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Summary: »Beware of the Crimson Sagittarius.« The warning was given. The words were heeded. But who – or what, was the Crimson Sagittarius?

Shout Out: Crimson Sagittarius is continuing. The updates may be sporadic, but I'll try and write it out. Because I have life outside this (What life? - snorts - School), I'm sorry for waiting in advance.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, AU – world as far as it could be, and very, very confusing little story.

Chapter one - The Meeting

Nobody could say that Ryuuken Ishida was a compassionate man. Well, Ryuuken was a …. Good father? Not quite. Good son? Er…. Again, he wasn't very son – ish to his father and Uryuu's grandfather, Soken Ishida.

It irked Ryuuken something fierce, that his own son called him by name, and not his title, as it would have been more appropriate. Still, he could stomach it. He could stomach Kurosaki's ridiculous behavior, and Uryuu's peevies with him weren't worth anything, in comparison, with the goofy ex – captain dramatics.

He was… the last Quincy? Definitely… he didn't count Uryuu to be worth his salt, while it came to be a Hollow - slayer, what with his mellow ideals about working with Shinigami.

Of course, that had changed with Soken being slayed by a Hollow and the witnessing Shinigami doing nothing to stop the foul wretches. Since then, Uryuu was even more close mouthed, and he was definitely colder to any people that tried to get him out of his self – imposed shell. Ryuuken should be happy; his son finally saw that Shinigamis were worthless idiots that used their powers only for their gain.

Ryuuken was perfectionist. While he saw the benefits in having Reiryoku at his disposal, he was disappointed it didn't benefit him directly otherwise than saving already dead people. Because of that viewpoint, he had become the doctor – it was better to save live people than the dead ones. The Shinigamis took the care of the dead ones anyway, so his conscience wasn't troubled much…

But killing of Soken was the last straw – Ryuuken handed over the mantle of hospital primary to the Kurosaki idiot Isshin, and packing their belongings, he left Japan for England.

To say it bluntly, Ryuuken Ishida was a cold – blooded individual; calculating, scarily intelligent, a prodigy … but he sure as hell didn't approve of abuse.

Icy blue eyes narrowed as he watched the walrus – like male berate the tiny child, roaring at him to make himself useful and get to the work, while the man's son…. A small beach whale – like child – Ryuuken was wondering how it was the blonde nuisance didn't keel over yet, what with it's obesity and unhealthy food the spoiled brat was right now stuffing down his throat.

Ryuuken watched with horrified fascination, how the fat duo thudded away into the superstore, no doubt for the walrus – like man to spoil his darling son something horrible… again.

The icy eyes turned to the small waif – like child that was struggling to hold up the bag, filled to the brim with groceries and other stuff. Thin lips tightened at the sight of the child's clothes – no doubt, they were the castoffs from the blonde kid whale. It didn't help that the small one was shivering in the afternoon cold – the winter was coming quickly, and in England, the autumn evenings were notoriously cold and damp.

He wasn't compassionate man. He didn't do mercy. But somehow, the sight of that particular child, shivering in front of the superstore, while waiting for the two obese idiots, kicked him into the moving towards the pitiful creature.

"What are you doing here?" he asked the kid gruffly. Meanwhile, he was eyeing the waif critically – short, messy black hair, skin pale, almost unhealthily so, the frame even thinner than before he had glimpsed him, and trembling arms, clutching the overfilled bag to the small body desperately trying not to let it slip on the ground.

The child looked up. And Ryuuken was gifted with the sight of the greenest eyes he had ever seen.

His sharp inhale made the child wince. "I – I'm sorry Sir, I am waiting for my relatives…" the child spoke softly, as if afraid he would be punished if his voice would be too loud. "I will move right away, Sir…" Ryuuken moved "No!" his sharp voice made child flinch even more. Something clenched in his gut, and it was not a pleasant feeling. "I – I mean you no harm, child," he continued gruffly. He raked his right hand through his hair, for once frustrated how to make the child see he had mean no harm to him. Then he blinked.

Those eyes… were unfocused.

Oh... Of course…

"Kid… is your sight blurry?" He asked the little one, his voice soft – or, as soft as he could make it.

His eyes widened as the child nodded shyly. Ryuuken growled mentally at those shit sacks of fat that didn't have even so much of decency as to buy the child glasses to help him with his eyesight!

"Mister?" A small voice dragged him out of his stewing about the injustice of the world. "Are you alright, Mister?" He looked back at the kid, who was looking at him concernedly, albeit a little bit unfocused. Ryuuken had to suppress his violent temper from erupting… badly.

"Hn," He grunted. "Don't worry about me."

"But…" The boy cringed. "You seem mad, Sir. Did I do something wrong?" the timid voice was like a bucket of freezing cold water to the white-haired man.

"No, you didn't child. Tell me, where are your relatives?" He managed to force out calmly…. Or at least as calmly as he could.

Green eyes lowered, the child hung his head. "I'm waiting for them. Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley, I mean."

Ryuuken stilled. "You don't have parents?"

He queried, his voice shaky. At a miserable nod of the green – eyes waif, he knew, that something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

/To Be Continued/