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Ah! What's a Goddess?
Chapter 2: Coming Home

"Would you like to run that by me again..."

For one Naruto Uzumaki, for the first time since his encounter with Gaara...he felt real fear.

Why, one may ask, would he be afraid of the individual before him, when even Itachi hadn't caused 'fear' so much as 'apprehension'.

One reason would be because the person before him was one of the Legendary Three Ninja. A title awarded to said ninja because of their ability not to die against one old man.

That was the way he honestly saw it...but he would be the last one to say they didn't hold power, it's just when one heard the whole story it felt a bit silly.

No, that wasn't it...it may have had something to do with the way he had greeted this person, having 'kicked' open the door shouting his demand, though unlike how he would normally act it wasn't with an almost oppressive exuberance. No, this shout was a series, might he even say 'dark' tone.

Was it the fact that he had woken up the owner of said door? Quite possibly.

Perhaps it was the person who had accompanied him into the office, a woman who, while quite attractive, was looking at the situation as one may admire fish in a tank, with a bit of fascination laced with a healthy amount of boredom.

But really, if he had to put a label on it, it would have to be the demand itself.

"I said I'm sick of this. I want my inheritance. I'm tired of the apartment. I'm tired of this team. I'm tired of a lazy 'teacher' who only ever taught me how to walk on trees. Frankly Tsunade, I'm just tired."

That set off a number of alarm bells in her head more than anything he had just said. It wasn't 'baa-chan', the affectionate name he had given her that had her plowing his head into the wall every time he uttered it. No, he had used her name, with no form or respect at all, as though they were equals, something that for a lesser man would have had her caving in their skulls.

However, this was her Naruto-kun, the one that brought back her faith in the village.

Who had let her heart feel warmth for the first time in some thirty years.

Still, she did have a part to play in this, her sensei's orders were clear..."Naruto, what are you talking about? What inheritance?"

Naruto's normally calm, kind eyes went steely, cold glaciers hiding a troubled sea. With a slight fumble he maneuvered his chair over to one of the paintings that lined her office.

One that made her pale slightly.

"I can tell from your expression that you already know the answer...so stop trying to jerk me around!"

For Urd's part she was just left staring blankly at the scene. It was rather obvious to her that the person in that painting had some form of relation to the blond, however, from the look on the woman's face this was some form of grand revelation...

"Seriously? You got me all excited for this? A retarded monkey could see their related...Is that his older brother?"

Naruto sent the goddess a small smile, "Close."

"H-Ho-No...I'm not going to ask, like she said, anyone that took the time could figure it out..." The dusky skinned woman arched a finely manicured brow. This was supposed to be news? "Naruto...the reason you were ne-"

"I don't care Tsunade. I'm eighteen years old for Kami's sake...no offence Urd-san..."

"None taken..." That earned the woman a strange look from the Kage.

"Were you ever going to tell me..."

Tsunade leaned back heavily in her chair, flowing a strand of rebellious hair from her eyes with a tired huff. "I was told to wait until you were strong enough to defend yourself Naruto-kun...by order of-"

"A dead man." Tsunade's eyes narrowed dangerously but if anything it just steeled Naruto's resolve, "Don't look at me like that. It may have been his order, but it then came down to your judgment. Tell me, what would have been strong enough to you? Taking on chunin? I've done it more than I can count...Jonin? Been there, saved your ass from one. Kage? I can't say I have...Orochimaru's village wasn't officially recognized, so he would be a missing nin, and while I didn't defeated him, I survived, something a number of ANBU can't say the same about...Maybe you want me to conquer a village? If I need to do all that to get what should have been mine from birth then I wonder just how strong Sasuke has gotten..."

"He didn-"

"Didn't what? Inherit anything? Or have a demon sealed into him?" Tsunade felt her blood run cold as she turned slowly to the white harried woman in the room, one who looked to be just as shocked as Tsunade had been at him blurring this out. "I wouldn't worry about her right now Tsunade. I want what's mine, and I want my name changed to what it should have been. If not then I'm taking what's mine then I will leave, because 'Naruto Namikaze' was never registered as an official ninja of the leaf. And after a few quick tests in the capitol I'm willing to bet that the Fire Lord would be on my side... "

Tsunade looked as though she had been sucking on a lemon, though inside she was trying to fight down the tears, he would leave? Just like that? What about his friends...what about her..."Na-Naruto...how could you say that? You know I could have you arrested for that..."

Naruto's featured cooled slightly as he saw the pain in the blonds' eyes, "Yes...you could...but not justly, and you know it. You've already had words with the pervert I trust? I've learned what I can, but honestly this village is currently doing nothing for me. No one will train me, my teammates hate me. Everyone that I had any small connection to has left me behind in rank, meaning I can't even go in missions normally with them in hopes of renewing any small friendships there...honestly the only ones that even came to see me thus far were you and Shizune, though that was hospital related, so I can't really say it was 'willing', ' Now that had stung the slug princess... 'And Tayuya and Kin, though they hadn't heard I had retuned yet, so they could be forgiven, Kiba and Shino would have known almost immediately with their companions. So either they just didn't tell anyone, or they didn't care. Same could be said for Sasuke and Sakura, but I already know their thoughts on it..."


"Tsunade...I know I'm being harsh, but I'm sick of it, that ratty little apartment..having to live mission to mission on the pathetic pay of D-rank missions because I'm passed over for promotion, despite the fact I had the fiercest match in the exams...hell, you promoted Shika after he gave up in his match...so knowing when to quit and hope that the enemy lets you live is chunin material? Because I thought it was the skill to lead others...something Shikamaru finds to 'troublesome' at the best of times...and let's not forget the golden boy Sasuke, who almost killed us all...All I'm asking for is what I should have had from the day I was born. If you're worried about my dad's old enemies then at least tell me, and I can wait for a name. But I want anything else that was given me. I know of the house, we had to take a damned field trip to it in the academy. I'm sure there was at least a little money, that would help, but really...I just want the house, some kinda connection to my parents...please..."

The Kage let out a tired sigh as she rose to her feet, rounding the desk and made her way to the picture Naruto sat before, and for a moment he thought she was just going to wheel him out of the room after all he had said. However, instead she just reached over him and pulled the paining off the wall.

Inside Naruto was still sweating bullets, something that Urd could sense in him in spades, however he knew that his bravado...if not his outright audacity, had apparently sway her, though he had a feeling he was going to have to rebuild a lot of bridges.

Urd watched in fascination as the Kage placed a hand on the back of the painting before shunting some of her power into it, a complicated seal array lighting up before her hand sunk into the canvas, only to emerge a moment later with small wooden box, one containing the same stylized leaf symbol that Naruto had on his headband. "I'm afraid there are no letters left for you Naruto, the attack happened to fast. Inside the box is the key to that house, only your blood will unlock the seal, and initially only with the key. You, and others that synch their chakra to this key with you, will be able to enter, no one else. I'm afraid that you do have to keep your name hidden for the time being, until I'm certain that you can hold your own against people of at least Kakashi's caliber, I know you know who's hunting you, so I would prefer that you at least got as strong as one of them before it all gets out. I know that's too much to ask for...but an old woman can hope cant she?" Naruto felt a sting at that himself, she had never been one to admit her age...yet it seems that his verbal assault had left her feeling it... "I know it wasn't fair to keep your promotion from you, but we had to go by the majority vote from the time of the exam...and they seemed to hold the same grudge that many did and at the time I didn't know any of the examiners...I hope that in time I ca-"

"Ok! TIME OUT! While I'm the last one to admit to being in the dark...what the hell is going on here? That hunk of beefcake there is this sweetmeat's father,' Inwardly she had to grin at his blush, ahh...ammo... ' and you said he had a demon sealed in him...but I dont sense a damn thing!"

Tsunade could only look confused, though Naruto looked utterly bewildered, she was a goddess shouldn't she be able to tell these things! "Urd...you really can't tell?"

"I'm one of the best out there are sensing power, and let me tell you, while your strong, potentially damn strong, your no demon. I've seen demons, fought them even, and that's not you. But you said you had something sealed in you? How? Can I see it? Is it like that key she pulled out of the painting?"

Tsunade just looked at the woman for a long moment before seeming to snap out of her shock, this crazed woman, who seemed to almost grasp the concept of a 'dress' claimed to have fought demons...and despite her claims couldn't feel the Kyuubi's chakra? "Lady...who the hell are you?"

If anything Urd just scowled, "Who the hell are you?"

Tsunade bristled but before she could speak Naruto interrupted, "Urd-san, this is Tsunade of the Sannin, Kage of the Hidden Leaf Village. Tsunade, this is Urd, a friend of mine from my travels, expert in different concoctions, it was her little prank at Ichiraku's earlier. I don't know about the whole 'fighting demons' thing, but she hasn't lied to me yet."

"A friend from your travels? When? Jiraiya would have mentioned her, trust me on that one..."

"Tch...Ya right, Urd wouldn't be caught dead in a brothel, so he never would have caught a glimpse of her..."

Urd was now wondering just what kind of man this 'Jiraiya' was...from the sounds of it he was someone important, or at least was supposed to be important, to Naruto, but it seems that he held a great deal of distaste for the man, "That, and I can be pretty sneaky when I need to be...your gate guards never even saw me. Though you don't have to worry, I'm not a ninja. Just knowledgeable. And if you'll let me I'd like to see this 'seal' thing you're talking about...they sound interesting!"

Tsunade's answer was simple enough, "No. Not a chance in hell."

"Tsunade...if you don't I will, like I said, I trust her, she's had her chance to ditch me and hasn't, even if this changes her mind and she leaves then she won't tell anyone, will you?"

She shrugged, "Other than maybe my sisters when they ask where I was, nope."

The Hokage could only rub her temples in annoyance as she leaned against the desk, this really was a shitty day thus far...First Naruto had been hurt, by someone she had once considered for apprenticeship no less, now this stranger that apparently had Naruto's trust, not something easily gained. though a part of her felt like she was really missing out on the full story. "Naruto...I can't stop you if you really want to, but she's looking at it here, and no 'buts'. Girl, if I see so much as a twitch come from you that I don't trust I'm going to put you through a mountain!"

Despite all her power, the aura that Tsunade was putting out had even her sweating a bit, while she knew that this woman couldn't really hurt her, she had a feeling that she would fight like a cornered mother bear protecting her cubs...

Or a scorned lover...they could be just as bad really...she was a goddess of love, she'd seen it all. "Right, whatever, let's see it!"

With a sigh Naruto nodded, and while he wasn't really shy he wasn't one to just pull his shirt off for anyone...unless he was training, then it had a reason. With a mild blush he pulled the bit of black fabric up from the tee shirt he had been wearing to show finely sculpted abs, something that had the two women silently admiring, though they had both seen their fair shares in their time, in their professions, a healer and a matchmaker, it wasn't uncommon. After a moment a dull blue glow began to grow around the teen, something that made Tsunade arch an eyebrow, while she had seen the Rasengan before, seeing a raw chakra aura like this was rare.

For Urd, this was something utterly alien to her. She had seen a lot in her long years as a goddess second class, both the good and the bad of man, angel and devil, but she hadn't ever seen a human that could do this. After a few moments of this aura persisting, much to her surprise, she saw an intricate symbol start to appear on his stomach, one that was a spiral with nine little squiggles around the edges, and while she hadn't seen anything like it before she could feel the power behind it now...one eerily familiar, yet what the seal held...

She shivered slightly, while it wasn't a demon...whatever it was held immense power...power at least equal to some of the archangels that would wage the front line wars...a true force of nature...

"I-Incredible...I've never felt anything...what...who..."

Tsunade let out a small sigh, in for a penny..."The day Naruto was born a nine tailed demon fox attacked the village...it was massive, and nothing could stop it...until Naruto's father, a genius in seals, offered his soul to the shinigami in exchange for sealing the fox away...into Naruto...The fool was to blinded for his love of the village and wished for him to be seen as a hero. And due to his idealism he wouldn't ask another family to bear the burden...Naruto, you know who your father is, but your mother, she was Kushina Uzumaki, and when you are feeling a bit more settled in, come find me, I'll tell you what I know about her...though Kakashi could tell you more, but I have a feeling you're not going to want to see him..."

"No shit."


"Sorry...I just...can't help but be a little bitter..."

She let out a sigh even as her eyes watched this 'Urd' slowly drift closer to the seal, seemingly hypnotized, "Understandable, but at least promise me that you'll hear out his reasons before you condemn him..."

"And if it's a crappy reason?"

She gave the blond a vicious smirk, "Send him to me..."

Naruto let his old grin from, warming the older woman's heart, "Gotcha. Urd...URD!"


"Take a picture it'll last longer!"


The two ninja could only blink away the spots in their eyes as they looked to the woman for a long moment, had that really just happened?

"What? You told me to!"

Naruto could only let out an annoyed grumble, "Must...watch...words..."

"Damn right you do, now let's get going, I want to see our new digs."

He gave a small nod as he bit his thumb, earning an arched eyebrow from the goddess before he smeared the blood on the wood, after a few seconds it's glowed a similar blue to Naruto's before a soft click was heard. "First things first...Tsunade-chan can you call in Shizune-chan?"

The Kage had to fight back a blush, maybe this Naruto wouldn't be so bad after all...with a small nod she tapped the buzzer once before, a few seconds later, there came a knock at the door. "Tsunade-sama, you call-Naruto-kun?"

"Heya Shizune-chan...oh, before I forget, this is Urd-san, a friend from my travels, Urd, this is Shizune, Tsunade's apprentice."

The woman's violet eyes curled slightly as she smiled, "A pleasure, and apprentice to what, if I may ask?"

Shizune only smiled in return and offered a small bow, any friend of Naruto's..."I'm an apprentice under in the healing arts, Tsunade-sama is the greatest healer in the Elemental Nations."

Urd sent the well endowed woman an appraising look for a long moment before chuckling, "My sister would love you two then, she's always trying to help everyone...I'm more of the troublemaker...though not as bad as my youngest sister...the self styled 'genius'."

That brought a few chuckles from those involved before Naruto called the group in closer, Shizune looking a bit lost. Though those confused looks vanished as Naruto pulled out a rather intricate looking key from the little box on his lap, the thing was bigger than any key the brunette had seen before, a bit longer than the palm of his hand with the head as wide as three fingers. "Tsunade...You know how much I care for you, and I hope this helps to make up for it. Here, I want you to be the first I allow in...please feel free to drop by any time."

That made the blond woman pull up short. While Naruto had always been very open with his friends, his home was always something that he was very private about...only her sensei was the one that he would simply allow in at will, and beyond that Konohamaru was only inside while he was around...

Kakashi could hardly count, as he never waited for permission...though he did seem to have Naruto's best interests in mind when he had been there.

"Naruto...are you sure...this is your home."

He gave her a small smile, "Baa-chan, I trust you not to do anything to betray my trust. Just like I trust Shizune-chan...even Tayuya-chan and Kin-chan...they were actually happy to see me...Urd, she's only the most recent on a very short list of people I trust. Not even Ero-Sannin is on that list. He's my friend, but if he really wanted to protect me he would have trained me, like you told him too. Now, get over here and put some chakra into this key, then we can go track down the others...like my doctor said, I need to get some rest..."

The two medics couldn't help but laugh at that, though for the older of the pair she still felt a bit down, and while she knew that Naruto was just doing what he felt was necessary it didnt make that dull ache in her heart hurt any less.


"Oh come on!"

"We said no!"

"But...but I have to see what he looks like now! I want another taste!"

"That's why we said no you dumb whore!"

For the female snake summoner she was having real issues with keeping her apprentices from being killed right now...

By her own hand...

...and a few dozen snakes...

...maybe Manda...

Currently the violet haired woman was being held down by the redhead's own summon, only the odd blast of haunting music from her flute being able to drown out the sounds of the jonin's protests. "Look, it's not fair, you got to see him already, all I want is to see how he grew up! And if her rosy little cheeks are anything to go by then he's one hot little mother, now come on! It's not like I'm going to try and take him from you..."

The two just gave her a deadpan look.


Kin let out a huff of annoyance, at times her sensei was more of a kid then that bratty group with the Third's grandson. "Look, he had company over Anko-sensei, not to mention he was injured, he needs to rest!"

She puffed her cheeks out in a childish pout, "Well he can't be that bad off if he had someone over...what if we all go together, would you trust me then?"

"Pft, Not a fucking chance..."

That earned the duo an annoyed whine, "I know he's cute, but he can't be that cute!"

Another deadpanned look.

"Oh...Now I know I'm going to kill you two..." She redoubled her efforts to escape, but a sharp clearing of a throat drew the eyes of the three women. Turning slightly, one with the help of the Doki, they were a bit surprised to see the object of their conversation being wheeled up a hill by the Hokage's assistant, and they weren't alone.

Flanking the wheelchair bound blond were both their village leader, and quite a unique looking woman with white hair...

Though Anko rather liked the dress, it was just her style...

Her eyes swung back to the young man in the chair, one who was wearing burnt orange pants and a black T-shirt. Despite herself she felt herself staring...a part of her couldn't help but compare him to...no...it couldn't be...

Tsunade couldn't help but chuckle at the scene in the training ground, it wasn't often that one got to see one of their top kunoichi retrained by her own apprentices...

"Well, looks like you three are having fun!"



"Hey there brat!"

That caused the teen to let out his own laugh, only Anko could look greet someone with that kinda smile while tied up by creatures like that. "Same old Anko. Been having fun in the chunin exams while I was away?"

The Jonin let out a wide grin, doing her best to wiggle out of the grasp of the Doki, still no luck, as quickly as her body produced the chakra needed to escape the summons would drain it off. "Not as much fun as that first year with you gaki! All these new little wannabe's blood taste awful, you wouldn't mind letting your Anko-chan have another taste, would you?"

Much to her surprise he didn't look alarmed, or afraid, quite the contrary. Instead he had a small, content smile on his face, one that almost made her blush...


"You haven't changed a bit Anko-sensei...I don't know why...but that's nice to see...nice to see in all of you..."

For all the women in the clearing, save one, they had to wonder at the contented look, though it was the fact they were having to avoid the blushes threatening to well up at the...serene...expression he bore.

But for Urd, who prided herself on her matchmaking, it was like an all you can eat buffet laid out before her.

One she was going to eat her fill of.

"Sooo...how it is you all know my Naruto-kun..."

Ah, there were the hackles rising on the redhead and brunette again...

Two voices rang out, even as a few others shared the thoughts, "Yours!"

She gave the two a saucy grin, "But of course...I'm his greatest wish after all..."

Now that really put them all off, "WHAT!"

Naruto sent the goddess a slight glare, one she didn't miss, and gave him a little three finger-waggle, like a girlfriend might from across the room. "It's just like I said...I'm the girl of his dreams!"


"Well it's true!,' she quickly slunk over to the seated blond before draping herself across his lap, "Naruto-kun...tell them..."

He let out an annoyed sigh even as one of his arms absently wrapped around her, causing the dusky skinned woman to blush, "Urd is a good friend a met in my travels, she'll be staying here for a while to train with me...and I was hoping you all would be willing to help out as well..."

His words hardly registered in their ears at first, for two younger women they were locked on his wayward hand. Though after a long moment those in the small clearing seemed to finally understand what it was he had said. "Train with you? I guess we can brat, so long as Hokage-sama approves..."

All eyes focused on the eldest among them, though she knew it was already coming, "Fine with me...but we will need somewhere more...private..."

Anko's grin grew, "I'm all over private!"


"Yes Hokage-sama?"


Naruto let out a loud laugh at her pout, though he was more focused on the rather shapely rear end currently pressed against his groin. With a cautious hand he lifted the goddess from his lap and placed her back on her feet and gestured for them all to follow him, "Well then...I think I have the perfect place for us then..."

"Your joking...right?"

"Nope" He let the 'p' pop in the word, earning him a shocked look from the jonin.

"This is the Yondaime's house brat! You ca-"

Tsunade clapped a hand firmly on the Jonin's shoulder, drawing her up short, turning the purple haired women so that she could see Naruto pull out an elaborate key, "Anko-sensei...I think I can explain better when were inside..."

Wheeling himself forward he took a moment to marvel at the home before him. It was large compared to other houses, that he knew initially from their brief 'tour' of the home in the academy. The outer wall was traditional, stone and plaster covering it and it was quite high, twelve feet, to ensure others couldn't see what the owners would think of as private. The gate itself solid oak and held the modified symbol that the Fourth had designed for his clan. A spiral, the symbol of whirlpool, and his mother...

And the tri-pointed kunai that had made him a legend. Three of them with the central points towards the heart of the spiral, creating a triangle of sorts, at the heart of which was the keyhole.

Naruto took a moment to place his hand on the symbol, earning a gasp from the gathered women, and a confused look from Urd. Shizune was quick to whisper to her about the seals that were protecting the place had baked people in the past for simply standing to close to it, if there was any more evidence needed that he was his son then they just had it.

"I never thought I would get to see the inside...but I'd always hoped..."


"Guys...welcome to my home..."

The key slid into the lock, and a blinding flash overcame the group, light seeming to lens slightly as it extended to those around him.

For Urd this was a unique experience, the light had a disturbingly familiar feel to it...almost like the power of one of her people...whatever this seal business was...it seemed to reach into the body..almost as though it was touching her very soul...

As the light faded, the group blinking the spots away from their eyes, they found the gates wide open, showing grounds that were in desperate need of tending, but the footpath itself was still clear, giving the estate something of a creepy air, the grass creating a tunnel like path for the group as they moved towards the main house.

For some though, namely Shizune, Anko, Kin and Tayuya, they were still rather cautious about stepping across the threshold, the four of them having heard horror stories about some that had jumped the wall in an attempt to get a look inside...the persons having been vaporized by the power of the seals. But there was Naruto, calmly wheeling his way down the walk with Tsunade and Urd at his side, the former having to help him up the short stairs and onto the wide porch. realizing they were about to be locked out they quickly scurried onto the property even as Naruto was easing the key into the front door, only to have it glide open.


"Minato must have been in a hurry that night...didn't even lock the door..."

That brought a smile to Urd and Naruto's faces, "Well ya, I don't know any dad's that stayed calm when their wives went into labor..."

That made the Kage snort, "You have no idea, the number of babies I've helped deliver over the years...Every man I saw in the room with them almost needed sedation just to keep them from bouncing around the room..."

Tsunade didnt miss the small, mocking look that the silver haired woman sent her way, "Oh...I have some idea..."

Naruto slowly wheeled himself into the room and froze.

As the rest filtered in they saw the teen frozen in the landing, staring blankly into the main room. Though the reason become obvious enough to them all. There, on a small table by the entrance, was a photo of Minato and Kushina, both smiling with the Fourth holding the redhead from behind.

Tsunade placed a gentle hand on Urd's shoulder before pulling the woman back, the goddess reading a myriad of emotions rushing through the boy, if she didn't know any better she would have said he was trying to fit himself into the picture...

Or trying to see if he could have fit into it...

"Come on Urd-san, let's give him a moment..."

She gave the blond a smile, "Right...I have a call I need to make anyway..."

Tsunade watched the woman in curiously as she moved deeper into the house, clearly looking for the item she needed. 'Wait...the phones only work within the village...who the hell would she be calling...'

Naruto picked up the picture with a reverence some might reserve for an ancient treasure, his fingertips ghosting over the glass with something akin to worship. With a heavy sigh he leaned back into the wheelchair and looked down into the photo. After what seemed like only a moment to the blond he looked up to see Anko, her apprentices, and Shizune looking at him with some form of discomfort, like they felt they were intruding...

"S-Sorry...come in...make yourself at...at home..."

The four looked at him like he'd sprouted an extra head, "N-Naruto, this is your home! We can-"

Anko however, had seemingly had enough, "Woah, woah, woah! Time out! Home! Your home! This house is the Yondaime's!"

Naruto gave the woman a small grin, "Yep...and now it's mine..."


"Their my parents...why wouldn't it be my home?" Three sets of eyes widened as a few bits of information clicked into place for the group, yet opened up so many others..."Now then come inside, try and relax a little, and before you need to leave let me know, I need to key you into the estate. After all, can't have my friends unable to drop by now can I?"

They were quick to exchange looks at the term, while they were more than happy to be included in that group, at the same time though he should have had more people here. "N-Naruto..."

"Hey, nothing sappy, your my friends, the only people I wouldn't mind showing up whenever the mood strikes them. Shizune you've saved my life in the past, just like Tsunade. Kin, Tayuya, you were actually looking forward to seeing me, and that means a lot...more than you know...Now le-"

"What the hell do you mean WE'RE IN THE SAME BOAT!"

Naruto and the four women looked towards the voice in shock.

"Was that-"

Much to their shock the silver haired woman seemed to just...be...before them, her lavender eyes looking like pulsating dark pools of baleful energy as lightning seemed to dance around her body, "Naruto! Vacation's over! You're coming with me! We have to see my sister about a wish!"


"No time! Ladies, nice to meet you! But I need to steal your boytoy for a bit!"

The five girls, Tsunade having run from the kitchen, looked at the woman before them in shock, she was going to steal Naruto! "Hey! I dont care who you are! You're not going to take one of my ninja wi-"

"HEY! You dont have a choice in this! This is involving higher powers! Now Naruto, looks like your going to get to meet the family!"

"Dont I get a say in-"


To the group's shock the blond could only let out a surprised squawk as the goddess grabbed his shoulders and, to their horror, the duo sunk into the floor.

Five women could only gape at the spot where the boy had been sitting...

Yet no matter how long they stared, they were still short one teenage ninja...

"Shizune! Find me Jiraiya! We need to find out just who this woman is!"