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Chapter 9

Give Love on Christmas Day

"Shuichi!" shouted Yuki as he barged in the hospital room. The hospital room is huge, and it looks like my old room. Shuichi was in a big white bed with bandages that cover his head and his left eye and sleep.

"Eiri-san! Please refrain yourself from screaming!" said Matsu, who was standing beside Shuichi the whole time. She was checking up on his body and condition. Even though Matsu is a doctor and director there, she sure didn't dress like one. Matsu wore a red tank-top, a short black skirt, fishnet, black heels, and a doctor coat. Something she don't usually wear. Matsu didn't mind the change. Even though, her husband told her to change her style once in awhile. She didn't want to, but her husband was serious, so she took him serious.

"Misaki!" shouted Usagi as he also barged in also. Matsu placed her hand on her face and tried to not vent her anger, but that failed miserably. Matsu glared at Yuki and Usagi. They both flinched at Matsu's anger. They both experience her anger before, and didn't want to see or feel that aura again. Matsu is quiet calm and understanding, but push her to her limits...well it gets ugly.

"Eiri-san. Akihiko-san. Come close...now." command Matsu, her face and voice was composed, but they knew what was coming next. Following her orders, Yuki and Usagi walked over to Matsu. Slowly. Got there, Matsu pointed to the ground. Meaning, get on your knees. They did and Matsu hit both of their heads with her clip board.

"I told you both to be quiet. I even told you twice Akihiko-san! Today and when Miaski was hurt. And that wasn't even long ago! Now, if you make say it again, I both put you out of my hospital in an instant! GOT IT?" shouted Matsu, losing her cool, calm composer. Matsu was so loud that Shuichi started to groan. Realizing that she was loud, she straighten her coat, and passed Yuki and Usagi. Misaki stared at Matsu, because he never saw her that anger before. Or mad at that matter. What Misaki realizes is that, Matsu spoils him too much and don't want him to see her uncool moments. Actually, she spoils anyone that's younger than her, but Yuki is an exception. He's not cute, she says. However, no matter how much she spoils Misaki, and heaven knows she have; she still spoils her only child, Sora, the most. Sora is a cheerful girl, who loves her mom and dad very much (even though she's a mommy's girl).

"Misa-chan. Please call me if Shu-chan wakes up." said Matsu with a smile. Matsu exit the room and didn't even bother to listen to my response. I was dumbfounded by Matsu's behavior. However, Shuichi started to moan again and I forgot about Matsu's behavior. Shuichi calmed down but that didn't stop their worrying. An hour has past and Shuichi paleness didn't light up or his fever.

"Excuse me." said a very familiar calm voice. Luna's head popped in, she waved her hand and walked on in. Luna didn't have on she wore today, but a nurse outfit; however it look like a cosplay nurse outfit. Nurses don't have short skirts.

"Luna, is that a cosplay outfit?" I asked

"Of course not..."

"Good. I thou..."

"But I did make it just for me though. Like?" asked Luna with grin on her face. I didn't want to say anything so I left it alone. I nodded my head but I can tell she already read my thoughts. But she wasn't bother by it. Glad too. Luna walked over to Shuichi's bed and place her palm on his forehead. She closed her eyes and whispered, "I call on thou Goddess to help thou friends in need. To bring ease on to him and set him free of pain." Luna removed her hand and Shuichi's paleness vanished. Like it wasn't there before. Luna giggled.

"He should be up and running tomorrow morning. But for now, let him rest." explain Luna. With that Luna left. Luna reminds me of the wind. Passing by and making you notice that she's here with her presence and leaving without a word. What a unique wind I would always think. The next morning, Luna was correct; even though I never doubt her prediction. Shuichi was up and running like nothing happen. He was back to his silly, full of energy self. Yuki was happy even though he didn't show it. I was also happy, cause it was my fault that this incident happen. A knock came from the door and Matsu (in long black dress with a long split on her left side with black heels) stood in the doorway, and behind her were two heads.

"These two heard the news and couldn't stop fidgeting and worrying." said Matsu

A head from on her left peek and I recognize that it was Sora, Matus's 8 year old daughter. Sora is a short brown hair little girl with big golden eyes. Like her mom (like kimonos), she wore a short red kimono that is held together by a red bow. She also wore a white jacket, tradition accessories, and red wooden sandals. On the other side of Matsu is Tsuna. He wore his middle school outfit, a navy sweater and black pants. Shuichi motion them in and they both ran towards him.

"Shu-nii, are you okay?" asked Sora who sat on my lap. And Usagi wasn't all that happy...I don't why, she's 8 years old! Tsuna climbed at the edge of the bed. Shuichi smiled. "I'm okay. Matsu and Luna, took care of me."

"Aunt Luna? Oh, then you're really okay if Aunt Luna was here!" glee Sora.

"Yeah. If Luna was here then she must have did the healing spell." said Tsuna. Smiling like a little bunny. That's what we usual call him cause he's innocent like a bunny. Matsu came over and check Shuichi one more time and says he can leave at 3 o'clock. And that was an hour from now. So what to do than to talk for an hour. We talk about all sorts of things, however it felt like minutes than an hour. It's been 28 days since that incident and now Shuichi and I are shopping for Yuki's and Usagi's Christmas present on Christmas Eve. We have a lot to do...or should I say I have a lot to do. I have to go grocery shopping to cook today's dinner and tomorrows dinner party. Hiro and Shuichi friends are coming, and so is Luna, Matsu, Sora (father doesn't like crowds), and Tsuna. But only for awhile, cause Matsu and her family are going on a vacation, and Tsuna has another party to attend. I have a lot of work to do, but I'm glad Luna is coming over early to help the preparations. If she wasn't going to be there, then I had to get up extra early to prepare the food.

"Misa-chan, look at this! Do you think Yuki would like it?" asked Shuichi. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the window that Shuichi was pointing at. It was silver watch with a black background and half circles on the side. Shuichi gazed at me with sparkle in eyes. Anticipating for answer...a good answer. I ruffled Shuichi's hair and smiled.

"I'm sure Yuki would like anything you give him. However it's a good gift to give him, so I think he'll be extra happy." I said. Shuichi's eyes got bigger and he rush in the store to buy the 1,574 dollar watch. On the corner of my eye, I see a watch that suited Usagi. The watch has a rectangular figure with a gray and white checkered background, and two circles, and a half circle in the middle. The watch look exquisite; it cost 1,989 dollars for it. Some would say that's expensive, however, the music career and being a member of White Destiny it doesn't seem it's expensive. I already had something for Usagi, but I guess I can buy another gift for him. Cause who knows how many gifts he's gonna give me. I went inside the store and bought the watch.

"Thanks for shopping at Burūdoragon Udedokei." said the clerk. Shuichi and I grabbed our bags and head back to our car to go to the grocery store. We get inside and the first thing that Shuichi asked for...

"Misa-chan I want Christmas cookies and some brownies~!" glee Shuichi. Typical of Shuichi. Every Christmas he would ask me to bake some pastries that have Christmas decorations on them. I haven't done it in a while, so I bet he's extremely happy. In the market, we bought ground beef, shrimp, hot cocoa, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, ham, and other foods. By the end of the day, we carried about 10 bags of food. We hurried home and put the groceries up, then sneak up to our rooms without disturbing Usagi and Yuki. The next day, I woke up at 6 o'clock to prepare breakfast:pancakes, sausage, waffles, eggs for Shuichi (and orange juice), and steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish, tamagoyaki, onsen tamago, tsukemono pickles,seasoned nori, natto, and etc for Usagi and Yuki (green tea). Then I also work on dinner for tonight. Luna came in at 6:30 and help dinner while I work on breakfast. And I thank that, because Shuichi woke up at 7 o'clock and was looking for some food. Yuki and Usagi woke up at 7:30 and look rather sleepy and agitated; and that's because Shuichi was so happy, that he woke these two up. With Christmas and presents he's about to receive, no wonder he's happy.

"Thanks for the meal! Misa-chan that was delicious! But you should eat to Misa-chan." suggested Shuichi. Shuichi was finally done with his breakfast. Yuki and Usagi were half way done. Shuichi got up from his seat and walked over to the bar. I was still cooking so I didn't have time to look up at Shuichi.

"I did eat. Earlier today while you were sleep." I said

Without seeing Shuichi, I can tell he pout. "Liar." said Shuichi. I glanced at Shuichi and stared at me. He was right. I didn't eat. I was too busy cooking breakfast and dinner, that I didn't have the time to eat. I smiled and went right back to cooking. "You're right. I didn't eat..."

"See!" shouted Shuichi

"However, it was because I was too busy cooking. And I didn't have the time to eat."

"Shuichi..." said Luna, she came around and stood next to me and gave Shuichi a plate. It had pancakes, sausage, and eggs. "how about you feed Misaki, since his hands are full."

"Ah, that's a good idea Luna" glee Shuichi. Shuichi picked up the fork and began cutting the pancakes up. Shuichi picked up a slice pancake and lift up his fork to my mouth. "Ahh~" I opened up my mouth, giving in. I ate the pancake and Shuichi giggled. I can tell he enjoyed this. Such a weird guy.

"Delicious isn't it?" asked Shuichi

This time I laughed. "But of course, I made it."

"Haha. Ahh~, Misa-chan!" glee Shuichi, but before Shuichi can get it to my mouth, Usagi grabbed the fork, and feed the pancake to me.

"If you want someone to feed you, I can help you." said Usagi. Shuichi and I looked at Usagi's serious face. Shuichi giggled and left to go see Yuki, who was also done with his breakfast. For the next minutes, Usagi feed me while I cook. However, I felt nervous when he feed me; totally different when Shuichi feed me. At 9 o'clock, Luna and I finished cooking dinner, and was now cooking desserts: Strawberry strudels, Chocolate cake, Blueberry tarts, Christmas cookies and Brownies. At 10:30, our guests came in;even Nittle Grasper came, and Luna and I finished our desserts.

"Finally we finished! Luna, I'm about to go change." I said, Luna nodded her head and headed to the living room, while I head for my room. When I got there, I immediately took a hot shower, to get the sweat off of me. Afterward, I put on my clothes and headed downstairs. When I got there, everyone surround the 6 ft. Christmas tree ready to start gift exchange.

"Let's start, because I'm getting hungry!" shouted Shuichi. He glanced at the food on the table and you can see him drool. Everyone laughed and started the exchange! First Luna started with her gift to Shuichi.

"Shu-chan, here's two tickets to a private beach resort called Palm Bahama for you and Yuki! And when you get there, everything will be free. I say you should use it on New Years. Oh and you stay there until you are ready to leave."

"That means, if I want to go do activities, it's free." asked Shuichi.

"Everything is free."

Shuichi stared at the envelope then back at Luna, and back at the envelope. He grinned at the envelope with evil intention. He glanced at Yuki, making him jolt. "Thank you Luna-chan! We will go on before New Years!" glee Shuichi.

"Where's my saying in this?" asked Yuki, who didn't want to go but stay in Japan.

"Don't you want to go somewhere with me?" asked Shuichi with puppy eyes. However, Yuki didn't budge. "I want to stay in Japan."

Shuichi pouted then turned to me. He grabbed my left arm and held tight on it. "Misa-chan, would like to come with me?" For some reason, I knew he was going to asked that. He told me that recently Yuki gets jealous whenever he's with me. And when he does, Shuichi gets what he wants. Yuki grunts and eventually agreed to go with him, however, Shuichi still wants me to go with him. The hours went by and everyone got some unexpected gifts and what they wanted (from Luna of course). Everyone left and Luna stayed to help me clean up and wash dishes. Finally, we got done cleaning without Shuichi, Yuki, nor Usagi's help. Misaki bid Luna goodbye and laid out on the couch.

"Good work today." said Usagi, he sat by Misaki's head and ruffled his fingers in his hair. I glanced up at Usagi and saw that he was reading a book. It look boring, so I didn't want to ask what kind of book was it.

"Yeah, without your help." I said. Usagi chuckled and continued to ruffle his hair. Quiet soon developed the air, and felt unusually odd. Shuichi was nowhere to be found nor did Yuki. However, as the time went by, I realized where they were at. At Yuki's room. But I wasn't sure, so I decided to ask Usagi.



"Where's Shuichi and Yuki-san?" I asked. Usagi stop reading and looked around the living room. He gazed in my eyes and said, "I don't know. Maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

Usagi smirked and continued ruffling my hair. "Maybe their wrestling. Go take a peek in Eiri's room." After that, he continued to read. And as I suspected, they're having sex, probably. I don't hear anything so I just left it. I didn't want to think about my childhood friend having sex. I shivered at the thought...what a thought!


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