Kiss No.5.a

Three a Day by angelcloudy

"Good morning, Onii-sama!" chirped Nunally once footsteps from a certain direction was heard. "Please have your breakfast, now. I'll head to school first. As always, Sayoko-san will be accompanying me like always so no need to worry. Goodbye now!" Immediately after that, Sayoko wheeled her to outside.

Lelouch, alone so early, sat in his seat in the dining area. A cold stare was generously given to the food on the plate – and most probably the iciness grabbed hold of the bacon's warmth. A silent clink then rang through the room, made from a single tap of the teaspoon on the golden rim of a china cup. The coffee inside it reminded him of his dark side and in a series of relations, connected it with the terrible happening from the night before. The feeling came rushing back – the feeling of having to lie to his sister for another day. Out of the heavily dragging emotion, a fist pound on the table and a spoon was sent airborne. To top things off, went a furious rage. It was something directed to no one and nothing in particular but himself. "Why did I even kill Clovis in the first place?"

"You needed to do it, right? Right, prince?" a neon green glow came out of the shadows.

The one addressed shot his head to the source although he exactly knew of who it was. "Shut up, witch!" As always, his tone when speaking to her dripped with hostility and as always, she took it like it's nothing. "Just leave the freaking place and if your kind enough – remove this curse of a power so I need not live in pretense."

"Sorry, boy," she started, talking like she didn't look the age of Lelouch. "You agreed to the contract and you shall not die until it is fulfilled. If you go on like that, I'll have to get Kallen here. Seems like you're not getting anywhere without her." C.C. left and another word didn't escape her lip.

With the immortal's absence, comparable to the deduction of things that agitated him, Lelouch regained some calm. Putting aside how C.C. can piss him off in ways more than one, he began hoping that what she intended to do was what she'd be doing. At least, he could see Kallen before a set of sucking classes eat his sanity. Contemplating on his frenzy, Lelouch sank to shamelessness. He was getting down for me to pick up the shards of porcelain from the vase I hit with the teaspoon. The throws I make aren't that strong but the vase lost its balance and fell from its mahogany table. Just as about I bent for the biggest piece, the doorbell rang. Can't possibly be Sayoko – she always comes back with Nunally, after morning classes. The witch is serious?

Since he was the only one in, Lelouch answered the door to a greeting redhead. C.C. is serious. "Uh… Hi, come in." Kallen slid in and walked the glass-strewn way. She carefully avoided stepping on any of the sharp things at the same time she avoided a conversation with him. The half-Japanese girl was afraid she'd bring up something that could stir moments of the… fear last night. "Sorry about the mess."

"Nah, it's alright. But what's the emergency C.C. told me about?"

Great. Just great. "C.C. was pulling your leg. Got bored, I guess," Lelouch answered rather smoothly.

"Nothing related to this mess?" He nodded. "Then why this porcelain floor? Be honest, Lelouch."

He squirmed in the seat he recently took and ransacked his brain for an answer not exactly the truth and technically not a lie. "I hit the vase and it fell onto the floor."

"Tell me, Lelouch. When you have short answers, you're most likely lying. I told you that I'd be happy to receive your honesty." Lelouch's lips curved into a smile.

"You know me too well," he teased and she mouthed 'because I'm your girlfriend' to not interrupt what he was saying. "I threw a tantrum earlier and sent a teaspoon flying towards that porcelain vase. See that glinting silver?" he asked, pointing at a dash of light behind the table's leg. "That was the teaspoon."

Kallen dismissed the subject of the silverware and went to the cupboard where they kept a small brush paired with a small dustpan. "Alright, let me help you out cleaning. Classes are in an hour."

"I'm very much grateful." Well, grateful to the point of having to pin Kallen against the wall, of having to kiss her from mouth to cheek, back to the mouth then to the neck. A little nibble on her lip, a little suck on the crook of her neck. There was little resistance so he didn't stop and a little more push could've led him to ravishing her. "Lelouch, classes! And naughty things, I can't allow this early."

"How about later?"

"Lelouch!" She jokingly pinched his nose and gave him a feathery kiss.

angelcloudy: hey guys! It's been a while since I updated! Sorry for that, exams came up and of course, I needed to study for them. Anyways, I hope you bear with me until my next update. Sorry again – and another reason why I haven't updated because I didn't have the confidence to post another chapter since the tenth only got ONE review. Don't get me wrong: I'm not disappointed with my reviewers, I'm disappointed with myself. I guess my chapters aren't worth reviewing huh? Well, I'll try my best to improve them!