Is It True?

Kay was tired after the long day at the church. Her feet ached and were swollen from wearing her new high heeled shoes, and she felt drained from standing for so long, waiting for her nephew to be baptized, but she went on with her day. Michael was busy doing business in his office, she didn't really mind though, he had promised her some alone time later on in the evening, when he had finished with his paperwork.

Kay went on with her day, wistfully chopping some carrots for a stew she was preparing for dinner, while little Anthony was running around the kitchen with his toy soldiers. The moving men were in and out of the house with furniture to be sorted and placed and artwork to be tacked up. It was a bit exciting to see her home coming together like this, her life with Michael coming full circle with a beautiful home and a child; it was what she had always hoped for. Kay beamed at the thought, continuing to slice her carrots slowly.

When she first married Michael she had felt a bit out of place, she was after all, the only non-Italian in the family. Every woman in his family could speak Italian and cook to perfection, and they knew all the Italian recipes by heart. Kay was a pale comparison from what Michael was used to, she feared. Now, she wasn't terrible at cooking, but there was no doubt in her mind that his mother was a better cook then she ever could be. Kay tried her hardest to impress everyone with her cuisine, but she couldn't help but feel that people were being a little bit too nice when they said it was as good as Mama Corleone's. It didn't bother her much though, they were just trying to be nice and if her child and Michael liked her food, that's all that really mattered to her.

She heard Anthony's giggles erupt from the corner of the kitchen, and she looked back behind her shoulder to spy her small son throwing some miniature soldiers around, pretending some sort of bomb had just gone off. Kay gave a warm smile and then turned back to her carrots, laughing silently to herself. He was going to end up breaking those things again if he wasn't careful, like she had told him last time. Well, boys would be boys. She thought back to when Michael had asked for her to come back to him that afternoon; she was dead set on not leaving with him, she had felt so abandoned by his sudden absence, but she left anyway; and she was glad she did. Kay looked around the room and couldn't imagine anywhere else she'd rather be. She was in a blissful state with Michael, deliriously happy with their life, and with their son, she was happy with everything…but his work.

Kay frowned at the thought and stopped chopping for a minute. She set the knife down on the counter and combed her fingers through her hair in thought. She knew what Michael did, she knew his business, not as well as she wished, but she knew what he dabbled in. He told her what his family did at the very beginning, but never in a million years did he tell her that's what he would end up doing. Not until that day at least; that day he asked for her to come back to him, asked for her to marry him, asked her to forgive his mysterious absence, he asked her all of those things after saying that he was running the Corleone's mob. Kay had been disappointed with the news, but overlooked it. She was so in love with Michael that she didn't care what he did, she just knew she didn't want to be without him any longer. Besides, he told her in a matter of five years or so the Corleone family would be completely legitimate, and she knew he was serious. Someone of his profession always kept his word, and she felt that he was working on that very subject at that very minute…wasn't he?

Suddenly she felt Anthony's small hands tug on her skirts and Kay was jolted from her thoughts. She blinked and then looked down at her son, his lips turned down into a sad frown. She kneeled down so she was face to face with her boy and then asked sweetly, "What's the matter, Anthony?"

He pulled out one of his soldiers whose arm had snapped off, it probably had broken after he threw the toy across the room. Anthony's big black eyes stared back at her, a sad shine shimmering in them. Kay felt that loving feeling stir in her chest and she resisted the urge to scoop her son into her arms and kiss him all over. Anthony so reminded her of Michael, he was practically a miniature version of her husband. He had all the same features, the olive skin, the dark hair and eyes, and even his nose. Everything about her son was so Italian from his head to his toes, but Kay couldn't help but feel a little twang of sadness in her own heart. Even her own son, who wasn't full bred Sicilian, looked more a part of the family then she ever would. Kay had tried to not notice the differences between her and the other members of the Corleones, but it just couldn't go overlooked for long. She knew they all liked her, but there was just that one thing, that one link that stood in the way from her becoming a true accepted Corleone…the fact that she wasn't a Sicilian.

"Oh no", she sighed, taking the soldier from his outstretched hand and looking him over. "Did he break when you threw him across the room?"

Anthony nodded, his eyes becoming misty.

"He broke, Mommy".

"What did I tell you about throwing your toys all over the place?" she asked seriously.

He remained silent, looking up at her with quivering eyes, Kay's heart swelled and her serious expression dissolved into an understanding one.

"Sorry", he muttered.

"Oh, Anthony", she scooped him up into her embrace and he gave a little giggle, and she picked him up off the floor. Kay bounced him in her arms for a moment then stopped and looked at him, flashing Anthony a smile.

"How about we ask Daddy nicely to fix it later?"

He nodded and Kay fingered the toy for a minute. His arm had come clean off, she assumed Michael could fix it, but the little toy probably wouldn't be able to swing his arm around anymore.

"I think it's time for a nap, Anthony. We had a long day today, didn't we?"

"Very long", he agreed, still giggling a bit.

Kay stepped out of the kitchen and carried him towards his room. She was careful to avoid the crates that were pilling up all over the house while she tickled him as she went towards the bedroom. His laughter, his smile, everything made Kay know this was what she lived for. The terrible thought of never taking Michael back horrified her now. How could she ever be so stubborn as to think something like that? She could never believe that she once had all but abandoned the idea of Michael and her together, but not now, not when she had a wonderful family, a warm and inviting home, and the most perfect existence she could ever ask for.

Kay opened the door to her son's bedroom, went in and plopped him on the bed, then immediately turned to his dresser to get his pajamas out.

"Did you have fun today?"

She found his pajamas and turned around to her son who just shrugged. She went over to him and laid the pajamas on the bed.

"You didn't like seeing your little baby cousin?"

Anthony stuck his arms in the air as Kay took off his shirt. When Anthony's head popped through the hole he said, "It was ok, I don't think babies do much".

"You're right", she laughed. Kay continued to help him put on his pajamas until he had curled under the covers, a sleepy look in his eyes. She ran her fingers through his thick hair, smiling sweetly down at him, a warm feeling surging into her chest.

"I'll wake you up before dinner so you can get ready", she whispered.

"Mhmm, Mommy".

Kay leaned down and kissed her son on the forehead then rose slowly, her loving gaze firmly set on her son. She gave him one last small grin and shuffled quietly back to the door, but right before she left she heard Anthony mutter from his bed, "Don't forget to ask Daddy to fix my soldier". He pointed at the toy she had laid down on his nightstand, his eyes fluttered, trying to stay awake. Kay smiled and hurriedly walked back to pick up the toy, she moved again to the door and shut it silently.

Kay went back to the kitchen and left the soldier on one of the counters, choosing to return back to her chopping instead of bothering Michael. She'd ask him later. The movers were still in and out of the house, bringing box after box with them. She picked up the knife she had left laying on the counter and began chopping again, humming quietly to herself.

She sighed, thinking of her son. She loved him so much; it was still almost unbelievable to her that she had once considered denying this existence. She was so happy, so relaxed, so sure that this was what she wanted to spend her life doing. Being a mother and a wife was rewarding, although she never would have thought that when she was going to college. When she first met Michael she thought he was a real sweetheart, so quiet and reserved that Kay didn't hesitate to fling herself into the tumultuous relationship. But she was surprised at how funny and entertaining Michael really was, she couldn't believe it when she discovered the real him, and she couldn't believe how much she liked the real him. After that, she hated to admit it, but she fell madly in love him. It was hard for her to even admit it or consider Michael being someone she wanted to spend her life with, especially since they were so young at the time, but she couldn't help but feel it. They both knew what they wanted in life, marriage could possibly be a factor, but it wasn't a focus for them at the time, so she pushed her feelings down. Michael would ask her to get married if he wanted to, no use worrying when, where or how he would do it. And that's how it was; a carefree, fun relationship that she wouldn't have given up for the world. With time, things progressed to become more serious, more mature, she'd like to think. After his sister's wedding, they fell into a state where it felt like they already newlyweds. Kay, at the time, hoped that soon they really would be saying "I do", Michael had even playfully suggested running away and eloping together (of course that was out of the question), but it all changed when Michael left for those mysterious four years or so. Kay still wasn't sure what had happened before and during that time but she….

Suddenly she heard a door slam from outside, voices yelling back and forth, women's voices. Kay stopped cutting vegetables, put down the knife and turned around, running to the window of the kitchen. She saw Connie, Michael's sister, balling and his mother sitting in a car, looking like she was desperately pleading with her. Kay couldn't hear what they were saying from inside the house, but she knew that they were being loud about whatever it was. Connie was screaming and tears were rapidly spilling down her red face as she flew up the path to their house. Kay hurriedly took off her apron and set it on the counter, smoothing out her dress and she rushed to the door.

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