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It took three days for the new ship to be completed. Luffy was literally leaping off the walls of the apartment, dreaming what the new ship would be. Most of the ideas he had brought up still had some traits of the late Merry Go. The rest of the crew seemed to be waiting patiently and not as hyper as their captain but there were minimal signs of excitement.

The ship was presented to them in a startling fashion. How did Iceburg find such a huge sheet to cover a ship? The thought was ignored and all of the crew was scrambling to see what surprises it held. Giggles, laughs, and squeals were heard throughout the ship. The sound of shoes grazing over grass was a rare sound to be heard in a ship, but it was there as all of the crew rolled around and felt the grass tickle their bare arms.

There was one sound that no one expected to be heard on a ship this majestic.

It was a scream and it belonged to Roronoa Zoro. It was short as if someone had leaped out from a corner and scared the swordsman half to death. Everyone dashed to where the sound had come from. They mainly wanted to see what or who made him scream like that-especially Nami (to blackmail), Robin (for fun), and Sanji (to tease later). It took a while of guessing what staircase or hallway to use to get to the source of the sound, already diminished in the ocean waves.

After taking turns climbing up a thin but strong ladder, they found Zoro at the opening of a room. He was sitting down and stared at something with wide horror filled eyes. He was drenched in cold sweat and panting in quick breaths. His usual healthy bronze colored skin was awfully blanched. Upon hearing footsteps, Zoro blinked a few times and snarled at the embarrassment he had caused on himself.

Sanji stepped out from the crowd of curious and some giggling crewmates, "Oi, what are you doing?"

"Did you find a ghost Zoro?" Luffy asked excitedly.

Zoro's cheeks reddened and he tried to hide it by turning away. "No Luffy I didn't see a ghost."

"What did you see then?"

The swordsman did not say a word and quickly pushed past his crewmates and stomped down the ladder. Nami frowned at the weird behavior while the others titled their head as question marks floated above their heads.

"That was weird." Chopper whispered, peeking behind Luffy, "I wonder what's in that room?"

"Let's go and find out!" Luffy announced and dashed in, dragging the poor reindeer with him. The other, sharing equal confused glances, followed after.

They saw that the room Zoro screamed into was the main bathroom. It was small, probably only used for changing in and out of clothing. Straight across was another door which Nami opened and squealed in delight at the gorgeous spa, already bubbling in hot water.

Luffy politely closed the door with Nami still on the other side, since her squeals echoed through the small room. Robin decided that the room was too cramped to fill four so she descended the ladder. The rest of the men squeezed around, trying to find the object, thing, whatever that scared Zoro. Luffy, who was the most flexible one out of the five, stretched his nimble arms to open the small drawers. Nothing spooky popped out to Luffy's disappointment. Sanji rubbed his hand over the walls hoping to find some kind of crazy mechanism that bursts out, but he found nothing. Chopper sniffed the floors for any scent of human but came up with the same result. Robin participated in the search; she used her devil fruit abilities to sprout eyes on Luffy's back.

When Luffy turned around where the archaeologist could scan the whole room she caught a glimpse of an object. It was so common but it was a rare on the late Merry Go. Robin stared at an object in the room and put a finger to her lips.

Ending the conclusion that Zoro had drunk something he shouldn't have, everyone climbed down the ladder empty handed. Luffy's curiosity returned and he blasted out of the aquarium with Chopper galloping after to see the rest of the rooms. Sanji helped Nami down the ladder like any other gentleman would do.

"Let's go Nami-san, Robin-chan."

"Ne," Robin started and waited until she got their attention, "Did we have mirrors on the Merry?"

Nami and Sanji exchanged glances and then Nami nodded, "We used to. But they keep breaking them." She glared at no one in particular. "That's why we had hand mirrors. They were safer." Sanji kept it to himself that he also bought his own hand mirror. It was inconvenient to not have anything to look at when shaving, washing face, all of the morning necessities yet the other men were able to.

"Who usually broke the mirrors?"

Nami shrugged, "Luffy broke the first one, then Usopp, then Zoro. By the third one we gave up replacing."

"Was Swordsman-san there when the mirrors broke?"

"I don't know. I never noticed." Nami put her hands on her hips, "Why?"

Robin nodded, "I think Swordsman-san is afraid of mirrors."

"Mirrors?" Nami and Sanji blinked, surprised at her hypothesis. Right after the two held their stomachs and they laughed out loud. "Mirrors? Impossible! He, afraid of mirrors?"

They continued on laughing and coughing until Robin too started to giggle. "Maybe I was over thinking." When all three finally calmed down and Nami and Sanji let out even breaths the archaeologist stepped toward the exit, "Let's go Nami-chan. Let's see the ladies bedroom." The navigator jumped up and down in delight and skipped after. Sanji was left alone in the aquarium. The bubbling aquatic noise from the filled tank was finally heard after all of the commotion.

He lit a cigarette and blew out a snake shaped smoke. He sighed, "Let's see..."

He found Zoro in the kitchen. The swordsman was sitting in one of the chairs of the fancy dining table. He had his face buried in his hands and he was staring at the surface of the table. Zoro did not move from that spot which meant he either did not care or he did not see Saniji's presence. None of those reasons fit because Zoro and his sixth senses-it always woke him up and he was extremely cautious of his surroundings. Something was definitely wrong with him.

Sanji took another drag of his cigarette and tapped Zoro's shoulder, "Hey." What surprised him was how Zoro nearly fell from his seat. His gears were really messed up today, "Hey, what happened over there?"

The paleness of his face was still there. Zoro shook his head, "Nothing."

The conversation Sanji had with Robin and Nami resurfaced. The cook tried to suppress his laughter, "Robin-chan guessed that you freaked out because of a mirror, but how could you be afraid of-" The cook saw the look on Zoro's face and stopped in mid sentence. What was left of his skin pigment was drained out completely. He was white as a ghost, "You're serious?!" Sanji's mouth dropped, "You're really afraid of mirrors?" The cook barked out a laugh, then another, and soon he was back on the floor, trying his best to breathe and not choke on his saliva. He gasped and laughed on, even as Zoro kicked himself out of the seat and stormed out of sight.

Tormenting Zoro was shoved away from Sanji's thought when Luffy's grandfather kindly told the crew that he had changed his mind about sparing their lives. Everyone was busy deterring the cannonballs away from their brand new ship. Reunited with Usopp once again, the Thousand Sunny blasted up and away from the majestic island, Water 7.

From the enormous rocket power from the ship's Coup de Vault, there were minimal casualties. Some bumps on the head, bruises and some unpackaged items were thrown all over the room. Someone in the crew announced that something had crashed and Sanji, hoping it was not any of his precious dishes, gathered with the rest of the crew to see what had broken.

Everyone, omitting one who was lost somewhere on this huge ship, stared at the broken shards of what used to be a mirror. Nami did not go into a fit because luckily the mirror was from the men's room.

"Good." Nami sighed in relief, "I'm just glad it wasn't the spa one. That one is so pretty."

"Yeah, ours wouldn't have lasted anyways." Luffy laughed.

"Whoa, hold on!" Franky roared, "Not super! How am I supposed to perm up my hair?!"

Usopp snickered in his hand, "Why don't you ask Sanji? He has a collection of hand mirrors!" The poor sniper was thrown to the farthest room, his left butt cheek had a shoe print. Sanji lowered his foot and glared at the shards.

A wicked grin formed on the cook's face, "Hey, guess what?"


The cook couldn't hold his laughter and a wave of giggles returned, "The Marimo is afraid of mirrors!"

After a few seconds of registering, the whole room erupted in laughs of many kinds. Even Usopp whose nose was bent in an awkward way and bleeding was laughing in a hearty manner.

Nami wiped the tears and looked around, "Hey, where's Zoro?"

"Hm, probably lost somewhere."

"At this rate it'll take a week for him to at least find his bedroom."

"I bet two."

"No, a month!" Luffy announced proudly. All except Franky who was still a newcomer, laughed at Zoro's horrible directional sense. Some were still snickering at the thought that Zoro had a fear of mirrors.

"Okay, enough of that. Let's go find Scary Mirror Boy."

"Hey, is there another way to say, 'fear of mirrors?'"

"I think it's called Eisoptrophobia." Chopper informed.

"Ei...Eiso...never mind."


Zoro was extremely frustrated, humiliated, and embarrassed. Why did he let his guard down like that? Now practically everyone on the ship knew he was afraid of mirrors. What was even worse was what Sanji had brought out into the dining room where everyone was still having a party.

The cook heaved a large leather suit case onto the table with a loud slam. Everyone circled around to speculate as Sanji clicked open the hatches. He opened it halfway and dug his hand into the small opening. Grinning, he pulled out what was a hand mirror. Zoro stepped back a few steps on impulse.

Usopp was the first to laugh, "Wow, I seriously didn't think you had hand mirrors."

"...but a suit case full?"

Sanji frowned, "Yes, I will admit. I have hand mirrors. Got a problem with that?" All of them shook their heads. With a wicked smile, Sanji shot the mirror at Zoro. The swordsman shielded his arms over his face in lightning speed.

Another humiliating laughter rang through Zoro's ears.

"Wow! You are afraid of mirrors!" Usopp's cheeks were fat from trying to speak and laugh at the same time, resulting in a loud pig like snorts.

"Why are you afraid of mirrors Zoro?" Chopper asked. He was the only one who wanted to know the reason before laughing in a hysterical fit.

Usopp tapped his hand on Chopper's shoulder, "I heard that humans with demonic souls cannot be seen through a mirror."

"Really?! Are you a demon Zoro?"

Zoro opened his mouth to explain when Sanji cut in, "Man, are you that ugly you don't want to see yourself through a mirror?" The cook laughed scornfully.

That was when something thudded in Zoro's chest. "S-shut up!" Zoro snarled and while closing his eyes, he launched his arm out and struck the mirror off Sanji's hands. It fell onto the floor with a crash.

Then, he heard clatters. He raised a weary eye and saw that Sanji was handing everyone a hand mirror, "O-Oi!"

Nami had a sadistically beautiful smile, "I can't wait to see you run around like a girl!" She had a Den Den Mushi camera tight in her hands.

"Yeay, it's like a game of tag!" Luffy exclaimed, waving the hand mirror around.

The whole hour it was a game of cats and mouse. Zoro guessed they were having such a fun time of their lives because Zoro would literally jump out of his seat when someone shoved the hand mirror in his face. Or course, Zoro would not dare look into it and either strike the hand that held the mirror or just run. Since he was shot back brutal words from Sanji after he had slapped a mirror from Nami's hand, he decided that running was the only way to go.

He found a nice hiding spot and fortunately, none of the crew mates could find him. He could hear their voices floating above and around where he was, but none came any closer. Zoro was glad but he knew he would only be able to hide here once and only once since he also did not know where he was hiding. He just knew that it was pitch dark and he was leaning against something uncomfortable. He decided to just wait here until everyone gave up and went to bed. Standing firm with his decision he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


Zoro woke up suddenly and frowned when he could not tell where he was. He rolled his shoulders to hear his bones pop and crack and crawled out from the hiding place. He turned back and it looked like some broom closet only on the floor.

The moon was full and its light shone the ship and the ocean in a soft milky color. It was so bright Zoro was able to walk without any lanterns. He looked around and saw that all of the lights were off. No sound of laughter was heard, only the waves gently crashing against the side of the ship. It was peace and finally quiet. The swordsman sighed in relief and headed off to where he thought was the bedroom.

Zoro peeked through the doorway and saw it was the training room. He frowned in distaste. The storage room was here a minute ago-he suddenly realized that he did not actually know what the men's bedroom looked like. He was so focused on what had happened in the bathroom and running away from the assailing hand mirrors he had forgotten to check where it was.

"Damn." Zoro cursed. He glanced up at the full moon. It was right above his head.

He assumed it was somewhere close to midnight. Great. He had to find the bedroom in his humongous and ambiguous ship with the full moon as the only light source. Could anything get any worse? Zoro grumbled as he took all of his senses to walk quietly to not disturb anyone's slumber. He did not want to wake up anyone because if he did, everyone would realize he was lost. The thought of being laughed at again stabbed at his nerves.

Zoro turned left, kept on going left and ended up in the kitchen. He stepped out and saw the lawn before him. He took note of that and headed back inside the kitchen, through the infirmary, and for some miraculous reason, ended up in the crow's nest. The swordsman loved the view from here. The ocean glowed in silver and the ship also in the same color. It was like watching a black and white image. Zoro grinned at the lovely and tranquil landscape and headed back down. He thought of sleeping here but he had this weird pride of finding the bedroom.

The thought about the mirrors suddenly sent Zoro shivering. Imagining something fearful in the middle of a night was something even an abnormal human would not like to do.

"Stupid...stupid, stupid." Zoro muttered under his breath.

Long ago, when he was titled the 'Pirate Hunter,' he had killed and captured over a hundred pirates. At least half of the captives bound to have given him some kind of grudge or curse. To his sarcastic glee, someone did and now he couldn't stand to see himself in a mirror. He saw it once after the curse was on him and he could not believe what he saw. Scared him to the bone.

So, whenever he saw a mirror close to his daily life, he would smash it before he even looked into it. The entire mirror breaking accidents on the Merry Go was started by him. He would accidentally push someone into the mirror or purposely wrestle close to the mirror, so it would not be so redundant. Third was a charm and Nami quit replacing the mirrors. That was before Sanji joined the crew and he was pissed that there was not a mirror in the bathroom. Somehow, the cook managed that problem with that awful suitcase full of awful hand mirrors. Crazy freak.

He realized he was back on the main deck. Zoro scanned and saw dozens of doors. He dropped his shoulders. He wasted his precious sleeping time to find a stupid bedroom. Should he sleep on the lawn and be done with it? No, his stupid bold pride told him. Go find the bedroom. Do you want to be laughed at again? The voice sounded all too much like Nami.

Zoro cursed several indecent words and blindly walked, wherever his body would take him he hoped to eventually find the bedroom.

When he stopped chastising and opened his eyes he froze. He was in the bathroom. The horrid bathroom that started all this hell. He was in front of the door that opened to the elegant spa. Right next to him on the left, just two feet away, was the mirror. The light of the full moon filtered through the window behind him. Some of the soft light bounced through the room and off the mirror. This room felt awfully bright. Zoro sucked in a breath.

If he turned around toward the right and just head straight he would not have to see it. Closing his eyes would be nicer too.

He regained his nerve and raised his left foot to the right.


Zoro's body flinched. If he had heard it clearly, it was a voice. If he had thought over it longer, he would not have turned around. That voice was all too familiar. It was impossible that he just said, 'hey.' It was a shame that it was a human impulse to turn around when someone called. His body stayed in place while he turned toward the voice. He looked left.

His eyes were locked on to the mirror. Zoro could not move from that position as the light of the moon shone brightly over the walls, the floor, and the reflection in the mirror.

He wanted to touch his face to see if he was making that same expression but he couldn't. He was afraid that the reflection would not follow his movements. The reflection had his eyes locked onto Zoro's but for some reason, it was wider and gleaming. The reflection was grinning from ear to ear in a thin crescent shape.

"Hey precious." The reflection's lips moved like a viper as the words flowed out of the mirror. Zoro's mouth was tight closed and he knew he wasn't the one talking. He wanted to scream again but pride knocked on his door one last time. He was not going to scream. He was going to stand up and fight this creepy thing without anyone's help.

Sooner or later, he was going to regret it.

Zoro was suddenly slammed against the other side of the wall. A strong and eerily familiar hand was on his face, over his mouth, silencing him. This happened before and Zoro was able to push it back into the glass. This time, no matter how hard he gripped the arm, it would not budge.

He watched in wide eyes as the reflection, his reflection, used the sink as a footing and pulled itself out of the mirror. First the ruffles of green hair slid through the glass, then the all-too-familiar face. When his other arm snaked through, he used that arm to push the rest of his body out. He landed on his feet without a sound. The golden earrings on the man's right ear sparkled as the light bounced onto it.

Still having the hand over Zoro's mouth, the reflection slid down onto his knees, taking Zoro down with him.

"Hush. You'll wake up everyone."

Zoro managed to speak through the icy cold fingers, "Y-you-?!"

The reflection laughed in such an identical way, it sent shivers down Zoro's spine, "Yes, I am you just as you am I." The darkness in the man's eyes, the way he smirked, it was too much like him. "I missed you so much." Reflection's eyes blackened and pulled his hand away from Zoro's face, only to smash his lips over the other.

Zoro's eyes widened as his tongue entered his mouth. He tasted himself and it was so wrong, oh so wrong. He tried to pull Reflection off by pushing him away. The other responded by slithering his hand into Zoro's hair and shoved him closer, deepening their kiss. Zoro's mind spun in circles and he couldn't hold back a moan. When Reflection pulled away, he bit down on Zoro's lower lip and drew a thin line of blood.

There was menace and total hatred in the reflection's eyes. He yanked Zoro toward his face by the hair. Icy breath tickled over Zoro's cheek.

His voice was dark, "You dirty, dirty, whore. How dare you cheat on me."

"Wha-?" Zoro asked, still dazed.

Zoro was struck across the face and he was thrown against the spa room door. The reflection marched up and grabbed a fistful of Zoro's jacket and struck him in the face several times more. Blood was now leaking down Zoro's face and lips and dripped down along his neckline. His reflection leaned in, his voice hadn't leavened. "Don't fuck with me Zoro. Smashing mirrors, trying to avoid me eh? Does that blond really make you so hot?" Hearing his own voice saying these things made him sick to the stomach.

Of course he would know, he's him. But he never touched the blond in that way, ever. He just had thoughts, a wistful feeling.

"N-no..." Zoro whispered, shaking his head.

He saw that his reflection's eyes softened. Its fingers fluttered over Zoro's cheek, "I know you would understand. I should be the only one you want. No one belongs to you, except me."

Before Zoro realized what was happening, the reflection began tearing off his jacket. "S-stop! Wha-!" He was silenced once again by the other's savaging lips. Zoro felt himself grow weak as the reflection's tongue grazed over the roof of his mouth.

The first thought that came to his mind was, 'holy fuck. I am getting raped by myself.' The second thought was more physical as he tried to fight the man away. This perverted narcissist had already torn all of his clothes into shreds. Zoro was completely naked and powerless under the other Zoro.

The reflection resembled a perfect image of him. From the toned muscles rippling down his chest to the actual human strength he had while holding Zoro down. The only recognizable differences were the earrings and the bandana placed on the opposite side and how cold the other was. His skin felt a little bit glossier too.

His reflection chuckled darkly, "Do you love staring at yourself? Of course you do. You love your fucking sexy body." He leaned in and bit, sucked on Zoro's neck, "Nnhn, you're so fucking warm."

"You're so fucking cold." Zoro barked, trying his best to keep his cool. His body was subtly shaking but he was embarrassed of it. Why couldn't he fight back?

The reflection ground his hips roughly against Zoro's and was rewarded with a loud gasp. He trapped Zoro underneath him as he kissed and abused Zoro's warm flesh. The real swordsman let out a weak moan and for the last time tried to push his reflection away.

The reflection Zoro smirked to himself. Full moons brought forth the beast within. He counted as a beast right?

For countless times, he tried to enter the real world only to be shoved by the equal, yet stronger, force from the other. Well, he did have a handicap; his arm was the only part of his body he could reach out first. To touch his Zoro for the first time, to touch him in this way, it turned him on. He was so beautiful, so sexy, and so pure.

He wanted him. He wanted more of him. He wanted to be him.

The reflection Zoro smirked smugly, "Look at you. You're so hard and we're just getting started." Zoro did not want to look so the reflection reached down to squeeze the hardened length.

"Ah-haa...S-stop-!" He bit his lip to prevent him from saying any more. Zoro did not have the will to call the other by his name.

The man, of course, did not stop. He slipped two fingers into his own mouth and sucked on them. Zoro didn't know what he was planning to do. It wasn't fair that the reflection could read his mind and not vice versa. Plus, why did he know how to do this? When was he this horny? He wasn't supposed to be skilled at this!

The reflection chuckled and suddenly spread open Zoro's legs. The swordsman reacted by closing them back but his reflection was quicker. With one arm, he skillfully spread them once more, this time much farther apart. Zoro winched as his thigh muscles groaned from the awkward stretch.

"Zoro, I'm trying to prepare you...or do you like it rough?" Zoro's mouth hung open. Not knowing what to say, he thought it was best to shake his head. Cold lips touched Zoro's, "I won't be that mean." Zoro's saw the saliva covered hand dip down and out of his view.

A sudden cold pain shot somewhere he didn't expect and he cried out in surprise. Zoro stared down between his legs and saw that his reflection was thrusting the icy cold fingers in a fast and most disturbing way possible. Zoro leaned back against the wall as far as he could to get away from this unnatural torture. His reflection pushed closer, penetrating his fingers deeper and into the place where his other should go crazy for. He got his reward when Zoro suddenly bucked and clamped his mouth shut to release any pleasurable sounds. Zoro was literally trapped between his reflection and the wall with just that obscene finger abusing his hole.

"Zoro," he heard his voice lower, "I want to see you bleed down here."

A knot twisted in Zoro's stomach. What was he planning to do: keep fingering him until he cuts something? Or was he going to do something else that would severely hurt him? He had a fearful inkling. Putting two and two together, his reflection was preparing him for some kind of blood bleeding madness.

Zoro's mind was starting to phase in and out. He could feel the cold nimble digits scissoring in and out through his entrance. And every thrust gave a painful throb through his groin, his fully hardened member spurted out some of his seed. Tears were pooling up on the corners of his eyes. It hurt and he felt so sick. He wanted this to stop.

"Z-zoro..." Zoro whispered, letting the alien word slip out of his bloodied lips. The reflection stopped, "P-please...I don't want-"

Another painful squeeze of his length and Zoro hiccupped, choking a little from his tears. The reflection grinned, the moonlight casting a ghastly appearance on his cold, whitened skin, "I'm sorry Zoro. You don't want to cum when I even haven't fucked you yet." Corpse like hands floated across Zoro's face, hitting the earrings together in a soft musical chime. His earrings rang in the same way as he bent down to unzip his pants.

"Wait-! What?" Zoro asked out loud. His reflection was really going to fuck him?! Zoro shoved the man away in arms length, "No! I don't want to! Go back in the mirror now!"

The same hand that muffled him shoved him against the wall, knocking the air from his lungs. Zoro coughed and eyed the swordsman. The reflection's smile gleamed in the white light. He pushed Zoro's knees down and apart, spreading them to its limit, "It's almost over Zoro. If you're wondering if it's hurts, don't worry. It's only for a second."

"Hahh..." Zoro gasped as a blunt cold object rubbed teasingly over his violated entrance. Soon after, he saw hues of black, splotches of rainbow in his vision. Then it was smothering in red. Red like blood, the thing this man craved too much for his own good. The blunt icy blade of the other's cock gored into him and Zoro could feel his heat enveloping it. He could feel its size, how hard it was and how much it hurt. It felt like it was tearing up his insides. He opened his mouth to scream but it was invaded by some bland tasting cloth. The only sound he could muster was a muffled groan. The side of his lips tingled in pain from the cloth burn. His reflection towered over him as he tied the tattered piece of cloth, from what used to be his shirt, in a large knot near the back of his head.

When the other returned to his eye level he grinned like a happy child. His reflection looked down, staring at the masterpiece, "Look Zoro. We're together, we're finally together." He chuckled, "How does it feel to have your own dick inside? Does it feel good?" He purred and leaned in, licking up the blood off Zoro's chin, "Oh yeah, you can't talk." He clasped both of his hands into Zoro's and put them against the wall, "You're so hot and tight...Uhnh, It feels so good..."

Drool dribbled indecently down Zoro's face. He couldn't talk but he could shake his head. He was getting so sick, the cloth was not helping at all. His vision whirred as dirty words mixed with his own voice swam through his mind. The cold blade throbbed on every Reflection's heartbeat, or was it his? The reflection kissed Zoro's eyelids, "I love you Zoro." Zoro writhed and gave out weak, muffled moan. The cloth caught some of his tears as it silently fell down his cheek.


Both of the Zoros froze at the voice. Zoro recognized the voice and it seemed the other did too. They didn't move, waited to hear the invader (savior for Zoro) speak again, just to make sure it wasn't an illusion.

"Hello? Zoro? I-is that you?"

The trembling voice, the sound of his feet shaking, it could only be Usopp. Zoro's nerves screamed and hit him. Why aren't you doing anything? Scream, do something! Tell him that something is wrong! Zoro sucked in air to cry out for help when his eyes landed into the other's menacing dark ones. All of the will he had was sucked out from those eyes. His body strength abated but still he could not pull his eyes away.

The reflection smirked and cleared his voice, "Uh, Usopp...S-sorry I uh...Nhnn...busy right now." His let go Zoro's hand which fell lifelessly onto the floor. He then wrapped those fingers around Zoro's dick and started pumping in quick messy movements. Zoro jolted from the rush of pleasure and on impulse threw his head against the wall, breathing through his nose as best as he could. His dripping cock slicked over the man's lukewarm fingers and created obscenely wet noises.

From all of the lewd sounds he heard Usopp gasp, "Oh. Oh...Zoro, there? You're doing that in there?! Are you serious?! Nami is not going to be happy."

No! Zoro screamed, That's not me, Usopp! Why couldn't he raise his voice? The muscles in his throat was heavy as lead. Precisely, every part of his body felt that way. He couldn't even lift up the hand his reflection freed.

The reflection laughed softly, "Y-yeah, I just had to...Don't worry I'll clean it up before she wakes up...Don't tell anyone about this okay?"

"...all right then...well...um...good night."

"Good night."

"Oh..." there was silence, "Um...you should be...l-less rough on yourself...it's not that loud but it might wake the others..."

The reflection's snickers were barely audible, "Thanks for the advice."

Zoro last hope of help. His ears painfully heard Usopp's footsteps fade away. The bathroom was silent with only Zoro's heavy pants.

His reflection gently stroked his finger over the nipples, instantly hardening under his touch. The man chuckled silently, "That was a close one." He released his other hand and watched as Zoro's hand fell limp against the side, just like what happened with the other. His reflection placed both hands on the side of Zoro's hips, "Let's see how long you can last." As Zoro felt his reflection's cock retreat, he couldn't help but wonder how warm the other's hands were on his hips.


The reflection sat with his back against the wall, staring up at the mirror. Zoro laid right next to him, unconscious, disheveled and yet with all of the cum and blood smeared all over his naked body, he was gorgeous. Made him want to fuck him again but he knew five was enough. It wasn't really fun to have sex if the other wasn't giving back any reactions. He pried open Zoro's legs, noticing how sticky, wet, and bloody it was, and grinned at all of the love bites. He leaned over and carefully took the cloth out of Zoro's mouth. It was heavy with saliva and blood. He planted a kiss on the lips, raw and bruised from the night activities.

All of the senses he wasn't allowed to have came to him all at once. He shivered from the pleasures of what it was like to feel alive. The first taste of Zoro's lips was just as he imagined. Sweet with a little tang from the blood. He loved the taste of Zoro's seed the best; it was bittersweet on his tongue. Every thrust produced a rich metal scent from the swordsman and he absorbed the luscious scent, smelling for the first time. His hands felt Zoro for the first time and since he was so used to the hardness of the mirror he was surprised at how soft his skin actually was. His eyes took in the lovely sight of Zoro, pushed against the wall and moaning through the coarse cloth. He wanted to see how good Zoro looked from above so he straddled the poor swordsman, cock plunged deep inside him, and forced him to ride on it roughly like a rodeo. Face flushed and drenched in blood, sweat, and tears; eyes out of focus; he sighed contently as the sweet memories flew back.

Zoro was his.

No body was allowed to have him, of course, even that blond bastard. A faint golden glow danced over Zoro's face and the reflection turned around toward the window.

Dawn was approaching and he knew he had to be quick. He gently picked up Zoro, destroyed clothes and all, into his arms. He stood up and faced the mirror. Slowly, he raised his arms straight into the glass and watched in silence as Zoro was pulled in. The mirror took him slow, melting the swordsman through the mirror, making the mirror image distort. Just like how a pebble creates ripples in a lake, when the mirror took Zoro in completely, the mirror rippled out in perfect rings.

The reflection looked at himself once the mirror was clear of rings. He could see Zoro was still lying on the ground with the clothes covering him like a blanket. He smiled and touched the surface of the glass, "No one can take you away. You are safe." A thin white outline formed around his hands and a white handprint was left when he pulled away. He silently pulled out the earrings off his right ear and with one of the earrings, poked three holes on the left. He placed the golden earrings in the fresh wounds on his left and grinned smugly.

Silently and quickly, he cleaned up the mess using the water from the spa, leaving no evidence. Once he was done he glanced back at the mirror. Zoro was still asleep. The transformation was slowly progressing. Soon it would be complete and Zoro would be forever his.

Zoro took one last look at the room before he closed it behind him.

To Be Continued