A/N: Never thought I'd write anything longer than a oneshot for Gumshoe and Maggey, but it's been a nice start to branching out into other topics, pairings, and ideas. I'm happy with the way this is coming along, and I have some potential plans in mind for the future. The letter is only vaguely mentioned on purpose, as I have plans for it later on.


In a time of salary cuts, increased hours to make up for the extra money he spent at Très Bien, and general uncertainty about his life, Detective Gumshoe wondered about the direction his life was taking. As he sat at the small writing desk in his apartment, he couldn't help but think that maybe this happiness he currently experienced wouldn't last. That was the way it usually was in his life; things would get a little bit better, and then something would go horribly wrong. He feared that would happen with Maggey sooner or later. He could say, without a doubt, that he loved her, but a part of him still lacked the courage to make that clear. Their friendship had certainly grown over the past few months, but the possibility of rejection always existed, and Gumshoe wasn't sure he could bear more heartbreak.

He opened one of the desk drawers, intending to write a letter that would never be sent. Someone once told him that writing his thoughts down in a letter, but not actually sending it, would raise his spirits. Gumshoe wasn't entirely sure he believed that, but he figured he had nothing to lose either way. He retrieved some stationery and a pen from the desk's drawer, and spent the next twenty minutes writing, expressing his deepest thoughts in the best way he knew how, hoping that someday he would be able to say these words aloud. Once it was written, he folded the letter and placed it in an envelope, even going so far as to address it to Maggey. He left off the stamp, and instead placed the envelope back inside the drawer, closing it as he did so.

Gumshoe had his moments where he just wanted to give Maggey a call, or stop by and see her. But at the same time, he feared that he would come on too strong and push her away, leaving him alone. He didn't have much to his name, and he could probably never offer her much in life. A small apartment, frequent pay deductions, a job he wasn't always sure he would have tomorrow, and being a co-creator of the Blue Badger. It was all that he had, and when he added it up, it was nothing. He also had to wonder if he was reading into things too much. Maybe Maggey was just looking for companionship and friendship, and wasn't seeking any type of romantic relationship. Or maybe she was, just not with him.

He often doubted himself, mostly because his hard work usually went unnoticed and he had a habit of frequently ruining something important. Gumshoe had to consider that he might be letting himself get carried away, and there was a possibility that he was reading into events too much. He sighed, once again at a loss of what to do with his life. He was a bit lonely, he had to admit, with most of his friends always being busy with cases and other activities. Gumshoe would occasionally take Missile, the dog he had trained for the police force, out on walks on days when he didn't have work, mostly just to give himself something with which he could occupy his time. Everyone else that he knew had their own lives to live, and they had somebody close to them to enjoy that time with.

Once again, it was the usual situation. Gumshoe was left with conflicting feelings and uncertainty, but he decided that the best thing he could do would be to take his relationship with Maggey one day at a time. He was grateful for every minute they spent together, and he didn't want to do anything that may place that in jeopardy. He stood up from the desk, turning off the lamp as he did so, and walked down the hall towards his bedroom.

Surely he felt better now.