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Aphrodisiac [1]

A crowd of girls was, as usual, crowding the school heartthrobs, but, today turns out to be really unexpected.

First, Imai Hotaru actually offered them a drink which, of course, gave everyone a real shock but hey it's free stuff and it's hard to get this from Hotaru because, well, we all know Hotaru.

Second, the minute they drank it Mikan and Koko laughed. Hotaru smirked and Anna and Nonoko seem pretty excited.

Third, the group quickly dragged the two guys in a room and locked it.

Fourth, Natsume and Ruka's body starts to get aroused.

And last but definitely not least, they found themselves kissing each other with a desire for their body.

Natsume hastily unbuttoned Ruka's shirt. He panted, cold sweat trickled down his forehead. This is wrong. He's not gay.

Ruka let out a groan. Natsume can feel his thing stand up. He's not gay he tells himself.

He was about to stop when Ruka called his name in that state of his and it sounded so wrong yet so right to Natsume.

He trailed butterfly kisses from Ruka's firm abs up to his nipples. He sucked it.

"Ahhhn… N-Natsume…." Ruka moaned. It feels so good, he put his hand on Natsume's nape and stoked his hair.

Natsume looked up and licked his lips. Both of their faces were red. Ruka kneeled and grabbed Natsume's dick.

Natsume let out a low grunt. Ruka licked the tip of it and placed it in his mouth and proceeded with giving him a blowjob.

Natsume grabbed Ruka's hair and moaned. After awhile, he finally cummed, Ruka swallowed it and wiped his lips.

They were both panting. Natsume threw Ruka on the bed.

"Ruka," he said in his husky voice and kissed Ruka hard on the lips. Their tongues exploring the caverns of their mouth, while they were kissing, Natsume massaged Ruka's nipple. When they parted they were out of breath.

Natsume lifted Ruka's legs and placed his dick slowly in Ruka's ass.

Ruka shudders while Natsume just groaned.

He thrusts in repeatedly, at first it hurts but Ruka's hole spreads out and they were both feeling it.

"Ahhhnn… N-Natsume!" Ruka moaned "H-Harder!... F-f-faaaaaahhn!"

Natsume thrust in faster and harder. Ruka screamed as he cummed, but, Natsume is not done yet, he kissed Ruka.

"Ahhh!" Ruka screamed again. Natsume pulled his cock out and his cum spurted and landed on Ruka's whole body.

At the site of this Natsume couldn't prevent himself from licking Ruka clean, then he sucked Ruka's balls. He moaned.

Ruka positioned himself doggie-style his butt facing Natsume. Natsume licked Ruka's hole and fingered it. Ruka was moaning again and without warning Natsume slammed his dick.

He thrust faster and harder. Nothing else matter right now. Both of them can't think straight.

Outside the window 5 pairs of eyes were watching.

Hotaru was smirking, her video cam recording the whole happening.

Koko was wide-eyes and blood was streaming down his nose.

Mikan was crossing her legs, her pantie was wet and she knows it.

Anna and Nonoko were the same as Mikan.

"Why'd you even made them drink the Aphrodisiac?" Anna asks her face red.

Hotaru turned to her, the evil smirk still plastered on her face.

"Oh… for future references…"

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