I do not own any True Blood characters. This is for fun fan fiction only.

(Eric in my story: is best friends with Bill, never had feelings for Sookie, and is a little depressed looking for something to excite him for a change

Fangtasia was bumping. Eric and Pam (friends only) sat at the end of the bar watching the club Sookie and her friend Gracie made their way inside heading to find Bill. Eric's eyes locked on them, watching. Tonight Sookie and Bill are celebrating their engagement here at Fangtasia with a few close friends out on the dance floor, Eric made his way from the chair and out into the crowd toward Bill's table.

Gracie had never been here before, her eyes took in everything surrounding her. Vampires were all over the place with several humans there enjoying mixed pleasure.

"I need a drink." her eyes spotted the table in the back "there's Bill" Gracie pointed "I'll meet you there in a few."

Sookie nodded "okay Gracie." She made her way to where Bill was and sat down "Hey baby! I love you" kissing him softly then looked around "Where's Jessica?"

"Right here!" giggling Jessica walked up sitting down across from them hand in hand with Hoyt "I'm so glad we got to come here."

"Hey guys! Congrats!" Hoty sat down tilting his beer at them with his free hand then taking another sip of his drink.

"Thanks guys. I wanted my closest friends here tonight so we could party down. We'll do this next week at Sam's place, but tonight I want us to have a good time and not hold back." Sookie snickered. "Sam can be…ya know more traditional...quiet…well boring."

Jessica giggled "I love the man, but yes you are correct!"

Bill nodded "Eric was happy we wanted to come here and hang out. He reserved his table for us since it's always packed in here. Speaking of the devil right now..."

Eric walked up to the table smiling "good evening!"

Hoyt smiled looking up at Eric "I've never been here, this is a really cool place."

"Thanks." Eric stood there peering down at the table his eyes floating over the four of them. "I'm glad you came tonight and congrats on the engagement!" his face holding a sincere smile.

"My friend Gracie is here with us tonight somewhere. She went to get a drink before joining us. Remember her?" Sookie winked at him.

Eric grinned bigger remembering the beautiful long brown haired, green eyed girl that he hasn't stopped thinking about since the other night she ran into leaving Sookie's house.

Walking up and standing a few feet behind him quietly waiting for Eric to move so she could sit with her friends, Gracie held on to her drink taking a couple of sips. She remembered meeting Eric before when she was leaving Sookie's house one night. Her green eyes looking him over from behind, he was a extremely handsome, nice butt, intriguing, sexy tall blonde that her hands wanted to explore. She shook that thought from her head. What was wrong with her. She felt so attracted, connected almost like she knew him for years just by shaking his hand that night. Vampire thing. Must be.

Some drunk guy grabbed her from behind "dance with me sweet cheeks" he took her drink sitting it on a table dragging her to the dance floor.

"Hey! Let me go. I don't want to dance with you." she giggled a little then got pulled against him on the dance floor. Trying to squirm her way out of his arms laughing, he wasn't a bad looking guy at all, the music was bumping he wanted to grind against her but she kept a distance from him.

Eric turned his head hearing the conversation then eyes locked on the two "excuse me" his feet heading to the dance floor looking like a stalker to prey.

Jessica and Bill had over heard it too and both let out a laugh looking at each other.

Sookie slanting her eyes at them seeing the eyes contact, "okay. What's going on?" a eyebrow raised toward Bill.

"A drunk guy just made Gracie dance with him" he laughed pointing towards where they were at and seeing Eric's back as he walked toward that direction "this should be good."

"Well we can't just sit here. I'm going to…"

Bill grabbed Sookie before she could get up from the table "just watch. Eric will handle it. Trust me. He has talked about her since he met her the other day. He is a little protective of her for some reason and was happy when I told him she would be coming tonight."

The drunk man tried groping her, but she kept pushing him back. He grabbed her hand twirled her around in circles, not in beat with the music because he was so drunk, then twirled right into another mans strong arms which wrapped her up quickly. She looked up stunned then smiled letting her hands grip the back of his shirt.

"Hey get back here sweet cheeks! I'm not done with you" the drunk man wasn't paying attention and now seeing her against another man's body "woman!" He walked over then his eyes met Eric's. "Eric's expression deadened the man. He stopped in his tracks "sorry I didn't know she was with you Eric, Sir. I am sorry Miss."

Eric motioned to Pam to come over and she did. "Pam, this man you can have. He needs a lesson in respect" he looked from the man to Pam again. She grinned "my specialty" she took his hand "want to dance with me?" He took her hand and she led him to the basement. After watching Pam walk off with the man, he turned his attention down to Gracie "good afternoon" he danced with her in beat with the bumping music holding her against his body securely.

"Eric." she giggled just holding to his body following his motions.

"I'm glad you came tonight. I thought I was going to have to go hunting for you." his devil grin swept across his face.

"Hunting for me? Humm" she thought "well now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?" Gracie's eyes putting Eric's in a trance.

He remained quiet a little stunned at her comment "what? Cat got your tongue?" she giggled

"Not for very long" he pulled her into a hot steamy kiss on the dance floor, his tongue darting into her mouth, hands running around her waist pulling her to rub against his body. She was exciting, intriguing, different, beautiful, outgoing, refreshing for him. She made him feel like a beautiful fall day which he could never enjoy being a vampire. Her fresh invigorating scent filled his nose as he kissed her mindless. Eric pulled back letting her breathe, his face rested against her neck pressing soft kisses which turned into soft nipping and biting.

Bill, Sookie, Jessica and Hoyt were watching from the table. Bill began yelling and clapping for Eric then everyone else joined in with him. Sookie was laughing "I knew he had a thing for her. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights when she walked out almost running into him at the house."

Jessica giggled "aren't they cute?" she kissed Hoyt's cheek. Hoyt looked a little embarrassed for Gracie.

Eric could hear them yelling for him, chuckled pulling his mouth from Gracie's neck, "come. I'm sure they want us to join them now." He smiled knowing he was about to hear it from them when they got to the table. His arms remained around her as he lead her to the table.

Gracie smiled seeing Sookie wink at her. She sat down by Bill with Eric taking the chair by her "I take it you enjoyed the show?" crinkling her nose at Bill. "Thanks for trying to embarrass me Bill, but I'm not embarrassed. Now if you would like for me to embarrass you, I'm sure i can do that since this is your night to celebrate. Seriously don't want me to dance for you. Okay? Just a reminder" she pointed a finger at Sookie.

Sookie giggled "oh I totally forgot about that. Yes, you should not try to dance. Very bad idea."

Jessica giggled "oh no! we have to see this, no way you're getting out of it now."

Hoyt laughed "i'd be in that boat too. I try but I still looked like a chicken or roaster out there."

Eric snickered "this sound interesting. I offer you the stage..." He leaned back in his chair waiting for her to tell him.

"I don't think so! No I'm not interesting at all. Just some friends really drunk which I never drink much at all, a video camera, high dosage of chocolate and the Dance Revolution game" she bit her lip "Wow, not a good combination huh Sookie? Would hate for that tape to make it to You Tube." Gracie shook her head biting her lip.

Eric snickered "now where is this tape hiding my dear?"

Sookie spoke up giggling "Yikes, I think we burned it…I think."

Bill chuckled "I'll have to do some searching then. This would make me a lot of money."

"Oh no you don't Bill Compton! I'll have to resort to desperate measures" Gracie's eyes widened at him as a threat.

Eric reached under the table, his hand on Gracie's thigh. Her hand reached down laying on top of his, sending a electric shock throughout his body. He had never had anyone make him feel so alive before. He knew he wanted to be with Gracie. A burning sensation ran through Gracie letting her hand touch the back of Eric's hand and he could feel it too. His eyes trailed over catching hers knowing what they both wanted.

Song changed, Sookie spoke up breaking their thoughts "This is a celebration so let's go dance! This is my favorite song! Come on Gracie, I promise no laughing!" with one last sip of her drink she giggled pulling Bill up with her.

Hoyt laughed "I'm not that great a dancer, but come on Jessica." Jessica was so happy and jumped up her arm around Hoyt's waist walking into the crowd.

Eric smiled leaning over talking over the music "want to dance or I could show you around my club?" His scent was intoxicating making her lean closer against him. "What I really want right now is..." then took his mouth with hers, hands roaming over this broad chest. He was on fire now, his hands came up pulling her closer to him till she was straddling his lap in the chair aching for him. He broke the kiss a moment, "maybe I could show you my private office."