Crown Clown pressed the doorbell. After hearing two rings from inside the house, Allen and himself exclaimed: "Trick or treat~" in unison. They waited patiently as they heard sounds of rushed footsteps scrambling itself toward the front door.

But the person who opened up the door was someone that Crown Clown did not like. He mentally slapped himself for not remembering his most detested neighbor's address.

"It's you two adorable kids!" Neah exclaimed, a big smile adorned his face. Though Crown Clown thought it wasn't handsome or likeable at all, it was more of a maniacal grin, but that's just his opinion. He glanced at his brother, Allen, who looked up at the man with fondness.

Crown Clown scowled, "Come on, let's go."

He grabbed his brother's wrist and towed him away, somewhere far away from his neighbor.

Neah's hand snatched the free arm Allen had and pulled back, "but I insist that you two must have tea and some cookies! After all, you did a fine job with your costumes! Such a cute magician and clown duo you two make!"

Crown Clown didn't like Neah.


Because he didn't like the cookies that Neah make.