by Kaline Reine

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He was a predator… Constantly lusting for more souls. Nothing could slake his thirst; there was no longer anything that could possibly satiate his supreme hunger.

He'd been around for a long time. After dining on useless take-out for so long, one would start to crave a gourmet meal, sooner or later. It was inevitable. And after dining on nothing but gourmet meals for such a long time, they too would no longer be enough.

Many Demons had been driven mad this way. That is why even the life of an immortal must at some point end. Over the long centuries spanning his life, the demon had gained the pleasure of tasting many delicious things… He had gained a certain amount of pickiness concerning which souls he would deign to eat.

Now he was certain there would never be anyone that he could allow himself to partake of. He was growing bored, tired with all of life's flavors. He needed something more. Else, he would starve. If that were the case, he would welcome it.

Every time a demon feeds on the soul of a mortal, they become that much stronger. He was not above using seduction in order to gather prey into his coils. It would only make them taste that much sweeter, once he had them. But he had to be careful… His tastes had grown so particular that he no longer cared for anything than less than the purest of souls.

A child was screaming… Calling out to him in the night.

Slitted eyes opened, glowing wide in such stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded him. He was not in a good place… A spark was lit from somewhere within. He must be the first to answer the call, before any of the other demons heard it.

Another was racing toward the same goal… He could feel it. There would be others who could sense the purity in this unstained soul, as well. If he could just make it in time… He could claim the prize as his own.

It had been a long time since the demon had been interested in anyone new. He was content to lie around, waiting slovenly until the day when his abnormally long lifetime would end. He's be snuffed out, just like a candle in the midnight wind. He was no more than that. And the wick was about to run out.

Many words were passed, but in his hunger-induced ravenous state, he understood only two: 'Save me…'

Yes… Yes, he would do anything for that soul. He wanted it as his. It would be so delicious, and more than that… Something interesting. This boy's spirit was a thing worth having. It wasn't just any soul.

And just like that, the contract was done. He'd written into it every last detail of his own design. He'd used many contracts in his time, but this one was different from any he had forged before. Even without words it was understood that there would be an exchange… The demon's services, for the human's soul. That much was standard. However… Perhaps the boy didn't know the true value of the soul he'd just traded.

That was fortunate.

With a twisted smile, he maliciously slaughtered those few humans unlucky enough to be caught in his grip. They tormented the boy no more.

'Ciel…' The demon gasped in pure delight, basking in his presence. 'That's your name… My Ciel.' He could sense it.

His tormentors had all fled. The boy was covered only in a thin blanket. The red color drew the crimson eyes of the demon closer. He licked his lips, barely able to contain himself from forgoing the contract and devouring him right then.

"I belong to you," He bowed before such a beautiful thing, powerless despite all of his power. "And you to I… Master. Will you give me a name?"

"A name?" The boy faltered.

"Yes… I will serve you as long as it's necessary to get what you want. And then… You will be mine."

The boy thought for a moment. Only one name came to his mind. The one person (at least he'd always thought of his canine companion as a person) that was always there to comfort him in his time of need… Just like this strange creature was now. "…Sebastian."

He smiled devilishly. This would work… Oh yes, this would work marvelously.

Thrilled to have something within his control again, he approached where the boy lay upon the altar. Ciel tried to smile up at the demon that stood before him. Sebastian had faced many people, but never had seen one who was so blatantly unafraid of him, upon first glance. This boy's eyes…

'He has the eyes of someone who has already seen hell. Yet his spirit isn't broken… He is… amazing.'

"You don't have to smile for me," Sebastian did his best to calm his new master. "Ever. You should know that I can see right through you."

The response startled him for a moment. With eyes as cold as the iciest regions of the underworld, he regarded the tall figure. "Then you should know… I can see through you too."

It had been a long time since he'd heard a mortal speak… And even longer since he'd heard one speak with such authority. He was helpless against the boy. But no one knew just how much…

Sebastian halted, if only for a moment. This was going to be interesting, indeed… He did not regret taking on this fiery youngster for his master. No… Just the opposite. The demon was well pleased with his choice.

With a devilish smirk, he raised a hand to caress the silky smooth skin of Ciel's face. The boy sat up, and the small red covering slid from his shoulders, to pool in his lap. He was showing a little too much skin. Sebastian wanted to… touch it. He needed to feel the warm skin against his own, to-

No. He couldn't do that. Not yet…

Ciel seemed to know just what he was thinking. Maybe the demon was more transparent than he'd originally believed. This would be good for him. He liked learning about his true nature.

Carefully sliding his hands along the delicate skin, cautious not to allow himself to feel too much, Sebastian scooped the boy up into his arms. Upon inhaling his scent, he realized his error. This was a very bad idea… There would be others after him soon. The young one seemed to sense his alarm too.

"We have to get out of here. Now."

Sebastian merely nodded, already walking away with his prize in his arms. "Yes, my lord."

Ciel closed his eyes for a brief moment, letting himself relax against the strong chest. He would have to be careful around this man. He knew Sebastian was a demon… And he knew that no one, not even mortals and especially not demons, could really be trusted. He would keep his distance, as much as possible.

Sebastian knew he had no right to complain. He liked his new name… In fact, he already knew of the perfect surname to go with it. But that didn't mean he liked the idea of being named after a dog.

He stood in the window, cradling his prey that much closer to him as the chill of the night air descended all around them. The demon carried the young boy away… Together, they disappeared into the night.

It had been a long time since that night… He'd been serving his master for many years now. It seemed that Ciel wasn't quite so willing to let him go.

Although, he had never been so naive as to believe this to be a quick meal… An open and shut case, that his plans would go off so smoothly, without a problem… But it was still a great deal more than he had ever anticipated.

There were so many strange occurrences interfering with Ciel getting his revenge… Revenge was not a task to be taken so lightly, even by nobles of such power. Being the Queen's watchdog was a task in and of itself. Add in that he was a demon who was supposed to be helping said watchdog get revenge on the invisible, countless unnamed faces that no one even knew of, and it was just one giant headache.

As much as his master wanted revenge, it would seem he wanted to live that much more. This led to Sebastian trying to think of ways to ensure that the revenge was done. In order for him to get his end of the deal from the contract, the circle must be completed. He would have to thoroughly finish the deed they had agreed upon. All that remained to be said was how to go about it.


His name was spoken from such soft, supple boyish lips… With an air of authority more befitting for someone of his own age. But this boy, this child, was starting to get under Sebastian's skin.

He really should stop referring to Ciel as a child. He'd grown a lot. Though he still dressed in a manner still befitting for a child. Determined to continue wearing shorts, and boyish clothing… Ciel needed to grow up. Still, his features held a youthfulness to them that was uncanny…

But then, why should he want to grow up? What was the point in doing such a thing, when he could so easily die at any given moment? It was a given that the Phantomhive heir would never live a long and full life. Not if he was as consumed by revenge as he'd originally had Sebastian believing that he was.

"Yes, Young Master. What may I do for you?"

He was at his master's side in a flash, smirking at his own thoughts. 'Or to you, perhaps…?'

"Have you prepared the tea?" Ciel didn't even look up from the paperwork he was doing.

That was all he wanted? Sebastian found it nearly impossible not to sigh in exasperation. "Yes, Young Master. I'll have it ready at once."

And he wasn't lying. He crossed the room hastily. Ten seconds after stepping out the door, he was back with a tray and pouring some tea for the boy.

"What kind is this?"

Hungry eyes watched, as he drank from the cup. "…I'm not sure."

He was too focused on his master's lips to even care at this point. There was something about them… So adorable, so pouty. And the way they practically sucked on the edge of the small teacup, just draining the liquid from it… He couldn't tear his eyes away. And so he continued to just stare.

Ciel nearly spit it back out. "What's the matter with you?" He briefly considered that his Butler might be trying to poison him.

"With all due respect, Master… When do you intend to go after those who have wronged you? It's been a while since we've done anything to work toward… our goal."

He put particular emphasis on the last part, hoping the boy would get the hint. But Ciel was not taken in by this ploy. He sat with a blank expression, regarding Sebastian with distaste.

"…Have Maylene bring my tea from now on." He was certain now that his Butler had put something strange in his tea. Why else would he be acting this way?

"Hm." 'Insufferable brat.' "Yes, my Lord…"

He was the one who would regret it. The maid was known for her shortsightedness. She would ensure that his tea was served… Right upon his lap. And Sebastian wouldn't have a problem with it, so long as it properly scalded his master. He was not amused with how long this was taking. He was growing impatient now, and hungrier by the day. Each day seemed to drone on, uselessly…

There was only one thing that seemed to occupy his thoughts lately… And that was how to get the Earl to complete their contract. They had never agreed upon a set time limit. This left the distinct possibility that the contract wouldn't be completely until Ciel was pushing Eighty years old…

And Sebastian couldn't have that. Something would have to be done.

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