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"This is a box, a magical box…"

The words unbidden to her mind, cascading over her previous thoughts. Truly it was a magical box, bigger on the inside and able to take her anywhere and anywhen she wanted in the universe. "A magical box…" Infinite numbers of rooms to explore, new ones every day. Pools and libraries…pools in libraries. Every one of them filled wall to wall with books on every subject.

"…Playing a magical tune…"

She leaned back against the warm coral of the wall, closing her eyes to listen. From deep within the time ship came a resonate humming. The time rotor rose and fell in a steady rhythm. The sound of the universe, the most magical of tunes.

Her eyes remained closed, her mind drifting with the music of the creaks and drones the Tardis made in flight, spinning lazily through the vortex.

"…But inside this box there lies a surprise…"

Surprise indeed, she was discovering new things every day. The ship and her pilot reveled in showing her the wonders of the universe, both inside and outside the walls of the police box. The Entire world, the whole galaxy, the universe itself was opened to her the moment she stepped through those wonderful, magnificent blue doors.

Inside the ship there were staircases that would go on seemingly forever, just to stop in a hanging garden, or a kitchen stocked with food, anything she could imagine. The wardrobe room itself took up more levels than she cared to count.

Outside there were planets made entirely out of diamonds, or crystal waterfalls. Sometimes if she stopped and listened, she could hear the music the wind made blowing through the crystal waterfall; it rose to meet the melody of the whispering trees. She would sit, eyes closed to hum along while the whole world went by.

She opened her eyes, allowing the sounds of the ship fade into a corner of her mind. "What was the last line?" A frown etched itself across her features in concentration.

"….But inside this box, there lies a surprise…"

She almost had it.

"…Do you know who's in it today?"

She smiled and a whisper escaped. "I am."