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Three a Day by angelcloudy

A fluffy fanfic: Kalulu pairing~

Kiss No.1

It just so happened that in the first episode, Lelouch discovered that his meek classmate, Kallen, was a member of a resistance. Good thing that she didn't see him in the truck back in the anime. But let's give it a twist, shall we? It's to get the fluffy plot working.


They stood staring at each other, eyes wide with shock. Lelouch was forced to come out of his hiding spot around the capsule, by a stupid spider. Don't blame him though, it was big and hairy. Poor thing. But anyway, he thought once he and Kallen were in front of each other, "How can she be here when she's a fragile girl!" The thought of it made him feel ridiculous. Who was he to say it when she was practically stronger than him. That's based on how she'd carry books around the library. They had duties together.

The doubt he raised also was something out of care. He liked the girl, for heaven's sake! Ever since… how long was it? The day she arrived in Ashford, the ex-prince already fell for her. Maybe it was because she's the only one (except for his female friends) who wouldn't scream their lungs out the time he'd smile.

The redhead's thoughts were, on the other hand, playing along the lines of how in hell Lelouch was in that sort of situation. Another was a selfish thing, because the situation itself shrieks – "Your fragile girl cover for school just blew up!" She'd be dead, that's for sure. Her devil for a stepmom would have her head by tomorrow. The witch had always been against her. Selfish, selfish Kallen, she scolded herself. Herself being out of the resistance also meant she'll be unable to fulfill her brother's dream. Sad thing, isn't it?

Between the two teens, no one dared to speak. They allowed silence to fill the truck and the only time it broke was when her comrade shouted from the front. "Kallen, go out already!" That signaled her to fire up, as she'd like to call it, for an upcoming 'small' bickering with some Britannian soldiers.

::End of Flashback::

Well, there goes… Episode 1 continues the way it did – Lelouch gets his geass, Kallen goes on with fighting, et cetera, et cetera. Then, shall we proceed to a spinoff Episode 2? *Hai!*

' To: Lelouch Lamperouge

Let's talk after class, please.'

The small pink note was written neatly, but Lelouch could promise his was better. :P

Anyways, the name of the sender wasn't in the note. The doodle on it didn't make him doubt, though. Said scribble looked like a girl, with hair flipped just like the last time they'd met. He was sure of it – Kallen Stadtfeld.

Lelouch uneasily waited for Recent History to end. He didn't pay attention to the teacher at all, honestly. The teacher was boring and he virtually memorized all current events columns from every newspaper in Area 11. The period ended, much to his happiness. He quickly got up after gathering his things, and decided it was the best time to interrupt a girls' meeting. Once the girls surrounding the girl who was his purpose noticed that he was approaching their direction, screams emerged. Not that it mattered though, he was used to it.

"You wanted to talk with me?" he asked straightforwardly, showing off the pink note. The girls' (of course except for Kallen) screams rose an octave higher. Both not wanting such a noisy environment, excused themselves, planning to take the conversation in the hallway. To their disappointment, the hallway still housed some students. What to do, what to do?

"Let's go to the courtyard to talk, okay? I know you want some privacy," he invited her politely. To a random person who heard it, it would've sounded as if Kallen was going to confess. After all, she was the one who sent a note in the first place.

The time they got there, Lelouch started, "You were that girl yesterday, right?"

"H-hai," she stuttered nervously. What followed was her pleading, of course, still stuttering, "P-p-please don't tell anyone,"

Before answering to her request, he motioned for her to sit down at one of the metal benches. He wanted to keep everything he had seen yesterday but he needed her to reason out. He asked, and she answered with precise details. Her childhood, her brother, her mother, her nationality, the resistance were all included in the story.

'How can this girl be so honest? We only talked, what, three or four times? I'm sure to feel guilty if I don't tell her I was the voice yesterday,' Lelouch thought. He was thinking deep into it when she suddenly said, "I'll do anything you want, just keep my secret!" Said line caused a lot of *ideas* to activate. Calm down Lelouch, she didn't mean it like that.

Despite the thought of restraint, he still said, rather casually, "Then the two of us will have a kiss three times a day," It sounded as if he was blackmailing her, but anyways, she agreed to it, though not without hesitation. "F-fine,"

"Then conditions start today, eh?" he said smugly. This shocked her, why today? He patted his cheek with his index finger softly, signaling her to kiss him. "At least it's not on the lips," she said to herself as her face approached his. Lelouch caught a sound of it, but didn't hear everything, so he turned for him to ask about it. The movement directed her kiss towards his soft lips. His purple eyes showed more of its color as they opened wider due to said contact.

Kallen immediately pulled away, blushing all of a sudden. "Wh-what happened was an accident…. Okay?" Shyly, all his arrogance gone, Lelouch agreed to it. They walked back into the building hand-in-hand. It seemed that their accidental kiss gave way to their true feelings. Kallen might not admit it, but she really liked this boy – his charm, his intellect. She just adored him and his wit when he talks with her.

The next kiss happened during the student council meeting, when they played 'spin-the-bottle' out of boredom. Unfortunately, Kallen's choice of dare led to Milly ordering her to kiss Lelouch. God, the blonde knew how to play harsh. She even took a picture of it. Kallen was forced to do it, in front of some people, because if she didn't then she would've walked around school the next day wearing a clown hat.

The third for the day was also because of said game. This time, Lelouch was dared to kiss Kallen by Rivalz. He was also threatened to do it with the excuse of him dating every girl who'll confess to him that week. Tch, he doesn't want to be unfaithful to Kallen, his girlfriend.

Wait! Is she my girlfriend?

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