Authors Note: So I understand that I'm introducing a lot of characters that may be unknown to you. I read the TT comics, watch a lot of dc movies and read a lot on the comic-vine. I even wrote a 25 page article on the jewish influence in comic book medium and comic book reflection of american social, and political environment. So there may be a few references you don't understand or names that you don't know. I'm going to try and clear it up in the authors notes. On another note, my boyfriends laptop crapped out on me and I can't seem to find a job, so my updates will be fewer and farther apart. To use the computers at the library I have to reserve them in advance, only for 45 minutes, the internet is slow, I can only use it once a day, and I need to look for a job. I'm still writing, I'm just technologically starved.

Nightwing: Richard Grayson or Dick

Red Hood: Jason Todd (In my stories he's always going to be Red X.)

Aqualad: Garth, in the comic books when he leaves the moniker Aqualad behind he adopts the name Tempest. Garth is actually royalty and much like Aquaman his throne was taken from him in a complicated storyline that I really don't want to get into.

Red Arrow: Speedy, later known as Arsenal. His real name is Roy Harper

Kid Flash: I may just have him take the name impulse

Beast Boy: is kind of in between names. But Malchior will help him with that.

Cyborg: Victor Stone

Star Fire: Koriand'r or Kori for short ( I probably massacred the spelling.)

Zachary Zatara: Is the cousin of Zatanna and a famous magician. He helps the Titans on the league in various issues but really doesn't get along with anyone but his stage assistant Bunny and his romantic interest Raven.

Zatanna: In the original Teen Titans Raven approached the league for help in prevent her father's ascension but Zatanna was against helping her since she sensed Ravens demonic heritage and told the league not to trust her. Raven was forced to look for help with the Titans.

Dr. Fate: the helmet changes hands but Dr. Fate doesn't

Paper to Flesh

Chapter 21

Thrones and Monkeys

Garth stood outside Ravens door and waited for the water to stop running. It had been a long day and Raven was understandably trying to wash away the day with a long shower. During the interrogation they had found out that Rorek had fried the Titans security system with his magic which led to Red Arrow, Cyborg, and Bee spending most of the night rewiring Titans security. Shortly after the interrogation and Nightwing's mandatory ebriefing Raven locked herself in her room and no amount of waffles or tea could coax her out. Garth wasn't sure if she was using the null orb again or if she was just ignoring the world as usual.

He had volunteered to try to coax her out of her room for Game of Thrones night. One of the few nights that everyone in the team agreed on what to watch. Garth had been waiting for her to open the door for the past half an hour, but obviously Raven would have been content to just stay there for the rest of the night. It was a good thing that he as a master manipulator. Garth closed his eyes and concentrated on the water i the pipes. Raven was using all the hot water she could, considering the Towers upgrades she could conceivably stay in the tower for days. Garth smiled as he went to work and turned all of Ravens steaming hot water ice cold. He laughed when he heard her cry out in shock and leaned against the wall opposite her door with a satisfied smirk. A few moments later Raven stormed out of her room wearing nothing but a towel and a furious expression on her face.

"What the hell Garth?"

"Get dressed, it's Game of Thrones night."

Raven's jaw dropped and with good reason. Garth rarely commanded women to do anything, he was always a gentleman.

"Clothes, Now!" he said as he pointed at her.

"What makes you think I'll just do as I'm told?"

"Because you love Game of Thrones and you love your team, so you should love them together. Plus if you don't get dressed and down to the couch within the next ten minutes I will personally make sure that you never have another drop of warm water, not even for your tea."

Raven stared at him with wide-eyed shock while he resisted the urge to laugh. When a few seconds passed and she still had nothing to say he smiled and walked away.

"I'll save you a seat, better hurry." he called back to the still flabbergasted Raven.

AS Garth walked down the hall he heard Raven rush into her room and smiled. She was going to be mad at him when she came downstairs and joined the rest of the team for the night, mayne Cyborg could tell him how to make a peace offering to an angry demoness.


Raven rifled through her clothes for something suitable to wear. Garth was not bluffing, she remembered the last time his threat went unheeded Roy ended up being pantsed each and everytime he neared any body of water. This wouldn't have bothered him much if not for the fact that Garth managed to make the water ice cold, or so Roy claimed. She pulled on a pair of yoga shorts she didn't remember buying and her "winter is coming" t-shirt and went to the living room.

Garfield was serving himself nachos while Mas, Menos and Ki Flash were pouring meaty chili sauce on theirs. Roy was on the floor begging Zachary for his assistants number Bee and Victor cuddled comfortably together in their corner. Kori was sitting next to Richard with her arms crossed, a sure sign that they were in the middle of a fight and Garth sat in the center of the couch with a large jar of Nutella and two spoons. And obvious peace offering. Raven turned towards Victor and muttered under her breath.


Garth laughed and handed her a spoonful of Nutella as she took the seat next to him. Raven crossed her arms and popped the spoon in her mouth. She was 90% certain that she looked like a petulant child but she didn't care.

"By the way, I like your shorts."

Raven gave him a confused look and he blushed. "You don't know?"

Raven would have grilled him for more information but the show was starting and her mouth was full of chocolate gooeyness. Garth picked that moment to lean over and whisper in her ear.

"They say 'not an entrance' across the back."

Raven's eyes widened with horror, Jason had done it again. For the past year Jason Todd, Former robin, current Red Hood and occasional Red X would routinely break into the tower and slip the most ridiculous articles of clothing into her closet. this was evidently his latest addition. Garth was biting his lower lip with barely contained laughter. No one else seemed to have noticed, which was a blessing, but it presented another problem she was going to have to get up sooner or later. She could always teleport but that would only raise more questions and more visits to her room for "talks". As she sat there mulling over the pros and cons of teleporting away she felt a heavy cloth pulled over her had removed his hoodie and shoved her into it. She peeked out at him from under the hood, he winked and handed her another spoonful of went back to watching the show. Raven resisted the urge to smile by sucking on the spoon and watching the show.


Raven woke up the next morning to the sounds of someone banging against her door.

"Rae got up! Fate is releasing Rorek."

Raven grumbled and rolled onto her stomach in a beleaguered attempt to ignore the world. She was still sleeping off the extra greasy pepperoni, cheese and bacon pizza from last night. But Garfield just wouldn't grant him peace.

"Come on Rae, get up or I'll tell Cyborg that you offered to ref for our burping contest."

"I'm up!" Raven cried out in genuine fear. She off her pajamas and floated towards her dresser. She pulled out the t-shirt Mas y Menos had bought her for Dia de los Muertos, jeans and her army boots, then stumble out of the door.

"Ask Roy to ref."

"Already did he says he's leaving soon."

"Then go ask Kori, it may be an unknown Tamaranian tradition." she said as she pulled her hair up in a messy ponytail

"KAy, now hurry up! Fate says that he's sending Rorek to live with Etrigan for sensitivity training."

Raven smiled, that was something that she would pay to see.


Rorek looked around, the music had finally finished playing and he could hear someone at the door. He prayed to all the Divines, past and present, that he would not have to content with the archer or the mage. Those two seemed to take particular delight in his despair. Surprisingly the demoness and the Atlantean kept them in line, or atleast made attempts to remind their friends about the Geneva convention laws regarding the treatment of a prisoner.

Dr. Fate walked in and Rorek suddenly felt a relieved smile spread across his face. He got up and bowed.

"Nabu, it is a honor to finally make your acquaintance."

Nabu, stilled an tilted his head contemplatively.

"I wish that the same could be said for me, but since you saw fit to attach one of my associates I fear I cannot return the sentiment."

"Surely the great Nabu doesn't consort with demons."

"Raven is also half human, she has proven herself honorable and kind despite her father's attempts to corrupt her. There are many official and unofficial members of the justice league who have succeeded in overcoming their parentage. But enough about Raven, I am here to discuss your actions " Fate leaned in and glared at Rorek who leaned back and let out an audible gulp. He could hear Zachary and Red Arrow cackle behind the double sided mirror.

"You broke into Titans Tower and assaulted a Senior member. You also seem to have a certain prejudice against magical and extradimensional beings. Given that this is your first known offense and that you were once a hero of lore. The members of the League have decided that your punishment won't be severe. Instead of incarceration we have decided to send you to sensitivity training with the demon Etrigan. You will live a total of two months with him and fight alongside him during missions. Hopefully by the end of the two month period your attitude towards interdimensional races will improve."

"You can't be serious."

"Deathly serious, Furthermore you are prohibited from attacking Raven and Malchior without consent from the league or the magical community. We just received word that the King of Atlantis has formally recognized Malchior and his land as an independent nation, complete with a seat at the UN. So under no circumstances are you allowed to attack Malchior. The league and the UN will investigate the validity of his claim and whether or not his people are being abused in anyway." Dr. Fate looked down at Rorek and the chains that had been in place disintegrated. "You will report to Etrigan and you will treat him with the respect he deserves or I will place you in a pocket dimension for a century."

Rorek held himself from objecting and followed him out of the room without another word. They reached the entranceway of Titans Tower where the Titans East and West were gathered with varying degrees of contempt playing across their faces. Raven seemed to be the only one with a calm demeanor. A man that Rorek did not recognize was standing in front of the door so he assumed he was facing Etrigan's human form.

"Good evening, my name is Jason Blood. I am here to pick you up for your sensitivity training."

Rorek starred at Etrigans vessel and sighed.

"This wont be pleasant, will it?"

Blood chuckled good naturedly and shrugged his shoulders. "That would depend entirely on your attitude. Now come along, I have some artifacts I could use your help with. They are magical in nature and I could use your expertise."

Rorek perked up at the mention of magical artifacts and followed Etrigan to the vessel. He stopped midway to the ferry, turned and bowed towards Raven.

"I apologize for any trauma I may have caused you. I rushed to judgement when I should have taken the time to listen to you. I approached the situation poorly and I have slighted you. I am sorry." Rorek glanced up from his bowed position. There was a slight turn at the corner of her lips.

"I did toss you out a window, so I'm not as angry as I was yesterday. Thank you for the apology." Raven turned towards Blood and smiled. "Be gentle Blood."

"Yes your majesty." Blood said with a bow. Raven frowned. "How many times do I have to remind you to call me Raven?"

Blood smiled politely, "At least once more your grace."

"Still not what I asked for, but better" Raven muttered with a pout.

Blood bowed once more and guided Rorek to his boat. Once the boat took off Rorek turned towards Blood.

"Why did you refer to Raven as a royal?" Rorek asked curiously.

"Because she is the daughter of Trigon." Blood said as if he were commenting on the weather. Rorek's eyes widened and he turned back to look at the island.

"And the league trusts her?"

Blood looked down at him with a condescending expression on his face. "The sins of the father do not pass down to his children. Raven defeated her father and banished him to his dimension. She is royalty. If she went to hell she could claim ownership over Trigons realms since she defeated him in battle."

Rorek stared at Blood with a shocked expression and slapped him on the back.

"You're in for a big surprise if that's all it takes to make you speechless."

Rorek stared at the retreating T tower and wondered what other things he did not know.


Raven was watching Blood's boat disappear when she heard Bee call out her name.

"I'm sorry B, I wasn't listening, what did you say?"

"I was saying that you, me and Kori should go into town and have some fun today. I never get to have girl time in Steel City and lately I've felt like my life is too testosterone driven.

"Oh yes. Let us go to the mall of shopping and watch a chickflick and consume copiuos amounts of unhealthy snack food." Kori said with a pleading look that matched B's

Raven nodded her head. "Sure, let me go change. I've been meaning to buy a new tea mix and I know a great place to eat."

Kori squealed with delight as she flew up to her window to find a change of clothing.

Bee gave Raven a grateful look, "Thanks, I really need this, and I think it will be good for us to have some time away from the boys."

Raven smiled, "I couldn't agree more."


Malchior was sitting at this desk writing out a few new laws for his land when Krona walked in.

"I'm bored!" She said with a pout as she leaned over and looked at Malchior's work.

"Go play with your husband," Malchior said as he continued writing.

"He's on guard duty and says he's going to be too busy to play with me. So you have to."

Malchior spared her a glance, "I'm busy."

"Just do this on one of those computers you keep telling me about." She said as she chewed on the end of one of his quills.

"I find computers inelegant compared to my hand."

Krona let out an exasperated sigh. "It's not just me, Alex also needs to play. Why don't we go to the surface?"

Malchior looked out the window at Alex who was playing with Anora and a centaur foal that had wandered into his garden. They were playing a chasing game, it was nice to see Anora smiling and Alex playing with children his own age.

"He did ask for a change of clothes." Malchior said pensively. Krona let out a delighted squeal and grabbed one of his basilisks by the neck. She held the poor creature, who was currently in the form of a ferret, and shook it a few inches from Malchior's face.

"Tell it to send a message to Seraphine." She said and dropped the poor abused creature on his lap. Malchior was about to chide her for her treatment of his basilisk when the creature morphed into the form of an ocelot and launched itself at Krona's face. Krona rolled on the floor screaming, hissing and clawing at the poor beast. Malchior massaged his forehead and motioned for one of his basilisks to bring him tea. Krona finally managed to grab ahold of the basilisk and fling it out one of Malchior's stained glass windows.

"Krona, this is why I can't have nice things." Malchior said as he sipped his tea.

Krona flipped her hair out of her face and smiled "I won." she said victoriously.

The basilisk came back and sat in the windowsill in the form of a spider monkey. He screeched and hopped while he flashed Krona his middle finger. Krona crossed her arms.

"Don't be such a sore loser." She yelled at it.

The basilisk screeched louder and tossed his feces at her head.

"Malchior control your beast!" Krona said as she took cover behind his sofa. Malchior sighed and held up his hand, the basilisk came down from his perch and chattered in his ear about the injustice of it all.

"Krona, I'm afraid none of my little friends are willing to deliver your message. I trust you can deliver it yourself."

"FINE, I need a bath anyways." Krona said with as much dignity as she could muster.

Malchior chuckled and lit his pipe while his basilisk groomed his hair.

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