Me: Ok, this is my first Kanon story, from the anime. I absolutley love the pairing of Yuichi and Ayu, but I don't mind the other pairings. I just hink Ayu is so innoccent, and Yuichi is so funny when he is so blunt. But I was really sad when Makoto died. :(. Anyways, on with the fic!

Ash: You are so gonna fail.

Me: Uguu!

*~Yuichi's POV~*

How long must I wait?
A year?
Maybe two?
How long?

Are you living in a dream?
Can you hear me?
Am I still important?
How long must I wait to know?

When will we visit that school again?
When will you tell me what you said for your final wish?
Will I be able to grant it?
How long must I wait to find out?

When will we run together again?
Two years, maybe longer?
When will we be able to eat taiyaki together again?
How long must I wait to taste it, and hear your laughs of pleasure again?

Do you still remember that kiss we shared?
Do you still remember the way you held you hand with mine?
Do you even remember me?
How long must I wait to find out the truth?


I will wait for you...

However long it takes.

Me: Atashi though that it may be cute.

Ash: Will you stop using japanese terms! It's annoying!

Me: Uguu! You use it aswell!

Ash: No I don't! Your the one who does it all the time!

Me: Uguu!

Ash: Your doing it now!

Me: UGUU...*Holding a blody chainsaw whilst eyes have gone pipsqueak with a shadow over them.*

Ash: Holy...

Me: Uguu...please review...