Hello again, thank you for reading!

Sometimes I read a story that I love so much that I can't get enough of it, and then they stops without an ending and I can't wait for the next chapter, so I write my own version of the story so I get to "read" it anyway! This is a story of "30 Days Of Darkness"

I hope you'll enjoy my story!

Please please please hear the song "Next Century" by Sort Sol, it's a danish group, and I simply love the song at 0:45 :D

Full Summary:

Isabella Marie Swan have disappeared, along with four other girls: Amanda, Katherine, Laura and Nana. An unfeeling man, who wants to be called Andrew, have kidnapped them all. They now live in dark sells, being raped almost every day. As Katherine says, "The only thing that keeps me alive, is hope for that somebody comes across our path and helps us all," But how much hope does Bella have left back? Will Edward ever find her? And if he does will it be before she gives up on all hope?

*Warning, contains darkfic! Not for "weak souls" so to speak*

Bella P.O.V

"Sex?" My voice sounded so stranded and dry. My breathes started to pick up and the tear silently fell across my heated cheeks. This is so not happening! I don't want to be raped! Why? Why, oh why is he doing this?

Suddenly a cold and dark voice spoke. "Oh so I hear you have awaken," His voice boomed in the silent rooms. A whimper escaped me as fresh fear filled me.

"Don't be scared little one." He said, with a laugh. Then slowly and loud he opened my door. The sudden light stressed my eyes, and brown and green dots filled my vision. I could hear his bots scratch against the wet and cold floor, as he slowly walked to me. I looked down at his bots, I hate those bots. I was afraid of looking at his face, afraid of knowing how he looked... I've heard of womens who have been abused, and then everytime they close their eyes, they see his face... I didn't want to know how he looked.

"So! Girls what do you think about showing the new girls how things is around here!" He yelled, then quickly made a move to go out of the door, but stopped to turn back to me. I closed my eyes.

"Don't think I'll be good on you." He growled before hammering the door shut. Darkness filled the room again. I could hear him walk away from my door and then another door open.

"I guess it'll be you Katherine." He laughed. I could hear her whimper as he walked to her. Every sound around here was so loud. I held my breath as I realized what he was going to do.

*SMACK* Katherine let out a cry as he hit her several times. I cringed everytime he did so. I tried to keep the next couple sounds out of my head, but it was impossible: a sipper being opened, a gasp as he made her pain bigger, and soft moans mixed with cries as he raped her... All the time so I whispered "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, oh god I'm sorry," I kept it as my mantra. It almost sounded as if he enjoyed when she cried out in pain, pain that he law upon her. I then promised myself not to let him have that pleaser when he would pain me.

Then suddenly silence came, then a grunt and a sipper again. He then walked to the door and then he was gone. Nobody said anything. I couldn't help but yell out in surprise when a music filled my ears. It sounded like some music that belonged in an elevator.

"What the fuck is that?" I asked, I was surprised by the strong tone of my voice.

"He always turns on music when he goes out..." I heard Amanda say. I made a short mental dance in my head, he actually left us to ourself! Finally some happiness in the sadness.

"Are you okay Katherine?" I heard Laura ask.

"As okay as I can be after being raped..." I heard her mumbled, I immediately got pulled out of the happiness...

"Life is a bitch," I heard Katherine say just before sleepiness surrounded me once again.