TITLE: Perspectives II (Tears)


CHARACTERS: Richard / Kahlan / Cara / Zedd /


TIMELINE: Anything up through S2 season finale (Tears)

STORY TYPE: Angst / Romance / Adventure

SPOILERS: Anything from Seasons 1 & 2

DISCLAIMER: I love them and love to write about them even though I don't own them or make a dime.

SUMMARY: This is a Tears tag of sorts, written from the perspective of each of our favorite characters. I did something like this with a different scenario with my fic called Perspectives.

A/N: So sorry it has taken me so long to post something! I've been busy working on a fic for the LJ BigBang Challange. As soon as I turn it in, I will start posting it here as well. It's all done and ready to go and I've already started the sequel to it!

The Wizard (Chp 1)

Pushing our horses as fast as they can go, my heart constricts in my chest as Cara and I race towards the Pillars of Creation, disaster looming ever larger as rifts continue to split through the ground around us. With the continuously developing fissures comes the fear that the Keeper has done something to prevent Richard from reaching the Pillars with the Stone of Tears.

The sky is growing menacingly dark and furious. Time is swiftly running out, the Keeper growing more and more powerful by the second. I can actually feel the Keeper's wickedness as it saturates the very air I breathe, threatening to smother everything that has the audacity to live.

In the distant, I can see Kahlan leaning over something, but I cannot tell what in the ever growing darkness. It's not until I hear her mournful plea for Cara's help that I suddenly realize that it is Richard. Leaping from my horse, I run towards my grandson lying still and lifeless, Kahlan panic-stricken and weeping at his side.

The very ground under my feet continues to rumble and quake, threatening to split open and swallow everything in its vile grasp, desperate to drag all life into the waiting hands of the Keeper. Swallowing my panic at the site of Richard, I immediately fall to my knees beside Cara, thoughts racing as I try to wrap my mind around the concept of losing my only grandson, of Kahlan being the one to have ended his life. I know that it is not her fault, for all blame lies solely on one person and one person alone – Nicci. The wicked Sister of the Dark used her magic on Kahlan, confessing her and inducing the ConDar.

I grasp Richard's hand securely in mine, desperately trying to channel my strength into his limp body, begging the Spirits to not take him from us. I know that if Richard does not return to us, it will devastate Kahlan beyond imagine. The wind gusts around us, whipping and blowing forcefully as it threatens to whisk us all away into the nearest rift. Green fire erupts like fountains all around us, spewing smoke and fumes from the belly of the Underworld. It feels as if the whole world is literally being split apart.

I look up into the horrified face of the Mother Confessor and my heart breaks for her. Her eyes are red and filled with pain and sorrow, her tears creating trails through the dirt that coats her grief-stricken face. Her anguish is more than I can bear so I look away.

Cara immediately leans over and gives Richard the breath of life that will hopefully save him from the clutches of the Keeper, but at this rate, we'll all be in his depraved grasp. As we wait in breathless anticipation, I cast another glance at Kahlan, her face soaked with her tears. She's clutching the Seeker's hand tightly in her trembling one, silently pleading for him to come back to her.

I watch as a single teardrop of sorrow mingled with infinite love leaks from her blue eyes, falling from her cheek and dropping into a small pool of her tears that have collected on the Seeker's chest. There is something special about her tears this time, something that captivates me and I cannot look away.

I stare in amazement and wonder as the Confessor's tears magically begin to merge, fusing themselves together to form another Stone. All of the sudden, Richard gasps for breath and it is the most wonderful sound I have ever heard at that moment. His chest is heaving with panic as realization sweeps over him. He fears he has failed, confessing that he gave the Stone away.

Reaching for him, I grasp the newly created Stone with rekindled hope, recognizing that the love between Richard and Kahlan is pure and eternal. Their love has created a new Stone of Tears.

Suddenly, the sky above us grumbles its warning. Thunder and lightning crash loudly as the forces of nature do battle, not unlike the war that is being fought at this very moment between good and evil. Time is swiftly slipping through our fingers, but the Keeper has not won yet.

Kahlan snatches the stone from my hand. Helping Richard to his feet, she quickly and carefully leads him between growling rifts and plumes of green fire and smoke that curl up around our feet, licking at our boots as Cara and I follow in their steps.

Pillars crumble under the force of the Keeper's powers as it spits up through the earth's crust, bent on destroying everything and everyone it can reach. The ground shudders and quakes under our feet as we race into the heart of the Pillars of Creation. Stones are crashing down all around us. The sound is deafening.

The gusting wind constantly blows my hair in my face as chunks of stone topple and crash at my feet. Dodging rocks and debris, we sprint through the crumbling Pillars of Creation. My heart is pounding out of my chest, fatigue bearing down on me, but I know we cannot stop. If we stop, the Keeper wins.

Clutching his hand tightly, Kahlan swiftly leads him up the steps, Richard trusting Kahlan just as he always has. Taking his other hand, she is the Seeker's eyes as she guides his hand to place the Stone of Tears in its final resting place. Taking a step back, we hold a collective breath in hopeful expectation, looking to the skies for a sign that good has won at last and the Keeper is sealed forever in the Underworld.

Richard's eyes are closed as he waits for a sign, his hand tightly clutching Kahlan's. He stands still as stone, the weight of the world's fate resting on his capable shoulders. I just pray we are in time for if we are not, my grandson will carry the full blame upon himself. I know, though, that he gave everything he had, risking his life on countless occasions for mankind and I could not be more proud of him than I am at this very moment.

The clouds suddenly part, a bright light of hope erupts from the sky, shining down upon the Stone and therefore upon all of humanity. Wide-eyed, I watch in amazement as magic begins to flow from the Stone. Its restorative, healing powers begin to spread, enveloping and surrounding us before spreading out all over the land in a bright burst of magic, bathing everything in the light of life.

Everything swiftly grows calm, everything is at peace now. It is done. The rifts have been sealed, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead has once again been restored, the Keeper has been defeated once and for all.

The sky is suddenly bright; it's the dawning of a new day. The sounds of the ocean waves crashing gently upon the shore have replaced the terrifying rumbling of the ground collapsing into the Underworld. Life has been restored and death has been defeated.

Sighs of relief and the release of joyful laughter fill the air as we stand in the radiance of life as it shines down on us. Unfortunately, the joy is short-lived as we remember that Richard is blind.

I can see Kahlan tense with anxiety and worry over Richard, still feeling the weight of her guilt for having killed her Seeker. I immediately put her mind at ease, telling her that restoring his vision is nothing that a Wizard of the First Order cannot handle.

With a few passes of my hand before his face and few words of magic, Richard's eyesight is finally restored. I stand back and watch with pleasure as a broad smile spreads over my grandson's face as his vision focuses on the woman that holds the strings to his heart and so much more.

With little hesitation, Richard walks to his Confessor, his lips meeting hers in a kiss that holds so many emotions in that moment. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulls her close, holding her to him.

Pulling back, Kahlan's sad eyes wander down to the Seeker's chest. Running her fingers over the flesh, she notices that the mark of the Keeper has suddenly vanished. I tell them it's because we have finally defeated him, his hold on this world has been relinquished. Kahlan's face fills with regret and guilt as she apologizes. Richard attempts to reassure her, that she has nothing to apologize for, but her guilt consumes her. She pushes on, apologizing for killing him, for trying to confess him.

I watch with joy as understanding rapidly washes over Richard, his eyes growing ever brighter as he finally realizes what I have known all along, but have been unable to reveal.

Richard reassures her that her magic didn't work on him, a smile touching his face. Growing excitement at what this signifies begins to bubble just beneath the surface, anxious for release. Even from where I am standing, I can see the love that he carries for this woman burning in his eyes.

Her guilt battling her confusion, Kahlan stares in bewilderment at her Seeker. No one is immune to the power of confession. Incredulous, she asks how it is possible that Richard wasn't confessed and it is with great joy that I have the privilege of finally explaining what I have known all along, but had to allow them to discover on their own. There is no magic in the world stronger than the power of the love that these two share for one another.

It was Richard's love for Kahlan that broke the magical chains that Nicci had locked around the Mother Confessor's mind and powers, breaking the magical hold of the ConDar. It was Kahlan's love for Richard that caused her tears to form a new Stone.

Relief and understanding finally washes over Kahlan as they just stare at each other, lost in the moment, lost in each other's loving gaze. It is a moment that I will not soon forget. It's been painfully difficult to watch these two people who mean the world to me struggle with the boundaries and limits of their love. To know the answer and to not be able to tell them has been one of the most difficult secrets I've ever had to keep. To watch their struggles, their frustrations, their looks of longing that could never be fulfilled all the while knowing in my heart that Richard's love would protect him was a painful burden to bear. I knew that it was something that Richard had to know and find within himself.

As I watch them kiss, I am filled with joy. The Keeper's grip on the world of the living has been released, prophecy has been fulfilled and, at the same time, averted. Richard and Kahlan can finally see the realization of their dreams, free at last to enjoy their love for one another without the magic of confession separating them.

Casting a glance to my side, I see Cara watching Richard and Kahlan. I notice a small smile on her lips and I wonder what she is thinking…

UP NEXT: The Mord'Sith