Jojo hated hospitals. Ever since he was a child, he loathed them. There was only one time he had willing stepped inside one and that was when Hedi was born. It had been such a happy moment to be there when a life began - now he was watching another dwindle. The irony was almost laughable. Jojo would have never ever described Wolfe as tiny or fragile - but as the older boy lay in the large hospital bed, Jojo could find no other words to match. Every inch of Wolfe seemed to be connected to a machine that he almost seemed completely robotic. There were small tubes that disappeared under his skin and seemed to be drawing out blood in a steady stream and various wires that were connected to patches that littered Wolfe's bare chest and arms. But most frightening of all, was a thick, transparent tube that had been crudely shoved down his throat to force air into his lungs. However – none of these upset Jojo more than Wolfe's shaved head. Jojo had vehemently protested but the doctors had no choice but to cut off every lock of Wolfe's hair in order to operate. His forehead was also wrapped tightly in gauze and made him look like a half-way mummy.

Jojo burst into tears the first time he ever set foot into Wolfe's room in the intensive care unit. He had waited in the hospital's reception area until 3am before the doctor told him he was able to see him. The sight of Wolfe lying limp in the bed was almost too much to handle, the only movement was the slight rise and fall of his large chest. Wolfe's right leg was in a cast and was poking out from under his sheets; it had been shattered when the trucked wheels ran over it.

It seemed like an eternity had passed since that horrible trip to the mall. But in fact it had only been a week. Jojo never left the hospital grounds during that time. He remained by Wolfe's side as much as he could but he was a high school student who was also a part-time caregiver of his sister after all. He and Hedi slept in the hospital now - In the dorms available for the families of long-term patients.

Jojo sneered.

Wolfe had not received one visit from his parents. They called once to ask how he was doing but neither of them sounded like they truly cared. He promptly slammed the phone down when they began berating Wolfe about his impulsiveness but not before Jojo spat some very vulgar words at them that Wolfe was sure to be proud of. He had never met such horrible people before and he wondered how Wolfe had turned out so great. Hedi liked to sit by Wolfe's bedside when she got back from school and talk to him about her day. She would talk as if Wolfe was actually awake and that made Jojo somewhat sad because she still held onto the hope that he would wake up anytime soon. Jojo was a little more realistic, though he stubbornly denied any notions that Wolfe would die, he knew that it would be a very long time before he woke.

Wolfe had hit his head pretty hard when he tackled Hedi out of the way. He had wrapped his arms protectively around the small girl to take the fall force of the truck on his shoulder and forgot to protect himself when they were flung a few feet forward. He was knocked out immediately - to which Jojo was slightly grateful for because seconds later the truck jolted over his leg with a stomach churning crunch. Jojo whimpered at them image and he buried his face into the hospital bed, Wolfe's hand clutched tightly in his.

"I'm sorry." Jojo whispered - his voice strained. He remembered the last things he had said to Wolfe and the words tore at his heart like broken glass. He hated himself so much. "I'm so sorry, Wolfey."

Jojo was so grief-stricken he failed to hear the door open and the soft footsteps that followed. It wasn't until he felt a soft hand on his shoulder did he look up in surprise. Yuki didn't say a word as he enveloped the dark haired boy in his arms and held him to his chest tightly. Jojo's iron will shattered and he burst into tears. His arms snaked around Yuki's waist and he fisted the back of his winter coat. Yuki could the powerful sobs shaking from Jojo's core as the boy wailed against his chest. It was a heart-breaking sound. As gently as his could, he kissed the top of Jojo's head and stroked his dark hair.

"I'm here." Yuki said without any hesitation or jolt in his speech. "I'm here, Jojo."

"It's all my fault!" Jojo cried. His voices slightly muffled against Yuki's chest. "If I hadn't yelled then Hedi would have never ran away and Wolfe wouldn't have gotten hurt!"

"Jojo stop." Yuki said firmly. "It's not your fault. That truck ran a red light, if you want to blame anyone then blame the truck driver!"

Little did Yuki know but Jojo had already gotten his revenge. Two days after the accident the driver

Of the truck showed with a bunch of flowers he had obviously bought from a seedy gas station and smelling heavily of liquor. The man just mumbled a half-hearted apology and handed the wilting flowers to Jojo who promptly dropped them onto the floor and stomped on them. When the man began to yell, Jojo punched him square on the nose which ended up making a loud satisfying crunch. It took two doctors and a nurse to finally pull him away from the man. He didn't press charges for some reason – probably because he didn't want anyone to know that he was beat up by a high school student.

But of course, he would never tell Yuki that. Not when the boy had recently been hurt himself. Jojo found himself tightening his grip around Yuki's waist. Jojo would have gladly stayed like that with him all day but a quiet knock at the door forced them to break apart. Jojo was shocked to see a large, grinning man in the doorway.

"U-Uncle Horton?" Jojo whispered in surprise, jumping to his feet immediately. Horton chuckled and swept small boy into his large arms. Jojo lost his restraint again and burst into another fit of sobs.

"Hey kiddo, sorry I'm late." Horton said softly, clutching the boy to his large body. Yuki couldn't help but smile at the scene. Jojo had mentioned his Uncle Horton a lot before and the massive man was exactly as he had described; a wall of a man with crinkled eyes and greying hair.

"What are you doing here?" Jojo suddenly exclaimed, breaking away from Horton's squishy hug. "You're supposed to be in Thailand!"

"Well, it's almost Christmas and I haven't seen you in almost a year." Horton said with a chuckle as he ruffled Jojo's hair affectionately. "And your mother called. She told me about Wolfe."

For a moment it seemed that Jojo may burst into but instead he just laughed and hugged the large man again. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, kiddo." Horton said with a chuckle. It took him a while to realize that Yuki was also in the room. "Oh! And who is this?"

"Oh right! Uncle Horton, this is my friend Yuki!" Jojo said, also aware that they were not alone. "Yuki, this is my Uncle Horton."

Horton strode over to the blonde boy and extended his large hand. "Pleasure to me you, Yuki!" He exclaimed.

"P-Pleasure." Yuki said with a giggle, shaking the large hand that was offered. "Jojo talks about you a lot, sir."

"Sir?" Horton grimaced. "That's a little formal, call me Uncle Horton!"

"O-Okay." Yuki whispered with a small blush.

They talked for hours, Jojo and Horton. Yuki on the other hand sat beside Wolf and held his hand. He talks about school and the girls that were missing him very much. Somehow he came to the subject of Jojo.

"I really like h-him." Yuki whispered to Wolfe as he stroked his hand gently. "I've never felt this way ab-bout anyone. Do you think I should tell him?"

Yuki didn't expect an answer of course; he was mostly talking to himself. But a few moments later Yuki felt a fragile squeeze on his hand that made him jump.

"W-Wolfe?" Yuki whispered. There was another weak squeeze and Yuki cried out in delight. "Jojo! J-J-Jojo!"

"What is it? What happened!?" Jojo cried fearfully.

"W-Wolfe! He just… He squeezed my hand!"

Jojo was at Wolfe's side immediately. He clutches his free hand tightly in his own.

"W-Wolfey?" Jojo whispered, gently stroking the boy's cheek. Yuki waited for the delight to spring up in his eyes but there was nothing. No excitement, no tears of joy – just disappointment and tears of sadness.

"You must have just imagined it." Jojo said with a sigh and he let Wolfe's hand slip from his own. Yuki watched sadly as Jojo left the room sobbing. Horton followed after him.

"D-Did I imagine it?" Yuki whispered to himself but sure enough, Wolfe squeezed his hand again. "Oh shit! I didn't i-imagine it! Why didn't you squeeze Jojo's hand? Don't you want him to know you can respond?"

Wolfe squeezed his hand.

"You didn't want him to know?" Another squeeze.

"Are you m-mad at him?" No squeeze.

"Was that a no?" Squeeze.

"Okay, this is g-getting hard to understand, squeeze once for yes, squeeze twice for no. G-Got it?" Wolfe squeezed his hand once.

"Great. A-Are you scared to talk to him?" One squeeze.

"Do you not want to g-get his hopes up?" Another squeeze.

There was a brief silence before Yuki built up the courage to ask his next question.

"Do you think you're going to die?" For a while there was no answer until finally, Wolfe squeezed his hand once. Yuki could not hold back the whimper.

"A-Are you afraid?" Yuki whispered. Very firmly, Wolfe squeezed Yuki's hand and it was all he could take. He threw his arms around Wolfe's limp body.

"I'm a-afraid too!" Yuki sobbed. "Y-You and Jojo, you two a-are the only friends I've ever had! I-I love you Wolfe. I love you both and the thought of losing either one of you. I-It hurts!"

Yuki held his friend as tight as he could and whispered through his tears. "I love you so much, Wolfe."

Very carefully, Yuki pulled away from the boy and laced his fingers with Wolfe. They both squeezed each other's hands tightly and it was better than any hug Yuki had ever received in his life.


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