Author: Daggermouth
Message from the Author: Inscribed within this chronicle are the secrets of forgotten aeons, tales long untold and the mysteries of things unseen. Terror, wonder and revelation await all who gaze upon its dark pages. Read it if you dare...for the Circle of Life will never be the same again...

Lion King 4

Chapter: I – Echo's upon the Wind

Pink Petal's fly amongst the distant clouds, echoing a message across the savannah. The sun starts to rise in the faraway distance turning the sky a faint rose purple. Animals of the land hear the echoes upon the wind and fleet to the throne of the king. Through the night and into the morning light, the one time the savannah becomes peaceful ground for all the animals of the Pridelands: When a successor to the king has been found. The message floats across the wind in the form of pink petals and dust, bringing the news: A new peace has been made and Simba's successor is to be crowned as the new prince this very morning. Those once exiled long ago have become one. Simba, The Lion King and his Pride have just defeated Zira after her stubbornness made her fail to see that they are one. As the animals of the land fleet to Priderock and stand in approval: Two lions and two lionesses' arise upon the end of Priderock. The first to roar is the new prince Kovu who earned his right into the heart of the princess Kiara. Second to roar is Simba himself to validate him as the new Prince. At that very moment a single stream of light beams down upon the throne that is; Priderock. Together the four of them roar together in harmony: A roar of reconciliation; a roar of peace.

Book One – The Successor and the Warning.

Peace, accept for one. The lioness Vitani looks on with her hazy blue eyes in awe. She avoided the ceremony all together and lies in a cavern in the back of Priderock, in the shadows. Resting one paw over the other and resting her battle scared head down upon them. She was one of the first to turn against her mother Zira. And in the closing stages she watched her own mother fall into the raging waters of the flooded gorge. There was nothing she could do. Vitani always had mixed feelings about her mother. At one moment she would stand by her side and at others she would think her completely foolish. Like the time Nuka was killed, it was then Vitani had second thoughts of her own mother. While lost in thought it's at that moment Vitani spots a small grey mouse scattering across the rocky ground. She smirks and smashes her paw down on it and grabbing its tail before lifting it up to her face.

"Life's not fair, is it?" She glances over at Kovu who walks around the corner towards her, stands and watches as the little mouse escapes and runs away. Vitani gives out a long dull sigh which is quickly interrupted—

"Vitani, I didn't see you at the ceremony." Vitani raises her head from her paws and looks at her brother. His dark fur and black Maine the spitting image of his adopted father Scar. He had; everything. He was going to be king, what more could he ever want?

"Is that what you call it now? Your grand ceremony as Prince," Vitani mocks and rolls her eyes, lays back down and ignores her brother's optimism. She misses the way they used to fight all the time and joke around with the angry alligators in the Outlands. "I know you're sad about mother but; look at this:" Kovu turns and stares out at the sundrenched Pridelands before them. He takes a deep breath of fresh air before continuing: "We're home."

The Pridelands were surely a magnificent sight, especially from the top of Priderock. The way the sun reflects off the grasslands and taints the whole land orange. The way the little clouds hazily fly across the sky. Even when it rained the Pridelands were a place of outstanding beauty, no two mornings ever been the same. A flock of pelican birds fly over a large gorge as the gazelles rush past under them. Acadia evergreen Tree's cover the land across the tall grass as far as the eye could see. It's no doubt the land itself was a living body. Always moving and changing protected by the Circle of Life; the perfect balance.

After the dawn passes, the sun is now soaring in the uppermost parts of the sky radiating down on the Savannah. Most of the Lions and Lioness' are resting or sleeping in the shades of trees. Rafiki however, the wise baboon and the Pride's shaman, is in his Baobab tree. Friend of the lion king, he dances around his tree, and chants a song.

"Peace at last," Rafiki is pleased the Pridelands peace is restored. And showing his happiness he bounces and swings around his tree while singing cheerfully. With a bit of Upendi, Everything turned out fine. Rafiki's home hasn't changed since the day he arrived in the Pridelands. They are small Baobab fruits littering the floor, some half broken others in a heap. Rafiki's staff is resting on the trunk of the tree where he draws paintings of things to happen or events what have happened. Rafiki's bowl, which is a large turtle shell, rests in the middle of the tree house. Then unexpectedly a papaya fruit dangling from one of the branches falls to the floor. A sudden gust of wind snapped it from its perch. Rafiki glances over his shoulder at the orange fruit. Knowing what to do, he scoops up some of the juice from inside it and silently drops it into his bowl. The wise Rafiki stares down into it long and hard while breathing deeply.

"What is this?" he asks himself rhetorically and gasps before proceeding to dab and paint something on the trunk of his treehouse.

The afternoon quickly comes and the lion king's duty is never finished as Zazu, the king's majordomo, soars through the skies to bring an overdue morning report. He perches himself in front of the king and bows.

"Sire; there's trouble at the watering hole." Zazu looks up at the king who nods in approval understanding what Zazu's on about and then follows him to the epicentre of the problem. Their short journey through the savannah takes them towards the main watering hole, the largest in all the Pridelands. Whilst walking the least of Simba's worries was this. He was worrying more about accepting the new lionesses into the Pride. When finally reaching the watering hole, an adolescent buffalo is resting in the blue waters. Claiming the waters as his own and not contributing the water with the other animals of the Pridelands.

"Basi, when will this end?" Simba shouts over to the young buffalo from the side of the watering hole.

"The watering hole is for everybody to share equally," Basi grunts in anger as he hears Simba speaking down to him. Basi is the son of Boma and both of them were stubborn selfish buffalos. But Simba like his father before him wants to uphold the balance of everything in the Pridelands. Zazu steps forward, next to the king and monitors the situation. The young buffalo could easily give Simba a tough fight. But Basi knows better, he can't fight the king himself. He just snorts, and walks off knowing enough is enough, without saying another word more he departed. You could nearly feel the anger of the beast as he stomps off. The steam snorting out the young buffalo's large nose. "He never learns," Zazu toots at Simba expressive that their work is finished here. Zazu flies off and Simba lowers his head downwards to take a lengthy drink from the watering hole. He hasn't had a period to relax since the defeat of Zira. Only the daily struggles of animals misbehaving now obscure his path. He was overworked and he knew it, but for the sake of everyone, he had to keep going. The balance of all things had to be kept in perfect harmony. Like his father Mufasa and his Grandfather did before him. It's only then that this occurs to Simba: he must teach Kovu to find his place in the Circle of Life.

"She'll be fine," Kiara reconsolidates Kovu with an affectionate nuzzle. Kovu is worried deeply about his older sister. He worries the death of Nuka and Zira may have changed her for the worse. Together and princess and the prince lay together inside the cosy lion's den. Inside of Priderock where all the lions sleep, it now remains empty. The majority of the other lionesses were elsewhere enjoying the afternoon sun.
Kiara continues trying to get her love not to worry any longer, the strong dark lion Kovu just sighs. Kiara looks out to see some of the lioness' which were previously devoted to the Outlands. Now they walk among the Pride with little worry or care. The Pride was now strengthened, strong than ever before and the fighting is now over: This is what Kiara was now attempting to explain to her mate. Kovu needs to understand that it could take time before everyone fully settles into Simba's pride. But their moment is suddenly interrupted—

"Kovu! Kiara!" Timon and Pumbaa suddenly gallop on in. Timon sitting precisely on the top of Pumbaa's large snout. Kiara looks over at them and smiles,
"After long consideration, we've decided to take a vacation!" Timon grins toothily at the couple laid in the cave. "We're heading to go see Timon's Ma and Uncle Max at the Oasis." Pumbaa concludes,
"Precisely," Timon agrees, spins around' and walks onto Pumbaa's back.
"Tell Simba we're gone; okay?" He says more seriously looking over his tiny meerkat shoulder. And with that the two acquaintances are off again galloping off into the beaming midday sun wanting to return only when all the new lions of the Pride settled down and the tension has drastically lowered. Afterwards Kiara stands up and extends her body to stretch. Knowing she won't be able to convince Kovu that everything is okay, that leaves only one alternative.
"Maybe I should speak to Vitani," She glances over at Kovu, he just smiles warmly in agreement.

Parraral to these events, delicately brushing his fingers across the tree-trunk of his home. Rafiki paints a distinguishing shape on the wall of his Baobab home. Dabbing his finger in the fruits juice when it dry's. Without even thinking he continues to draw. When eventually finished: He stands back to gaze upon what he's painted before anxiously seeing what is soon to be.
"There is another cub."

End of Episode I