by Kaline Reine

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Warnings: This story contains Yaoi, Slash, M/M, homosexual relations, etc. There are also adult situations and dark themes. If that isn't your thing, or if you feel disgusted or offended by it, then please look elsewhere for your entertainment. The rest of you, feel free to enjoy. Also, I'm adding a warning for slight spoilers... Sort of. Although this is very different from the anime, it might ruin some things for you.


Thol was waiting for them when they arrived. The teen happily took their coats and escorted them to their room. He'd taken care of everything while they were gone. Ciel wondered if maybe sometimes Sebastian took his servants for granted... But of course he did! He was a demon. He found that he always had to keep reminding himself of that little fact.

"So... Did anything interesting happen?"

As it stood, Ciel did not even want to talk. He was tired... Just so sick of everything. And all he wanted to do was go to sleep. That was his only escape right now.

"I need you to go to a meeting in my place," Sebastian told him.

"Me?" Thol squeaked. "A... a lowly servant? Are you certain, my Lord?"

Ciel cringed upon those last two words. It was ironic... There had once been a time when he honestly believed that he would never tired of hearing those words. But now... Now he had a much darker outlook, if that were even possible.

"Yes..." The demon continued. "I am supposed to meet with the Prince next month to discuss some business. But it seems that I will be unable to make it."

Ciel turned to him, scowling. "Is this about me again?"

They were just outside of Sebastian's room now.

A pale girl with messy brown hair and eyes the color of emeralds sauntered by, interrupting them. She looked a mess. Ciel felt kind of bad for her, but then he realized who she was... He hated this girl. Hated her with all of his might. If he were in a higher position, he would have loved to see her killed. But apparently her soul had been summoned to hell, which meant that she had already died.

'...That's a shame.' He mused.

"Hmm... Something else just occurred to me. Matilda, it seems that I may have need of you, after all."

The girl looked afraid. And she probably should be, if Sebastian's former reputation as a demonic entity were anything to go by.

Yet still, she bowed her head submissively. But still she did not speak. Ciel was now under the impression that she was mute. After nodding in agreement, she went on her way to wherever it was she was going. Probably to bed. It looked like she'd been working all day or doing something, at least.

"Well that was awkward..."

"Look, can we just go to sleep?" Ciel growled. He was exhausted by this point.

"Sounds like someone's eager to be alone with a certain othersomeone..." The servant boy smirked. "I'll leave you two alone."

Sebastian said nothing, he just let the two of them bicker. He would have all of his goals accomplished, soon enough. For now, all he would have to do is wait and play all of his cards just right in the meantime.

"We should rest now," The demon said this more to himself than anyone, but it was like he was addressing everyone at the same time. "Come on.

Ciel had an adorable blush on his face. "Uhm... Are you going to... ah... Sleep in here tonight?"

"Of course. You sound almost eager..." The demon pinned him against the door, hot breath in his ear. "Is that something you want? Would you like it if I did?"

He turned the door handle, causing Ciel to nearly trip over himself in surprise. He wasn't expecting that. He could smell a faint trace of wine on his Master's breath... Maybe that was why he was acted like this?

He didn't want to sleep with him when he was drunk. Somehow, he would have felt like he was taking advantage of Sebastian if he did that. But then he remembered that the older man was his Master, he was a demon in hell, and he was keeping him prisoner here for no apparent reason. He also intended to eat his soul, and Ciel damn well knew it was only a matter of time until he did. Or let someone else do it...

Deciding it didn't matter whether Sebastian truly was inebriated or not, the boy began to grind against his Master. He was feeling neglected lately, anyway. So he figured he'd might as well go with it.

"Mmmm... I'd be careful doing things like that, if I were you. It might get you in trouble."

"I'm already in trouble," Ciel licked along his jaw, having to stand on tiptoe because the other man was so much taller than him. "But not as much trouble as you."

With a hiss, the demon pinned his wrists above his head. He had him against the wall, beside the door, which incidentally was still open...

No one cared.

Red droplets glinted in what little light there was, as Sebastian bit into his lower lip. He placed one hand behind the boy's head to hold him in place. He wanted total control, and would not settle for anything less. His other hand was busy unfastening his pants.

The velvety fabric slid across his skin, and a hand wrapped around his member. Ciel couldn't hold back a moan, as he was viciously violated. Before he could do anything about it, the demon was on his knees, looking up at him in lust. He felt the heat coming from his warm breath... And he was inside Sebastian's mouth, the hot wet suction nearly making him want to fall to his knees too.

"Ohhh... Oh my god, please stop..."

Sebastian didn't listen. He just kept sucking him off until he felt his orgasm approaching. Then he stopped for a moment, just staring up at him. He was waiting to see his reaction. All it would take was one more stroke; one more simple little touch and it would send him over the top.
"Nnngh!" Ciel's eyes rolled back into his head when the demon lightly ran his tongue over the head, taking him into his mouth one last time.

Creamy white fluid filled Sebastian's mouth, and he rose to his feet then. He said nothing, but loomed over his slave dangerously.

Before he knew it was happening, he found his lips captured by his Master... A creamy tongue licked at his own, covering with his own seed. The thick mixture tasted strange in his mouth. But he couldn't stop himself from kissing back with everything he had. The taste of himself on Sebastian's tongue was too much, and he was already hard again.

Palming his Master's erection found him with one wrist pinned above his head. Ciel was being held against the wall again. His other hand settled to tangle in Sebastian's hair, pulling him as close as he possibly could.

And then he pulled away... "Shall we go to bed?"

"No," Sebastian breathed across his neck. "I'm going to take you... Right here."

Nuzzling the boy gently, he let his lips move against the warm pulse of his jugular vein. His bared his teeth and they scraped, ever so lightly, across the blank canvas of skin.

"Right now?" Red eyes stared back into the big blue ones, as he watched his Master with a mix of confusion and awe.

"Right now..."

The demon bit down, searing his victim with a mark as his teeth sunk into warm flesh. Ciel didn't understand what was happening, but all he knew was that it felt good... Reallydamn good.

His pants were around his ankles, so all he had to do was step out of them. His shoes went with them, and he felt hands pawing impatiently at his shirt. Before he could even blink, Ciel was fully nude. A heavy blush settled over his cheeks, when he noticed that his Master was still dressed. He wasn't sure whether to ask him to remove his clothes or just take them off or what...?

He noticed his hands working at the zipper, and Sebastian's member escaped the confines of his own pants. It was heavy and hard with pent-up lust... Pre-cum dribbled from the tip, and Sebastian moaned when Ciel's hand wrapped around it curiously.

"Don't..." The demon pressed into his touch, but then he seemed to lose all self-control. Slamming him against the wall, Sebastian grabbed both of his legs, and picked him up, parting his ass cheeks and pressing into him. This gave Ciel no choice but to wrap his legs around his waist.

He cried out in pleasure when his Master slid inside... Sebastian's massive cock slid further into his depths, making him moan even louder.

"Mmm... Faster?"

He smirked. The boy seemed so unsure of himself. "I don't hear you begging yet." He continued at the same slow pace... Then, even slowing down a bit until he was moving torturously slow. "Hm?"

"I can't take it anymore! I need it... Nnnh, please?"

"Please what?"

The slave boy thought for a moment. "Please... Master?"

He didn't answer. There was a split second of tension, in which Ciel believed he had made some kind of mistake, or said the wrong thing. But then the demon grasped his hips even harder, and started slamming into him. There was such force behind each thrust that it made Ciel's entire body slide up and down the wall.

Crying out, his muscles clenched and he came all over both of their stomachs. The sticky white substance got all over Sebastian's clothes. Ciel hoped he wouldn't be angry with him about it later...

The demon also reached his climax, a few moments later... He screamed Ciel's name in pure pleasure. He panted harshly, having to struggle to catch his breath.

Ciel couldn't feel his legs anymore... He felt his balance shifting, as Sebastian walked them over to the bed, still inside of him.

"That was... amazing."

He realized they weren't finished when Sebastian climbed right on top of him. He loomed over the boy, ominously. Saying nothing, he started moving again immediately.

"It's never anything short of amazing between us, eh?" His Master purred into his ear, licking the edge as he moved inside him at a leisurely pace.

After several minutes of this, he abruptly stopped, causing the boy to whine softly.

"Why'd you stop?" He mewled.

Sebastian decided it was time to lose his clothes. He just wanted to be comfortable now that he knew his needs were being met. Climbing down into the floor, he hurriedly removed everything, before crawling up from the foot of the bed. He was taking his time, being sure to look sexy for his lover. He was slinking across the bed like a cat on the prowl. By the time he reached his destination, he could see the boy was already panting and writhing with need.

Placing one hand under Ciel's back, he flipped him over on the bed. He had no choice but to kneel on his hands and knees. Now that he was on all fours, Sebastian slammed back into him. He was violent, and passionate and... Absolutely possessive.

"Mmmm..." The demon bucked his hips wildly, not giving his quarry a chance to recover first. "That's better."

Ciel enjoyed the way he was being so rough with him, but at the same time, it made him wonder if maybe he really was only toying with him. He was slowly starting to forget himself, and everything that he had been working so hard for. He needed to somehow escape from hell... But there seemed to be no way to do that. He was trapped. And he hated being trapped. All thoughts of escape were pretty much lost.

As it was, he was currently struggling to remain on all fours. After a long time of taking it, he finally collapsed on the bed, his chest pressed into the mattress. His knees still help him up, and he knew it was becoming obvious that he was barely able to take the pounding he was receiving.

"Do you like the way it feels... having my big, hard cock inside of you... like this?"

Upon hearing those dirty words whispered in his ear, Ciel moaned and moved back to meet every thrust. His muscles were clenching tightly, and he cried out each time Sebastian's hard shaft pounded into him.

"Aaah! I'm close! Pleeeease... Nnnn- Mmhmmm..."

The bedsheets became sticky beneath him when he reached his climax. He also felt it when his Master was finished, moments later. He felt completely full inside, and he was so worn out. Ciel felt like he had never been so tired in his life... All he wanted to do was curl up with his Master and go to sleep. He hoped Sebastian wouldn't leave him alone after this... He really didn't want to be alone tonight.

Curling into his side, he draped one leg over Sebastian's and let one arm fall over his chest. He was so tired, but so afraid... Everything was happening way too fast. The boy's mind raced, until finally he gave in to the feeling.

"You should know that I've decided... I'm taking you as my mate..." Sebastian murmured in the quiet darkness, as they slowly settled into sleep. "...Ciel?"

He looked to his right, to find his lover was already asleep. Smirking like a Cheshire cat, he pulled the black silken comforter over them.

"Goodnight... My love." A gentle kiss was placed on his forehead. "Mine. All mine..."


It was a few hours until Thol passed by Sebastian's room. He saw that the two of them were curled up together, sound asleep. With a small smile, he blew out the candles and closed the door. He locked it from the inside so they weren't able to be disturbed...

A/N: If you're wondering, Matilda is not an OC. She is the girl from one of the episodes when Sebastian had to sleep with her (it was more than a little implied, sorry) to save them from Angela. So yeah... Not my creation. Thol and Lucifer are my two main OC's for this story. But I have to admit, even I think Lucifer is kind of cliché. Too late to do anything differently on such short notice. Sorry.

Uhm, and yay for Yaoi scenes! XD That's all I have to say about this chapter...