Watching The Stars Together

Drabble 100: Together

The world ends.

Fire and hatred and war. It is a place Hikari would have despised, had the world not claimed her a millennia ago, when everything had been fine, when the world had been at peace with itself and with humanity. When he takes his final breath, when the magic that had taken hold of him so very long ago finally loses its grip, Wizard thinks he can hear the Harvest God and Goddess screaming.

It ends, and there is darkness. But there is a small light. A tiny light, a glimmer in the distance, and he follows the well-worn path to it.

She's waiting there, at the end, dressed in her white wedding gown, as young as she had always been to him.

Hikari smiles, outstretches her hands. Cecaniah and Orion are playing by the river inside this garden, this paradise. There are roses at Hikari's feet, and Wizard's careful not to step on them.

They hold one another, and he feels the tears run down his face.

"Welcome home."