by Kaline Reine

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Warnings: This story contains Yaoi, Slash, M/M, homosexual relations, etc. There are also adult situations and dark themes. If that isn't your thing, or if you feel disgusted or offended by it, then please look elsewhere for your entertainment. The rest of you, feel free to enjoy. Also, I'm adding a warning for slight spoilers... Sort of. Although this is very different from the anime, it might ruin some things for you.


Things had been pretty normal for the last month. Or at least, it was as close to normal as they could get...

Ciel hadn't followed through with his plan to find a way to escape. He still thought of it, every now and then, but he couldn't bring himself to go through with it. And he also found it difficult to come up with any type of specific plan, simply because he didn't really know enough about where he was. It would probably take a long time. He'd have to learn how things worked here, if he wanted to do that.

For now, he would have to put up with obeying Sebastian until something else happened. His worst fear was that Lucifer might actually succeed in getting him. That would mean his soul would be devoured... He still didn't know what that would feel like.

He felt a little strange for thinking so, but if someone had to eat his soul, he would much rather it be Sebastian than anyone else. He was certain that he would be far more gentle than any of the other demons would.

But Ciel wasn't even really sure if it would even hurt or not. He had already decided that he would never let it come down to that. If things took a turn for the worst, and it looked like someone else would gain control over him, he would run away. He'd have to, in order to survive. But for now, he still held on to hope that it wouldn't come to that.

His attention snapped back to the current situation.

"You look..." Sebastian wore a small smile, as he adjusted the coat worn by the younger man who stood before them. "Er, well... You certainly look the part."

Thol did look good in the outfit that his Master had chosen for him. It was something like a traditional business suit, and most of it was black. "With all due respect Master, are you certain this will be acceptable? I wouldn't want to anger anyone... Especially any of the higher demons."

"Just do whatever they ask of you, as long as it's within reason, and you will be fine."

"I'll keep that in mind," He straightened his tie, forest green to match his eyes, and fixed his hair in the mirror.

When he was ready, he turned to the leave the room. Thol simply waved a quick farewell to Ciel and Sebastian. He was fully prepared to go to the meeting he'd been assigned to. He was supposed to attend in his Master's place.

"See you later. I should be back soon, but don't wait up for me."


Sebastian wasn't sure what he meant by that, but it didn't really matter. He trusted his servant to do what was necessary... As long as he didn't have to deal with Lucifer himself, it would be fine. He really didn't want to risk having a fight with one of the crowned princes of hell. That would not bode well for him. Especially considering what he was planning...

As soon as everything was in place, Thol left the castle. He wasn't entirely sure he was ready for this, but... He had no choice. It was his duty to serve his Master, until the end of time.

During his lifetime, the vast majority of his time had been wasted. He'd wanted to be free from all of that. And Sebastian had done many things to help him accomplish his goals. He knew that he owed it to him. But he'd been in a horrible situation... And summoning a demon had been the only way out. Nothing scared him anymore. Not even the Devil himself.

He really didn't know what to think of Ciel... It was clear the boy was from the Victorian era. Probably some time in the 1800's, if he had to pinpoint it. Thol was from the 1990's. He would always be a 90's kid. In Hell, none of that seemed to matter. This wasn't a time period; it was eternity.

It didn't take long for one of Sebastian's drivers to take him to the Prince's estate. The enormous palace of white and gold seemed to almost glitter in the distance. It wasn't until he stepped out of the car that it really came together, though.

"Nice place..." The teen muttered, closing the car door behind him and watching as the other servant drove away, leaving him behind.

He was let in by two unknown servants, who opened the enormous golden doors for him. The whole place was entirely too flashy for his taste, but he would deal with it for his Master. He knew this whole thing involved Ciel somehow, and that would also explain why Sebastian was willing to do almost anything to avoid coming here today... Including sending a servant in his place.

Thol knew he didn't belong here... He was used to living in a filthy hovel, barely excusable as a shack. He'd had such a rough life... If, at some point during his former lifetime, someone had told him that he would be at Lucifer's palace in the real, actual hell, he would have probably slapped them for being so stupid.

He walked in to the room where he'd been instructed to go to wait for the meeting to begin. There were two demons just making their way out, and when he came in there was a man with long flowing golden hair waiting for him. He was dressed up in the flashiest golden clothing, and everything was impossibly shiny. It could only be Lucifer.

The boy had been expecting to meet a dark prince today... But this man was anything but dark. In fact, he seemed just the opposite, full of light.

"Welcome..." He gestured to an adjacent chair, in which the servant immediately sat. "I assume Sebastian did not have the nerve to show up himself today?"

"My Master sends his sincerest apologies, your Highness." Thol tried his best to stay respectful, despite the man's condescending attitude. "He was unable to meet with you today, as he has many things that he must attend to. Currently, he is dealing with an ongoing rivalry with a certain Duke."

"I like you... Tell me about yourself."

"Forgive me, but I do not see how that relates to this meeting. I wasn't told the nature of his business here today, however-"

"Stop," Lucifer held up a gloved hand to silence him. "If I cannot see Sebastian, then you will have to do. Know that I cannot and will not do business with anyone that I do not know. You are but a servant. Your intentions are questionable at best."

Thol nodded in understanding. His black bangs fell into his face, and he left them there. he liked the feeling of having something to hide behind... Even if it were only a thinly veiled curtain of hair.

"Very well... I've been serving Lord Sebastian for over two hundred years. I am originally from the 90's, relatively modern times on Earth. At least, that was my most recent incarnation. I'm told that I bargained away my soul, and therefore that will be the last incarnation I will be able to have. But I have no regrets. I'm a simple person, and I've lived a simple life. In the end, I got what I wanted, so I can't complain."

"That's not what I meant. What kind of things do you enjoy?"

Thol just looked at him blankly, saying nothing. This man could not possibly be serious... Could he?

"Oh nevermind," Lucifer seemed to grow bored with the current conversation. "I suppose we'll move on with business, then." He folded his hands across the top of the heavy looking white desk. "I have an agreement with Sebastian, regarding his newest little toy. Has he told you about this?"

"No... Actually he told me that he wasn't entirely sure, and that you would fill me in on whatever it was. His only real instruction was that I am to say no to whatever your demands are, regarding Ciel. That is what I am prepared to do."

Blue eyes rolled back in his head, and he seemed exasperated. "Our current arrangement is that he gets to keep his pet for another six months... Now technically he has only five left. But after that time passes, Ciel's soul is mine."

"Oh..." Thol blinked. He was still clueless. "I see. What good would that do?"

"We must eat souls to survive... And to thrive. It's both a blessing and a curse. Ciel is rightfully mine, as Sebastian had promised me long ago that if he ever gained such a valuable delicious soul, it would be mine."


"You aren't really listening, are you?" Lucifer glared at him. "This is serious!"

"I've no doubt."

"...Do you know who I am?"

He thought about it for a moment. This was one of the son's of Satan himself. Lucifer was known not only in this region of hell, but all over the world. Those living and dead all knew of him. And he was said to be quite a scary man... But so far, Thol didn't see what everyone was so afraid of. He knew what such a demon was capable of. Yet, he did not feel the fear that he was probably supposed to. He really didn't feel anything.

Before he could react, the man had disappeared, only to reappear behind him. Thol jumped out of the plush chair, only to be turned around and pushed against the table.

"I am one of the crowned princes of hell, the son of Satan himself. I am the devil's offspring, and I can do whatever I want. This is my realm to rule as I please..." He paused, to lean in as close as possible to the teen, until they were almost touching. "Do you even know what I could do to you?"

Just a breath apart, Thol's whisper was barely audible. "Do it then..."

He had just made a grave mistake, and it was completely unintentional. He had piqued the curiosity of an infinitely powerful demon. And now he would suffer the consequences...

A/N: Well, this was a fun little interlude, I guess... I know it seems kind of random, but it is actually important to the story. Otherwise I wouldn't have added it in. Thol is my OC. I may use him for something again, some time. This particular Lucifer is also my OC, but I am sure there are many interpretations of him. ;) Lol. And that is funny, because I once swore that I'd never make a Lucifer OC for any reason. You never know... This is shaping up to be a fun story.