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(6 years after Kyuubi no Ookami(1) attack)

Again. He was running again. These were the thought's of one Naruto Uzamaki as he ran from the third mob in the last hour. Today was his birthday and the day the Kyuubi attacked and was defeated.

"I don't get it can't they see the difference between me and Koga." muttered Naruto as he ran. It was true he had known about the Kyuubi since and attack were he almost died when he was four.

As he ran into the forest he heard the sound of the mob lessen. When he took another turn he saw a mansion up ahead.

"I hope that no one lives there I need a place to stay the night." muttered the blonde.

When he walked in he saw three scrolls sitting on a table in the foyer. He would have ignored them if he hadn't seen his name on one that looked like a letter. When he opens it he was shocked by what he read, it was a letter from his parents telling him who they were and telling him about his bloodlines(2). When he was done reading he collected what he would need and left the village not to return for ten years.

(Ten years later)

At the gate to Konoha the two chunnin guards Izumo and Kotetsu were bored in peace times there was nothing to do. They sat there day-in and day-out.

"You think anything will happen today, Kotetsu?" asked Izumo.

"I'm sure." said Kotetsu.

"Yeah. Hey look." said Izumo

When they looked down the road they saw a man walking toward the gate and he looked ready for a war. He was wearing black steel-toed combat boots, black pants with crimson tribal designs that had many pockets for scrolls and weapons, a dark grey muscle shirt with a black nine tailed wolf on the front, over that he wore a long sleeved dark crimson trench coat with black and silver flames on the bottom of the coat, on his waist over his trench coat he wore a black belt with a wolf head belt buckle, and on his hands he hands he had black gloves with metal plates on the knuckles and a red design on the back of the hand that looked almost like a seal but didn't have all the properties.

For weapons on his back sticking over his right shoulder he had a broad-sword style zanbato with a black wolf head at the point the blade meet the guard(3), on his left shoulder were two tanto with the same style blade as the zanbato, on his hips he had two single edged strait swords with chains at the ends of the hilts, the one on his right hip was solid black except for a single white dot on the sphere at he end of the chain and the one on his left hip was solid white except for a black dot on the sphere on the end of the chain(4), on the back of his waist was what looked like an extremely long katana but when they looked closely they noticed that it was really a set of twin kodachi not a single katana.

He was six foot two, his hair was blonde with half of the tips being crimson and the other half black. He had a lot of muscle and tan skin. On his face was a cross shaped scar on his left cheek.

"Halt state your name and business in Konoha." said Kotetsu.

"I know I've been gone for ten years but I thought that two of my friends would still recognize me." the man said

Although his voice was quite a bit deeper the two chunnin still recognized it from ten years ago when the prankster prince of Konoha went missing.

"Naruto is that really you?" asked a shocked Izumo.

"Yeah, now I'm going to go see the old man about becoming a genin so I can start a career." said the newly identified Naruto.

The chunnin could only nodded dumbly as he walked in to the village for the first time in ten years

Hiruzen Sarutobi was sitting at his desk doing the bane of all kage…..paperwork, until he felt a presence in front of him. Reaching for a hidden kunai in his sleeve he looked up only to freeze seeing a face he hadn't seen in years.

"M-minato?" asked the kage.

"I know I look like him old man but I'm not my father." said Naruto if you couldn't figure out.

"NARUTO! I thought you were dead, were have you been?" asked/yelled the kage.

"Training, I stumbled onto my parents house the night before I disappeared. I collected what I needed and left so I could train in peace and if you look in the bingo book you'll see the fruit of the labor. Just look at the nickname the blade wolf." said Naruto.

"Y-you mean you're the blade wolf." said the shocked kage.

"Yes Koga helped me train after I let him out of the seal and he gave me the demon wolf summoning contract so we could still see each other and train. That's where the wolf part of my name came from….well that and the zanbato he gave me the Ookami Kiba(5) and my kodachi the Ookami Tsume's(6). The blade part should be very clear." said Naruto.

"So he is out of the seal finally, he gave you a zanbato, a set of twin kodachi, and a summon contract for demon wolves. Well even with your bingo book statues I'm sure you want to start at genin so here's your headband. Go to room 4a to be placed on a team in ten minutes, alright." said the kage handing him his leaf headband on a long black clothe.

"Yeah that's fine. It'll be good to see Iruka-sensei again." said naruto as he left in swirl of silver flame.

(at the academy)

The class was waiting patently for their old sensei to assign teams when the door was opened and in walked a guy their age. They were all confused as to who he was till he gave the teacher a note.

"Well class seems we have a new student who will be joining one of your teams." said Iruka. "Meet…N-naruto Uzamaki Namikaze. Naruto is that really you." asked the chunnin turning to the genin.

"Yeah, good to see you again sensei." Naruto said speaking for the first time since entering the room.

None of the genin could believe it the dobe from their first year in the academy was back and had been made into a genin personally by the Hokage as their was no other way he could have been there right then.

"Alright go sit down so I can call teams. The teams are…."(all teams are the same not going through them)

(three hour's later)

Team seven was the only ones still there after three hours of waiting on their sensei. Just as Sakura was about to start screeching the door opened and their sensei told them to meet on the room.

(skip to room)

"Alright let's start with introductions. My name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes are…, my dislikes are…., my hobbies…., and my dream…, your next pinkie." said Kakashi

'All we got was his name, great.' were the thought's of the genin.

"My name is Sakura Haruno, my likes…, my hobbies…, my dream…..,my dislikes are Ino-pig." said the pink banshee, every pause as pointed with a squeal and glance at Sasuke.

'Fan-girl, great.' "Emo-boy your next." said Kakashi.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, no likes or dislikes, hobby is training, my ambition is to kill a certain man." said the Emo avenger.

'Great an avenger just like we thought.' "Sword-boy your up." Said Kakashi.

"My name is Naruto Uzamaki-Namikaze, my likes and dislikes are to numerous to count, my hobbies are training with my summons, swords, and bloodlines, and my dream is to restore my clan." said Naruto.

'finally a normal one and the son of my sensei to boot.' "Meet at training ground seven at seven a.m. in the morning." said Kakashi before shun shining away followed by Naruto leaving behind the other two.

1.I changed the Kyuubi to a wolf to fit in my plans better.

names and ability's will show up next chapter.

blade from rave master but with the black design changed to a wolf head.

the look of Ichigo's bankai sword.



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