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When Chopper returned after Luffy's cue, the reindeer's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw Zoro and Sanji sitting together. From the reindeer's past experience, when the cook and swordsman were at least a foot apart, a fight happened. But, when he saw them talking quietly amongst each other and laughed, the reindeer's jaw broke through the floor.

From the sound of Chopper's jaw hitting the floor, Sanji took his eyes away from Zoro and smirked. "What are you doing there?"

The reindeer grabbed Sanji's arm, "Nothing, but...but Zoro needs rest! You can't make him sit up or he'll start doing crazy things!"

"Crazy as in what Chopper?" Zoro inquired, smiling from ear to ear.

"Shut up Zoro and sleep!" Chopper whirled the cook out of the door.

Sanji blew a kiss, "Good night Sleeping Beauty." Whether that was supposed to be a joke to tick the swordsman off, Chopper didn't know but it wasn't really funny. But when he turned to Zoro, the swordsman's face was all crimson. In a split second, Zoro grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it at the closed door. There was a loud slam and the poor little pillow flattened to a pancake and slid down to the floor pathetically. There was distant laughter on the other side.

Chopper collected the fallen pillow and stuffed it back behind all of the others around Zoro's body. After patting them all together, he glanced up worriedly, "How are you feeling?"

The blush on the swordsman's face was gone and a smile was replaced, "I'm fine. Thanks Chopper."

Involuntarily, heat rose to Chopper's cheeks and he slapped his hooves against the neatly tucked pillows, "D-Don't thank me idiot!"


Was it Zoro's superhuman mental strength or his magical self healing sleeping powers no one knew, but the swordsman's wounds healed before the date Chopper had estimated. Soon the swordsman was out of the bed and was able to walk on his own without anything or anybody to support him.

The following day he was able to climb all the way to his training room to work on the training, despite the doctor's constant screams of protest.

To Chopper's glee, Zoro was not in any depressing stages he had heard Dr. Kureha said when she had to deal with those. It was completely the opposite, which for some reason, worried Chopper more. Zoro was different and even the crew had noticed the changes.

It was in the early morning when everyone gathered around the dining table for breakfast when the swordsman entered. He was last to arrive, as always. When Zoro walked over to his seat that was when they all heard the swordsman humming. It wasn't an upbeat song nor was it something extremely gloomy; it was a simple mix of random tunes the swordsman just sang on whim.

But the humming.

Zoro never hummed.

Luffy blurted out, and spilled some of his mashed up lettuce all over Usopp's plate, "Hey Zoro! What song is that?"

Zoro stopped and glanced at Luffy as if he had no clue what he was talking about. "What song?"

"You were singing it just now? What's it called?"

The swordsman kept this frown and turned away, ignoring it all together. The captain spun around to his crew mates and asked silently if they all heard what he heard-and if they knew what song Zoro was singing. They all nodded and then shook their heads for the second question.


There was a sudden easiness in the swordsman. It was as if some kind of weight was lifted greatly off his shoulders. He smiled more often, even when Luffy and Usopp weren't around doing something ridiculous. The archeologist noted that he smiled the prettiest when the cook brought a tray of snacks, but she kept that discovery to herself.

It was just a day after Chopper announced Zoro's full recovery when the swordsman approached Sanji. The weather was nice and calm so Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper were able to fish again. The curious trio rushed to the backside of the ship where there they could throw their catch into the aquarium. Franky followed after them to make sure that his Super Powerful Ultimate Fishing Rod worked fine. Nami and Robin also left outside to see if the amateurs could fish more than just rusted cans.

Sanji was in his kitchen, preparing a delicious and sweet dessert for the ladies when the door opened. He didn't turn, but he knew who it was by the sound of his footsteps.

He smiled as he peeled off the skin of an apple, "How are you feeling?"

"Hm." Typical of Zoro to use sound as an answer.

Sanji finally turned around and he noticed that Zoro was still in his hospital gown. It was the long black one he had worn during the last few days in Alabasta. He hadn't noticed it then but finally taking his eyes fully onto Zoro, he never knew how much that outfit made him feel all hot inside. He hastily turned back to his cutting, "What do you want? I think I heard Chopper telling you already you can't have booze-" He suddenly felt a small tug on the end of his shirt. He nearly swallowed his cigarette when he looked over his shoulder to see Zoro's expression.

Zoro was facing him but his eyes were pointing in a different direction. His lips were pursed shut, but there was a dark shade of red on his cheeks. This caught Sanji's full attention and he spun his whole body so he could take a good look at the swordsman. The cigarette that nearly choked him was trembling. Hell, his whole body was shaking.

The black dress was not helping at all.

"W-what happened...?" Sanji stuttered uncontrollably.

Zoro parted his lips to say something, but that vision nearly knocked Sanji off his feet. Through the strong rush of blood flooding his eardrums like a waterfall, he heard Zoro's voice. "Will you...f-" and his voice trailed off. It took a while for the words to process Sanji's mind. When he finally stuck the missing puzzle together, he couldn't believe it.

After they had shared their confession, they also shared their first kiss. It was awkward since both weren't exactly ready to break their personal bubble, so it was just a brush of their lips. Plus, Zoro's body was still opposing for Sanji noticed Zoro was slightly trembling. So, that was all they did. A gentle kiss and nothing more.

Yes, Chopper had announced to the whole crew this morning that Zoro was completely healed and could walk on his own (but wasn't allowed to do any grueling training, which Zoro easily ignored). Yes, Chopper had also said that the swordsman miraculously did not have any mental illnesses, despite being taken advantage by an-almost-clone and confined into a different universe. Still, Sanji kept his libido away from Zoro because the swordsman wasn't ready. He didn't want to hurt him.

Now, right before his left eye, Zoro was offering himself to him.

Sanji felt a headache coming so he leaned back against the counter top. He narrowed his eyes at the swordsman, "Are you sure about this?"

Zoro flinched at the word, but didn't look up. The blush darkened, "I want you Cook. I've waited too long..." His dark green eyes were yearning for him. Sanji's heart skipped and did a back flip three consecutive times. However, there was a sudden sadness spreading through Zoro's face. "...even though I've been stained, do you still want me?"

Sanji reached his arms out and tentatively touched Zoro's cheek, "You're not stained Zoro." Seeing that Zoro didn't flinch, the cook leaned in closer. He cupped his hands around Zoro's face and pressed his lips gently over his. The cook hummed when the swordsman's hands flew into Sanji's hair. He licked the surface of the other's lips, asking silently for entrance. His wishes were answered and Zoro's lips parted and allowed the hot tongue to enter. When tongue touched tongue, Zoro's body shook. Sanji stilled and tried not to panic, but when he heard Zoro moan sweetly, he continued where he had left off. He deepened the kiss, leading the kiss first and then Zoro followed, mimicking his.

When they broke away for air, Sanji grinned, "Not bad for a first." Zoro blushed and only snorted as an answer. "So...where do you want to do it? I think the traditional would be best."

"Traditional?" Zoro quirked an eyebrow.

"The bed, moron. We're not going to do it in the kitchen."

"I don't think doing it with a man is considered traditional."

Sanji shoved his hands through Zoro's hair and messed it up, "Shut up, we're pirates! We don't need to follow those rules." The cook wrapped an arm around Zoro's shoulders, pulling him closer as he led him out of the kitchen, "The bed it is."


What Sanji appreciated just as much as the grand kitchen was the bedroom. The room in the Merry Go wasn't really considered a bedroom but since that was the only place that was spacious, they called it that name. Plus, adding some random couches here and there, and hanging multiple hammocks from the ceiling, it became a good sleeping place. But that was mainly it. Besides nighttime, no one ever stayed in the bedroom because of the horrible temperature changes during the season. None of the crew mates had any romantic feelings towards each other either, so no one complained.

Thank you Franky, Sanji thought, as he pushed open the doors to their new bedroom. Zoro stopped at the doorway and scrutinized the room carefully. His eyes flew open in surprise, "Wow. This is our new bedroom?"

"Yeah," Sanji then narrowed his eyes, "Wait, you never seen the bedroom?"

Zoro shook his head, "No. But I heard the other me did."

"Oh. Yeah."

The swordsman stepped in, his shoes clicked against the wooden floor, "I like it. Where's my bed?"

"That one." Sanji pointed to the bed next to Luffy's, "But we're doing it on my bed." Zoro let out a 'hm' and stood by his bed and waited. Sanji gestured Zoro over, "This one's mine." The swordsman kept a frown as he walked past two beds. All of the beds looked exactly alike but by the items placed on the covers he recognized who was who. So obviously, on a drawer next to Sanji's bed there were packs of unopened cigarettes.

Zoro sat right next to Sanji. The room suddenly lost all sound and the two shuffled their legs around. The swordsman looked over his shoulder and his eyes caught the pillow. It looked fluffy so he brushed his hands over it and pressed down. The pillow let out a weak sigh as it got flattened out. It was quite a pathetic sight so Zoro turned away and stiffed when his eyes met Sanji's.

He felt the cook's pale hands graze over Zoro's neck and the other around Zoro's back. Next thing he knew he was pushed gently onto the bed. Then he felt the kisses. They weren't the rough, painful kisses he had experienced with his reflection. Sanji's were soft and gentle and his head felt dizzy whenever he breathed in Sanji's scent.

He didn't realize he was making sounds until a hand covered his mouth, "Sshhhh..." Sanji whispered. There was a smile on his face, "I'm glad it feels good but you have to keep it quiet." Zoro nodded and his mind went white again when Sanji slipped his hands up from his thigh and caught the edge of his gown, "May I take it off?"

The swordsman's eyes were glazed over with bliss as he nodded slowly to Sanji's question. He felt the surface of Sanji's hand glide over his bare legs as his gown left his body. Zoro arched his back so Sanji could pull the rest of his gown.

Sanji's movements stopped and Zoro cracked his eyes open to see what was the matter. The swordsman let out a gasp at the numerous of darkened spots around his chest, his hip, and down his inner thigh. The memories of that night spun through Zoro's mind and he paled. How the man's familiar hands groped his own body. How the man smiled as he was toyed around. How those eyes, his own eyes, pierced into his own. Zoro cried out and frantically twisted his body to get out. Strong arms wrapped around his waist and the swordsman panicked even more. It was until he heard Sanji's soothing voice he had stopped writhing.

Zoro turned and his heart tore into pieces. "Cook, I..."

Sanji shook his head, "If you're not ready, I won't push you. I don't want to hurt you."

A normal person would have read the atmosphere and understood how much Sanji cared for him. This was Zoro; Zoro was not a normal human. The swordsman grabbed Sanji's face, securing him, and Zoro threw his head back. He saw Sanji's eye widen in surprise, and then widen more in surprise when the swordsman gave him a friendly, bone cracking head butt. Sanji was thrown back onto the bed and Zoro pounced on top, straddling him. The cook let out a harsh growl as the pain spread over his forehead. The swordsman grabbed the cook's wrists and pinned him down. Zoro felt smug as a dark red circle formed on Sanji's forehead.

Sanji shook his head and then glared up at the swordsman, "What was that for?"

"Didn't I just say earlier I want you to...to do me?"

"Yeah, but-you-"

Zoro's frown deepened, "I know. I'm still shaky from what happened." He pulled Sanji's hands free and he straightened up, "It still feels like as if he's nearby, ready to strike." His voice rose, "That's why I don't like it. I don't want that memory to be stuck with me and haunt me forever. I want a new memory to cover it so I don't have to look back at it again." Zoro tugged at his gown, wrinkled in a huge lump around his shoulders, and pulled it over his head. The gown dropped beside the bed. The swordsman leaned to kiss Sanji's lips, "I want memories of you."

His plea worked and he felt Sanji move underneath him. He felt the cook's crafty hands slide up his hips and cupped them over his chest. Zoro shivered and he glanced down hungrily at the cook. With a flick of the cook's arms, he flipped the swordsman off and he was back on top. Sanji and Zoro kissed as they attempted to undress themselves. Zoro kicked off his boots and they landed heavily next to his gown. All he had were his boxers which he let Sanji do that job. Zoro watched with half amusement and half nervousness as Sanji's fingers hooked around Zoro's waistband. Soon, he was free of his clothes and he could feel Sanji's eye trailing all over his body.

"...erase the memories huh?" Zoro heard Sanji say as the cook dipped down to Zoro's neckline where one large kiss mark blared like an annoying light. Then Zoro winced when Sanji began sucking hard over the mark. When he thought the pain resided, the same pain burned in a different spot down his chest. His cheeks reddened as Sanji lifted his leg to suck on another. The heat from Sanji's lips and the satisfying burn as it left his body, it felt so good. Sanji moved over and between Zoro's legs and the swordsman felt the cook's hard object. It didn't scare him and that brought a smile on his face.

The cook loomed over the swordsman and a grin spread over his face, "Now, it's my turn to leave something." Sanji leaned down to a bare spot on Zoro's neck. It was a junction between his lower jaw and neck and the cook pressed his lips. No matter what clothes Zoro chose, he would not be able to hide it. That seemed to be Zoro's weak spot and the swordsman squirmed.

The swordsman groaned but grabbed a handful of blond hair, "Cook, hurry it up. I can't-" Sanji saw the hard erected length Zoro was referring to. The swordsman was right; he wasn't going to last. The cook had to smile though.

"Alright." Sanji kissed Zoro and then scooted down. The warm feeling coiled up in his gut and Zoro was anticipating the pain so he gripped the sheets and waited.

But nothing happened. Zoro sat up and saw that the cook got off the bed and had his head in a drawer. He frowned, "What are you doing?"

Sanji pulled out a small vile of lotion with his fingers, "Getting lotion."

"Your hands are dry?"

"Yes, whenever I wash the dishes my hands gets really dry-" Sanji's eye narrowed, "No dumbass. It's lube."

Zoro shook his head, "I don't get it."

Sanji put a hand over his temple to hold down his irritation. He crawled back onto the bed. "Okay, with this-it won't hurt. As much." Zoro didn't reply, but just made a face.

"Just wait." Sanji unscrewed the top and flipped the bottle upside-down. A dollop of lotion fell into Sanji's palm with a wet plop. He smoothed it out with his two hands. One hand he worked at his own length and the other- "Hold still." His hand slid between Zoro's legs. The swordsman felt it and his nerves sent odd wiggly feelings throughout his body. He tried not to look down this time, but he could feel Sanji's slender fingers in detail. The more he thought about it, the harder it was to keep his form. The cook was right; it did not hurt as much. It still did, but not as bad as his horrible first.

"You're soft." Sanji mused as his fingers continued to slide in and out. Zoro wanted to hit him for being such an observing pervert, but the cook's finger found a sweet spot. Sanji chuckled lightly when Zoro fell back into the bed, twisted his body from pleasure. "Did you like that?"

Zoro blushed and he squirmed a little, "...y-yeah, it feels so good..." Sanji's face turned red at his honesty. The cook realized that if he dragged this on, he would not last either. The cook pulled down the rest of his pants and threw them to the side. There was now a small mound of clothes with Sanji's buckle standing out like a garnish on cake.

Sanji removed his fingers slowly and shifted between Zoro. Their legs brushed against each other and Zoro's heart started to swell up. All of those times when Zoro wished that he could shorten the distance between him and the cook and the days when he woke up feeling empty inside, his silent wishes were coming true.

Zoro suddenly let out a dry chuckle, "Hah, I guess I have to thank my reflection."

Sanji froze and then raised his head, "What?"

The swordsman formed a crooked smile, "-for being the worst cupid I've ever met, but without him this wouldn't have happened."

Sanji thought about it for a second before shifted his body around, "No comment." The swordsman snorted, but that smirk was quickly erased off his face. Remembering the reflection, the fear crept back onto the swordsman.

"Shit..." The cook saw the red disappearing from Zoro's cheeks and a shade of blue was replaced. He brushed both of his hands over Zoro's face and squished his cheeks, "Zoro look at me and only think about me." Zoro blinked and his eyes focused into Sanji's deep blue ones. When the swordsman gave a nod of approval, Sanji grinned and began kissing Zoro, so the swordsman could keep his mind focused on the kisses. The swordsman melted, feeling his body sink into the sheets by the hot, wet kisses until he felt the sudden rush of heat in a different place. The swordsman's eyes widened when the loud pulse pounded into his ears and the blood rushed down between his legs where the immense heat formed. But soon came the uncomfortable pain and Zoro gasped in Sanji's lips.

The cook pulled away and brushed his hands through Zoro's hair, "A-are you alright?"

"Y-yeah..." Zoro panted through words, "I'm fine...you can-" the swordsman didn't need to finish his sentence.

Sanji started with gentle, slow steps. He slipped and entered himself slowly, allowing Zoro to accustom his size. The swordsman soon was writhing underneath him, biting his lip to hold down. Feeling it was right, Sanji increased his speed, pounding inside the swordsman. Zoro arched his back and not able to hold it any longer, he cried out. Sanji slipped his hands into Zoro's, threading their fingers together. The mattress shook and the squeaking got louder, mixing with the swordsman's and the cook's moans.

A feeling he never felt erupted into Zoro's body. It was so hot and every nerve in his body tensed up as his vision tunneled. The swordsman arched his back as far as he could, his abdomen grazed over the cook's and he gasped out one long moan. Wind rushed through his ears as he came, deafening all sound around him. The wave passed and his senses settled back down on him. Zoro first heard loud pants and realized it were his. Then he felt the warm, wet weight on his chest and the golden strands of hair met his eyes. The swordsman pulled his hands from Sanji's to touch the cook's hair. It was slick and damp, words he didn't expect to describe Sanji's hair.

Sanji chuckled, the gentle affection tickled him. He grazed his cheek to look up into the swordsman. The cook let out a breath and slowly pulled himself out of Zoro. The swordsman winced and his eyes happened to look down. His eye caught hold of a white string strung out from the tip of Sanji's length and his eyes followed it down and it disappeared around his crotch. It was subtle but he could feel that slimy string being pulled out. Zoro's pants got louder.

They just did it, and Sanji was inside of him. He ran his hand over his groin where he could almost feel the cook's heat settling inside. Zoro smiled bashfully and bent his head down to avoid Sanji's eye.

When his breathing returned to normal and the heat on his face wore away, he glanced up to see what Sanji was doing. The man already had a fresh lit cigarette in his lips, "You know what the guy said after I told him how I knew he was fake?" the cook furrowed his eyebrows, "'If you ever make Zoro feel lonely again, I will come back.'" Sanji exhaled a white thin cloud of nicotine smoke, "Bullshit, I say." The cook glared, "I'll love you so much that he'll never be able to even land a finger near you."

Flowers blossomed in Zoro's heart, "Then does this mean you're not going to flirt with Nami?"

Sanji chewed on his cigarette to drag on the silence. "I'll try but it'll take a while."

The swordsman stared into the cook's eye to see if the other man was going to keep his word. "Alright." Zoro crawled onto Sanji's lap so he was in a straddling position, "Can we do it one more time?"

Although the cigarette was still new, Sanji stubbed it out in the ashtray. Hands and lips free, Sanji slid his hands up to Zoro's waist. The cook pulled Zoro into a gentle kiss, "Sure."


"Not yet Robin?"

The archeologist shook her head, her eyes were closed, "Not yet." She smiled a mysterious smile, "They're starting again."

The male team groaned, "But I want to go to sleep!"

"-And I have to get something from that room."

"If you want to enter the bedroom to disrupt them, you can." Robin pointed out, but no one dared to try. Even Luffy, who believed that Zoro and Sanji were just fighting, didn't feel like interrupting their time. It was just a special fight, right?

Nami sighed, "Well, at least they aren't doing it in our rooms, right Robin?" Robin returned a smile, "Ah, I'm tired of scary stuff. I hope I don't see one any time soon."

"But Nami-chan, we're entering the Triangle with ghosts, zombies, and maybe mirror monsters." Robin informed with her usual calmness and attractive smile.

Chopper raised a shivering hand, "No! I don't want to see scary mirror people!"

"Don't talk about mirrors! I don't want to hear about it anymore."

Sooner or later, they would find a barrel leading them to the terrifying island, Thriller Bark, and an eccentric (and perverted) skeleton whose reflection did not show up in a mirror.

The End