A/N: Just an idea that came to me, and I really wanted to go with it and see how it turns out. These will span one year, and they will all be in chronological order and are (mostly) pure fluff, because that's what M/G is to me. (At the time this was originally written, a full timeline wasn't as easily available as it is now, so each chapter likely doesn't line up with the canon timeline perfectly).

Despite being in "Los Angeles" the Ace Attorney universe also seems to get a pretty decent amount of snow, whether it's in the mountains or not, so that is reflected here as well.

Detective Dick Gumshoe was overjoyed to provide Maggey Byrde with a ride to the job she currently held since leaving the force. The "Goddess of Misfortune" was without a car of her own since it broke down just two short weeks ago. Despite the fact that his car was old, run-down, and often sounded like it was being driven over rocks, it was freezing this time of year, and he couldn't bear to see her out in the cold waiting for the bus. Maggey was currently working as a receptionist in a real estate office, which was only about ten minutes away from the police station. Considering it was so close, Gumshoe felt it would only be right to drive her home after her shift ended as well. Paying for gas and driving though the city's crowded streets that were covered in snow weren't enough to keep the detective away if it meant he could spend time with Maggey each day. In fact, Gumshoe had jumped at the chance without Maggey even having to ask for help with her predicament.

"I just don't know what to do! My whole life has been this way; nearly falling out of a window, failing tests, not even being able to win a game of tic-tac-toe, and now I have no way to get to work." Maggey cast her eyes downward toward the ground as she spoke.

Gumshoe, his mind racing and searching for anything to say that could lift Maggey's spirits, blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"I'll drive you, pal! Your new job is right near the station, so it's practically on my way." There wasn't a single thing that Gumshoe wouldn't do to help Maggey.

"Do you really mean it, sir? Oh thank you, Detective Gumshoe! I am eternally grateful for your generosity!" She gave him a salute as she smiled. It seemed old habits from her days as a police officer were hard to kick.

"Of course, Maggey. You ever need anything, you just come and tell me, okay pal?" Gumshoe laughed quietly while rubbing the back of his neck, with a smile that could have lit up the room.

The detective had been certain to get up early each morning and arrive at Maggey's apartment building on time to pick her up. During the ride, they would often share small talk, with Gumshoe occasionally trying his best to see if Maggey was seeing anyone without directly asking her. The only man working in her small office was in his 60s, and she had stated that most clients that came in were married couples looking for their first home together. He was curious, even if it meant he may hear that Maggey had found someone.

Each day, as she got out of the car at the end of their short ride together, Gumshoe would watch as she entered, making sure she was safely inside before driving away. He liked to tell himself it was solely police instinct, but he knew that in reality it was because Maggey meant the world to him. He had been looking out for her since she first joined the force, and even if he could never become anything more, he would continue to be her guardian. Breaking down doors and searching for criminals were key parts of his daily job, but Dick Gumshoe never could find the courage to tell Maggey of his true feelings for her. So, for the time being, he would continue to love her from afar.

That night, after driving Maggey home, Gumshoe noticed what appeared to be a snowman on the snow covered lawn outside her building. It was fairly small, with buttons for eyes and a large smile etched into the face. There was enough detail to make it clear that it was a human face, with small bumps for ears on the side and a large amount of snow placed on top that roughly resembled a hairstyle.

Maggey laughed when she realized what he was looking at. "It looks like you've noticed the snowman, sir."

"Did you make it, Maggey?" However strange the question may have seemed, Gumshoe had a hunch.

"I did. It may sound silly, but when I was a little girl, I used the make snowmen that resembled the people in my life that I cared about the most. Of course, being the unlucky person I am, they had usually melted by the next day, been run over, or destroyed by other kids. Since then, whenever we get enough snow, I like to keep that tradition going."

She smiled before moving to brave the cold and enter her apartment building.

"Thanks for the ride today, detective. Good night." She got out of the car and ran toward the entrance, rushing inside to escape from the frigid temperatures.

After she disappeared behind the doors, Gumshoe prepared to leave and drive home, when an object revealed by his headlights caught his eye. It was small, and the weather made it difficult to see clearly, but he had no doubts that he knew exactly what that object was.

The snowman outside Maggey's building had a pencil placed behind its ear.