Finding Talent

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Chapter 5

I sat on a bench in the dark, where the outside lights didn't quite reach to illuminate, next to a water feature/statue thing that really made me want to go to the bathroom, re-evaluating my life.

How was it that I always drove people away by just being myself? I knew I was competitive, ambitious, determined... but was I really that repellent?

And as if I couldn't spiral any further into the depths of depression, as I watched absentmindedly at the guests milling in and out of the doors to stand on the decking for some fresh air, or to compare arm muscles with the bouncers (I'm really not sure why...), I noticed Finn Hudson step out onto the decking, holding hands with none other than Kurt Hummel. I watched, mesmerised, as the pair, quite obviously enamoured, stood over by a strange looking plant in a pot, talking to each other as though no one else existed.

Kurt giggled girlishly at something Finn said. But not in a drunken way, more in a flirtatious way. And then he reached his hand out and pushed Finn's chest playfully. Their eyes met, and before I knew what was happening, before I could think whether it was slightly weird to be spying on their quite obviously private moment, they were making out!

Great. We'd only just met and I'd made Finn Hudson gay. I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from them, and the friendly giant looked a lot less awkward somehow.

My heart leapt. I spotted Noah stepping out onto the decking, and it just wasn't right that he was so incredibly attractive! It was everything I could do not to run over to him and kiss his face off, and I tried desperately to maintain an expression of feigned disinterest.

"Way to go Hummel", he cheered, walking casually in my direction past the embraced guys. Kurt gave him the finger, and his hands clasped protectively around Finn's waist.

"Sup berrylicious?" He asked breezily, sitting down on the bench next to me. I tried desperately to ignore how warm and delicious he was, and how much I wanted to cuddle up to him and bury my head in his chest. Because he wasn't my boyfriend. So I couldn't.

"How were they?" I asked crisply, not meeting his gaze because if I did, proper words just failed to form in my head.

"What the fuck?"

"Santana Lopez and Brittany... Oh- I don't know what her surname is?"

"I didn't have sex with them".


"Oh please, not the whole, I have to repeat everything I say thing again! I didn't have sex with them."


"You know, it would make this so much easier if you just asked me if I would just have sex with you", he said gruffly.

"Oh". I said again.

"We could double date with Mercedes and Craig", he suggested, "Cos Craig's cool, and you and Mercedes are friends or whatever, and Craig owes me one cos the other day, he like, found me and asked me for advice on how to win Mercedes. So I just told him, to tell her exactly how he felt about her, and I think that's going pretty well, and then I thought, maybe I should take my own advice, right, but I don't really know how cos I don't do all that cissy emotional shit".

I met his gaze. Damn he was fine.

"Are they alright?" I asked, my voice slightly shaky, everything not sinking in quite yet.

"Oh they're great", he smirked, "Right before I came outside, they were just making out up against that weird statue thing of the naked women writhing around on top of the giant flower".

"They're cherubs Noah", I explained, "Baby angels".

"Your mum's a baby angel", he mumbled in retort.

I sighed heavily. "I have two gay dads".

"Oh. Right. Sorry."

There was a pause and I could practically hear the cogs whirring in his brain beside me.

"Look. See. I think we should take some time to get to know each other... I mean beyond just each other's favourite erogenous zones".


I smiled slowly. "What's my fourth favourite erogenous zone?"

It was a test, and he passed with flying colours, answering faster than I did in my head.

"Your wrists".

"Okay. It's a date. Let's go get us a cab..."

He slid into his seat behind me, and kissed me slowly and sweetly as I looked up from fastening my seatbelt.

"You look fucking hot tonight, by the way", he murmured, "Instant hard-on".

My hand crawled across the seat to his, and he took it quickly. We smiled at each other until I couldn't ignore my craving for his lips anymore, and pulled him closer, moaning the instant our lips touched, because it sent a warm fuzzy feeling through my whole body.

"Feelin' a bit... frisky?" he asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

I just kissed his neck wetly. "Touch me Noah".

He smirked and reached his finger out to tap my nose.

"No! Touch me!"

"But where?" He asked, his hot tongue teasing my earlobe.

I grabbed his hand roughly and placed on the inside of the top of my thigh. My heart beat wildly in my chest.

"Everywhere", I replied, and he attacked my lips with firm kisses, whilst his fingers wreaked havoc with my senses.

And he was the one who had to convince me that it wasn't such a good idea to have sex in the back of the cab, and when we reached Mercedes' house we managed to do it 3 and a half times before actually reaching the bedroom upstairs.

It was a good night.

I woke up, feeling perfectly contented, completely cocooned by Noah's lovely arms and the rest of his warm naked body pressed against mine.

I opened my eyes slowly, and immediately noticed the pink cardboard box tied with an enormous pink bow sitting in the open doorway. (Okay so we'd forgotten to close the door and put a scarf on the door handle, but surely if you walked past it was obvious as to what we were doing in there?)

Anyway, I carefully removed myself from Noah's embrace and went over to the box, picking up the note on the top first.

I recognised the box. It was from the best bakery in town, and they made the most amazing chocolate brioche in the entire universe, which were just to die for.

I unfolded the note. It read:

Mini diva,

Please forgive me for slapping you tonight; I am very, very sorry. Craig told me it was your sex buddy?/boyfriend?/husband? (delete as appropriate), who told him to have a good heart to heart with me and tell me exactly how he felt. And plus, I am totally forgiving you for earlier because me and Craig are totally gunna have sex as soon as he comes back with your chocolate brioche from the bakery!

The original diva X

Noah stirred in the bed behind me.

"Mmmm... where's my snuggle buggle gone?" he yawned sleepily, stretching out his arms.

"Good morning Noah".

"Morning sex on legs".

I smiled at him and slipped back into bed to curl up against his side.

"Ah yeah, before I forget, I think we should make this official".

"So do I", I agreed.

"Good. Cos I left a message to get a few paparazzi round here... They should be standing just outside the window actually."

"Awww. That's so sweet Noah".

He grinned, the worry on his face leaving quickly.

So we gave them something to print, wrapping the duvet around both of us and opening the window fully, a slight wave to some of the photographers before I crashed my lips against his, and he smiled briefly against my lips, before cupping my face in one warm hand and responding with a tender thoroughness that took my breath away.

The End.


Judge and Contestant- Not Just 'Puck'ing Around

This picture shows just a snapshot of the apparently very physical relationship between Rachel Berry, newest judge on the panel for 'Looking for Talent', and Noah 'Puck' Puckerman, one of the favourites to win out of the guys' group in the same competition.

When questioned further on their affair, a source close to the couple revealed that after a questionable start to the relationship, they have decided to make it official and are very happy in such a committed relationship.

All we can say is, from the expression on the Broadway star's face, it looks like she has most definitely found some talent in the gorgeous singer's mouth!

See page 23 for more cover stories, including the shocking news that 4boyz star Finn Hudson has revealed that he is in fact gay, and follow his heart wrenching tale of how he had to hide his true sexuality from the world in order to maintain a healthy following of teenage girls for the boy band, and see exclusive pictures of the man that has stolen his heart.

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