanted the rooms positioned. He already started creating a foundation using what gravel he created by grinding the stones into a powdery texture. It wasn't long before he started putting up the first walls and used the paste that Goku had helped mix to ensure that it remained standing.

By sunset, a dwelling that was meant to house both Saiya-jins stood and Goku actually approved of the creation. Vegeta wasted no time leaving to hunt for food; knowing the younger Saiya-jin needed it for her re-feeding treatment. This left the Earth-raised Saiya-jin alone to examine the interior of the home that he built just for the two of them.

The main entrance was simplistic and bare for the moment, but she knew that soon, they would furnish it with furs and other carvings to make it more comfortable. She noted the staircase that overlooked the main area and saw two bedrooms where they would sleep.

The reason Goku had been against the former house was due to the fact that it reminded her heavily of the mistreatment she went through with her failed marriage to Chi-chi. She knew for years that her ex was most likely seeing other men, but it took seeing the incident to drive her away from home and in time into the hands of Yanish.

Despite the size, it was fairly basic and for once, she felt at peace.

Following dinner, Vegeta had used what furs they had to line the floor of one of the bedrooms that they would sleep in for the night. Goku felt uneasy about sleeping with Vegeta, but he insisted until they had beds to call their own, he wouldn't mind sleeping by her another night. A soft yawn escaped her throat and she curled up next to his body.

"Does Bulma know you're here with me?" Goku asked out of the blue.

"The woman knows and I explained what stunt you pulled on me the other day," Vegeta replied. "She was highly upset and emotional and if you ever do a thing like that again…"

"S-sorry…" Goku muttered; not knowing what the end of Vegeta's threat meant, but then again, it was best that she didn't know.

"Just behave yourself… we're supposed to be helping you recover, not fuck on the ground like wild animals…" Vegeta warned. 'Though that is highly tempting considering she's giving me that… no, I should only be involved in her recovery. After that, she can screw whoever the hell she wants...'

"Right…" Goku yawned again before snuggling against him and fell asleep. Vegeta on the other hand couldn't sleep. The woman that lay beside him seemed bewitching and it didn't help matters that he was aroused by the comforting scent she gave off.

It was going to be a long night for the Saiya-jin Prince; a night that might test his patience in more ways than one.

Elsewhere, Yamcha was coming to after being out from yet another serious hangover inflicted by his own hand. Since that night he had violated Goku's body without her consent, he wondered if he could find a way to ensure his dominance over her. He had violated women unconscious before, but he had to be super careful. With the female Saiya-jin, he didn't restrain an ounce of his strength and enjoyed molesting her thoroughly.

Furthermore, he was addicted to the scent she emitted. No other would have driven him that far and he yearned for it like a drug. The very thought made him hard again and he still had the bag she carried. Anytime he felt the urge, he would take one of the shirts she wore and smelled it to remind him of her inhuman scent while relieving himself personally.

'Goku, when I find you again, I'm going to make sure you are conscious and fuck you while you scream my name all night long…' Yamcha blushed at the thought of rapturing her body while she was above him. He was over the fact that she used to be a man and now was turned on horribly at the new version that she took.

The scent of food woke the exhausted Earth-raised Saiya-jin. The nightmares had grown more frequent days after Vegeta had made the beds and they slept in different rooms. There were nights where she would ascend and it would take the Saiya-jin Prince all he had to calm her down. Neither one of them had slept well after the nightmares plagued her again and Goku felt guilty for dragging Vegeta into her problems.

'He doesn't deserve to deal with me…' Goku thought.

Vegeta on the other hand had no idea how to comfort her besides letting her sleep by him. He knew that she was traumatized beyond what he had to endure with Frieza, but he wouldn't know how to do anything unless she said something about it. He knew she was regaining her strength and bore the bruises and scratches that she sheepishly apologized for when she finally came to, but he dismissed them without another word.

'I think she's well enough to start the physical treatment,' Vegeta examined her after the eighth day of re-feeding. 'She's not as weak as she was previously and she seems to be growing restless…'

"Vegeta, are you done?" Goku questioned. She felt slightly awkward with the way he examined her.

"Yes, I'm done," Vegeta moved away from her. She looked better than she did when he found her, which was a relief considering how much her condition had deteriorated with the stunt she pulled. She still didn't fill out entirely, but she had more energy and seemed eager to help him.

"That's good; I guess I'll just head back to my room…" Goku started to walk away.

"Kakarrot, you're coming with me today," Vegeta stopped her with a commanding voice.

"With you? But…" Goku felt a little insecure.

"You are well enough to stand and eat alone, so now, I'm going to see if we can work on your reflexes."

"My reflexes?" Vegeta only smirked.

"Don't worry yourself; I'm not going to fire blasts. I have another activity in mind."

Both Saiya-jins were in a clearing and she noticed a herd of deer grazing. Goku glanced over to the elder warrior who only gave her a single nod before heading towards a rocky area. She followed; questioning his motives, but was curious what he had planned.

"Today, you are going to help me hunt, but this is also to test your reflexes," Vegeta explained softly.

"Hunt? You think I can do this?" Goku asked.

"Kakarrot, you can do this, the only thing you lack right now is the confidence," he motioned to one of the ones that had a small limp in his step. "Even Trunks could catch that one in less than a minute. The rules are simple, don't use chi… use brute force."

"Right, and if I don't catch it?"

"You will catch it Kakarrot." There was finality in the way he spoke the words. It was almost though he was entrusting her with this task.

"Well, if I mess up, you're free to laugh," Goku blew back her bangs before moving forward.

Cautiously, she crouched down as far as she could to be hidden beneath the tall grass. It felt surreal but at the same time completely rejuvenating being among nature. She made sure not to make any sudden movements while crouching and made her way to the back where her scent wouldn't be sensed.

One of the deer tilted its head in alarm and before she knew it, they began to run. With the element of surprised ruined, she bounded after them as fast as her feet could carry her. The terrain was riddled with rocks, roots, dead grass and other elements that would have impeded anything non-organic, but she carried on while closing in on her target.

Usually, she never hunted deer much while she lived with Chi-chi because she disapproved of the brutal methods that the Earth-raised Saiya-jin used to kill them. With Vegeta, it seemed he didn't mind how Goku took it down as long as it died. Finally within reach and with a bounding jump, she leaped upon the back of the beast, wrapping her arms around the creature's neck before snapping its head. The creature gave a dying cry before falling limp beneath her form.

For a few tense moments, Goku shook both in awe and fear. She had no idea that she was capable of doing such a task after all that she went through and was afraid that it was an illusion. As she felt the body beneath her cool, she slowly looked up to see Vegeta walking the trail that she had ran. An encouraging nod was all he gave and it sent a shiver of excitement through her.

"You've done well Kakarrot," Vegeta congratulated the younger warrior. "You will catch four more…"

"F-four? I thought you wanted me to just catch one!" Goku looked at him though he was insane.

"That will barely feed you and since you are now using your energy to kill, you will need that much to make up for the hunt and help with the re-feeding." Rising up from the deer's body, she sighed. "I'll take this one back, for now, go hunt the others that you will need."

Under the starry skies that evening, Goku felt the pain shoot throughout her body. By the second to last deer, she felt clearly exhausted, but continued to hunt until she found the last one she needed to kill. By then, she dragged her kills back to the cabin where Vegeta had a roaring bonfire nearby. Dropping the animals, she fell forward, but a pair of strong arms caught her.

"You've done enough," Vegeta muttered. She tried to move, but he stopped her. "I will feed you so you don't have to extend your strength any more than you already had to."

"Vegeta, how did you know that I could do it?" Goku nearly whispered.

"Because despite everything that you went through, you are still a Saiya-jin," Vegeta answered while leaning her against the rock that became her re-feeding area. He went and picked up the four deer she dragged back and set them up at the fire before going after the first one he skinned and cooked. Offering the meal, she tore through it ravenously, ignoring the stinging pain in her body from the rebuilding muscles she began to develop.

It wasn't until the fifth deer that she started into that she pushed away the hand. Confused, Vegeta was about to reprimand her when her eyes suddenly glazed over. Food forgotten, Vegeta felt her chi suddenly plummet.

"Kakarrot!" Vegeta attempted in vain to snap her out of it, but she wasn't responding in the slightest. It was then he realized the light shining upon her and turned to see the full moon, only it had a red tint. 'That doesn't make sense… the atmosphere wouldn't call for a red moon unless…'

Ragged breathing came from behind him and Vegeta only had enough time to dodge when Goku suddenly lunged at him with her eyes fully red. Her face was twisted in both pain and anger while she threw nothing but regular punches and kicks that he easily dodged. He was confused why she didn't transform into an Oozaru, but then, he noted the fertile scent she gave off at that moment. Had he not brought her here in the middle of nowhere, there would have been hundreds, if not thousands of humans fighting to screw with her in her weakened state. He noted that all of her chi she had was being pulled directly into her womb; to prepare it for life.

'She wants to mate…' Vegeta thought before she threw him to the ground. He knew right now wasn't a good time for her to make the attempt and rolled her over before pressing his forehead against hers. Though the idea was tempting, he knew that it would only complicate things far worse than they already were. "Kakarrot, snap out of it! Mating isn't a good idea because you can easily die in the process of trying to create a new life!"

The growl vibrated against his chest and he mentally reached out to her despite the haze in her mind. Despite the siren-like call of the moon, Vegeta resisted the primal urge and focused on the task at hand. She tried clawing and struggled against him to no avail. Suddenly, a connection branched between the two Saiya-jins and she stilled in his grasp.

Vegeta found himself in Goku's mindscape, but unlike the forest around him, he was in the metal hallways of a ship. He knew right then and there he had breached her mental barriers and was now in one of her memories. A cry came from a nearby room and he recognized it immediately.

"Kakarrot!" Vegeta forced the door open only to find her stripped naked, chained on the bed while one of the aliens slapped her in the rear. The others laughed darkly while the found this enjoyable to their pleasure. He noted that she hadn't fully changed over, still possessing some of her masculine features and had fresh wounds that had not fully healed.

"That's enough," a voice called from overhead. "She has surgery tomorrow to get rid of her balls…"

"Of course Lord Yanish…" the aliens parted and Vegeta made her way over to her and tried to get her free only to pass through her. He noted that she was heavy with child, but with the way she was being treated, she wouldn't carry it full term; especially after what she had told him.

"Such a shame… the pinnacle of the Saiya-jin race reduced to a sex slave…" Yanish's voice chuckled. "For my joy and amusement, I will soon reshape you into the perfect woman and ensure that the Saiya-jin race has one soldier in my ranks."

"W-what are you talking about?" Goku whimpered. Vegeta wished that memory or not, he could storm Yanish's area and destroy the monster that put her in this condition.

"Ten months from now, whether you carry my spawn to full term or not, I have arranged for you to mate with another of your kind, one that claims himself to be the Destroyer…"

'Destroyer?' Vegeta thought to himself, clearly suspicious of the tone of voice that Yanish had.

"I'd sooner kill myself than mate with another Saiya-jin…" Goku muttered before a shock went through her collar; sending her flying to the ground.

"You will do no such thing," Yanish warned. "You will mate with another Saiya-jin whore and I will have you birth one that I can corrupt to my command…"

'He's… he's insane… to do that to Kakarrot…' Vegeta realized where the resentment of her mistrust came from and it was then that the memories shifted around him.

Vegeta found himself in a medical room where Kakarrot, no longer pregnant, was bleeding on the floor while a limp body of a miscarried child laid nearby. It wasn't fully developed and yet, she was defending the dead baby regardless of how many pursuers surrounded her. Pure Saiya-jin instinct shone in her eyes and her tail lashed out aggressively behind her.

"Seems that Saiya-jin whore's miscarried again," one of the pursuers spoke about her in a cold demeaning voice.

"She'll only be impregnated by Yanish again when he uses that device on her…" another pursuer spoke in the same tone.

"Doubtful, he's going to wait until that male Saiya-jin's brought to the ship before he allows him to ravage her." They began to close in while she growled and snarled at them.

Vegeta didn't even bother to watch what happened next, even when he heard a yelp come from the Earth-raised Saiya-jin and a thud hit the ground. He felt guilty for putting her through the things he did, but had he known about how she was mistreated, he would have spared some mercy towards her. The room suddenly vanished and he turned to see Goku standing there completely nude, her gaze downcast.

"Are you proud of me Vegeta?" Goku spoke softly; a hint of disgust in her voice. "Are you proud of the person I become?"

"Kakarrot… I…" the Saiya-jin prince noticed the coldness in her voice and felt the mistrust roll off of him like a wave.

"If you didn't want to kill me, you could at least fuck me…"

"Kakarrot, I couldn't do that…"

"Because of Bulma?" Goku spat angrily, the jealousy flared around her.

"That… that's one reason, but the other is the amount of chi you are amassing in your womb is enough to kill you… you hadn't even finished the re-feeding and…"

"Fuck the re-feeding! Yanish would only kill me after what I gave him anyway… he doesn't give a shit if I died…"

"Did he tell you so himself?"

"Repeatedly! Every single day while he violated me, he would say, 'After you give birth, your purpose will no longer matter.' That's why I rather you kill me to spare me of that pain!"

"I refuse…" Vegeta walked towards her and she tried to back away, but he grabbed her into his arms. She struggled while he held her in a tight hug. "If you die, so help me I will hunt you in the afterlife…"

"Oh, so this is that 'Only I'm destined to take my life' speeches again huh? Why not get it over with if you're so hell-bent on fulfilling your sick fantasies?"

"Be careful what you wish for…" Vegeta warned while looking down at her vulnerable form. She didn't flinch from the tone of voice he had taken up with her and he saw that she was more than willing for once to give in. Taking it as a sign, he moved forward…

Outside of the mind scape, Goku's eyes widened when she felt Vegeta's lips roughly capture hers. Snapping back into control, she tried to push him off when she felt his hand come to rest on her stomach. His chi flooded where all of hers was stored and she felt his flow through her. He powered up higher to continue giving his share of his chi while as her body soaked in the comforting warmth. Pulling his lips away, Vegeta glanced down at her, the golden aura washing over her while she stared at him as though she were in a mindless trance. She felt something wrap around her tail and realized that in the midst of all that transpired, the Saiya-jin Prince regained what he had lost.

"W-what did you just do?" Goku questioned while staring at him in confusion.

"You surrendered yourself to me..." Vegeta spoke with a very calm and reassuring voice. "From this moment on, you no longer have a say in whether you want to die or not…"

"What are you talking about?" Goku felt the chi suddenly dispel from her womb and suddenly, she felt exhausted. The last thing she remembered before she lost consciousness was his last words.

"You are bound to me…"

To Be Continued…