Shinji Rarenai Genjitsu (Unbelievable Reality)

Summary: No memories, connections nor anything. One thing is for sure, they hate him for what he contains. He doesn't deserve happiness, he doesn't deserve them, they don't belong to him.

Warning: Naruto is going to be OOC and other character too.

Author's Notes: How Naruto ended up here will be explained as story progresses. But when I said Naruto is going to be OOC, I mean it!

Chapter 2: Reverie

"How did you lose them, Takashi?" he growled holding an empty pouch that used to hold his special kunais.

His brother just smirked, "Well, they fell into the river. And we all know that I can't swim, right?" Takashi said smugly as his eyes held mirth and amusement at his older brother's reaction. He frowned when Naruto just stared blankly at him, seemingly expressionless.

Naruto just limply walked away from him as if he'd been told that he's grounded. Takashi snarled at this, "I threw them on purpose!" he shouted, trying to make his brother angry for the heck of it, and attention.

The blonde stared at his younger brother for a moment before approaching the little kid again and said four words, "Shut the fuck up." but the words came out calmly and if shinobis were present they could hear the dangerous tone behind it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), their father heard Naruto's words and immediately approached his children before the argument could go into physical fits. "Naruto.." he said, his voice held a superior warning tone in it. Naruto just handed Minato the empty pouch and started to walk away again. "What did he do to you again, Naruto?" this time, his voice held worry. It's the first time Naruto hasn't yelled at him when he defended Takashi, he doesn't know about the whole ordeal.

But he doesn't like hearing his eldest swearing in front of his younger brother, "He threw away my kunais, no biggy." he said, the tone remained void but the sarcasm was clearly present.

"You can't blame him, you're a ninja now Naruto. You should handle all your responsibilities well because the day you became a ninja is the day you also became an adult." Minato tried to scold his son but held his tongue. He shouldn't have said that. It's true Naruto is a ninja and being a ninja means your also an adult but Naruto is just 10 years old.

Naruto looked back at his father with a frown, "It's not an enough reason for him to throw them away." he retorted, his eyes flickering with supressed anger.

Minato sighed and walk to approach Naruto, "Naruto, you shouldn't overreact, we could always buy another set." He was suddenly surprised by the killing intent that focused solely on him and he could now see the bare fury in those icy blue depths.

"Buy again, huh?" his son said through gritted teeth, "Could you replace those kunais he threw? Those were your gift to me on my last birthday." Naruto said in a soft calm tone that Minato became a lot more worried. Bottling up your emotions is never a good thing in dealing with things. And his eyes widened when he acknowledged Naruto's words, those were the kunai he gave? He still have it? He thought for sure..

Suddenly, Naruto reached into his neck and pulled a necklace forcely that it nicked some skin in his neck, "Yeah, I could always buy another, right?" he growled.

Minato's eyes were locked to the necklace, that was Kushina's gift to Naruto when he was six years old and it belonged to the Uzumaki clan. It's a red swirling ruby with golden chain necklace. "Naruto, where are you getting on with this?" he asked quietly.

Naruto chuckled, finding it hard to believe his father's sudden changed in behavior. "You say I could always buy another, like this one? I could always find another.." he trailed off then Naruto threw the necklace at his feet then abruptly turned around to get out of the house.

"Why are you being so hard?" Minato asked little loud, Takashi immediately retreated to his room upon hearing his father's tone. He didn't mean to take it so far.

Naruto turned around and scowled at him, "Figure it out for yourself." he was about to continue on his way when a hand made it's way to his shoulder, "Let. Go." he growled menacingly.

His father shook his head, "No, unless you tell me why." as he grip his son's shoulder a little tighter.

Naruto turned to him and yanked his shoulder away, "You want to hear it? It's easy to tell, it's always been Takashi this, Takashi that! You know, it's okay if your attention are spend almost with him but the painful thing is you keep pushing me away, how? I'm going to be a ninja, I should mature! I'm a ninja now, I should act like it. It hurts you know? My own family pushes me away." he said in a quiet voice, his shoulder sagging as he let his frustrations and pain out.

Minato felt all the anger in that statement, and even the pain suddenly felt contagious. But Minato knew he broke something in his son, Naruto just..snapped.

"And the thing is, I hate you, I hate Takashi, I hate mom, and I absolutely hate this whole damn family if you could even call it that! I wish I was never part of it, I wish I was never your son!" Naruto's face was set to the side as he was just slapped by his very own father.

Minato narrowed his eyes in frustration, he could never understand his son. He never did and he doesn't think he will if Naruto is being hard on himself and isolates himself further away from them. Naruto turned his tear-filled eyes to his father as he slowly began to walk out of the house again, as if nothing happened. As he was about to close the door, he turned to his father again with sadness, "Sometimes, I wonder how it is to just have a normal life, away from this, and from pressure, expectations and authority." he said as he bolted right there.

Minato made no move to follow, he could only recall the last words his son said, "I wish I was never you son!"

Naruto snapped his eyes open, he sat up his bed as he winced in every movement. The only thing he could remember were the man and woman, maybe he was dreaming. Yes, it could only be a dream because his parents are dead, either they abandoned him or they died during the Kyuubi attack. He never knew either of them, heck he didn't have any clues where his family originated. The only thing he knows is that he is the last of the Uzumaki. And he started feeling weird though, he stared at his hands and found them unusually thin and smaller. He may be 12 years old but his hands weren't that small.

He had the feeling that things aren't the same anymore, or will not be the same anymore. He closed his eyes in deep concentration and breathed in and out to control his musings and anxiety.


No answer.

Kyuu? Hey fox, are you there? he asked mentally, he's also starting to freak out.

Silence answered him, it was just too quiet. He never liked how quiet his mind can be, it was always the fox who kept him company, it was the furball who pulled him out of his loneliness and it was the fox who became his first friend even though the demon lord is too prideful to admit that he considered the boy a friend as well.

He opened the window just to see he was on the 5th floor. Focusing chakra to his feet even though his body is screaming in protest, he walked beside the wall up to the rooftop. Nobody seemed to notice him as the part of the window he was in is facing the forest of the village. And why should anyone care, right? He was the demon brat, nobody cared, nobody will.

From growing up alone, he was used to such treatment. He never knew why they hated him so much, why they loathed his very existence. It was the day he became a ninja, the day he was betrayed and the day he was acknowledged did he know the primary reason of it. It was also the night he met the Kyuubi. He was surprised with himself when he didn't feel any negative feelings for the demon, he was just pleased with the company. Maybe it came with his desperation in need of friends that he started to respect the fox.

The third did everything he could, Naruto was glad for it, but it was never enough. Villagers can't kill him or inflict any harm on him as stated by the law. Yes, it's true but it never stopped them from doing things to him accidentally like poisoning his food, bumping into him, or giving him to other bullies. He sighed, he doesn't want to remember those things.

As he reached the roof, he knew something is wrong, things felt rather awkward. It feels like everything he sees is wrong but he dismissed that it was just from panicking about Kyuubi's silence, or lack thereof. He walked to the bench at the side of the railing and sat. He hugged his knees close to him and rested his forehead against it. He tried calling out the fox again.

Hey furball! He tried insulting the mighty beast, even though the fox would reply the same lines along the disrespectful, ugly mortals he would be happy even though it stung his pride as one of those 'mortals'.

Silence filled his mind and he felt like screaming. He never remembered what happened, the last thing he saw was him dying in a mission, there's a bridge, a large he can't even remember things and think straight. Now that he thought of it, the things he knew from all his life seems blurry, and all he could clearly remember is the hatred, loneliness and pain. He feels so weird, weak and vulnerable, he hated himself for feeling that right now. He looked up the sky and tears started forming in his eyes.

Either from the exposure of radiance from the sky or because he feels so hollow and empty inside..he doesn't know. He hastily wiped those tears and leaned his forehead against his knees again as he hugged himself closer to the tiniest warmth his body can provide.

He then heard the door in the roof that leads downstairs open and close with a soft click, his body became stiff and rigid. Small footsteps were heard as a figure sat beside him and hugged him. He relaxed and just leaned in the warmth that emitted from the person and allowed himself to show a small smile.

The redheaded girl just smiled softly and continued to hug the love of her life as she stroked his blonde locks slowly. She was glad that he felt safe with her from the way he relaxed in her hold after he tensed awhile ago. She just wish things were always like this.

"Naru-kun?" she asked softly as she continued to stroke his spiky hair.

Somehow he felt that this girl beside him means the world to him, like how he used to feel for someone..the memory's blurry but he could remember the color pink. "Cho-chan?" he asked, he was suprised of how he knew her name, it just came out of his mouth. He felt like he knew her for a very long time, isn't it the first time he met her? And from the way he easily relaxed in her hold, that could be questioned.

She beamed at her name, "You remember me! Your parents said you didn't recognize them when you first woke up, I was worried there for a second that you won't remember me.." she trailed off, not wanting for it to happen for real.

Naruto felt hatred bubble in his chest, he doesn't know why but the mention of parents brought this instinctual reaction to him. He doesn't understand because for all he knew, Naruto felt no remorse against them but the feeling of strong loathing didn't seem to pleased him either. "No, I don't have any parents, they're dead." he stated through a soft yet void tone, his eyes staring directly at the floor.

She just sighed which surprised him, "I know you and your parents aren't on good terms but isn't that a bit harsh? Saying they are dead?" she asked as she leaned her head against the side of his head.

He immediately lifted his head and blue met amber as they stared at each other, Naruto blushed before looking away, "They're dead along time ago. I just know." he replied, he doesn't want to tell her that maybe they abandoned him for what he contained or they died because of what's sealed inside of him.

"I won't argue with that then." knowing that she will never win a verbal contest against the blonde. They just stayed like that after moments of silence.

Minato and Takashi are on their way to the hospital. Minato suddenly felt awkward, because the first time Takashi heard that his older brother is back, he insisted to visit him in the hospital immediately. Kushina thought it was weird, but Rin said that Takashi really cares for Naruto even though he is too arrogant to admit it. Now that he asked Rin about his youngest, he discovered that the child hungers for Naruto's attention and acknowledgement but because of Naruto's argument with his parents, Takashi got in the sight of Naruto's indirect hatred.

The redheaded boy longs for an older brother but because of growing up as a spoiled brat, he thought he could always get what he wanted and it became another reason why he and Naruto were never on good terms. Naruto believes that you could only get what you want through hard work and determination while Takashi always takes the easy way.

So his youngest, as said, took the easy way out to call on his brother's attention even for awhile, by always provoking him into fights and arguments. And another reason Takashi wanted Naruto's attention is because other kids of Takashi's age will always be seen spending time together with their older siblings happily.

Rin did this psychological tactic by babysitting the redheaded boy after her shifts in the hospital.

He turned to face the younger boy who is practically oozing with nervousness and excitement, his son doesn't know how to hide emotions yet. He disliked his son's public dismissal about his brothers abduction but truly seeing this from what he heard from his female student, his dislike for his youngest started to evaporate. It's not like he doesn't trust Rin but he really didn't believe her words about how Takashi longs for Naruto's attention when they always fight.

Takashi looked at him, becoming slightly unnerved with his staring, ", is something wrong?" he asked uneasily as they went inside the hospital with several doctors, nurses and medics greeting them along the way. The boy knew that there are the masked ninjas that guards his dad and tails them there silently even though he could not tell where they are.

Minato blinked and just smiled at Takashi, "Well, there is actually. You see, when your brother woke up, he did not recognize me nor your mother. So don't be surprise when he can't remember you either." he warned, he inwardly smiled at the sadness that passed Takashi's green eyes, it just shows how right Rin is with her information.

Takashi slowly nodded, "Will..will he..remember me eventually?" the now 9 year old asked, his shoulders slumping as he await the bad news.

Minato wisely held his tongue, he wasn't even sure if that will happen, "Maybe, let's just trust in your brother's will, alright?" he tried reassuring his other son with no apparent success as he was not sure himself either if Naruto would come to remember them.

Their footsteps is the only thing heard in the hallway as they made their way to Naruto's room, Takashi suddenly felt perturbed. If his older brother can't remember him, will he accept him as his younger brother or will he start to hate him again? He doesn't want to be hated by his blonde brother because he doesn't want what happened last time repeat itself.

Room 509 came into view, Namikaze Naruto's room. The older blonde and younger redhead took a deep breath as they opened the door..

Only to be greeted by an empty bed and room.

Minato immediately raised his hand as four Anbus landed in front of him and his son, "Tatsu, Tora, Saru and Usagi, I want you to search the whole vicinity of the whole hospital for Namikaze Naruto. Now." his voice held no room for any argument and his voice practically drips with urgency and worry, but the authority is still present. The Anbus nodded and immediately began the search.

Takashi looked at his father, "Where's nii-san?" he asked, Minato was a bit surprised at this new development. Takashi never called Naruto 'Nii-san' in front of them, Rin told him that Takashi only called the younger blonde 'Nii-san' if nobody is around, though Rin managed to spy on him. Rin became the unofficial bodyguard/babysitter of his youngest son.

Minato crouched down and faced his back to him, "We're going to look for him, ready for a ride?" he asked, the boy immediately nodded with an excited jump. They ran through the corridors and hallways swiftly and Minato made sure they are being quiet as to not disturb any patients or medics they encounter.

The Yondaime is getting worried as no sign of his son was seen, not even a single strand of blonde hair. Then an Anbu with the rabbit mask landed in front of him, "Usagi. Report." he ordered.

The Anbu nodded as he started, "You're son is on the rooftop with Genin, Yokina Cho. Sir." he finished with relief. His leader also seemed to relax with his youngest who slumped in the Yondaime's back.

"Thank you." Minato replied, feeling really grateful to him, the Anbu saluted before disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

Of course, he wasted no time as he immediately run to the rooftop with Takashi still on his back. He arrived at the rooftop and set Takashi down only to see the backs of two figures facing him. The girl is leaning her head beside Naruto's as she stroke his blonde hair. But when he stepped inside, they tensed. They started to face him, Cho became relieved at seeing him while Naruto..he paled and immediately leaped away from them until his back is resting against the railing.

The blonde is looking at him with wide eyes, fear and hatred is still there, but he was surprised to see fear though. The odd thing is, his own son is looking at him as if he'd just seen a ghost. He took a step forward as Naruto immediately became rigid. His breathing came in sharp intakes of breath. "Naruto, what are you doing? I know you don't remember me, but it's me..your dad." he tried calming the boy down but if possible, the boy paled more.

"N-no.." the younger blonde said in a shaky voice as he tried to regain his bearings. "You're n-not real..y-you're not.." he said, voice shaking with wild disbelief as he shook his head in denial.

Minato immediately knew something is wrong as he took another step forward, "Narut-" he wasn't able to finish as he instantly dashed towards his son who began to stand on the railing preparing to jump. The Yondaime took a hold of the younger blonde's wrist as Naruto struggled against his hold.

"Stop! Let go! Let go! LET GO!" he yelled furiously as he continued to thrash away from him violently.

The older blonde became more worried at his son's actions, "You need to settle down, I'm not going to hurt you!" he stated firmly as he gripped harder to prevent Naruto from escaping and falling.

It only made the younger blonde struggle harder, "No! No! You're not real! This is just a sick joke! An illusion! You're not real! Let go!" he shouted, this time, his voice became frantic, confused and scared. Naruto continued doing this ignoring the pleas of Cho for him to calm down, how the hell was he supposed to calm down when the man in front of him should be dead! And the guy has the guts to tell him that he is his father.

Minato is getting agitated, "What do you mean? Speak!" he ordered, he never wanted to use that tone to his son but Naruto just won't stay still.

Naruto tensed for a moment before struggling again, "You're not real! You're dead! You're supposed to be dead!" he screamed, Minato became ghostly white as he heard those words, intinctually loosening his hold.

He tried to hug his son but Naruto was too scared and panicking to even let him, "That's not true..I'm here. I'm not dead Naruto, liste-" he never get to finish as his son pulled his hand when he loosened his hold. "Naruto!" he called, worried that his son won't make it. This is the highest floor damn it!

Naruto concentrated chakra on his feet as he safely and slowly landed on the ground. He didn't wait for anything else before he ran into the forest, hoping that this lie would end immediately. He couldn't take it anymore, just being in the presence of the Yondaime even for a short span of time made him scared and angry.

He just wanted to go home.

His home.

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Tatsu - Dragon

Tora - Tiger

Saru - Monkey

Usagi - Rabbit.